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Cape Cod Scouting Notebook

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Photo: Brooks Lee (Owen Main | Cal Poly Athletics)
After a year off due to the pandemic of 2020, the Cape Cod League returns with a deeper talent pool than we’ve seen in recent years. Possibly ever. The delay of the MLB draft coupled with a latter College World Series start has changed the demographic of the early portion of the league. Typically there was a period between the typical mid-June start and July 4th weekend, where the league was populated with College National invitees as they played for a week or two before shipping out to Cary, N.C.

In 2021 however, an influx on 2021 draft eligible players looking to showcase their abilities one last time have overtaken the league, particularly on the pitching side where a good 50% of the arms I've observed are eligible this July. That’s not to say the top 2022 talents aren’t here prior to CNT duty, as there are plenty of underclassmen here showing off their high end abilities.

The following post is focused on players I observed over the first week of Cape Cod League play. I attended five games and observed six of the ten teams, as well as four teams I observed on multiple dates. I made a priority to attend games where top 2022 players who were also CNT invitees were in the lineup. These are the observations and takeaways from those six dates.

Notes provided by Geoff Pontes

Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly (2022) | Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox
Dates Observed: 6/23, 6/27

A top prospect in the 2022 draft class, Lee was a 2019 draft prospect as a prep player but decided to play for his father at Cal Poly. He has a stout, chiseled build, and above-average height. A square body with broad shoulders and obvious strength and explosiveness. He’s a fringe-average athlete, his athleticism translates more through the cleanness of his actions and ambidextrous hitting ability.

Lee is a switch-hitter with a short, compact stroke with a direct path to the ball. The succinct nature of his swing allows him to elevate on fastballs middle-in. The shortness of his stroke, and the compact nature of his setup leads to some problems with soft away from the left side. Overall the bat-to-ball ability and feel for the zone grade at above average. He did have trouble with changeups in my first look, but they were well placed with late parachuting movement. A difficult pitch to barrel for any hitter.

In my second look he had hits from both sides of the plate, and showed the ability to adjust to what pitchers gave him on the outer half.

In the field, Lee looks like an infielder with an average arm and good actions. His transfers were clean, and his hands steady. He’s more of a steady defender with polish in his movements than a twitchy shortstop.

Overall, one of the best 2022 players on the circuit and a potential standout.

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