FB Velocities
Release Baseball Gavin Bruni L93
Triple Crown Prospects Brennan McCune R93
Release Baseball Ben DeMell R92
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Roman Kimball R92
National Scout Team Jacob Miller R92
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Nick Demarco R91
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Will Cook R90
KBC Underclass Prime Brady Davis R90
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Ryan Dromboski R90
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Brian Hart R90
KBC Upperclass Prime Mason Moore R90
Release Baseball Jake Gehring R89
National Scout Team Jacob Gomberg L89
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s TJ Wachter R89
Midwest Prospects 2021 Nicholas Weyrich R89
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Lee Ellis R88
KBC Upperclass Prime Bennett Myers R88
Team CBC Braden Pickett R88
Team CBC Cameron Porter R88
Dig In Baseball Brock Rose R88
Dig In Baseball Cian Sahler L88
Canes IL18U Ryan Smith R88
KBC Upperclass Prime Aaron Abner L87
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Bryce Amos R87
Triple Crown Prospects Bryson Bell R87
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Mark Capell R87
KBC Upperclass Prime Nathan Lawson R87
Release Baseball Mitchell Seymour R87
KBC Upperclass Prime Hayden Smith L87
Midland Jared Teke R87
National Scout Team Joey Tuttoilmondo R87
Release Baseball Jaden Varner L87
Release Baseball Jake Armsey R86
Cincy Flames Jackson Campbell R86
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Kayden Campbell L86
National Scout Team Brett Denby R86
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Danny Durkin R86
Canes Illinois 17U Christian Jensik R86
Release Baseball Andrew Jones R86
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Nick Kantzavelos R86
Triple Crown Prospects Heath Mann R86
Release Baseball Brandon Mikos R86
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Brandon Peterson R86
Triple Crown Prospects Drew Beckner L85
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Quinn Benner R85
Cincy Flames Cameron Bryant R85
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Jimmy Burke R85
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Maddox Burnworth R85
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Trevor Busyn R85
Triple Crown Prospects Patrick Ciccantelli R85
Triple Crown Prospects Cj Delgratta R85
KBC Upperclass Prime Josh Livengood R85
RBA Michael Moise, Jr. R85
KBC Underclass Prime Raymond Saatman R85
National Scout Team Sam Schafer R85
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Luke Siren R85
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Sam Slodic R85
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Mason Sweeney L85
Cincy Flames Nolen Vertz R85
Release Baseball Hank Weiss R85
Northern Kentucky Elite Logan Wilson R85
Canes IL18U Ethan Cook R84
Team CBC Sam Duvall R84
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Payton Ebbing R84
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Jake Hanley R84
KBC Underclass Prime Leighton Harris L84
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Colton Hartman L84
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Jackson Hauck R84
KBC Underclass Prime Terrique Hicks R84
Canes Illinois 17U Tyler Jewett L84
Triple Crown Prospects Noah Perkins L84
Dig In Baseball Blake Pesante R84
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Austin Pizer R84
Durham Bulls Davin Ronquist R84
Midland Thomas Ryan R84
Durham Bulls Brayden Stewart R84
Release Baseball Adam Beery L83
Dig In Baseball Branden Brown R83
Midland Ian Bullis R83
KBC Upperclass Prime Josh Castleman L83
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Jon Crowel R83
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Charlie Faoro R83
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Jake Halloran R83
Triple Crown Prospects Carter Hanson R83
KBC Upperclass Prime Parker Henderson R83
Midland Chase Herrell R83
KBC Underclass Prime Ryan Johnson L83
Dig In Baseball Doug Marose R83
Midland Ben McGue R83
KBC West Upperclass Colin Murphy R83
National Scout Team Tyler Smith L83
Canes Illinois 17U Daniel Strohm L83
