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Summer Preview: 2023 Corner Infield

Drew Wesolowski        
Photo: Cam Collier (Perfect Game)
As high school baseball is starting to get going across the country in most regions, with some states actually heading into the playoffs, it all means the summer circuit is right around the corner. Over the next several weeks we will look at the top-ranked players at each position, in each class, while also taking a look at some gut-feel players that could be big risers. With players having more access to individual development, things will undoubtably change at a rapid pace in the early months of the Perfect Game schedule. This provides a good look at some of the top performers coming into 2021 who look primed to continue dominance or make their mark on a national level. 

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Cam Collier, 3B, (Ga.)
Commitment: Louisville
PG Events: 33
Key Stats: .352-8-60

Short Story: Physically mature 6-foot-2 and puts that strength to good use in multiple facets of the game. Big left-handed power bat and has a cannon of an arm across the diamond. Also up to 93 mph on the mound.

Big Moment: Hit .400 this past year in the WWBA World Event playing up against some that were a full two years older. Homered during the event as well before hopping on the mound and throwing a three innings of scoreless baseball while striking out four.

Bold Prediction: Collier will continue to be one of the top corner infielders in the country and has legit two-way capabilities in the future. Look for the power in the box to take him far down the path in his baseball career.

Nolan Stevens, 1B, (Calif.)
PG Events: 6
Key Stats: .317 / .877 OPS
Short Story: Big, physical 6-foot-3 frame as he looks the part of a prospect at the next level already. Big left-handed power from the left side as he swings it with authority. Power bat projection as he plays a solid first base. Huge two-way potential up into low-90s on mound.

Big Moment: Stevens had a very strong summer that rolled into the fall with him being a standout at the Sophomore World Championship in Florida. Hit .364 with a couple of extra-base hits as he led his team deep into the playoffs.

Bold Prediction: He will start to grow into his body a little further and add even more strength to the frame. Easy to think he will continue to progress as a hitter and continue to donate baseballs over the fence. Two-way talents will carry him atop rankings throughout his prep career.

Aidan Miller, 3B, (Fla.)
Commitment: Arkansas
PG Events: 38
Key Stats: .395-9-114

Short Story: One of the top bats in the entire ’23 class as he hits at every stop on the circuit. Impacts with authority and has proven to be one of the most premier talents in the country with his big stage performances.

Big Moment: Went on a tear at the WWBA Sophomore and WWBA Underclass this past fall. Hit .316 and .458 as he drove in a combined 11 RBI on 18 hits. Was also up in the low-90s on the mound as he showcased his arm strength as well.

Bold Prediction: Miller will continue to work at his game and be one of the top hitting corner guys in the class. Easy power from the right-side and has a knack for finding barrels, a dangerous combo that is rarely seen. The arm is also stellar, and he has the chance to be one of those legit five-tool guys.

Zach Wadas (Ariz.)
Commitment: TCU
PG Events: 27
Key Stats: .341-3-56

Short Story: Wadas looks every bit the part of a power-hitting first baseman. Scoops it up on defense and swings it with juice. Sixteen doubles to his name at PG events and is right around the corner from churning out more power as he grows into his frame.

Big Moment: Stood out all summer before having a solid showing at the Class of ’23 All-American Games. Took a professional round of batting practice and swung it with pop in games. Really showcased himself as one of the top-hitting corner guys in the class with everyone on site.

Bold Prediction: Wadas continues to impress every time we see him in all facets of the game. Legit two-way potential and will continue to swing a hot stick every time we see him. Even more power coming his way as he is still somewhat lean for his frame.

Walter Ford, 3B, (Ala.)
Commitment: Alabama
PG Events: 54
Key Stats: .254-2-54 / 2.70 ERA in 84.0 IP

Short Story: One of the most physically impressive prospects on the ’23 scene. 6-foot-3 and full of fast-twitch muscle. Goes back and forth between the box and the mound while impressing in both every time we see him.

Big Moment: Was outstanding at National Underclass Main Event as he received the highest grade possible of 10. Big thump in the right-handed stick as he utilizes some of the strongest hands in the class. Power fastball on the mound and sweeping slider as well.

Bold Prediction: Ford will continue to be one of the top two-way guys in the class. Comfortable at third base and has a rocket for an arm. Swings it with juice from the right side and has power to go with it. Will continue to punish baseballs that are left over the plate.

Jackson McKenzie, 1B, (Fla.)
Commitment: Mississippi State
PG Events: 43
Key Stats: .339-7-99

Short Story: One of the top two-way guys in the class as he swings it with easy power in the box and has a strong arm on the bump. Fundamental in his first base play and confident with the glove. Looks the part of a power-hitting corner guy.

Big Moment: Was another standout from the National Underclass Main Event showcase this past winter. Showcased his ability to leverage the baseball deep to the middle part of the park as he found barrels with every cut. Some of the best power in the entire ’23 class.

Bold Prediction: McKenzie has so much upside in multiple facets of the game. Put him anywhere and he thrives. Will continue to have a confident glove at first and swing it for power in the box. Can also jump on the mound and blow it by guys. Will continue to just dominate.

