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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cape Cod League: Top 100 Prospects 2010

In Association with League Managers and Scouts
Official League Website:
Year League Established: 1885.
States Represented in League: Massachusetts.
Level of Competition (1-to-4 Scale, 1 being highest): 1.
No. of Teams in League: 10.
Regular-Season Champion (best overall record): Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox.
Post-Season Champion: Cotuit Kettleers.
Teams, PG CrossChecker Summer 30/Final Ranking: No. 3 Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox; No. 7 Cotuit Kettleers; No. 9 Orleans Firebirds; No. 11 Brewster White Caps; No. 29 Bourne Braves.
No. 1 Prospect, 2009 (per PG CrossChecker): Jesse Hahn, rhp, Chatham Anglers (Virginia Tech; Rays/6th round).
First 2009 Player Selected, 2010 Draft: Matt Harvey, rhp, Chatham Anglers (North Carolina; Mets/1st round).
Most Valuable Player: Kolten Wong, 2b, Orleans Firebirds.
Outstanding Pitcher: Grayson Garvin, lhp, Bourne Braves.
Top Prospect (as selected by league): Tony Zych, rhp, Bourne Braves.
BATTING LEADERS (League games only)
Batting Average: Johnny Ruettiger, of, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (.369).
Slugging Percentage: Andrew Susac, c, Falmouth Commodores (.500).
On-Base Average: Drew Martinez, of, Brewster White Caps (.434).
Home Runs: Jordan Ribera, 1b, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox; Eddie Oropesa, 1b, Chatham Anglers (7).
RBIs: Tyler Bream, 3b, Wareham Gatemen; Jordan Ribera, 1b, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (26).
Stolen Bases: Andy Burns, 3b, Brewster White Caps (25).
PITCHING LEADERS (League games only)
Wins: Grayson Garvin, lhp, Bourne Braves; Drew Gagnon, rhp, Brewster White Caps (5).
ERA: Grayson Garvin, lhp, Bourne Braves (0.74).
Saves: Tony Zych, rhp, Bourne Braves (12).
Opponent Batting Average: Austin Wood, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers (.144)
Strikeouts: Jed Bradley, lhp, Wareham Gatemen; Nick Tropeano, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers (44).
Best Athlete: 1. George Springer, of, Wareham Gatemen; 2. Brian Goodwin, of, Harwich Mariners; 3. Zach Cone, of, Cotuit Kettleers; 4. Mikie Mahtook, of, Harwich Mariners; 5. Brooks Pinckard, of/rhp, Cotuit Kettleers.
Best Hitter: 1. Alex Dickerson, of, Wareham Gatemen; 2. Jason Coats, of, Bourne Braves; 3. Kolten Wong, 2b, Orleans Firebirds; 4. C.J. Cron, c/1b, Cotuit Kettleers; 5. Johnny Ruettiger, of, Hyannis Harbor Hawks.
Best Power: 1. Ricky Oropesa, 1b/3b, Chatham Anglers; 2. George Springer, of, Wareham Gatemen; 3. Alex Dickerson, of, Wareham Gatemen; 4. Matt Skole, 3b, Falmouth Commodores; 5. C.J. Cron, c/1b, Cotuit Kettleers.
Fastest Base Runner: 1. Brian Goodwin, of, Harwich Mariners; 2. Zach Cone, of, Cotuit Kettleers; 3. Johnny Ruettiger, of, Hyannis Harbor Hawks; 4. Stephen Perez, ss, Chatham Anglers; 5. Brooks Pinckard, rhp/of, Cotuit Kettleers.
Best Defensive Player: CATCHER—James McCann, Cotuit Kettleers. INFIELDER—Devin Marrero, ss, Cotuit Kettleers. OUTFIELDER—Ronnie Richardson, Harwich Mariners.
Best Arm: CATCHER—Andrew Susac, Falmouth Commodores. INFIELDER—Devin Marrero, ss, Cotuit Kettleers. OUTFIELDER—Cohl Walla, Brewster White Caps.
Best Velocity: 1. Tony Zych, rhp, Bourne Braves; 2. Austin Wood, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers; 3. Anthony Meo, rhp, Bourne Braves; 4. Matt Barnes, rhp, Wareham Gatemen; 5. Marcus Stroman, rhp, Orleans Firebirds.
