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2023 13U 54/80 PG Peach State Showdown (MAJOR)
10U (Major) 11U (Major) 12U (Major) 13U (Major) (54/80) 14U (Major)
Please email our team at seyouth@perfectgame.org if you have not been contacted yet regarding a credit for any missed guaranteed games from the weekend.
Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings
FB Velocities
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Easton Holmes R82
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Kingston Jones R79
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Cross Dennard R78
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Colby Yeager R78
643 DP Cougars 13U Derrick Aull R77
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Jamal Burton R76
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci James Callaway R76
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Gavin Gebhardt R76
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Solomon Lee R76
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Max Rogozinski R76
Dingers Athletics Premier Orlando Ruiz R76
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Matt Kersey R75
Devine Baseball 13u Kingston Bailey R74
Georgia Bombers 13u Marucci Tyler McKinley R74
Devine Baseball 13u Logan Bell R73
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Daniel Fore R73
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Caden McGhee R73
Dingers Athletics Premier Dahn Fernandez R72
Dingers Athletics Premier Matthew Hays R72
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Ryan Houston L72
643 DP Cougars 13U Marcus Labouchere R72
Elite Prospects Barrett Padgett R72
643 DP Cougars 13U Parker Perkins L72
Dingers Athletics Premier Cooper Plouffe R72
Devine Baseball 13u Bennett Vick L72
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Jaxston Brown L71
643 DP Cougars 13U Owen McKeeby R71
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Luke Stefl L71
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Colt Culberson R70
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Tyler Groff R70
Dingers Athletics Premier Parker Lee R70
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Jeremiah McGeachy R70
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Todd "T" Raleigh Jr. R70
Devine Baseball 13u Hayden Shepherd R70
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Tyson Williams R70
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Jackson Bell R69
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Maximillien Bell R69
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Jaxon Foust R69
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Abram Graning L69
Dingers Athletics Premier Avery Lamb R69
Dingers Athletics Premier Griffin Treadwell R69
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Liam Weeks R69
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Micah Wilcox R69
643 DP Cougars 13U Gavin Boykin R68
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Jett Conner R68
Elite Prospects Jackson Fletcher R68
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Brock Gauker R68
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Banks Halcomb R68
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Mason Little R68
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Evan Staab R68
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Messiah Gamble L67
Cyo Braves Red (J Spoon) Brian Grant R67
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Gunner Jarrard R67
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Tyler Meehan R67
TG DBacks 13U Raleigh Tyler Meehan R67
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Tyler Newby R67
Devine Baseball 13u Braxton Havener R66
Devine Baseball 13u Cole Johnson L66
Elite Prospects Josh Larson R66
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Rhian Moore R66
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Evan Penrose R66
Tg Dbacks 13u Prospects Ben Plunkett L66
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Tristan Schelter R66
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Brayden Brown R65
Tg Dbacks 13u Prospects Quinn Jenkins R65
Georgia Jackets 13u - Nationals Jack Gorham R64
Elite Prospects Jordan Sease R64
643 DP Cougars 13U Max Bowman R63
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Jake Drahushuk R63
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Charlie Edwards R63
643 Dp Jaguars 13u Parker Garrison R63
Tg Dbacks 13u Elite Ryan Wilson R63
Tg Dbacks 13u Prospects Jacob Cowan R62
NEXTLVL Prospects 13U Gold Jayden Jones R62
Tg Dbacks 13u Prospects Cain Barowsky L61
Elite Prospects Reese Duffie L60
Tg Dbacks 13u Prospects Hudson Mondich R57