3Ryan Akins
 9Kevin Angelle
 4Bobby Armstrong
 13Lyle Atkins
 6Donte Bean
 13Joey Castleman
 17Trevor Coleman
 21Kevin Cravey
 6Johnny Dishon
 23Clayton Ehlert
 3Timothy Ferguson
 12Daniel Franchois
 5Daniel Gonzalez
 18Jeremy Gould
 14Brent Harris
 7Broc Haymon
 7Jason Lawrence
 1Mathew McDonough
 9Forrest Moore
 1Garrett Perkins
 15Tanner Rainwater
 7Todd Reesing
 13Tommy Roebuck
 4Thomas Rooke
 3George Rose
 2Tony Sanchez
 3Wes Schneider
 1Mark Serna
 16Rett Varner
 7Wade Woytek
 1Michael Wright
 15Robert Yaussy
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