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Softball  | Softball Showcase  | 10/9/2022

PG Softball Scouting Showcase Series #3

Dave Durbala      Perfect Game Staff     
Photo: Perfect Game
Big contributors to the Nebraska Gold 319 Berning winning record include the unmatched hitting of Ava Curry (2024, Oskaloosa, Iowa), whose smooth swing and power produced 10 hits with 4 home runs, pushing in 8 RBI for her team.

Emily Koranda (2025, Marion, Iowa) showed unbelievable control again this weekend for Nebraska Gold 319 Berning as this RHP laddered her rise ball from the mid strike zone all the way out of the zone for strikeouts. She keeps batters guessing as she uses her drop and 15 mph differential changeup to throw everyone off balance in the box. She topped out at 62 mph with her fastball and comes to win every weekend. Recorded 24 strikeouts in 11 innings pitched, only allowing 2 hits and 0 earned runs. She is uncommitted.

Bre Caffery (2023, Bettendorf, Iowa) contributed on both sides of the game for SouthEast IA Allstars 18U Gold Miller, showing off her precise placement skills, slapping the short game on the left side of the infield, beating out the throw, and the next at-bat hitting the fence in the air for a standup double. She has a supersonic arm, throwing a dart to home plate for an impressive tag out, making little work for the catcher with her precise accuracy.

Lily Knutson (2026, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) showed her arsenal of pitches and off-speed to shut down the competition for her Iowa Elite-Red team. Her vertical movement on her drop and rise are impressive and precise on the inside and outside of the plate both, with intense cuts to keep the batters guessing. She clocks in at 58 mph but laddered up and down the speed dial, utilizing speed as much as movement as a tool. Totaled 21 strikeouts and an impressive 10 strikeouts in one game. This 2026 will be one to keep watching.

Eastern Iowa Barracudas Gold had some exciting contributions on the mound and behind the plate with Rylee Dunkin (2023, Hamilton, Iowa) This catcher is explosive and commands the field with respect. She is a wall behind the plate, and will frame the ball picture perfectly. She delivers in the batters' box and uses her speed and elevated softball IQ to take extra bases. She has immense bat speed and connects for line drives to help her team win. She is a true leader for the Eastern Iowa Barracuda Gold team, as is Duanna Coyle (2023, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) in the circle, showing her full range of pitches with a 58 mph fastball and a changeup floating in at 44 mph. She keeps you guessing with her rise ball forcing batters to swing and miss. Duanna had 12 strikeouts in 6 innings pitched with 0 walks and only allowing 1 earned run.

Lady Expos Houselog is stacked with talented hitters. Lydia Ettema (2023, Peosta, Iowa) led the tournament with 11 hits, 5 home runs and 13 RBI. Her precise pitch selection and patience at the plate pays off with hits when her teammates need it the most. DePaul will cash in on this 2023 commit as soon as she hits the field. Her teammate Devin Simon (2023, Cascade, Iowa), an Iowa commit, is once again consistently contributing for her team with her timing and ability to barrel up the ball on the outside pitches. She racked up 8 hits and a home run for her team this weekend with 6 RBI and only 1 strikeout. Lady Expos didn't stop there, as they had two more hitters that ranked in hitting this weekend. Chandler Houselog (2024, Center Point, Iowa) was aggressive and showed her power at the plate with 6 hits, 4 of them doubles and 1 home run, and driving in 8 RBI for her team. She swings effortlessly to drive the ball to the outfield.

Keirah Wiseman (2025, Burlington, Iowa) was zoned in this weekend for Nebraska Gold 515 16U as she continued to take pitchers to full counts until she got the pitch she wanted to drive in clutch situations. Her 9 hits this weekend were complemented by her solid defense. Her ability to read the ball off the bat is only matched by her speed in the outfield. She is definitely a 2025 to watch.

-Angela Kessler

Addison Ellis (2028, Charles City, Iowa), a left-handed pitching, topped out at 59 mph and showed hitters a rise, curve, drop and changeup, with the rise and curve accounting for the majority of her 18 strikeouts in her seven innings of work. This soon-to-be 13-year-old dominated hitters with her ability to pitch to both sides of the plate from the top to bottom of the zone and did not allow an earned run. Ellis, who possesses long levers and an effortless move to the plate, has a current skill set that should only improve as this young lady develops muscle and becomes stronger both physically and mental as she matures. A definite 2028 to follow over the next few years.

