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Softball  | Softball Showcase  | 11/15/2022

PG Softball Indoor Scouting Showcase Notes

Molly Roller     
Photo: Perfect Game
Indoor season is among us, and boy did these teams show up. Their season may be just beginning for the fall/winter but they are ready to compete and show the talent they all have. All teams between the 16u and 18u level started their season off strong.

’06 Midwest sluggers had a couple prominent spots in their lineup that came to play this weekend. To start off the lineup was McKay Devooght (2024, Davenport, Iowa). She showed her plus speed right off the bat, kept pressure on the defense every time she approached the plate. Devooght would take the extra base when given the opportunity on base. She utilized her speed in the outfield as well, as she played center field throughout the weekend and has a quick transfer to throw and speed to run down for pop flies.

Also in their lineup was Mya Willard (2024, Sterling, Ill.), who led the weekend with 12 RBI. Willard has dynamic strength in her lower half to drive the ball deep. She is a disciplined batter with a follow-through that generates power.

Kaitlyn Helm (2025, Savoy, Ill.) with Bngsa Angels 07 has a barrel you should fear. She has a solid, level barrel that sends line drives every which way on the diamond. You can send a pitch in, out or high and low and she will find a way to adjust and drive the ball. Helm will only get stronger as she furthers her career and will soon be driving those balls out of the park.

Ceyaira Barron (2024, Davenport, Iowa) with Lady Hitmen 06 is a strong wall behind the plate, and she will mature well with her wrist strength and blocks. She has a loud voice behind the plate to communicate the next play with her teammates across the field, with strong leadership shown. She has a quick pop to throw that shows great strength in her lower half that transfers over to her batting. Barron has a sound swing with great lift on the ball.

Her partner in the circle, Gabrielle Dean (2025, Woodhull, Ill.), showed great strength there and in the batter’s box. Dean pitched 7 innings over the weekend tallying on 13 strikeouts and only 4 walks. She kept her mix of pitches in the 53-55 mph range. In the batter’s box, Dean made solid contact with the barrel, backing herself up in the circle along with her team, going 4-for-6 with 2 singles, a double, a home run, totaling 8 RBI.

Leila Miller (2026, Fenton, Mo.) is an aggressive batter that can adjust and drive the ball oppo with capable power for STL Legends Elite 16U. Miller was seen hitting a solo home run as well as another off the fence. Miller had long at-bats that result in energetic outcomes for the team. Miller has strong wrist work behind the plate and quick frames.

Shelby Ashcraft-Suckow (2025, Pana, Ill.) is a big bat in the Tbsa Wahoos ’07 lineup. She carries herself with such confidence to the batter's box, and she backs it up, going 5-for-8 with 2 singles, one double, 2 home runs and 11 RBI. She has dominant power that sends the ball up and out of the infield. If the games weren’t indoors, there was plenty more of her drives that would have gone out if the roof wasn’t there. Nothing but power coming from this athlete.

The leadoff every team wants is Morgan Macam (2026, Glen Carbon, Ill.), but Texas Glory STL Metro 2526 are the ones lucky enough to have her. She finished off the weekend going 9-for-11 with 8 singles, one triple, and 7 RBI. You don’t want to allow Macam on base, because she will steal on you and take advantage of any mistake to take the extra bag. She uses that plus speed to have a quick first step out of the box in her slapping motion. This lefty has a bright future ahead of her.

A couple of dominant spots in the Cardinals lineup this weekend were Mackynna Sims (2026, Newton, Iowa) and Sloan Brodersen (2026, Newton, Iowa). Sims has a big swing that sends so much power through the ball. Sims also has great arm strength from center field with consistent throws to the bag, keeping runners held up when the ball is hit her way. Brodersen uses her full body strength to drive her barrel through the zone. Aside from the batter's box, Brodersen also has quick feet at shortstop and covers a wide range of ground. She was seen making a diving catch backhanded to keep the bases cleared for her team.

Lily Knutson (2026, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) with Iowa Elite-Red has a bright future ahead of herself in the circle and batter’s box. Knutson ended the weekend going 7-for-11 with 2 singles, 5 doubles and 6 RBI. She does great work helping herself out when in the circle. She is a force to be reckoned with in the circle with a nasty mix of pitches, keeping them in the 55-57 mph range. Finished off the weekend leading the way with 25 strikeouts in 10 innings pitched and only allowing 4 hits.

Alexis Obermeier (2024, Audubon, Iowa) was another pitcher to keep an eye on with Knights Fastpitch. She has high-speed spin on the ball coming in at 57-59 mph and dropping off the plate out of reach from the batters. She got 14 strikeouts and only walked 2 over the weekend, which shows how she works every corner of the zone.

Right-handed pitcher Neeley Rehm (2023, Fort Madison, Iowa) with Monsters 18U-Chick has a great demeanor in the circle. Rehm will work the count as well as every inch of the zone. Keeping her speed averaging 53-56, she started off the weekend pitching 3 innings in her first game, tallying on 8 strikeouts in that time. Rehm has a rise ball that she has just about perfected, as it comes in hot then rises its way up to be untouchable.

Kelsey Kaut (2026, North Liberty, Iowa) with Southeast IA Allstars 16U Gold-Jones thrives in the batter’s box, as she shows great athleticism and quickness out of the box. She is a threat when she gets on with her plus speed to take the extra bag. Kaut ended the weekend going 7-for-12 with 7 singles. Also in the outfield, she uses her speed to her advantage on her drop step and drive through her throws to the infield.

Isabel Frees (2025, Solon, Iowa) was a strong option in the circle for Thunder 18U Black. With only 5 innings pitched over the weekend, she tallied 10 strikeouts and only one batter walked. Frees works the zone top to bottom, changing speeds on her pitches and keeping batters guessing throughout the count. She keeps a strong consistency of 57-59 mph on her mix while playing the position as well.

Helping her out in the lineup is Michaela Goad (2024, Springville, Iowa). Saturday evening, she was seen drilling a line drive to center field followed by a grand slam to right-center to hep extend her team's lead that game. Goad ended the weekend going 3-for-5 with one single, one double, one home run and 5 RBI. Goad also shows great talent at the position of shortstop, as she has quick reactions to the ball and a static turn on her second base coverage.