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Drafted Players who attended in the history of this event

112 players
NameRdTeamDraft Yr
Mickey Moniak 1Phillies2016
Blake Rutherford 1Yankees2016
Nolan Gorman 1Cardinals2018
Nico Hoerner 1Cubs2018
Matthew Liberatore 1Rays2018
Corbin Carroll 1Diamondbacks2019
Ryan Castellani 2Rockies2014
Jacob Gonzalez 2Giants2017
Samuel Carlson 2Mariners2017
Josh Wolf 2Mets2019
Ryan Garcia 2Rangers2019
Cameron Cannon 2Red Sox2019
Reggie Lawson 2 CompPadres2016
Tyler Freeman 2 CompIndians2017
Nolan Martinez 3Yankees2016
Nick Allen 3Athletics2017
Mateo Gil 3Cardinals2018
Jonathan Ornelas 3Rangers2018
Spencer Steer 3Twins2019
Joseph Ortiz 4Orioles2019
Brendon Davis 5Dodgers2015
Jagger Rusconi 5Red Sox2015
Jonny Homza 5Padres2017
Niko Decolati 6Rockies2018
Blake Sabol 7Pirates2019
Eli Morgan 8Indians2017
Max Green 8Tigers2017
Jeremiah Burks 8Tigers2018
Jeremy Ydens 8Nationals2019
Karsen Lindell 9Brewers2015
William Bartlett 9Indians2019
Justin Bellinger 11Cardinals2014
James Dawson Terrell III 11Athletics2015
Josh Stephen 11Phillies2016
Michael Helman 11Twins2018
Logan Boyer 11Dodgers2019
Dalton Blumenfeld 12Angels2015
Sean Guilbe 12Padres2018
Mike Hickman 13White Sox2016
Dillon Paulson 13Dodgers2018
Jiovanni Orozco 14Mariners2015
Gage Workman 14Brewers2017
Kevin Milam 14Yankees2019
Jack Suwinski 15Padres2016
Jonah Davis 15Pirates2018
Nick Sprengel 15Rays2018
Aaron Roberts 15Red Sox2019
Dakota Donovan 16Angels2019
Samuel Pastrone 17Angels2015
Hazahel Quijada 17Padres2018
Connor Cannon 17Giants2019
Alberto Gonzalez 18Reds2018
RJ Dabovich 18Royals2018
Matt Waldron 18Indians2019
Ian Villers 19Padres2018
Austin Manning 19Royals2019
Myles Austin 20Brewers2019
Najee Gaskins 20Giants2019
Kobby Lopez 21Blue Jays2018
Alex Roth 21Pirates2019
Blake Workman 22Diamondbacks2018
Morgan McCullough 22Angels2019
Wade Beasley 24Brewers2018
Tyler Williams 26Twins2015
Nathan Webb 26Athletics2017
Tyler Malone 27Padres2019
Mitchell Parker 27Rays2019
Jonathan Engelmann 28Twins2015
Jonathan Pendergast 28Orioles2019
Jared Denning 29Orioles2018
Dawson McCarville 30Pirates2019
Marcus Still 31Blue Jays2016
Cameron Jabara 31Braves2016
Griffin McGarry 31Rangers2017
Spencer Jones 31Angels2019
Tyler Wyatt 31Giants2019
John Hendry 32Rockies2016
Ryan Holgate 32Twins2018
Tyler Watson 34Nationals2015
Kyle Hurt 34Phillies2017
Grant Townsend 34Blue Jays2018
George Arias 34Padres2018
Christian Encarnacion Strand 34Mariners2019
Bryant Salgado 34Padres2019
Stephen Keller 35Reds2017
Ian Mejia 35Mets2018
Austin Wells 35Yankees2018
Connor Phillips 35Blue Jays2019
Randy Labaut 35Indians2019
Dominic Tamez 35Mariners2019
Drew Gilbert 35Twins2019
Boyd Vander Kooi 36Diamondbacks2017
Jose Gutierrez 36Indians2018
Jake Dukart 36Red Sox2018
Matthew Kanfer 36Dodgers2019
Will Frisch 36Twins2019
Trevor Hauver 37Royals2017
Tim Borden 37Indians2018
Hayden Dunhurst 37Rockies2019
Aidan Maldonado 38Brewers2018
Benjamin Pedersen 38Orioles2019
Taylor Sanagorski 39Tigers2014
Travis Howard 39Tigers2015
Shane Martinez 39Athletics2016
Logan White 39Dodgers2017
Jack Smith 39Mariners2017
Kaleb Hill 39Indians2018
Kody Darcy 39Mets2018
Chris Burica 40Padres2016
Sam Stoutenborough 40Angels2018
David Rhodes 40Mariners2018
Koty Fallon 40Padres2019
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