Best Breaking Ball/Off-Speed Pitch: SLIDER—1. Colton Murray, rhp, Brewster White Caps; 2. Braden Kapteyn, rhp, Harwich Mariners; 3. Tony Zych, rhp, Bourne Braves. CURVEBALL—1. Marcus Stroman, rhp, Orleans Firebirds; 2. Anthony Ranaudo, rhp, Brewster White Caps; 3. Kevin Vance, rhp, Chatham Anglers. CHANGEUP—1. Nick Tropeano, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers; 2. Jack Armstrong, rhp, Wareham Gatemen; 3. A.J. Achter, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers.
Best Command: 1. Jed Bradley, lhp, Wareham Gatemen; 2. Anthony Ranaudo, rhp, Brewster White Caps; 3. Marcus Stroman, rhp, Orleans Firebirds; 4. Brady Rodgers, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers;  5. Drew Gagnon, rhp, Brewster White Caps.
1. GEORGE SPRINGER, of, Wareham Gatemen (Connecticut/JR in 2011)
Spent only 16 G at Wareham (.288-3-7, 7 SB), but combo of electric frame, 5-tool talent, vastly improved skills were readily evident
2. MATT BARNES, rhp, Wareham Gatemen (Connecticut/JR in 2011)
Like college/summer teammate Springer, got limited look before joining Team USA; FB up 96, secondary stuff (SL, CH) + improved
3. ANTHONY RANAUDO, rhp, Brewster Whitecaps (SIGNED/Red Sox)
On tight pitch count, but re-established draft value with solid summer (3-0, 0.00, .103 OBA); FB at 92-95, CU/CH also solid pitches
4. JED BRADLEY, lhp, Wareham Gatemen (Georgia Tech/JR in 2011)
Led Cape in SO (44 vs. 6 BB in 41 IP), and was most impressive arm in Cape all-star game with command of 93-94 FB, + CU/CH
5. AUSTIN WOOD, rhp, Cotuit Kettlers (Southern California/JR in 2011)
Mediocre success in two college years, but had breakthrough summer (3-0, 0.74); explosive FB at 95-98, much-improved SL/CH
6. KOLTEN WONG, 2b, Orleans Firebirds (Hawaii/JR in 2011)
MVP season (.341-3-11, 22 SB) for 5-9 sparkplug; polished hitter with surprising pop, found defensive home at 2B, + base stealer
7. DEVEN MARRERO, ss, Cotuit Kettleers (Arizona State/SO in 2011)
Exceptional defender with ++ arm, solid feel for all aspects of SS play; hit .306-1-17, got better at plate, started turning on balls more
8. BRIAN GOODWIN, of, Harwich Mariners (North Carolina/SO in 2011)
Just needs to put it all together, but has the raw tools; + bat speed/power, ++ speed on bases/in CF, arm for RF; hit .281-1-9, 15 SB
9. TONY ZYCH, rhp, Bourne Braves (Louisville/JR in 2011)
Excelled in closer role (0.89 ERA, 12 SV) with FB that routinely reached 97, + slider; has violent, funky arm action, but throws strikes
10. ANDREW SUSAC, c, Falmouth Commodores (Oregon State/SO in 2011)
D/E SO made big strides in summer after modest FR year; best tools are ++ arm/power, made strides at plate in offensive approach
11. BRETT MOONEYHAM, lhp, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Stanford/JR in 2011)
6-5 LHP stood out in 4 pre-Team USA starts (3-0, 3.18); attacked hitters with feel, threw strikes with 89-92 FB, + breaking ball, CH
12. MARCUS STROMAN, rhp, Orleans Firebirds (Duke/SO in 2011)
Settled into closer-only role, and dominated (0.00, 10 SV, 25 IP, 3 BB/32 SO); has clean arm action, command of 94-96 FB, CU, CH
13. JACK ARMSTRONG, rhp, Wareham Gatemen (Vanderbilt/JR in 2011)
Not as dominating as breakout 2009 Cape summer; FB more 92-94 (vs. 95-97), short-armed ball, didn’t take advantage of 6-7 frame
14. RYAN CARPENTER, lhp, Orleans Firebirds (Gonzaga/JR in 2011)
Struggled in 2 college seasons, excelled again in summer (3-0, 2.56, 39 IP/39 SO); FB at 88-93, + CH, needs work on CU, rhythm
15. JASON ESPOSITO, ss/3b, Orleans Firebirds (Vanderbilt/JR in 2011)
