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FB Velocities
IMG Academy Ascenders Brennan Malone R96
Buford Wolves Riley Stanford R94
Cartersville Hurricanes Mason Barnett R93
IMG Academy Ascenders Kendall Williams R93
Savannah Christian Raiders Jarrett Brown R92
Bob Jones Patriots Nick Brown R92
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Brady House R92
Buford Wolves Dylan Lesko R92
DeSoto Central Jaguars Cade Smith R92
Buford Wolves Ramsey David R91
Parkview Panthers Miles Garrett R91
Bob Jones Patriots Caden Rose R91
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Cain Tatum R91
Troup County Tigers Colby Williams R91
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Cade Doughty R90
Bob Jones Patriots Dylan Ray R90
Blessed Trinity Titans Jake Smith R90
North Broward Prep Eagles Anthony Tomczak R90
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Tyler Evans R89
DeSoto Central Jaguars Kamren James R89
IMG Academy Ascenders Brandon Llewellyn R89
Parkview Panthers Will Parker R89
Woodward Academy War Eagles Will Sanders R89
Houston County Bears Coleman Willis R89
Hoover Buccaneers Cole Baker R88
Houston County Bears Chandler Dawson R88
Locust Grove Wildcats Cole English R88
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Guillermo Gelpi R88
Hoover Buccaneers Lawrence Hammonds R88
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Charles (Cj) Harrison R88
Bob Jones Patriots Cam Hill L88
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Gregory Martinez R88
Blessed Trinity Titans Derek (DJ) Radtke R88
Bob Jones Patriots John-Michael Riley R88
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Zack Smith R88
North Broward Prep Eagles Dustin Snyder R88
IMG Academy Ascenders Heston Tole R88
Buford Wolves Sean Adams L87
Blessed Trinity Titans Trey Baker R87
Buford Wolves Brandon Jolliff R87
Loganville Red Devils Michael Knight R87
Savannah Christian Raiders Mark Langston R87
Cartersville Hurricanes Logan Martin R87
Bob Jones Patriots Sam Maynard R87
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Michael Ojeda R87
Locust Grove Wildcats Joseph Roden R87
DeSoto Central Jaguars Robert Mac Sims R87
IMG Academy Ascenders Jimmy Starnes R87
Parkview Panthers Xander Stephens R87
Hoover Buccaneers Daniel Swatek R87
Savannah Christian Raiders Garrett Bradley R86
Loganville Red Devils Connor Bruce R86
Montverde Academy Eagles Manuel De Gracia R86
North Broward Prep Eagles Gabriel Esquivel R86
Buford Wolves Jackson Gaspard R86
Coffee Trojans Wes Lott R86
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Hunter Marsh R86
Houston County Bears Dylan Tabor R86
Cullman Bearcats Cooper Beck R85
Woodward Academy War Eagles Mason Carnes R85
Cullman Bearcats Peyton Colvard R85
Bob Jones Patriots Austin East L85
Montverde Academy Eagles Kenneth Eccleston L85
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Yehoshua Garcia L85
Loganville Red Devils Caleb Garner R85
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Jorge Gonzalez R85
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Austin Lockridge L85
Montverde Academy Eagles Angel Lopez L85
Sumrall Bobcats Halen Sanford R85
Woodward Academy War Eagles Michael Sorrow R85
Cartersville Hurricanes Cohen Wilbanks R85
Houston County Bears Jaden Woods L85
Cartersville Hurricanes Kolby Adams R84
Sumrall Bobcats Hunter Barrett R84
Loganville Red Devils Jacob Boyd R84
Loganville Red Devils Dawson Coe L84
Denham Springs Yellowjackets David Frye R84
Sumrall Bobcats Billy Garrity R84
Loganville Red Devils Dawson Hammonds R84
DeSoto Central Jaguars Chase Honeycutt R84
Cullman Bearcats Brennen Norton R84
Parkview Panthers Cameron Orr L84
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Joshua Preston R84
St. Pius X Golden Lions Agyei Quinichett R84
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Hayden Sills R84
Coffee Trojans Devin Spivey R84
Locust Grove Wildcats Luke Welborn L84
Woodward Academy War Eagles Christian Wylder R84
Cullman Bearcats Easton Dean R83
Loganville Red Devils Jackson Ford R83
North Broward Prep Eagles Parker Foss L83
Cullman Bearcats Braxton Jones R83
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Brandon Kohn R83
Locust Grove Wildcats Dalton Laney R83
Blessed Trinity Titans Dominic Marcoccio R83
DeSoto Central Jaguars Gabe Moore R83
