FB Velocities

Tanner Scheppers R91
Chris Tillman R91
Gavin Brooks L90
Alexander Meschi R89
Freddie Freeman R88
Eric Martinez R88
Michael Olmsted R88
Anthony Williams R88
Kevin Couture R87
Christian Bergman R85
Federico Duran R85
Jonathan Eubanks R85
Daniel Fenwick R85
Todd Fitzgerald L85
Serrin Jarvi R85
Shaun Smith R85
Evan Fields L84
Michael Frisina R84
Jason Ornellas R84
Anthony Benner R83
Anthony DiGiacomo R83
Chris Dougherty R83
Kurt Brown R82
Josh Hayes L81
Joshua Hughes R80
Ryan Klinkert L80
Josh Larson R80
Jason O'Keefe R80
George Chace R79
Cody (Colton) Gabrielson R79
Spencer Knox L79
James O'Neil R79
James Tasker R79
Jerrod Ferguson R77
Ramon Murillo R76
Wally Scott L76
Andrew Acker L73
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