Flashed 5 tools in brief stint (.246-1-4) before joining Team USA; prototype 3B if power plays with wood, hands/arm playable at SS
16. ANTHONY MEO, rhp, Bourne Braves (Coastal Carolina/JR in 2011)
Electric arm with FB routinely at 92-96, occasionally 98, SL that peaks in 87-89 range; needs command of CH to settle in as starter
17. MIKIE MAHTOOK, of, Harwich Mariners (Louisiana State/JR in 2011)
Struggled adapting to wood (.182-1-1 in 10 G) before leaving for Team USA, but has complete package; had 9 SB, can play all 3 OF
18. ALEX DICKERSON, of, Wareham Gatemen (Indiana/JR in 2011)
Got 9-game cameo (.500-1-7) before joining Team USA, but pure hitting skills/+ raw power were evident; other areas just average
19. JASON COATS, of, Bourne Braves (Texas Christian/JR in 2011)
Led TCU to CWS berth, then topped Bourne in hitting (.314 on season, .556 in playoffs); sound approach to hitting, uses whole field
20. EDDIE OROPESA, 1b/3b, Chatham Anglers (Southern California/JR in 2011)
Has exceptional power, but feast or famine approach; topped league in HR (7), SO (52); needs to get shorter to ball; equal at 1B/3B
21. JAKE BARRETT, rhp, Brewster White Caps (Arizona State/SO in 2011)
Ex-third rounder went 0-2, 1.35, just scratched surface; has projectable frame, raw arm strength (93-95 now, 97 future), 3-pitch mix
22. LOGAN VERRETT, rhp, Chatham Anglers (Baylor/JR in 2011)
Went 2-1, 0.87 (41 IP/34 SO) with advanced approach, knack for getting hitters off balance; stuff inconsistent (flashes 93 FB, + SL)
23. RONNIE RICHARDSON, of, Harwich Mariners (Florida/SO in 2011)
Draft-eligible SO still developing raw power, plate discipline, but ball jumps off bat (.267-1-9), has ++ speed, accomplished defender
24. GRAYSON GARVIN, lhp, Bourne Braves (Vanderbilt/JR in 2011)
League’s pitcher of year (5-0, 0.74); gets good leverage from 6-6 frame, mixes four pitches well, but has modest stuff, FB only 87-91
25. BRADY RODGERS, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers (Arizona State/SO in 2011)
Very mature pitcher with ++ control/pitchability; had 5 BB/38 SO in 31 IP; FB peaked at 93-94, froze LH hitters with + breaking ball
26. LEX RUTLEDGE, lhp, Harwich Mariners (Samford/SO in 2011)
Power lefty with FB up to 94, nasty breaking ball; stuff/bulldog approach suited for closer role; worked 15 IP before join Team USA
27. LEVI MICHAEL, ss, Harwich Mariners (North Carolina/JR in 2011)
Switch-hitting MIF with raw power, sound plate discipline, soft, quick hands an asset at plate/in field; + instincts, speed, arm strength
28. R.J. ALVAREZ, rhp, Bourne Braves (Florida Atlantic/SO in 2011)
Formed a potent bullpen tandem with Zych, going 3-2, 0.79 in set-up role; FB peaked at 95 with good run action in short role, + CH
29. JOE PANIK, ss, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (St. John’s/JR in 2011)
Glue to Y-D success; solid approach/feel to hit, flashes power (.276-2-19, 20 BB/12 SO); hands/range equal to any SS in league
30. C.J. CRON, c, Cotuit Kettleers (Utah/JR in 2011)
Has excellent hands to hit, can drive balls a long way to oppo field; needs to refine catching actions, learn to stay on top of throws
31. ZACH CONE, of, Cotuit Kettleers (Georgia/JR in 2011)
Has all physical tools in 6-3/210 frame, better approach/arm/defender/base stealer than 2009, but serious questions whether he’ll hit
32. ZACH WILSON, of, Wareham Gatemen (Arizona State/JR in 2011)
Had big summer in 3-hole for Gatemen (.294-5-15); solid plate coverage, + idea; drives balls to all fields; needs to lock in a position
33. KYLE McMYNE, rhp, Bourne Braves (Villanova/JR in 2011)
