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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 2/8/2023

PG Winter Warmup

Molly Reyes     

PG Winter Warmup

February 3-5, 2023

Burlington, IA


Southeast IA Allstars 16u Gold- Jones took home the championship this weekend naming Hailey Rosonke (’24 Eldora, IA)their MV-Player, rightfully so. Rosonke went 6 for 8 over the weekend with three singles, a double and two homeruns, accumulating 9 RBIs for her team. Rosonke was a constant in the teams lineup and made herself a hard out for her opponent. Also as a RHP Rosonke ended the weekend with seven innings pitched, ten strikeouts and zero walks. She did all she could to back herself offensively and defensively.

RHP, Riley Nelson (’25 Edwardsville, IL) was also another player that performed offensively and defensively for the runner ups, Firecrackersil-Adkins. Nelson would be described as lengthy with her height and she uses it to her advantage in the circle. Nelson plays the positions well as working the zone with keeping her pitches in the 57-60 mph range. Offensively Nelson was seen hitting a walk off line drive to secure the win for herself in the circle on Saturday.

Texas Glory 07-IL had a couple players that really came to play this weekend. Lana Edkin (’25 Moline, IL) led the team with 9 RBIs over the weekend, 4 of them coming from her walk off grand slam Saturday morning. She also did her part defensively behind the plate. Edkin kept a strong wrist and showed great frame work to help her partner Addison Seitz (’25 Stronghurst, IL) in the circle. Seitz is an all around player, she carries a confidence when she is entering either the batters box or the circle. She works every inch of the zone keeping her pitches consistently in the 57-60 mph range. Offensively Seitz, has quick reaction with the adjustment of her hands to take the ball in either direction. She ended the weekend with 18 innings pitched with 29 strikeouts and on 4 walked as well as going 10 for 12 with six singles, four doubles, and 5 RBIs overall.

RHP, Saydee Plummer (’24 Burlington, IA) was another player that was all around in the box as well as the circle. Plummer pitched 7.1 innings with 16 strikeouts and only two walked. She worked the zone in the 59-61 mph range dropping her off speed down to 48-49 mph. In the box she showed a level barrel that kept a lot of her hits at a line drive to the outfield to help advance runners as well as tally on 3 RBIs for Southeast IA Allstars 16u Gold- Hall.

Baylie Roetemeyer (’25 Ofallon, MO) was the leader in the batters box overall for the weekend. She went 9 for 12 with three singles, four doubles, two homeruns, and 9 RBIs for 06 Louisville Lady Sluggers/ Arnold. Baylie was a big bat in the lineup, and kept her defense on their toes with how hard she hits the ball. She also came up in clutch situations for her team, for example, Sunday morning she was seen hitting a grand slam with 2 outs to extend her teams lead and take the win in the quarterfinals.

07 Texas Glory, IL Red’s very own Daci Walls (’25 Eldred, IL) is one to watch behind the plate! She has a quick pop to throw behind the plate. When I say she throws bullets down to second base I mean it. Opponents learned very fast not to try and steal on her. Walls also had great strength in her lower half while in the batters box, she used that power to drive the ball. Teammate, Mackenzie Knowles (’25 Mackinaw, IL) is another to be watched in the outfield. She shows great range and a quick first step to the ball. Knowles was seen making great diving catches and strong throws to her cut off to keep the runners from advancing. She shows great speed out in the green and leadership for her fellow outfielders.

Mailee Schoen (’24 Auburn, IL) with Force Elite is a big glove at first base. She shows great work with her stretch and picks to secure the outs for her team. Schoen is also a constant in their lineup, going 5 for 7 with two singles, three homeruns, and six RBIs. Schoen was seen coming in clutch for Force elite in a tie ball game hitting a two run homer to give her team the lead. Schoen’s strength will only be a danger to her opponents as she matures.

