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2023 Top Prospects

John Cain  OF - 2023 - Elkhorn, NE

Cain showed advanced actions in the outfield and has a clean motion, allowing him to record a velocity of 87 mph. His explosiveness is apparent when watching Cain play as he is able to create nice bat speed through the zone and creates nice carry on his line drives. He has impressive speed, running the sixty yard dash in 6.67 seconds, and has a good feel for his three pitch mix of fastball, curveball and changeup on the mound.

Tysen Sorensen  C - 2023 - Le Roy, IL

Sorensen has an athletic frame and works towards second well on his throws from behind the plate. He has a strong arm and was able to record a pop time of 1.96 seconds. At the plate he looks to elevate the the ball and uses his strength to drive it into the gaps.

Connor Maiers  MIF - 2023 - Peosta, IA

Maiers has great pitchability on the mound, featuring a strong fastball curveball combo. He is able to generate tons of spin on his pitches that allows his fastball to stay on plane and his curveball to have sharp bite. He also has advanced actions on the infield, working through balls with his lower half well and firing accurately across the infield. Stays on balance consistently at the plate.

Daniel Blickhan  3B - 2023 - West Chicago, IL
Elgin CC

Blickhan has a good feel for the barrel with the ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field. His swing is loose and he allows the ball to get deep into the hitting zone. He also has the ability to generate nice carry on his throws on the infield. Did a nice job of working to both sides of his body during drills.

2024 Top Prospects

Luke Skinner  SS - 2024 - Woodbury, MN

Skinner had an impressive weekend in all facets of his game. He started by showing his speed and explosiveness in running a 6.95 sixty yard dash. On the infield he showed good range with a loose arm action and clean footwork throughout the entire process. Offensively, he has a smooth swing from the left side and an

Rocco Loffredo  RHP - 2024 - Stilwell, KS

Loffredo has a highly projectable, 6' 5" frame with long arms and legs. He has a smooth, highly repeatable motion on the mound and is able to generate nice ride on his fastball. He has a lower arm slot that creates some running action on the heater. He showed his arm strength when working out at first base, recording an 87 mph velocity.

Dominic Sutton  SS - 2024 - Hillsboro, MO

Sutton has a promising frame with twitchy actions and good body control. He does a nice job of moving to both sides of his body and has a quick transfer before throwing across the infield. At the plate he has a line drive approach and impacts the ball well. On the mound he ran the fastball up to 81 mph while working it to both sides of the plate.

Brendan Tunink  OF - 2024 - Oregon, IL
Notre Dame

Tunink is a powerful hitter from the left side of the plate, getting on plane and staying on plane throughout his swing. This allows him to adjust to where the ball is pitched and make loud contact to all parts of the field. He showed a solid arm in the outfield, throwing 81 mph to the bases.

Jake Goodman  SS - 2024 - Dubuque, IA

Goodman is an explosive athlete that has clean actions on the infield. He works well to both sides of his body and has a good feel for the glove. Showed his speed in running the sixty yard dash in 6.83 seconds. He has good bat-to-ball skills and can drive the ball to all parts of the field.

2025 Top Prospects

Eli Bryant  SS - 2025 - Beaver Dam, WI

Bryant was impressive in all parts of his game. At the plate he showed quick hands and the ability to keep his hands inside the baseball, allowing him to use his large frame to power the ball the other way. He showed good actions on the infield, taking proper angles and working himself into good position before fielding it with a soft glove. On the mound he worked up to 82 mph with his fastball and showed nice feel for his off speed offerings.

Reed Strohmeyer  SS - 2025 - Dubuque, IA

Strohmeyer utilizes a clean swing path at the plate that allows him to drive the ball. He pairs this swing with a line drive approach and the ability to make solid contact to all parts of the field. He has an advanced feel for the glove on the infield and can make any throw on the field. He has advanced body control, making throws on the run look easy.

Kaden Phan  LHP - 2025 - North Liberty, IA

Phan has a projectable frame and showed tons of promise on the mound, working his fastball up to 81 mph with nice spin. He showed good feel for both his fastball and a curveball with good velocity differential. He has swift actions in the outfield and the ability to make strong accurate throws to the bases.

2026 Top Prospects

Rhett Harris  C - 2026 - Minooka, IL

Harris showed an impressive approach at the plate, working to all sides of the field well. He has a loose swing that allows the barrel to whip through the zone, creating nice carry on his line drives. His swing mechanics will undoubtedly continue to hit for more power as he adds strength to the frame.

Max Mackenzie  OF - 2026 - Chicago, IL

Mackenzie has a linear swing at the plate that allows him to hit consistent line drives with backspin that carries the ball into the gap. He has quick hands that will lead to promising power as he continues to add strength. He does a nice job of working through the baseball on the infield and fields it cleanly.