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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top 10 Largest Signing Bonuses, 2nd-Round Picks

Allan Simpson        
Despite being just a second-round pick, Cardinals lefthander Rick Ankiel once held the record for the largest bonus by a player signing with the team that drafted him. He inked a $2.5 million deal with St. Louis in August 1997. The record was broken a couple of months later when No. 1 overall pick Matt Anderson signed with the Tigers for $2.505 million, and it has since been broken many times over.

While Ankiel set his record 10 years ago, his bonus still remains the second-largest ever paid to a second-round pick. Only righthander Jason Young, signed to a $2,750,000 bonus by the Rockies in 2000, has ever signed a larger bonus. Both Ankiel and Young had relatively brief big league careers as pitchers, but Ankiel is working his way back to the majors as an outfielder at Triple-A Memphis.

Through the years, 17 second-rounders have signed seven-figure bonuses, including Wes Hodges, the lone player from the 2006 draft. He was given a $1 million bonus by the Indians. The accompanying chart identifies the 10 largest bonuses ever paid to second-round picks.
Top 10 Largest Signing Bonuses, 2nd-Round Picks
1. Jason Young, rhp, Rockies (2000) $2,750,000
2. Rick Ankiel, lhp, Cardinals (1997) 2,500,000
3. Chad Hutchinson, rhp, Cardinals (1998) 2,300,000
4. Vince Sinisi, 1b, Rangers (2003) 2,070,000
5. Jason Stokes, 1b, Marlins (2000) 2,027,500
6. Mike Gosling, lhp, Diamondbacks (2001) 2,000,000
7. Roscoe Crosby, of, Royals (2001) 1,750,000
  *Matt Belisle, rhp, Braves (1998) 1,750,000
9. Grant Johnson, rhp, Cubs (2004) 1,260,000
10. *Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays (1999) 1,245,000
*Currently in major leagues
-- Allan Simpson
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