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2019 Top Prospects

Tyler Gonzalez  3B - 2019 - North Reading, MA   Stetson

Gonzalez took one of the more consistently loud rounds of BP with excellent bat speed and leverage, creating driven liners into the air swing after swing. He also took a very quality infield round with soft hands and quick feet along with an 80 mph arm.

Ethan Student  OF - 2019 - Hopkinton, MA   Rochester Institute of Technology

Student had a really good all-around performance this weekend, showing big time raw power and strength both in BP and in games with plenty of bat speed, running very well with a 6.73 seconds 60 yard dash, and showing off an 82 mph arm from the OF. He also got on the mound and worked up to 83 mph with good plane to the plate.

Arthur Kowara  1B - 2019 - Toronto, ON CAN   Uncommitted

Kowara was one of the more impactful hitters in attendance overall with very advanced physical strength and bat speed, capable of both driving the ball as well as using the whole field, and he did both to great effect throughout the weekend.

Nick Kazarian  RHP - 2019 - Sutton, MA   Massachusetts

Kazarian showed a quick right arm that ran his fastball up to 85 mph on the mound, working downhill with good heaviness to the pitch. He also worked in a late-breaking, sharp slider along with a good changeup and did a very good job of consistently throwing strikes.

Gianni Fanelli  OF - 2019 - Berlin, CT   Uncommitted

Fanelli was very good all around in this event, running a 6.95 second 60 yard dash, showing off athletic actions in the outfield along with an 87 mph arm, and also showing solid hitting tools as well. He also got on the mound and worked his fastball up to 84 mph with flashes of a hammer breaking ball.

Elijah Olacio  SS - 2019 - Auburn, MA   Rhode Island College

Olacio was impressive in this event, starting by showing off his above-average speed by way of a 6.80 seconds 60 yard dash time. He then showed off an 83 mph OF arm and an 80 mph IF arm, and took very good swings during BP, showing the ability to backspin the ball and drive it deep with consistent barrel skills.

Ryan Hyde  C - 2019 - Berlin, CT   Uncommitted

Hyde was one of the best overall performers on the weekend, taking a loud batting practice, consistently driving the ball firmly on a rising line, and also taking a very good workout behind the plate with quick actions and a 2.02 pop. He got on the mound and worked up to 84 mph on his fastball with a good curveball as well.

Cameron Burns  OF - 2019 - Windham, NH   Uncommitted

Burns showed off plus wheels right away by clocking a 6.62 second 60 yard dash time, then continued to impress throughout workouts by showing off quality hitting tools with some pullside pop in BP and taking a quality round of outfield along with an 80 mph arm.

Derek Dascoulias  RHP - 2019 - Albany, NH   Uncommitted

Dascoulias has excellent size and projection and looks the part of a future college pitcher, working up to 83 mph with his fastball, creating angles to the plate and giving hitters a tough look. He also has very good feel and comfort in his slider, with good late break that he landed on either side of the plate.

Benjamin Mlavsky  RHP - 2019 - Framingham, MA   Union College

Mlavsky impressed on the mound, working his fastball up to 84 mph and sitting in the 80-82 mph range while showing a good combination of deception and command while also working in a curveball and changeup and throwing strikes with all three pitches.

2020 Top Prospects

Bobby Alcock  RHP - 2020 - Lynn, MA   Uncommitted

Alcock had a very good appearance on the mound this weekend, running his fastball up to 87 mph with good sink and some deception from a very quick, compact arm action. He also has good feel for his curveball with 11/5 shape and good depth, throwing strikes with both pitches.

Michael Gemma  RHP - 2020 - Milton, MA   Uncommitted

Gemma has a highly projectable frame with a long, lean build along with a whippy, loose arm action that produced a fastball up to 85 mph with good angle to the plate. He also worked a curveball with late, sharp 11/5 break and has overall significant upside on the mound.

