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*College commitment information is submitted by players and college coaches

2019 Top Prospects

Trevor McDonald  RHP - 2019 - Lucedale, MS
South Alabama

McDonald was the revelation of the event, putting himself firmly on the draft map with an outstanding effort that included a very lively 92-95 mph fastball, a tight 79-82 mph breaking ball and a nice mid-80's change up. He pounded the zone with all his pitches and looked very comfortable on the mound.

Brandon Smith  RHP - 2019 - Woodstock, GA

Smith looks ready to move up some draft lists based on his outing in Florida. He was up to 93 mph with plenty of physical projection remaining and his 77 mph curveball was in the flat out nasty category a couple of times.

Maxwell Romero Jr  C - 2019 - Miramar, FL

Romero is one of the top defensive catchers in the 2019 class with surprising quickness for a big bodied athlete and lots of polish in his game.

Vaughn Grissom  SS - 2019 - Orlando, FL
Florida International

Grissom has really come on over the last year as he's got stronger and will be heavily scouted for his offensive potential this spring. He's literally played every infield position and his actions might actually be best suited for second base despite his 6-3/190 build.

Gage Singer  3B - 2019 - Aurora, MO
Crowder College

A strong and physically mature 6-1/190 athlete, Singer showed Top Prospect tools as a primary third baseman, especially with his right handed bat, but he really stood out when he took the mound for his first time ever at a PG event, topping out at 93 mph with a hard breaking ball.

Leon Paulino  OF - 2019 - Hollywood, FL
Florida International

Paulino is a 6-3/200 switch-hitter with outstanding raw power and bat speed from the left side of the plate. He also has classic right field tools on defense, with 6.9 speed and 95 mph arm strength.

Sebastian Nunez  C - 2019 - Manati, PR
Chicago State

Nunez has a middle infielder's body and athleticism, including 6.69 speed, but has the chance to be a plus defender behind the plate. He also has lots of bat speed with a short hands driven swing.

Ryan Pettys  LHP - 2019 - Panama City Beach, FL
Florida State

Pettys projects very well with a low waisted 6-2/160 build and a loose and whippy left arm. He creates very good angle with an extended 3/4's release point and was up to 89 mph with a big sweeping curveball that hitters wanted no part of.

Michael Dominguez  RHP - 2019 - Tampa, FL
Florida State

Dominguez showed he was ready for a big senior spring, topping out at 92 mph while filling up the strike zone and throwing strikes as well with his slider and change up. He's undersized at 5-11/175 but has a big arm.

Zane Denton  3B - 2019 - Brentwood, TN

Denton was one of the top offensive performers at the event, showing big bat speed and power from both sides of the plate with a polished and mature approach. He should hit right away at the next level.

Ben Gilbert  OF - 2019 - Lake Wales, FL

Gilbert is a Mississippi sign with a very young and projectable 6-0/170 build and high level defensive and athletic tools. He's going to keep getting better as he adds strength and more bat speed from the left side.

Dylan Rogers  OF - 2019 - Spartanburg, SC

Rogers has been hitting the ball hard at PG events for four years and just continued to do what he has always done. He'll be ready for SEC play next year at Kentucky.

Justin Tejeda  OF - 2019 - Kissimmee, FL
Hillsborough CC

Tejada has outstanding present strength in his 6-2/200 build and that translates to big right handed bat speed and power potential.

Keniel Carrion  OF - 2019 - Carolina, PR

Carrion is live bodied young Puerto Rican with 6.7 speed and some right handed bat speed. He's a primary outfielder but he looked even better while in the infield and has very good arm strength for both positions.

Marc Church  RHP - 2019 - Atlanta, GA
North Carolina A&T/Chipola College

Church has an athletic 6-3/180 build and a fast and loose right arm. He topped out at 92 mph early and showed tight spin to a power breaking ball along with a straight change up.

Pablo Ruiz  SS - 2019 - West Palm Beach, FL

Ruiz showed tools across the board in Kissimmee, running a 6.68 sixty, throwing 89 mph in the infield with advanced actions and showing plus bat speed with especially quick hands at the plate. He's a Central Florida signee.