Lucy Oetting (’26 Morrison, IL) with Heartland Havoc ’08 is a strong batter no matter where she comes up in the lineup. If you need a bunt, Lucy is going to put it down and use her speed to confirm her spot on base. You need to clear the bases? She’s going to set her feet and drive her barrel through the zone to score her teammates and advance her way on the bases when ever given the chance. She ended the weekend with three stolen bases. A bright future for this player is coming.

Quad City Firebirds 06 Griffith’s Lainey Kunert (’25 Orion, IL) is a promising and aggressive slapper in their lineup. The lefty does well reading her defense and executing what is needed for her team. She was seen doing it all from power slaps to a soft check slap. Lainey has great power throughout her barrel no matter where the pitcher tries to cross the zone. To define her, she is your all around lead off batter. Kunert uses her speed to her advantage on the defense as well with tracking down balls and covering where she can in the outfield.



For the 18u Division it was Nebraska Gold 319 Berning that took home the gold. Leading them and named MV-Player for the tournament was catcher, Logan Kelley (’24 West Burlington, IA). Besides being a wall behind the plate Kelley went 6 for 10 over the weekend with two singles, one double, three homeruns, and seven RBIs. She kept a solid pop off the barrel and a strong loaded stance in the box.

Campbell German (’24 Cumming, IA) named MV-Pitcher for the runner up, Alliance Select 18u Black, was a force to be reckoned with in the circle. Tacking on 18 innings pitched over the weekend with a total of 37 strikeouts and only two batter walked. German had a rise ball that kept betters swinging and left the ball untouchable. She had a powerful extension in her motion to put the much more on her pitch, keeping it consistently in the lower 60s.

University Illinois- Springfield Commit, Katelyn Beagle (’23 Lake Geneva, WI) with GTS 18u Elite showed up to play shortstop this weekend. She had a wide range and quick feet to coverage. She was as aggressive on the field as she was in the batters box. Beagle went 4 for 7 with two doubles, two homeruns and 4 RBIs. She is a very disciplined batter and does well when under pressure. She was seen Saturday evening with a full count, multiple foul balls and coming out on top with a solo homerun. She has an exciting future ahead of her as a soon to be Prairie Star.

Hannah Rudd (’25 Ely, IA) has plus speed on the bases and finds her way on with her talent to place her slaps where they need to be for Iowa Elite- Red. Rudd uses her plus speed to cover ground out in center field as well. She has a quick drop step and does well tracking the ball to set herself up to get it in as fast as she can to the infield.

Lauren Black (’24 Norwalk, IA) was a big bat this weekend for Iowa Gold Prospects 18u- Gold. She had three homeruns, totaling seven RBIs. Black was also named for tall tournament team for her betting this weekend. She has a strong and stable stance in the batters box that generates a lot of power to drive the ball up and out of the park. I see lots of homeruns in Laurens collegiate future.

Carson Koerperich (’24 Epworth, IA) ending the weekend with 3 stolen bases kept the defense on their toes. She is a strong lead off with her slapping ability. She has great control of her barrel through the zone. She gets just enough lift on the ball to keep it out of shortstops reach on her power slap but not enough for them to drop between short and left field.

Ava Crowley (’24 Bettendorf, IA) with Texas Glory is dangerous to run on when the ball is hot to her in center field. Opponents picked up on this early when she consistently made spot on throws to home and even caught a couple runners trying to take home. She keeps a smooth motion throughout her throw. Along with her defensive strengths she backs it up in the batters box with a sound barrel through the zone. She keeps a powerful stance and strong follow through that helps her drive the ball hard and far.

Lead off, Avery Kies (’24 North Liberty, IA), for Thunder 18u Black has a flow to slapping motion that gives her great force behind power slap to lift tit out to the outfield. She can go either way with her slap which makes that much more intimidating in the box. She was seen leading off her game Saturday with a power slap to right center that she extended to a triple with her plus speed. Teammate, Kennedy Conner (’25 North Liberty, IA)was another solid lefty in Thunders line up. Going 5 for 8 with four singles, one double and 4 RBIs, Conner got the RBIs when her team needed them most. She keeps a level barrel through the zone and lifts in her follow through to ensure her way on base.