Callie Luerkens (2028, Robins, Iowa) helped her Cedar Rapids Reds-13u team to a 4-1 mark on the weekend. Luerkens, a RHP/MIF, utilized a fastball, topping out at 53 mph, a changeup, and drop to do work in the circle. Luerkens displayed a repeatable motion that should lend itself to maintaining consistent mechanics and release point. In her 10 innings of work, she struck out seven and only gave up one earned run.

Laeni Hinkle (2027, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) with Southeast Iowa Allstars 14u Gold-Brandenburg showed you do not have to be flashy to get the job done. This RHP, armed with a fastball that topped out at 52 mph and a changeup, worked five scoreless innings, giving up two hits while striking out seven. Hinkle’s success is attributed to, as her coach stated, 'Location, she hits her spots.' Her ability to pitch to spots and change speeds keeps hitters off balanced so they are unable to barrel the ball up.

Playing for Quad City Firebirds 08 Red, Camille Pacha (2026, Long Grove, Iowa) led her team in the circle and at the plate. The RHP Pacha, standing 5-foot-9, is an intimidating figure in the circle for this age division. Showing fastball velocity at 56 mph, Pacha also had a drop, changeup, curve, screw and rise at her disposal. What Pacha did well was to get ahead early in the count, then utilize her movement pitches to get hitters to chase pitches out of the zone. At the plate, Pacha collected four hits that included a double and triple, for 7 RBI while scoring three runs.

Alivia Holmes (2027, Ft. Madison, Iowa) made the most of her plate appearances for Southeast Iowa Allstars 14u Gold-Brandenburg. Starting from an athletic base, Holmes would load her back hip, then making a good positive weight shift and turn to contact, she drove the ball gap to gap to total four doubles with her five hits. Holmes scored 5 times while knocking in 4.

Brettlyn Lane (2028, Marion, Iowa) of the Cedar Rapids Reds-13u never appeared to get cheated on a swing. The right-handed hitting SS/C utilized a wide base and a toe touch to get to load, and then stride to launch. Lane was most effective when she didn’t over-stride while getting her front foot back down. Lane collected five hits that included a triple and home run for four rbi’s. She scored six times and did show some patience at the plate securing five walks.

Iowa Outlaws 14u Williams' Allie Williams (2028, Norwalk, Iowa) hit from a semi-crouched setup, utilizing very little movement to get her swing started, relying on her hips to generate momentum and force. Williams collected six hits, with a double and triple included for 5 RBI. Utilizing her speed, Williams stole 3 bases and scored 3 times.

Rhylee McMeekan (2027, Rock Island, Ill.) of the Quad City Firebirds 08 Red likes extra bases. The right-handed hitting C/UTL player had five hits with four being of the extra-bases variety. McMeekan stays tall in the box and works out of an open stance. She gets back to parallel without rushing and does a good job of driving the ball to the opposite field gap. McMeekan collected three doubles and a triple, knocked in three and scored for times for her work this weekend.

Jags Select RHP Lauren Sandholm (2027, Ankeny, Iowa) was the top performing pitcher in the 14u division. Sandholm, with a top velocity of 60 mph, totalled 13 strikeouts in her 10 innings of work. Hitter’s can not just wait and sit on the fastball as Sandholm also has a drop, changeup, and rise to keep hitters guessing. With a smooth, easy delivery, Sandholm would project to have more velocity, and even more movement in the tank as she gains strength over the next few years. On the weekend, Sandholm allowed no earned runs and only gave up one hit. Will be a good follow to see the attention this one generates over the next few years.

Mallorie Kreuser (2025, Fitchburg, Wis.) is the first of three Wisconsin Bandits 16u-Laabs pitcher’s earning Top Performer status. The RHP Kreuser topped out at 58 mph with her fastball and also brought a changeup, rise, and curve into the circle. Giving up one earned run in her ten innings of work, Kreuser utilized a sharp, late breaking swing-and-miss curve for several of her 11 recorded strikeouts. Not just a pitcher, Kreuser helped her team at the plate picking up seven hits that included a double and home run, knocking in nine and scoring five times.

