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State Snapshots: New England

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Photo: Sal Frelick (Boston College Athletics)
South Atlantic – FL, GA, NC, SC
– AL, KY, MS, TN
South Central 
– AR, LA, OK, TX
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Great Lakes 
– IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI
New England – CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
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Great Plains
 – IA, KS, MO, NE, ND, SD
– DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
Canada and Puerto Rico 


Best College Team: UConn
Best Junior College Team: UConn-Avery Point
Best High School Team: East Catholic

Prospect on the Rise:
 Frank Mozzicato, LHP, East Catholic
Wild Card: Ben Casparius, RHP, UConn

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Connecticut Connection: Emmet Sheehan, RHP, Boston College
Top 2022 Prospect: Reggie Crawford, 1B, UConn
Top 2023 Prospect: Hiro Wyatt, RHP, King & Low Heywood Thomas School

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Bobby Valentine, SS, Rippowam HS, Stamford (1968, Dodgers/1st round, 5th pick)
2014 Draft: Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford (Angels/1st round, 15th pick)
2015 Draft: Maxwell McDowell, C, Connecticut (Brewers/13th round)
2016 Draft: Anthony Kay, LHP, Connecticut (Mets/1st round, 31st pick)
2017 Draft: Wills Montgomerie, RHP, Connecticut (Dodgers/6th round)
2018 Draft: Tim Cate, LHP, Connecticut (Nationals/2nd round)
2019 Draft: Jacob Wallace, RHP, Connecticut (Rockies/3rd round)
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400:

• Frank Mozzicato, LHP, East Catholic HS
• Ben Casparius, RHP, UConn
• Pat Winkel, C, UConn
• Miles Langhorne, RHP, Greenwich HS
• Kyler Fedko, OF, UConn
• JuJu Stevens, OF, Amity HS


Best College Team: Maine
Best High School Team: Oxford Hills

Top 2022 Prospect: Nic Frink, C, Scarborough

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Billy Swift, RHP, University of Maine (1984, Mariners/1st round, 2nd pick)
2014 Draft: No selection
2015 Draft: No selection
2016 Draft: Sam Dexter, SS, University of Southern Maine (White Sox/23rd round)
2017 Draft: No selection
2018 Draft: Jeremy Pena, SS, University of Maine (Astros/3rd round
2019 Draft: Trejyn Fletcher, CF, Deering HS (Cardinals/2nd round)
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400

• Nick Sinacola, RHP, Maine


Best College Team: Northeastern
Best High School Team: Phillips Academy

Prospect on the Rise:
 Cody Morissette, 2B, Boston College
Wild Card: Joshua Baez, OF, Southfield HS

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Massachusetts Connection: Ryan Cusick, RHP, Wake Forest
Top 2022 Prospect: Sebastian Keane, RHP, Northeastern
Top 2023 Prospect: Thomas White, LHP, Phillips Academy

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Joe Coleman, RHP, Natick HS (1965, Senators/1st round, 3rd pick)
2014 Draft: Isan Diaz, SS, Springfield HS (Diamondbacks/2nd round)
2015 Draft: Christopher Shaw, 1B, Boston College (Giants/1st round, 31st pick)
2016 Draft: Justin Dunn, RHP, Boston College (Mets/1st round, 19th pick)
2017 Draft: Matt Tabor, RHP, Milton Academy (Diamondbacks/3rd round
2018 Draft: Charlie McConnell, OF, Northeastern (Mariners/13th round)
2019 Draft: Daniel Metzdorf, LHP, Boston College (White Sox/5th round)
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400

• Sal Frelick, OF, Boston College
• Joshua Baez, OF, Dexter Southfield HS
• Cody Morissette, 2B/3B, Boston College
• Dennis Colleran, RHP, North Attleboro HS
• Jonathan Santucci, OF/LHP, Phillips Academy HS
• Emmet Sheehan, RHP, Boston College
• Jackson Linn, OF/RHP, Cambridge Rindge and Latin HS
• Mason Pelio, RHP, Boston College

New Hampshire

Best College Team: Southern New Hampshire
Best High School Team: Portsmouth

Best Out-of-State Prospect, New Hampshire Connection: Cody Morissette, 2B, Boston College
Top 2022 Prospect: Joe Allen, RHP, Winnacunnet HS

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Chris Carpenter, RHP, Trinity HS, Manchester (1993, Blue Jays/1st round, 15th pick)
2014 Draft: Calvin Graves, OF, Franklin Pierce College (Cubs/27th round)
2015 Draft: Ryan McKenna, OF, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Orioles/4th round)
2016 Draft: Duncan Robinson, RHP, Dartmouth (Cubs/9th round)
2017 Draft: Beau Sulser, RHP, Dartmouth (Pirates/10th round)
2018 Draft: Grant Lavigne, 1B, Bedford HS (Rockies/1st round, 42nd pick)
2019 Draft: Zach Hart, RHP, Franklin Pierce University (Indians/10th round)
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400

• None

Rhode Island

Best College Team: Bryant
Best Junior College Team: Rhode Island College
Best High School Team: Bishop Hendricken

Prospect on the Rise:
 Tyler Mattison, RHP, Bryant

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Rhode Island Connection: 
Top 2022 Prospect: Ben Brutti, RHP, South Kingston
Top 2023 Prospect: Alexander Clemmey, LHP, Bishop Hendricken

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Bill Almon, SS, Brown University (1974, Padres/1st round, 1st pick)
2014 Draft: Kevin McAvoy, RHP, Bryant (Red Sox/4th round)
2015 Draft: Kyle Wilcox, RHP, Bryant (Mariners/6th round)
2016 Draft: Matt Albanese, OF, Bryant (Twins/7th round)
2017 Draft: James Karinchak, RHP, Bryant (Indians/9th round)
2018 Draft: Nick Johnson, RHP, Rhode Island (White Sox/21st round)
2019 Draft: Ryan Ward, OF, Bryant University (Dodgers/8th round)
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400

• Tyler Mattison, RHP, Bryant


Best College Team: Southern Vermont
Best High School Team: Champlain Valley Union

Prospect on the Rise:
 Owen Kellington, RHP, U-32 High School

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Kirk McCaskill, RHP, University of Vermont (1982, Angels/4th round)
2014 Draft: No selection
2015 Draft: Rayne Supple, RHP, Champlain Valley Union HS (Cubs/38th round)
2016 Draft: No selection
2017 Draft: No selection
2018 Draft: No selection
2019 Draft: No selection
2020 Draft: No selection

Players in the Top 400

• None

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