Struggled to keep pace on best staff in league (1-1, 6.46), but very strong frame, FB in 92-95 range; needs to locate pitches better
34. DREW GAGNON, rhp, Brewster White Caps (Long Beach State/JR in 2011)
Solid 3-pitch stuff (89-92 FB, CH, hybrid breaking ball), but advanced pitchability credited for solid summer (5-1, 2.10, 39 IP/43 SO)
35. CHRISTIAN JONES, lhp, Falmouth Commodores (Oregon/JR in 2011)
Competitive lefty positioned himself for breakout 2011 with 3-3, 2.36 season; generates ++ sink on 88-91 FB, has + breaking ball
36. RYAN WRIGHT, 3b/2b, Bourne Braves (Louisville/JR in 2011)
Solid, steady player with ++ approach, though may lack power for corner; quickness in middle; hit .239-0-12 before join Team USA
37. BRIAN HUMPHRIES, of, Chatham Anglers (Pepperdine/JR in 2011)
Impressed scouts with flat swing, solid approach to hitting (.253-1-12); lacks raw speed, but has instincts, gets excellent jumps in CF
38. NICK MARONDE, lhp, Falmouth Commodores (Florida/JR in 2011)
Finally hit stride as go-to guy in Falmouth pen (2-0, 2.29); developed command of running 92-95 FB, but secondary pitches just OK
39. STEPHEN PEREZ, ss, Chatham Anglers (Miami/SO in 2011)
Hit .162-0-0, had 9 E at SS, but switch-hitter with pop, ++ speed, has it all in field, just needs time; tore thumb ligament diving for ball
40. JAMES McCANN, c, Cotuit Kettleers (Arkansas/JR in 2011)
Sound mechanically in every aspect of game defensively; hit just .105-1-6 in 76 AB, has raw power but needs to shorten swing
41. MATT JENSEN, 2b/3b, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Cal Poly/JR in 2011)
Ex-Mariners 10th-rounder showed flashes of his pro potential (+ arm, raw power), but struggled with wood (.216-1-14), range at 2B
42. TYLER BREAM, 3b, Wareham Gatemen (Liberty/JR in 2011)
Son of Sid quietly led league in RBIs (26), put together solid summer at plate/in field; soft hands at 3B, + arm, excels on slow rollers
43. D.J. BAXENDALE, rhp, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Arkansas/SO in 2011)
Positioned himself for breakout 2011 with solid summer (2-3, 2.61); gets good run on low 90s FB, SL/CH are potential plus pitches
44. PRATT MAYNARD, c, Harwich Mariners (North Carolina State/JR in 2011)
Offensive catcher with + bat speed/power potential, ++ plate discipline (32 BB/21 SO); big arm, but needs to polish catching skills
45. COLTON MURRAY, rhp, Brewster White Caps (Kansas/JR in 2011)
Dominated as closer (0.47, 8 SV) with ++ sharp 82-83 SL, FB in 90-93 range; profiles short role because of max effort in delivery
46. NICK MARTINI, of, Falmouth Commodores (Kansas State/JR in 2011)
Struggled to build on big SO season at K-State; pure hitter, batted .257-2-21, numbers misleading as hit in tough luck; profiles as LF
47. TAYLOR FEATHERSTON, ss, Brewster White Caps (Texas Christian/JR in 2011)
CWS appearance, Team USA trials limited time, but shows gap power (.267-0-3), good hands/feet in field, arm action may be issue
48. AARON WESTLAKE, 1b/of, Chatham Anglers (Vanderbilt/JR in 2011)
Jays draft has advanced approach to hitting with sweet swing, serious juice in LH bat; hit .292, 5 HR in 106 AB; solid 1B, OK in LF
49. JOHN HINSON, 3b/2b, Cotuit Kettleers (Clemson/JR in 2011)
Hit just .246-1-8, but has excellent rhythm in short, compact swing, ball explodes off bat; needs to settle on position, use his speed
50. NICK AHMED, ss/rhp, Bourne Braves (Connecticut/JR in 2011)
Has higher upside on mound with 90-92 FB, but spent summer in field only; arm/speed (17 SB) are superior tools, hit only .212-0-10
