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Showcase  | Story  | 4/6/2022

PG Tech Game Changers: Peak Speed Sequence

Blake Dowson     
Photo: Perfect Game
"I put a lot of stock into Peak Speed Sequence because it's a snapshot into how efficiently a prospect is swinging the bat. When you're facing a 90 mph fastball, you need to be able to make quick, efficient movements to be successful." 

-Jered Goodwin, Perfect Game National Scouting Director

Peak Speed Sequence

What is Peak Speed Sequence?

Peak speed sequence is the order in which the pelvis (1), torso (2), lead arm (3) and hand/bat (4) reach their peak angular velocities. Good sequencing generally leads to better energy transfer, which leads to later committal to the ball and better decision making. This allows adjustability in the swing. Poor sequencing leads to early committal to the ball and limited adjustability in the swing. It also limits the amount of energy a player transfers to the ball.

What does that mean?

The optimal swing starts with your pelvis firing, then your torso, then your lead arm, and then your hand/bat. That sequence creates the best energy transfer, meaning you swing faster. Swinging faster means you don't have to start your swing as early, giving you more time to identify pitches and lay off that breaking ball in the dirt. There is no right or wrong swing, but that 1-2-3-4 sequence will help to maximize talent and reach your ceiling.

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