Jags Select RHP Ellie Lorenz (2024, Ankeny, Iowa), besides earning Top Performer status as a pitcher, was also a Top Performer hitter in this division. In the circle, utilizing a fastball, changeup, drop, and curve, the power-pitching Lorenz topped out at 57 mph. In her eight innings of work, she struck out eight and didn’t allow an earned run. At the plate is where Lorenz looked the most comfortable, and did the most damage. Hitting from a solid base and utilizing great extension through contact, Lorenz presented bat angles that produced line drives showing plus power. Lorenz collected eight hits that resulted in four doubles and three bombs for an astounding 15 RBI and scored 8 times, while hitting at a .615 clip.

Enya Heller (2026, Randolph, Wis.) of the Wisconsin Bandits 16u-Laabs is another player earning Top Performer status as a pitcher and hitter. In the circle, Heller comes at the hitters with a rise, changeup, curve, and fastball that topped out at 60 mph. Heller does a good job of utilizing her leg drive to optimize velocity and movement. In her nine innings of work she accumulated 14 strikeouts and is at her best when pitching to contact and having her defense make plays behind her. At the plate, Heller again utilizes her lower half very well. She stays connected and gets her hands into a great position to allow the barrel to attack the inside of the ball. Heller collected eight hits that included four doubles and two home runs, one being a grand slam, for 12 RBI, scoring 8 runs while hitting for an average of .571.

Our last Wisconsin Bandits 16u-Laabs Top Performer status pitcher is Macy Sabish (2025, Kewaskum, Wis.). Armed in the circle with a rise, changeup, curve, and fastball that topped out at 56 mph, she is at her best when she is able to hit her spots, changing speeds to elicit ground balls or getting hitters out on their front foot, popping up weak fly balls. For her six innings of work, Sabish struck out seven, gave up one hit and did not allow a run. More than pitch, Sabish also swung the bat to the total of nine hits, with four doubles, scoring 10 runs and knocking in 7 while batting at a .529 clip.

Samantha Verstraete (2025, East Moline, Ill.) is a RHP/1B with Nebraska Gold 309. In the circle, Verstraete brings a screw, curve, and changeup to go along with a 60 mph fastball. Verstraete attacks the zone and pitches to contact, relying on her defense to make plays. In her eight innings in the circle, Verstraete struck out five. At the plate, she collected eight hits that included three doubles and a home run for 7 RBI, scoring five runs and finishing with a showcase-leading batting average of .727.

Aubrey Hafermann (2025, Malone, Wis.) of the Wisconsin Bandits 16u-Laabs generated runs and scoring opportunities for her team. Starting with a narrow base, utilizing her stride to get separation, she stays in her legs to maintain connection with a nice use of her lower half, finishing with good barrel extension through the zone. The right-handed hitting Hafermann finished with a batting average of .688 on 11 hits, with three doubles, a triple and a home run for 12 RBI and scored 8 runs.

Wisconsin Bandits 16u-Laabs leadoff hitter Colleen Fitzpatrick (2026, Oshkosh, Wis.), after not getting a hit in the Bandits' first game of the weekend, put that behind her and proceeded to go on a 9-for-14 run over the final four games. The left-handed hitting Fitzpatrick, starting with the bat on her shoulder, pushes it off the shoulder and back to get separation. From a semi wide stance she picks front foot up, loading into back hip and then foot moves back to start position. When keeping her front side closed, Fitzpatrick can drive the ball to the opposite field with ease and showed ability to turn on the inside pitch. The only time she appears to get into trouble is when she lands with the front foot open, thus opening the front hip causing her to pull off the ball. But when she is mechanically on, she rakes. Of her nine hits, she had 3 doubles and two bombs, collecting 8 RBI and scoring 12 runs.

Jessica Lathrop (2024, Ankeny, Iowa) is a right-handed hitting UTL player for Jags Select. Working from a solid base, Lathrop uses a strong lower half to generate power and a nice torso tilt to initiate an attack angle that leads to line drives. Hitting .636 for the weekend, Lathrop collected seven hits, unbelievably with six doubles. Lathrop finished with nine RBI and scored 10 runs.

-Dave Durbala