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FB Velocities
Louisville Lady Sluggers 07- Black Adelyn French R63
Select Fastpitch 14u Fortier Mia Kliethermes R63
Oklahoma Intimidators Hailey Prince R61
KC PEPPERS 07 Mackenzie Turney R60
316 Elite Allyson Orth R59
Intimidators-Pellegrino Finlee Allred R58
KC Peppers 09 Black Molly Munson L58
316 Elite Keira Stripling L58
KC Peppers 09 Black Amelia Wilhite R58
Select Fastpitch 14u Fortier Brilee Ash L57
Diamond Club Premier Kramer Kinley Ruder R57
Select Fastpitch 14u Fortier Maddie Bright R56
Oklahoma Intimidators Madison Capps R56
Louisville Lady Sluggers 07- Black Lilliana Coit R56
Louisville Lady Sluggers 14u Lovelady Emma Downing R56
KC PEPPERS 07 Madison Dudok L56
Rumble Erin Harms R56
Originals 08 Chloe Laporte R56
Originals 08 Brooke Ochsner R56
Select Fastpitch 14u Fortier Addison Ray R56
Select Fastpitch 14u-Bush (Como) Addison Ray R56
316 Elite Grace Swart R56
Louisville Lady Sluggers 07- Black Avery Veeder R56
Kc Bombers 14u Lauren Forquer R55
Diamond Club Premier Kramer Farrah Halsa R55
Building Champions - Aces Abigail Jamros R55
Kc Bandits (07/08) Ada Schweller R55
KC Peppers 09 Black Kenley Sutton B55
Top Gun 08 Lucia Trevino R55
Top Gun 08 Olivia Wooster R55
Diamond Club Premier Kramer Kayla Benthall R54
Intimidators-Pellegrino Lillie Bullock R54
Originals 08 Maci Ann Cass R54
Mc Creepers Mackenzie Halderman R54
Kc Bandits (07/08) Emma Heinemann L54
KC PEPPERS 07 Karli Miller R54
Mc Creepers Kaylea Myers L54
AFA 14u Vasquez Taylor Peiker L54
Kc Bombers 14u Alexis Rogers R54
Top Gun 08 Addilyn Wooster R54
Louisville Lady Sluggers 14u Lovelady Sofia Bock R53
Top Gun 08 Abigail Harmon R53
Diamond Club Premier Kramer Maddie Hellerich R53
Mc Creepers Sophia Smith R53
Originals 08 Katie Stephenson R53
Kc Bombers 14u Hannah Winburn L53
Kc Bombers 14u Addison Cole R52
AFA 14u Vasquez Bella Diggs R52
Intimidators-Pellegrino Izabella Goodman L52
Top Gun 08 Morgan Rignell R52
Rumble Cora Bosley R51
Rumble Riley Hodson R51
Kc Bandits (07/08) Lillian Jennings L51
Kc Bandits (07/08) Jadyn Kistner L51
Louisville Lady Sluggers 14u Lovelady Carsen Lovelady R51
316 Elite Isla Nesmith R51
Louisville Lady Sluggers 14u Lovelady Taylor Pinkerton R51
AFA 14u Vasquez Brooklyn Bradley R50
Building Champions - Aces Madelyn Eaves R50
Kc Bombers 14u Adalee Pickett R50
Originals 08 Haylee Wait R48
Building Champions - Aces Katie Pierson R46
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