FB Velocities
Iowa Sluggers Hunter Lee R86
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Takoda Metoxen R85
Iowa Tigers Cam Baumann L84
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Ben Dragani L82
PoundTown Spiders Nolan Rebernick R82
Iowa Sluggers Zachary Edwards R81
PoundTown Wreckers Nathan Hefle R81
SWAT Baseball Michael Lehner R81
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Austin Mihlbauer L81
PoundTown Spiders Christopher Zak R81
Iowa Sluggers Cameron Hoeg R80
SWAT Baseball Joseph Panella R80
Iowa Sluggers Ryan Wyant R80
SWAT Baseball Nathan Burns R79
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Mike Pena R79
Bigler Big Time Alex Prickett R77
Iowa Sluggers William Rodruck R77
Bigler Big Time Jake Rybakowicz R77
SWAT Baseball Joey Scaffidi L77
St. Louis Gamers 14U Austin Schmitt R77
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Bryce Schure R77
STiKS Baseball Derek Crawley R76
Iowa Tigers Timothy Diewold R76
PoundTown Spiders Griffin Doersching R76
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Christopher Krennrich L76
Iowa Tigers Andrew Patterson R76
STiKS Baseball Jason Abatto R75
Bigler Big Time Dylan Weickardt R74
St. Louis Gamers 14U Matt Bauer R73
St. Louis Gamers 14U Michael Bradley R73
PoundTown Spiders Alec Marsh R73
SWAT Baseball Dillen Rondorf R73
Bigler Big Time Derek Schweiger L73
St. Louis Gamers 14U Alec Byous R72
Bigler Big Time Jacob Sandy R72
PoundTown Wreckers JP Szopinski R72
PoundTown Spiders Ryan Bader L71
PoundTown Wreckers Kiley Brown R71
St. Louis Gamers 14U Henry Gladson R71
St. Louis Gamers 14U Jordan Holmes L71
PoundTown Wreckers Jack Jarecki R71
PoundTown Spiders Dylan Jeffers L71
STiKS Baseball Jared Jones R71
PoundTown Spiders Christian McKelvey R71
Rawlings Hitters National Baseball Club Andy Stekiel R71
STiKS Baseball Peter Ahn R70
PoundTown Wreckers Jake Eigner R70
St. Louis Gamers 14U Ricky Maddock L70
Bigler Big Time Jonathan Osman L70
SWAT Baseball Logan Roble R70
Iowa Tigers Bryce Frantz L69
PoundTown Spiders Zach Nogalski R69
Iowa Sluggers Ayodeji Olutunde R69
PoundTown Wreckers Joshua Sobczak R69
STiKS Baseball Luke Bradley R68
SWAT Baseball Jack Becker R67
PoundTown Wreckers Quinten Clement R66
SWAT Baseball Anthony Schlass R66
Bigler Big Time Noah Chopp R65
PoundTown Wreckers Eric Minessale R63
PoundTown Spiders Josh Hunt L59
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