KBC Underclass Prime Chance Todd R83
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Dalton Wasson R83
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Jake Wilk R83
Canes Illinois 17U Teddy Andrews L82
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Michael Bernas L82
Midland Mason Clark R82
Midland Kyle Gearding R82
Team CBC Matt Gearhart R82
Midwest Prospects 2021 Joey Helms R82
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Jack Hoh R82
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Jt Holton L82
National Scout Team Christian Lim L82
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Brendan McQuillan R82
Midwest Prospects 2021 Jake Pera R82
KBC Upperclass Prime Baron Ratliff R82
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Julian Santoyo R82
Canes IL18U Christopher Schellhorn R82
Triple Crown Prospects Jacob Tabor L82
Midwest Prospects 2021 Jake Zicka L82
Canes IL18U Jeffrey Behrends L81
Cincy Flames Sam Boardwine L81
Durham Bulls Zach Bredek R81
Cincy Flames Davis Campbell R81
Dig In Baseball Nathan Dawes R81
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Evan Evola R81
KBC West 2022 Jayden Gajdik L81
Cincy Flames Drew Gavin R81
Canes IL18U Preston Kaufman R81
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Daniel Kellachan R81
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Richie Lacien R81
East Coast Lumberjacks 2021s Colin Ruddy R81
Canes Illinois 17U Pierce Salbego R81
Triple Crown Prospects Andrew Siler L81
Durham Bulls Nolan Smoot L81
RBA Nick Tampa L81
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Brandon Buday L80
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Ben Cash R80
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Jacob Cook R80
Midland Logan Drook R80
RBA Lucas Goldstein R80
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Devan Gudaitis R80
Canes IL18U Giovanni Herrera R80
National Scout Team Tanner Hudspeth R80
KBC West Upperclass Jerek Kelly R80
RBA Jackson Lindquist R80
KBC West 2022 Jaden Meadors R80
RBA Tyler Ringa R80
Canes Illinois 17U Blake Sotir R80
Canes Illinois 17U Joe Westerhoff R80
Northern Kentucky Elite Jayden Wilson R80
Dig In Baseball Aj Brault R79
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Matt Hannafin R79
Indiana Prospects 2020 Fall Team Carter Knoblauch L79
Canes Illinois 17U Quinten Lane R79
Northern Kentucky Elite Ethan Mason R79
Dig In Baseball Levi Perez R79
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 White Emmett Spolar L79
Canes IL18U Zack Stokes R79
Midwest Prospects 2021 Bryce Stone L79
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Joey Titone L79
Cincy Flames Nick Vardavas L79
Midland Colten Waldroff L79
Durham Bulls Connor Wessel R79
Cincy Flames Ian Bierbaum L78
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Gavin Callaghan R78
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Hobbs Dunne R78
Canes IL18U Andrew Falkner R78
Cincy Flames Jack Heineman L78
KBC West 2022 Brady Mason L78
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Red Arturo Mora R78
KBC West Upperclass Connor Scheer L78
Team CBC Peyton Weiss R78
Canes IL18U Adam Dietz R77
Northern Kentucky Elite Logan Grubenhoff R77
KBC West Upperclass Zach Kaufman R77
Canes IL18U Darryl Loyd III L77
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Carter Andersen L76
FB20 - Brewers Scout Team Brennyn Bell-Bucher R76
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Joey Cesarini R76
KBC West 2022 Riley Cook R76
KBC West 2022 Bryce Kittle R76
KBC West 2022 Cooper Knoop L76
RBA Jt Adams R75
KBC West 2022 William "Gibby" Gibson L75
Dig In Baseball Emmanuel Kraft L75
KBC Underclass Prime Addison Stockham L75
KBC West 2022 Nathaniel Turner L75
Northern Kentucky Elite Kaleb Chipman R74
RBA Jake Leonard R73
Durham Bulls Carter Meischke L73
KBC West Upperclass Myles Thomas L73
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Nathan Rodriguez R72
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Nicholas Bibian R71
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Silver Brian Daker R71
Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Gray Chris Casey R70
KBC West 2022 Jalen Wood R66
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