Showcase Jr National Showcase
Jun 9 - 11, 2014 JetBlue Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

2015 Top Prospects

Seth Beer  - OF - 2015 - Suwanee, GA - USA
Beer looks like he came out of central casting with a sculpted broad shouldered 6-3/195 build that gives hints of his competitive swimming background. He has one of the best bats in the 2016 class, with a powerful left handed swing that combines consistent hard contact with big power potential.

2016 Top Prospects

Austin Bergner  - RHP - 2016 - Windermere, FL - USA
The trio of Bergner, Gregory Veliz and Anthony Molina are all worthy top prospects from this event but Bergner gets the nod based on his projectability, first rate present stuff and overall athleticism. It was unfortunate that his outing was cut short by an ill-timed storm but the entire scouting community knows what he is capable of.

Anthony Molina  - RHP - 2016 - Pembroke Pines, FL - USA
Molina is by a significant margin the youngest of the top trio and he sits in the 89-91 mph range with little effort. The most notable aspect of his performance was the significant improvement in the power and spin on his curveball.

Gregory Veliz  - RHP - 2016 - Key West, FL - USA
If you want present stuff, then Veliz is the pick of the top three. He can dial it up to 93-95 with good late life whenever he wants it and his breaking ball is big and hard. Veliz lacks the projection of Austin Bergner and Anthony Molina but sometimes it is just as good when you don't have to project.

Herbert Iser  - C - 2016 - Miami, FL - USA
The left handed hitting Iser wasn't intimidated by the unique dimensions of Fenway South, blasting a huge 400+ foot home run to right centerfield in batting practice. He also showed a present plus arm on the Major League grading scale and strong overall catching fundamentals.

Cole Ragans  - LHP - 2016 - Crawfordville, FL - USA
Ragans was that top left handed pitching prospect at the Junior National and has a maturity on the mound that would make him stand out in older classes. He pitched in the 89-91 mph range with outstanding angle to the plate from a high 3/4's arm slot and threw both his fastball and 74 mph curveball to spots.

Tyler Benninghoff  - RHP - 2016 - Overland Park, KS - USA
The 6-4/170 Benninghoff doesn't throw quite has hard as many of his peers on this list but his upper 70's curveball was the best off speed pitch of the event by a wide margin. If you throw 84-87 mph with a 78 mph hammer, it's only a matter of time before you are throwing in the mid-90's.

Drew Mendoza  - SS - 2016 - Minneola, FL - USA
Mendoza is a rangy 6-4/180 shortstop with the tools and athleticism to stay at that position for a long time. His left handed swing is deceptively easy with lots of quality hand use and big power to all fields.

Dakota Donovan  - RHP - 2016 - Washington, UT - USA
Donovan gets your attention with his XXL 6-6/215 build and keeps it with a very heavy and life 87-89 mph fastball to go along with a full compliment of secondary pitches. The Trackman data showed the Donovan had extension on his release in the low 7 foot plus range, something few big leaguers can match and a factor that makes his velocity play significantly faster.

Michael Amditis  - C - 2016 - Boca Raton, FL - USA
Amditis has a body that is hard to describe without mentioning the Molina Brothers but his tools were eye opening. He hit 6-7 balls off the Green Monster in batting practice with seemingly little effort and stood out in defensive drills with his extremely compact and short actions and big arm strength.

Thomas Dillard  - C - 2016 - Oxford, MS - USA
Dillard was one of the strongest and most physically mature players at the Junior National. Not only is he a rare switch-hitting catcher, his strength gives him top of the charts power from both sides of the plate. It's not often you see a sophomore hit home runs both left and right handed during batting practice.

Bobby Nicholson  - RHP - 2016 - Charlottesville, VA - USA
A Virginia commit, Nicholson reminded us of current Cavalier hurler Connor Jones in his overall stuff and mechanics. He sat steady at 88-90 mph his entire outing with lots of running and sinking action and flashed a sharp breaking low 80's slider.

Kevin Roliard  - RHP - 2016 - Spring, TX - USA
Roliard showed his arm strength, topping out at 91 mph early before settling into the mid to upper 80's, but also flashed confidence and quality in both his 12/6 downer curveball and a nice 80 mph change up.

Ryan Mejia  - OF - 2016 - Tampa, FL - USA
Mejia was one of the best runners at the Junior National, posting a 6.65 in the sixty, but he stood out more for his crisp right handed swing that consistently drove the ball both in batting practice and in games.

Anthony Holubecki  - RHP - 2016 - Elburn, IL - USA
The 6-4/190 Illinois native only showed one real pitch but it was some pitch, a fastball that topped out at 92 mph early in his outing and that Holubecki commanded well to the corners.

Zachary Watson  - SS - 2016 - Ruston, LA - USA
Watson showed a variety of present tools despite his very young 6-0/160 build. He played ping pong with the left field wall during batting practice, ran extremely well (6.55), and even threw in the upper 80's off the mound.