51. RICCIO TORREZ, 3b, Orleans Firebirds (Arizona State/JR in 2011)
Struggled with bat (.155-1-5, 97 AB), but has demonstrated history at plate; versatile talent, settled in nicely at 3B in 2011 audition
52. BROOKS PINCKARD, rhp/of, Cotuit Kettleers (Baylor/JR in 2011)
Superior athlete with intriguing 2-way talent, but unpolished; 6.5 speed, but raw at plate; FB can touch 97-98, but still just a thrower
53. DALLAS GALLANT, rhp, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (SIGNED/Twins)
Poor college season depressed draft stock, but second ++ Cape season (18 IP/27 SO, 8 SV) re-kindled interest; 91-94 FB, ++ CU
54. MAX MUNCY, 1b, Wareham Gatemen (Baylor/SO in 2011)
Settled into 4-hole as freshman (.244-3-25), showed solid swing, power, discipline; best at 1B, but also can play 2B/3B/OF corners
55. MATT SUMMERS, rhp/of, Falmouth Commodores (UC Irvine/JR in 2011)
Primarily an OF in college, made huge strides on mound in summer (2-3, 3.04); quick arm, FB up to 95-96, improved breaking stuff
56. B.A. VOLLMUTH, 3b/ss, Falmouth Commodores (Southern Mississippi/JR in 2011)
Has all the tools, but hit just .175-1-7 (50 SO/126 AB) after breakout ‘09 summer; poor swing mechanics, became too pull-conscious
57. STEVE SELSKY, of, Orleans Firebirds (Arizona/JR in 2011)
Chose return to Cape vs. signing with Rockies; has + raw power (.273-3-19), needs better contact (36 K); + RF arm, modest speed
58. BRADEN KAPTEYN, rhp/1b, Harwich Mariners (Kentucky/JR in 2011)
2-way talent with intriguing raw power, but upside on mound; raw stuff (92-93 FB, ++ SL), max-effort delivery suited for closer role
59. KEVIN VANCE, rhp/if, Chatham Anglers (Connecticut/JR in 2011)
May not fulfill potential on mound til becomes full-time pitcher; gets excellent deception on 92-95 FB, has hammer CU, ++ locates
60. KYLE SIMON, rhp, Orleans Firebirds (Arizona/JR in 2011)
Not overpowering in 6-5 frame, but gets heavy sink from funky angle on 89-91 FB, avg SL/CH, pounds strike zone, went 1-2, 0.92
61. TANNER POPPE, rhp, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Kansas/SO in 2011)
Very projectable frame/arm, but inexperience on mound evident (3-1, 4.01, 34 IP, 25 BB); + sink on FB, struggles to throw strikes
62. KC SERNA, ss, Falmouth Commodores (Oregon/JR in 2011)
Needs to show it on more consistent basis, but flashes big arm, makes all plays at SS; quick bat, takes quality at-bats (.250-0-16)
63. COHL WALLA, of, Brewster White Caps (Texas/SO in 2011)
D/E SO could blossom in 2011; has short swing, pull-power potential, needs to refine plate approach; solid CF skills, 90-mph arm
64. KYLE McMILLEN, rhp/of, Cotuit Kettleers (Kent State/JR in 2011)
Limited success at plate (.083), on mound (1-3, 5.87), but worth watching; loose arm, FB regularly at 93-94; takes big-league BP
65. MIKE ANDRIESE, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers (UC Riverside/JR in 2011)
Saved best for playoffs (2-0, 0.00) after 1-2, 3.52 season; FB topped at 94, got + sink on 2-seamer; other pitches need work/polish
66. BARRETT BARNES, of/1b, Falmouth Commodores (Texas Tech/SO in 2011)
Still a work in progress in all phases, but athletic/versatile, made strides at plate, in field; became more complete hitter (.223-3-24)
67. MICHAEL GOODNIGHT, rhp, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (SIGNED/Indians)
Developed superior approach this summer vs 2009, led to signing with Indians; went 3-1, 2.89 using mostly FB/CU combination
68. ANDY BURNS, 3b, Brewster White Caps (Arizona/JR in 2011)
Led Cape in SB (25), but power, arm strength, game awareness are his strengths; Kentucky transfer, may be eligible at UA in 2011