Montana Semmel  RHP - 2019 - Stamford, CT
Chipola College

Semmel is a big and physically mature 6-3/220 right hander with three present solid pitches in a fastball that reached 92 mph, a mid-70's curveball and a nice change up with fading action. He threw strikes and had a dominating performance.

Joseph Velazquez  OF - 2019 - Loiza, PR
College of Central Florida

Velazquez has all the tools to be successful at the next level, especially on defense where his his 6.49 speed and big arm strength should stand out in centerfield. The right handed hitter did a good job of driving the ball hard to the gaps.

Richard D Rodriguez  2B - 2019 - Peñuelas, PR
State College of Florida

Rodriguez has plenty of tools, including 6.59 speed in the sixty and 92 mph arm strength during infield drills. He also showed more right handed bat speed that we've seen in the past and some lift in his swing.

Kameron Guidry  SS - 2019 - Snellville, GA

A Georgia signee, Guidry is a polished and talented player across the board and has a chance to be an immediate contributor in the SEC. He showed he could handle low 90's stuff comfortably when facing some of the events hardest throwers.

William Oliver Kelley  OF - 2019 - Newnan, GA
Florence-Darlington Technical College

Kelley is a big 6-4/205 athlete who moves very well for his size and can play multiple positions defensively. His big tool is his right handed bat speed and power potential and he has excellent extension through contact.

Josiah Miller  SS - 2019 - Tallahassee, FL
Florida State

Miller is a switch-hitting middle infielder who projects to play second base at the next level, where he's signed with Florida State, and could be an immediate offensive contributor from both sides of the plate.

Tucker Mitchell  C - 2019 - Bradenton Beach, FL
Florida Atlantic

Mitchell has the size, strength and tools to be a high level defender behind the plate at the next level. The Florida Atlantic signee's ability to keep improving at the plate will determine his ceiling.

Dominic Pilolli  OF - 2019 - Canfield, OH

Pilolli, a UNC-Charlotte signee, and Ben Gilbert (above) are very similar athletes and players, with lots of long term promise that will hinge on how much stronger they get with their left handed bats.

Javier Rojas  C - 2019 - Coamo, PR
Chipola College

Rojas has very strong defensive tools, with soft hands receiving the ball and a strong and compact arm with sound defensive fundamentals. He has the strength to drive the ball from the right side.

Matthew Corpas  2B - 2019 - Miami, FL
Florida Southwestern State College

Corpas is a very versatile defensive player who has the tools and athleticism to excel at virtually every position on the field. He has very sound hitting mechanics with some bat speed that will keep growing as he gets stronger.

Christopher Pouliot  LHP - 2019 - Boischatel, QC CAN
College of Central Florida

Pouliot came down to Florida from Quebec and threw well, topping out at 87 mph from the left side with feel and life to both a four and two-seam fastball to go with a big sweeping breaking ball. He's athletic and projectable with a polished delivery.

Cristian Vazquez  RHP - 2019 - Vega Alta, PR

Vazquez was up to 88 mph consistently with his fastball but the key to his development in the future will be more confidence in his slider, which was a very good pitch for him on the rare times that he chose to throw it.

Matthew Corlew  OF - 2019 - Lake Worth, FL

Corlew has high level run and throw tools to go with a loose and long 6-3/190 build. How much he can improve at the plate will go a long way to determining his baseball future.

2020 Top Prospects

Trippe Moore  OF - 2020 - Forsyth, GA
Georgia Tech

Moore defines projection with his loose and athletic 6-1/175 build. His 6.66 speed and 90 mph arm strength are going to keep improving, as well as his already very good right handed bat speed. He's a Georgia Tech commit.

Kevin Sim  3B - 2020 - San Diego, CA
San Diego

Sim has prototype third base tools to go with a profile 6-2/205 build. His big tool is his right handed power, which he gets to easily with a smooth swing and lots of loud contact off the barrel.

Sabin Ceballos  SS - 2020 - Rio Grande, PR
Bethune-Cookman/San Jacinto CC

Ceballos' big tool is his arm strength, where he threw 95 mph during infield drills. At 6-3/180 he has a pitcher's build and although he didn't take the mound at this event, he has been up to 88 mph pitching at previous PG events.