Nicholas Quintana  - SS - 2016 - Las Vegas, NV - USA
Quintana is one of the best hitters in the 2016 class, with an outstanding combination of strength, bat speed and overall hitting fundamentals. He projects to third base in the future and has good overall infield actions.

Joe Skinner  - 3B - 2016 - Heathrow, FL - USA
This was the best that we've seen the left handed hitting Skinner play. He was athletic and quick at third base defensively but his defining moment was the blast he hit to right field that would have been out of pretty much any other ball park, aside from the real Fenway, in the country.

Andres P. Sosa  - SS - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Sosa, a San Antonio native, has already committed to the CWS bound Texas Longhorns and it's easy to see why. He has smooth and easy infield actions on defense and had quality at bats virtually every trip to the plate in games.

Kevin Gowdy  - RHP - 2016 - Santa Barbara, CA - USA
The 6-3/165 Gowdy looks even younger than a 2016 but has the three-pitch arsenal and stuff of an older pitcher. He topped out at 89 mph with an outstanding change up and a hard downer curveball but did a mature job of pitching to spots and working ahead in counts.

Tyler Keysor  - RHP - 2016 - Winter Garden, FL - USA
The 6-4/195 Keysor has the potential to be a serious power pitcher with normal development. He has a very young look to him but already throws steadily at 88-90 mph from a high 3/4's arm slot that creates lots of downhill angle.

Joey Polak  - 3B - 2016 - Quincy, IL - USA
Polak hit very well in both batting practice and games with a right handed swing the is very short for a 6-5/215 athlete. He showed his power with a game drive off the Green Monster.

Hunter Seay  - OF - 2016 - Keller, TX - USA
Seay isn't physically imposing at 6-0/175 but no one took a "Louder" batting practice than the left hander from Texas. The ball comes off his barrel very hard and just sounded different than most of his peers.

Jesus Luzardo  - LHP - 2016 - Parkland, FL - USA
Luzardo has more physical maturity than most of the pitchers on this list but he also has the type of left handed stuff that is going to make him immediately successful at the next level. He topped out at 89 mph on his fastball but his best pitch was a big 73 mph curveball that he worked especially well to left handed hitters. Luzardo also turned over a quality changeup and commanded all his pitches well.

Marc Coffers  - OF - 2016 - Naples, FL - USA
Coffers is a very interesting athlete with a diverse set of raw but very projectable tools. He's a primary catcher with a strong arm but also ran an impressive 6.77 sixty. He stood out at the plate with a quick right handed swing and present gap power.

Kyle McCann  - C - 2016 - Suwanee, GA - USA
McCann has all the tools to be a defensive standout behind the plate. He's a very quick twitch athlete who has a big arm and was consistently under 2.0 to second base, including 1.82 in drills.

Aaron Schunk  - SS - 2016 - Decatur, GA - USA
Schunk is a very projectable prospect both as a future third baseman and as a right handed pitcher. He had one of the soundest and loosest swings at the event and drove the ball hard despite not even being very strong yet. Schunk also topped out at 87 mph with a nice hard slider.

Jonathan Heasley  - RHP - 2016 - Dallas, TX - USA
Heasley has a very nice pitcher's build at 6-3/185 and a fast arm that produced an 87-90 mph fastball. His arm action is very vertical and unusual, which provides lots of deception but will make how he develops his off speed pitches challenging.

Dalton Griffin  - OF - 2016 - Guyton, GA - USA
Griffin's left handed swing mechanics aren't on level with his big bat speed but he is so athletic that time should evolve that. The South Carolina commit has a ideal 6-2/190 build, is a 7.0 runner and a future plus arm from the outfield.

Mason Studstill  - RHP - 2016 - Titusville, FL - USA
Studstill is a two-way prospect, with a fastball in the 86-89 mph range to go with a hard spinning 74 mph curveball with big depth on the mound. He also showed big power at the plate and the ability to play third base defensively.

DeShawn Lookout  - SS - 2016 - Oklahoma City, OK - USA
The 6-3/195 Lookout ran well at 6.79 but looked even better at the plate, with a quick short swing that has plenty of lift and extension out front for future power.

Chase Cheek  - OF - 2016 - Orlando, FL - USA
Cheek is a very athletic left handed hitting outfielder with one of the best run/throw combinations in the 2016 class, including 6.52 speed in the sixty.

Rian Haire  - LHP - 2016 - Hudson, NC - USA
Haire will have to develop his secondary pitches but he has an outstanding athletic build at 6-3/200 and threw in the 86-89 mph range with little effort. He flashed a slider late in his outing and has an ideal release point and arm action for that pitch.

Evan Odum  - RHP - 2016 - Lumberton, NC - USA
Odum pounded the bottom of the zone with an 87-90 mph fastball from a slow paced, deliberate delivery that featured a long stride out front and lots of extension towards the plate that made his fastball velocity play up.

Noah Murdock  - RHP - 2016 - Colonial Heights, VA - USA
The 6-6/165 Murdock is about as slender as a top prospect can get but he was surprisingly athletic and made several defensive plays at first base that showed this off. He topped out at 89 mph early in his outing on the mound and has plenty more velocity to develop as he gets stronger.