69. BOBBY CROCKER, of, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Cal Poly/JR in 2011)
Looks like a big leaguer, and played much more like one in second half (.258-0-7); speed/OF skills evident, raw power evolving
70. CECIL TANNER, rhp, Falmouth Commodores (Georgia/JR in 2011)
Intimidating size (6-6, 240), big fastball (95-98), flashes sharp CU, but struggles with command, mechanics (23 IP, 26 BB/17 SO)
71. DEVIN JONES, rhp, Bourne Braves (Mississippi State/JR in 2011)
Continues to struggle putting it altogether, throw quality strikes (2-2, 5.60, 27 IP, 43 base runners), but no mistaking ++ raw stuff
72. SCOTT SNODGRESS, lhp, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Stanford/JR in 2011)
Results (0-2, 3.97, 23 IP/15 SO) point to inconsistency, but 6-5 lefty flashes three + pitches (mid-90s FB, CU with depth/tilt, + CU)
73. MARK POPE, rhp, Falmouth Commodores (Georgia Tech/JR in 2011)
Used in a variety of roles at G-Tech, hit stride as starter in summer (2-2, 3.22, 45 IP/42 SO); flashed 3 + pitches, including 91-92 FB
74. AUSTIN NOLA, ss, Harwich Mariners (Louisiana State/JR in 2011)
Outstanding defender with exceptional hands, capable of making highlight plays; solid approach to game, but key is bat (.221-0-4)
75. TYLER PILL, of, Harwich Mariners (Cal State Fullerton/JR in 2011)
Higher upside on mound, but shut down on Cape with tired arm; has sweet LH swing, needs experience to develop power/approach
76. JORDAN RIBERA, 1b, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Fresno State/SR in 2011)
Mystery why not drafted after 25-HR college season; tied for league lead in HR (7), hit .345-3-13 in 7 playoff games; solid defender
77. PETE O’BRIEN, c, Bourne Braves (Bethune-Cookman/JR in 2011)
Overmatched at plate in brief Cape stint (.300-0-2, 0 BB/11 SO), but impressive raw power, arm strength led to spot with Team USA
78. ZACK JONES, rhp, Chatham Anglers (San Jose State/SO in 2011)
Consistently hardest thrower on Anglers staff (92-94); SL/CH have promise; used in mid-relief to facilitate closer-to-starter move
79. JOHNNY RUETTIGER, of, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (Arizona State/JR in 2011)
League batting champ (.360-0-5) on last-place club; athletic, puts ball in play, runs well, solid CF defender; limited power, LF arm
80. DEREK DENNIS, ss, Wareham Gatemen (Michigan/SO in 2011)
Outstanding defender; excellent range at SS, gets rid of ball quickly; held own at plate, before hurt shoulder and BA tumbled to .176
81. MIKE YASTRZEMSKI, of, Cotuit Kettleers (Vanderbilt/SO in 2011)
Will be legit talent when gets stronger; ball jumps off bat, hit .235-2-17, smashed long HR in league title game; can run, play all 3 OF
82. DREW VERHAGEN, rhp, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (Navarro, Texas, JC/SO in 2011)
Shoulder issue in HS, brought along cautiously in spring/summer; ++ tough coming from 6-6 angle with 91-93 FB, + downer curve
83. TAYLOR ARD, 1b, Brewster White Caps (Washington State/JR in 2011)
Missed spring season in JC with hand surgery, but legit power threat with wood (.263-1-4), good plate discipline, athletic around bag
84. JORDAN LEYLAND, 1b, Cotuit Kettleers (UC Irvine/JR in 2011)
Hit .264-2-14 in season, then hit stride in playoffs (.462-1-6); squared up more balls than anyone on team; runs + for size (6-5/220)
85. MATT SKOLE, 3b, Falmouth Commodores (Georgia Tech/JR in 2011)
Vastly improved as second-year player; + power evident, but made strides in becoming a more complete hitter (.245-3-21), defender