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Gabriel Morales-Melendez R83
DeSoto Central Jaguars Reid Musselwhite R83
Locust Grove Wildcats Brett Orr R83
North Broward Prep Eagles Zac Schultz L83
Sumrall Bobcats Kros Sivley L83
St. Pius X Golden Lions Daniel Teran R83
Savannah Christian Raiders Joey White R83
St. Pius X Golden Lions Will Broxterman R82
Blessed Trinity Titans Joseph Chambers R82
Hoover Buccaneers Austin Cornelius R82
Cartersville Hurricanes Noah Davis R82
Parkview Panthers Drew DeMasi R82
Locust Grove Wildcats Andrew Ginther R82
Houston County Bears Cameron Jones L82
Blessed Trinity Titans Will Macolino R82
North Broward Prep Eagles Grant McDonald R82
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Mason Moore R82
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Jonathan Rodriguez R82
Cartersville Hurricanes Reece Thompson L82
Hoover Buccaneers Avery Anderson R81
Woodward Academy War Eagles Reid Christensen R81
DeSoto Central Jaguars Colby Crocker R81
Bob Jones Patriots Stuart Edge R81
Cullman Bearcats Seth Gable R81
Blessed Trinity Titans Connor Green L81
Loganville Red Devils Josh Haynes R81
Cartersville Hurricanes Ian Inaba L81
DeSoto Central Jaguars Will Logsdon R81
Buford Wolves Dylan McKinnis L81
Blessed Trinity Titans Eric Moore L81
Savannah Christian Raiders James Portzer R81
Houston County Bears Elijah Sikes R81
Parkview Panthers Brad Stanley R81
Cullman Bearcats Dylan Wallace R81
Cartersville Hurricanes Davis Williams R81
Bob Jones Patriots Andrew Wright R81
Parkview Panthers Graham Yntema L81
Loganville Red Devils Trenton Burnett R80
North Broward Prep Eagles Jake Clemente R80
Bob Jones Patriots Ryan Crawford R80
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Dalton Diez R80
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Jt Gould R80
Houston County Bears Gage Harrelson L80
Troup County Tigers Brett Haynes R80
Bob Jones Patriots Tyler Jones R80
Hoover Buccaneers Joshua McDowell R80
Cartersville Hurricanes Gage Morris R80
Montverde Academy Eagles Kiran Ramjeet R80
Parkview Panthers Blake Sagarese R80
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Adrian Vega R80
Woodward Academy War Eagles Will Wagner R80
Coffee Trojans Brayden Amerson R79
Montverde Academy Eagles Michael Carter R79
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Gustavo Delgado R79
Locust Grove Wildcats Gabe Dyar L79
Troup County Tigers Carson Garner R79
Coffee Trojans Tanner Hampton R79
Woodward Academy War Eagles Charlie Hollis R79
St. Pius X Golden Lions Matthew Burdick L78
Savannah Christian Raiders Carson Cale R78
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Jason Cohen R78
Blessed Trinity Titans Nick Karavite L78
Troup County Tigers Jackson Knox R78
Savannah Christian Raiders Colby O'Brien R78
North Broward Prep Eagles Christian Paillet R78
Savannah Christian Raiders Braden Schuman R78
Loganville Red Devils Jacob Autry R77
Coffee Trojans Logan Dale R77
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Edysnael Davila R77
Sumrall Bobcats Payne Phillips R77
Denham Springs Yellowjackets Cade Ross L77
Sumrall Bobcats Jc Stogner R77
Woodward Academy War Eagles Allen Thompson R77
Coffee Trojans Hayden Weems R77
Winder-Barrow Bulldogs Noah Higgins L76
Troup County Tigers Daniel Martin R76
Troup County Tigers Caleb McCurry R76
Buford Wolves Grant Thomoff L76
St. Pius X Golden Lions Will Tippett R76
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Jake Alfaro L75
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Kevin Caceres R75
St. Pius X Golden Lions Anthony Ficco R75
Loganville Red Devils Matthew Popp R75
Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks Philip Spataro R75
Locust Grove Wildcats Conner Clem L74
St. Pius X Golden Lions Jack Herring L74
Avant Garde Academy Wolves Kenneth Nieves L74
Montverde Academy Eagles Daniel Sobrino R74
Woodward Academy War Eagles Jake Waddell R74
Hoover Buccaneers Carter Wright R74
Locust Grove Wildcats Elijah Crawford L73
Troup County Tigers Cade Garner R73
Sumrall Bobcats Stone Robinson L73
Coffee Trojans Slade Leavens L72
St. Pius X Golden Lions Cooper Harlan L71
St. Pius X Golden Lions Matt Horner R71
Loganville Red Devils Bowden Witcher L71
Coffee Trojans Tal Hutto R70
Woodward Academy War Eagles David Greene R69
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