Edward Gonzalez  SS - 2020 - Yabucoa, PR
Florida International/New Mexico Junior College

Gonzalez has a well balanced set of tools, with 6.84 speed in the sixty and plenty of infield arm strength. He's a left handed hitter with a pull approach that has some lift out front that showed his power potential well.

Adrian Figueroa  1B - 2020 - Miami, FL
Florida International

Figueroa stands out on the field with his big 6-6/218 build and he's an agile and athletic first baseman on defense. He showed bat speed and very good bat control at the plate with a swing that really isn't designed for power yet.

Darrell Charles  OF - 2020 - Bayamón, PR

Charles is a very projectable 6-3/170 Puerto Rican outfielder with 6.87 speed and a very strong throwing arm that was up to 92 mph during drills. He has a solid middle of the field swing approach and will keep improving offensively as he gets stronger.

Javier Acevedo  RHP - 2020 - Aguadilla, PR

Acevedo is a big and strong Puerto Rican right hander with two solid pitches in a fastball that reached 88 mph and a tight slurve-type breaking ball that was an effective pitch for him.

2021 Top Prospects

Marcus Franco  1B - 2021 - Miramar, FL
Florida International

Franco is an extra strong 6-3/230 sophomore with pretty much top of the scale right handed power, power that he comes by with little effort from a very simple and repeatable swing approach.

Free Agents Top Prospects

Irvin Machuca Lopez  RHP - Free Agents - Kissimmee, FL

Lopez is a big and strong 6-5/210 Mexican native with a high celing future and a very strong arm. He worked up to 93 mph with bat missing life on his fastball and showed a potential plus power slider at 80 mph that he landed consistently for strikes.

Francis De Leon Cuevas  OF - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, NC DOM

Cuevas is a 15-year old Dominican with an outstanding 6-2/175 build and plenty of present and projectable future tools. He runs a 6.58 sixty and has excellent right handed bat speed that produces lots of power and carry, even at his age.

Luis Perez Ruiz  RHP - Free Agents - Kissimmee, FL

Ruiz has a big barrel chested 6-0/200 build and a liquid fast right arm that produced a steady 92-94 mph fastball that was jumping on hitters to go with a short power slider. He's a native of Mexico.

Oliver Yan Pie  OF - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, NC DOM

Pie is a young 14-year old Dominican who has some present strength in his 5-10/170 build, He ran 7.15 and threw 83 mph from the outfield, outstanding for his age, but his best tool was his sweet right handed swing.

Miguel Sosa  SS - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, NC DOM

A 15-year old Dominican, Sosa has legit present bat speed with strong hips for his age that really drive his swing hard. The ball jumps off his barrel hard to the middle of the field and he's exciting to think about seeing when he's older and physically mature.

Wilfredo Sánchez  OF - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, SD DOM

The 6-3/210 Sanchez had some of the biggest raw power at the showcase and the young Dominican can really drive a ball. He's a solid athlete who showed big arm strength both in the outfield and at first base.

Kerlyn Vazquez  OF - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, NC DOM

Vazquez is a 6-3/180 15-year old Dominican who really projects as a right handed hitter. He has present bat speed and was able to create lots of back spin and carry when he squared the ball up.

Rayner Rafael Castillo  RHP - Free Agents - Mansanillo, ST DOM

Castillo is a 15-year old Dominican right hander with a very projectable 6-4/185 frame. He threw lots of strikes with a steady mid-80's fastball and low 70's curveball with tight spin.

Enderverd Paredes  RHP - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, NC DOM

Parades just turned 15 years old earlier this month and is already up to 90 mph with a slider that has potential with more use. He has a high waisted and young 6-4/170 build that is sure to keep growing.

Manuel Beltre  SS - Free Agents - Santo Domingo, SD DOM
Florida International

Beltre is a 14-year old Dominican who is already a veteran of Perfect Game events. He's an extremely polished performer defensively, even for a much older player, with very fast hands and feet and high level shortstop athleticism.

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