Cole Stobbe  - SS - 2016 - Omaha, NE - USA
The Nebraska native impressed across the board, running a 6.77 sixty, showing true shortstop tools despite a angular 6-2/180 build and swinging the bat well from the right side.

Bo Weiss  - RHP - 2016 - Castle Rock, CO - USA
Walt Weiss' next ball playing son isn't a middle infielder, he's a long and loose pitcher who has really improved since the last time we saw him. He topped out at 90 mph with very good downhill angle.

Andrew Belcik  - RHP - 2016 - Oldsmar, FL - USA
Belcik is a primary third baseman with a very strong 6-2/211 build but we liked him better at this event as a pitching prospect. He topped out at 90 mph with nice feel for his change up.

Daniel Bakst  - SS - 2016 - New York, NY - USA
Bakst has a very projectable 6-2/175 build that will likely evolve into a third base profile as he fills out. He uses his hands very well for a young hitter, attacking the ball aggressively and consistently driving the ball to both gaps.

Cam Shepherd  - SS - 2016 - Duluth, GA - USA
Shepherd is recovering from an ankle injury so he didn't run but he's a top level athlete with lots of arm strength and a powerful right handed bat.

Joe Rizzo  - 3B - 2016 - Oak Hill, VA - USA
The left handed hitting Rizzo is both quick and strong, a nice combination on a hitter, and the ball comes off his bat hard. He's a very good athlete who will be a strong defensive player at third base.

Conner Capel  - OF - 2016 - Katy, TX - USA
Capel has high end potential as both a left handed pitcher with a fastball up to 89 mph or a strong armed right fielder with good speed and a loose left handed swing.

Austin Wilhite  - 2B - 2016 - Buford, GA - USA
Austin and his brother Nick are both outstanding prospects, with Austin getting the small edge right now based on his better bat speed and overall hitting ability. Austin also showed next level pitching ability, with an 88 mph fastball and lots of polish on the mound.

Connor Darling  - RHP - 2016 - Suwanee, GA - USA
Darling has all the attributes of a classic sinker/slider pitcher, with a steady 87-88 mph fastball that had heavy consistent life and a true slider in the upper 70's that had big depth at times. He also showed a distinct ability to pitch inside to both left and right handed hitters.

Joey Wentz  - LHP - 2016 - Leawood, KS - USA
The 6-5/190 Wentz will be an interesting prospect to watch develop. He's a primary pitcher who topped out at 85 mph but actually graded out higher at this event as a power hitting first baseman. He really has a nice left handed swing with tons of leverage at contact.

Issac Bracken  - MIF - 2016 - Berthoud, CO - USA
Bracken was invited to the Junior National based on his performance at the Rocky Mountain Showcase and stepped up his game even more in Fort Myers. He has lots more strength to gain but he hit a full grade or two better this week than previously and his arm stands out as one of the best in the class.

Michael Bienlien  - RHP - 2016 - Chesapeake, VA - USA
Bienlien had one of the best changeups at the showcase, which just made his 85-87 mph fastball with huge movement look even faster. His arm action is long and loose and very projectable.

Easton McGee  - RHP - 2016 - Hopkinsville, KY - USA
McGee stands out for his slender and very projectable 6-6/190 build. He topped out at 88 mph with lots of hard running life on his fastball and showed some feel for his curveball and change up.

Grant Bodison  - SS - 2016 - Simpsonville, SC - USA
Bodison is all about projection, with a 6-3/180 build that strongly resembles Ti'Quan Forbes from the 2014 class. He has very nice present run/throw tools and will continue to improve with the bat as he gets stronger.

Jake Holtzapple  - 3B - 2016 - Matthews, NC - USA
Sometimes performance does matter at a showcase and Holtzapple was simply one of the top performers on the field both offensively and defensively. He hit the ball hard virtually every time up and stood out at third base with a number of top plays.

Garrett Stallings  - RHP - 2016 - Chesapeake, VA - USA
Stallings is a polished and mature right hander with a solid three-pitch mix, including a fastball up to 88 mph that he spotted well, a big breaking upper 70's slider and a nice change up.

2017 Top Prospects

Ronald Washington  - OF - 2017 - Houston, TX - USA
An SEC coach sat with the PG scouts during Washington's batting practice and said shaking his head "I've never seen a freshman hit like that in my baseball life....." Washington's raw power is incredible for his age and he ran a 6.67 sixty to highlight how good an athlete he is as well.

Zach Jackson  - C - 2017 - Haines City, FL - USA
Jackson's powerful left handed bat is already a well known quantity but he has made outstanding progress with his catching skills and tools over the past year. He handled Gregory Veliz' plus stuff like a professional and stood out behind the plate the entire time.

Alejandro Toral  - 1B - 2017 - Davie, FL - USA
Toral is one of the strongest freshman we've ever seen, with a 6-1/205 build that doesn't do justice in numbers to just how strong he is. That strength translates well into a powerful left handed swing.

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