86. TYLER MIZENKO, rhp, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (Winthrop/JR in 2011)
Showcased electric arm in combined set-up/closer role (2-0, 1.62, 7 SV); FB up to 94-95, + breaking ball; lacks size, needs innings
87. ZACK MacPHEE, 2b, Bourne Braves (Arizona State/JR in 2011)
Pac-10 player of year has struggled adjusting to wood/superior pitching in 2 Cape summers (.247-1-6); runs well, solid defender
88. WILL CLINARD, rhp, Orleans Firebirds (Vanderbilt/JR in 2011)
Athletic 6-4/230 RHP with advanced feel for pitching; commands 90-92 FB, + SL in late-game role (1-1, 3.70, 16 G, 17 IP/14 SO)
89. JAYCE BOYD, 1b, Orleans Firebirds (Florida State/SO in 2011)
Held own as freshman in Cape (.236-2-16), but best yet to come; has ++ swing/power potential/plate discipline; limited in field to 1B
90. COLE COOK, rhp, Hyannis Harbor Hawks (SIGNED/Indians)
Secured over-slot fifth-round bonus from Indians on basis of 3 starts (2-1, 4.50) for Hyannis; FB at 91-94, + hard SL, ++ competes
91. MIKE MORIN, rhp, Bourne Braves (North Carolina/SO in 2011)
Reliever in spring, starter on summer (1-3, 3.29, 38 IP/38 SO); best current pitch is CH, FB 86-89, will throw harder as gets stronger
92. CALEB RAMSEY, of, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Houston/SR in 2011)
Enjoyed all-star season (.311-1-18, 22 SB) after going undrafted; mature, consistent player who runs/hits, still growing into power
93. MIKE DENNHART, rhp, Chatham Anglers (Boston College/JR in 2011)
Struggled in spring, but velo jumped 2-3 mph during summer to 90-93, flashed ++ CU, went 2-3, 1.80; has strong, durable 6-1 frame
94. ADAM MORGAN, lhp, Harwich Mariners (Alabama/JR in 2011)
Made just four starts (1-0, 1.44), but kept hitters off balance with polished approach, command of three pitches (86-92 FB, SL, CH)
95. DEREK SELF, rhp, Chatham Anglers (Louisville/JR in 2011)
Lacks dominant stuff, but excels with bulldog approach, ++ idea, sinking action on 88-92 FB, hard SL; went 3-0, 2.36 (42 IP, 3 BB)
96. JOSH URBAN, rhp, Wareham Gatemen (Texas/SO in 2011)
Struggled initially (1-4, 5.26), but vastly-improved pitcher over course of summer; FB 88-92, began to locate all pitches much better
97. JACK LEATHERSICH, lhp, Orleans Firebirds (Massachusetts-Lowell/JR in 2011)
Made name as top prospect in Valley League in 2009; solid in situational role (1.71, 21 IP/31 SO) with 93-94 FB, SL, developing CH
98. MATT CROUSE, lhp, Brewster White Caps (Mississippi/JR in 2011)
6-5 lefty touches 89 mph, creates deception in cross-body delivery, went 4-0, 2.28; can add 20 pounds, develop better feel for CH
99. KEVIN MEDRANO, 2b, Falmouth Commodores (Missouri State/JR in 2011)
Hobbled by quad pull last half of season; limited ability to utilize + speed on bases, but consistently barreled up balls, hit .321-1-16
100. NICK TROPEANO, rhp, Cotuit Kettleers (Stony Brook/JR in 2011)
Brilliant in Cape title game with 6-2/3 no-hit IP in relief; has dynamite CH with splitter action; FB just 89-91, but locates to both sides
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A very intriguing physical specimen with potential game-changing athletic tools, Santa Clara outfielder Andre Nnebe stood out... READ 
Great Lakes top prospects
Michigan two-way talent Jack Weisenberger enjoyed a strong summer on the mound on his way to being named the top prospect in ... READ 
Futures League top prospects
The top-end talent in the Futures League this past summer was largely represented by incoming freshman, including former PG A... READ 

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