Trenton Lape, 3B, (La.)
Commitment: LSU
PG Events: 19
Key Stats: .345-4-46

Short Story: Big time tools to work with here. Easy pop in the right-handed cut and has had some very impressive homers at PG events in the past. Defensively polished and combines the confident leather work with a strong arm across the diamond.

Big Moment: Another ’23 All-American Games standout as he joined the elite in the Top Prospect List. Sub-7.00 second 60 runner and arm strength on full display up to 93 mph on the bump. Violent cuts at the dish as he donated a few in batting practice. Very polished hit tool on full display.

Bold Prediction: Lape will continue to impose his athletic actions on the diamond and has legit two-way aspirations. Barrel-finder swing and power will take him far in the box but he also is just as impressive with the glove on defense. Will make an argument for two-way playing time at the next level.

Matthew Ossenfort, 1B, (S.D.)
PG Events: 27
Key Stats: .304 / 1.017 OPS

Short Story: One of the top left-handed swinging/throwing prospects in the class standing at a physical 6-foot-3. Dominant on the mound and plays a more-than-serviceable first base. Light tower power from the left-side of the box.

Big Moment: Last year’s World Championship performance was mighty impressive. Playing against older talent and still dominated. Hit .333 and had an OBP of .600. Was also up into the upper-80s on the mound, just further cementing his status on the field.

Bold Prediction: Ossenfort will continue to be one of the top arms in the class but his talents with the bat will not go unnoticed. Look for him to continue to crush baseballs and add even more power to his game going forward.

Jarren Purify, 3B, (Mich.)
Commitment: Michigan
PG Events: 20
Key Stats: .452 / 1.105 OPS

Short Story: One of the most fluid cuts in the class and finds loud barrels consistently from the right side. Sub-6.75 second runner and plays a stellar third base with a strong arm to go with it. Makes everything just look easy.

Big Moment: Was a standout at the 14u National Showcase as he put his talents up against the best in the class. Took a fundamental batting practice and found plenty of barrels in game. Baseball jumped off the bat and he was chosen for the coveted 14u PG Select Fest game from his performance.

Bold Prediction: Purify will continue to hone his craft and be one of the top bats in the class. Smooth stroke and once he adds more strength to the frame, look out. Projects as a third baseman going forward and will find a home here in the future as the bat plays.

Ethan McElvain, 1B, (Tenn.)
Commitment: Vanderbilt
PG Events: 13
Key Stats: .612 OPS

Short Story: One of the top pitchers in the class who can flat out swing the bat as well. Plus bat speed as he drops the head on the baseball while impacting with authority. Projects even more power down the road.

Big Moment: Strong showings at National Championships as he was dominant at the dish and on the mound. Knocked in a couple of runs and generated some of the loudest contact of the week.

Bold Prediction: Will continue to progress on the mound and projects there long run, but the bat is nothing short of impressive either. Will add even more strength to the frame and could be one of the top power bats around.

Gut Feels

Pete Craska (Pa.)
One of the sweetest left-handed cuts in the class. Impacts with juice and will continue to just hit going forward. The Georgia Tech commit has a career PG batting average just shy of .300. Flat-out hits no matter the situation.

Isaac Hawthrone (Calif.)
The Santa Clara commit was just recently brought to our attention this past fall but man, he can swing it with the best of them. Next-level power already showing in the box as the hit tool is polished as well.

Sam Harris (Iowa)
The top-ranked first baseman in the state has long been known for his abilities on both the mound and in the box. Huge power from the left side as he has 15 extra-base hits in 85 at-bats in his PG career.

Oscar Hernandez (Fla.)
One of the most physical bodies on the circuit standing at 6-foot-4. He has 41 doubles in his career at PG events and has knocked in 136 runs. Throw him into the middle of any lineup and let him thrive.

Jake Kulikowski (Fla.)
The Miami commit has done nothing but rake in past PG events. A career .336 hitter with 137 RBI. Finds barrels and it will translate at the next level. Look for him to continue to tear up the prep scene in the box as he hits at every stop on the circuit.

Daniel Cuvet (Fla.)
One of the top third basemen in the class as he shows fundamental actions with the glove and has a rocket for an arm. The Select Fest attendee has a career .383 average with 102 RBI. If you need a barrel, Cuvet will deliver.

Nazzan Zanetello (Mo.)
Another Miami commit who can flat-out swing the stick. Easy power in the box as the right-hander knows how to generate backspin. A couple of home runs in his career so far and will continue to add to that number this summer.

Eduardo Balboa (Texas)
One of the top corner guys who is still uncommitted and won’t be for long. Plays an old school third base as he isn’t afraid to get dirty. Big pop from the right-side as he looks to do damage with every cut. Five career homers and has knocked in 98 RBI.

TJ Dunsford (Ala.)
A pure corner guy as he fits the mold with his stocky, physical build. Moves well laterally and is confident with the glove. Bat is the name of the game here as he is a career .363 hitter at PG events and has almost 100 RBI.

Garet Boehm (Texas)
The Texas Tech commit has done nothing but impress at PG events. Scoops it up with the best of them at third and has a cannon of an arm. Pop in the right-handed cut as well. Drives it deep to the pull side and generates monster power out of his 6-foot-2 frame.
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