Connor Bradshaw  OF - 2020 - New Rochelle, NY   Pepperdine

Bradshaw showed off some loud tools in this one, running a 6.84 second 60 yard dash time and throwing 90 mph from the outfield in the workout portion to immediately put his name on the radar. He then showed off some serious bat speed and strength during BP, giving him a well-rounded profile.

Andrew Alise  3B - 2020 - Ithaca, NY   Uncommitted

Alise took one of the louder rounds of BP to start the weekend with consistently leveraged line drives that carried deep, then showed very good defensive actions and instincts in both the OF and the IF with excellent arm strength. He also got on the mound and worked up to 84 mph, capping off an excellent weekend.

Michael Quigley  RHP - 2020 - Halifax, MA   Massachusetts at Lowell

Quigley immediately stood out in the workout portion with a huge arm across the infield, clocked up to 92 mph and certainly passing the eye test with big time zip and carry. He also got on the mound and stood out, running his fastball up to 85 mph as well.

Eric Cunning  RHP - 2020 - Marlton, NJ   Uncommitted

Cunning has serious upside and overall projection, as a very long and lean prospect with solid athleticism. He worked up to 81 mph with his fastball, creating significant plane to the plate and eliciting a ton of weak grounders, also mixing in a solid CB and CH combination.

Coleman Picard  RHP - 2020 - Auburn, MA   Hartford

Picard stood out in a big way over the course of the weekend, first by showing off both athleticism and an 86 mph arm in the outfield, then by showing off good hitting tools during batting practice, and finally by working up to 85 mph on the mound with late life and good breaking ball.

Austin Tanner  RHP - 2020 - Windermere, FL   Uncommitted

Tanner showed a clean, compact delivery that he repeated well, working his fastball up to 84 mph with late arm side life, working to both sides of the plate effectively and with good tempo overall. He also worked in a good curveball with sharp break, landing it for strikes consistently when needed.

Reed Parson  RHP - 2020 - Leominster, MA   Massachusetts at Lowell

Parson was very impressive on the mound in this event, working in the 82-84 mph range with good arm side life and a clean mechanical profile. He works downhill to great effect and works to both sides of the plate, working in a sharp curveball as well and throwing a ton of strikes.

Justin Cruz  OF - 2020 - Springfield, MA   Uncommitted

Cruz showed off a consistently loud arm tool across several facets of the game, throwing 86 mph from the OF, 85 mph across the IF, and 81 mph from first base. He's an athletic, advanced defender in the outfield especially, with quick feet and good reads on the ball.

2021 Top Prospects

Sam Hill  OF - 2021 - Northborough, MA   Uncommitted

Hill has a very well-rounded game, with good hitting tools and overall bat speed that works well with a whole-field approach and solid extra base power, a strong arm that produced 85 mph throws from the OF and 84 mph from the IF, and good ability on the mound where he ran his FB up to 81 mph and showed off a very good curveball.

Jack Levine  RHP - 2021 - Yarmouth Port, MA   Uncommitted

Levine was very good all-around this weekend, showing off a very strong swing in BP with excellent carry and jump on squared-up balls pull side, showing good hands and arm strength at 1B, and getting on the mound and running his fastball up to 80 mph.

Cole Wojtkowski  SS - 2021 - Pittsfield, MA   Uncommitted

Wojtkowski showed off his intriguing athleticism this weekend, first by running a 6.77 second 60 yard dash and then by taking a very good outfield round with easy, athletic actions and an 83 mph arm. He also has solid contact ability at the plate.

2022 Top Prospects

Rocko Brzezniak  1B - 2022 - Matawan, NJ   Louisville

Brzezniak had one of the louder BP rounds of the event as is only a rising 9th grader, showing off big time bat speed and very advanced strength, driving the ball deep pullside consistently, including a mammoth bomb in game play. He also showed an 82 mph arm across the infield during workouts.

2023 Top Prospects

Pete Craska  1B - 2023 - Gibsonia, PA   

A very young prospect who is only entering 8th grade, Craska showed some serious strength in his lefthanded swing with good pull side power and the ability to leverage liners into the air. He also got on the mound and worked up to 76 mph with a lot of cut.

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