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2017 Top Prospects

Ryan Hoerter  RHP - 2017 - Pleasant Prairie, WI   Auburn

Hoerter, an Auburn Tiger commit, was very comfortable while on the mound showing a clean, efficient arm action from a high three-quarters slot. The 6-foot-6 right-handed pitcher produced excellent life through the zone with a fastball that showed heavy actions up to 90 mph. Hoerter also showed present command and feel for a curveball and changeup that consistently produced swings and misses throughout his outing.

Nathan Burns  RHP - 2017 - West Bend, WI   Oregon State

The West Bend, WI native stands at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds with wiry strength throughout his frame. Burns generated good torque over back leg with slight top half coil at gather prior to releasing from a loose three-quarters arm slot. Burns consistently challenged the zone with a fastball that ran up to 89 mph and a sharp curveball with late depth.

Ben Probst  RHP - 2017 - Urbandale, IA   Iowa

The 6-foot 1, 185-pound right-handed pitcher showed a very balanced, repeatable delivery. The Nebraska commit worked with very good tempo while releasing from an three-quarters arm slot that generated running action to arm side. Probst's fastball jumped out of his hand with heavy actions topping at 91 mph. The 2017 grad generated many swings and misses with an 11/5 curveball that flashed deep depth.

Austin Mihlbauer  LHP - 2017 - Mukwonago, WI   TCU

The 6-foot-1, 186-pound left-handed pitcher showed a deceptive low three-quarters arm slot that produced very good running action to arm side with fastball offering. The TCU commit commit consistently repeated his release point allowing for good feel and command to each edge of the plate.

Adrian Cotton Jr  RHP - 2017 - Gretna, NE   Concordia University (Nebraska)

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Concordia University (Nebraska) commit was very impressive on both the mound and at the plate. Cotton Jr. topped at 91 mph while on the mound with a loose three-quarters arm slot that produced good downward angle to the plate. At the plate, Cotton Jr. produced impressive bat speed and strength with a naturally lifted plane. The 2017 grad seemed to show a mature approach at the plate, consistently squaring up contact throughout batting practice and against live pitching.

Jordan Wendel  C - 2017 - Schaller, IA   Butler

The Schaller, IA native has present strength throughout his 6-foot-1, 210-pound frame. The Butler commit showed quick, explosive footwork behind the plate paired with solid arm strength. The 2017 catcher also impressed offensively at the plate, consistently producing hard, loud contact throughout batting practice and versus live pitching.

Casey Barr  RHP - 2017 - Chicago, IL   Bates College

The 6-foot-3 180-pound Bates College commit worked through his delivery smoothly with a large rocking, side step delivery. Barr's fastball jumped out of his hand well from a high three-quarters slot producing good downward plane to the plate. The 2017 grad also showed a tight spinning curveball with slurvy shape that generated swinging strikes and weak contact.

2018 Top Prospects

Jacob Campbell  C - 2018 - Janesville, WI   Illinois

The 2018 catcher and University of Illinois commit showed very quick, explosive actions behind the plate with good arm strength. Campbell popped an event best and repeatedly produced accurate throws with on line carry. At the plate, Campbell was a machine produced rising line drive after line drive to the back of the cage.

Brayden Frazier  MIF - 2018 - Cedar Rapids, IA   Iowa

The 2018, University of Iowa commit showed his usual direct swing plane with natural lift in batting practice. Frazier's barrel comes through the zone different then most players and produced very loud contact off the barrel. Frazier's hitting tools played very well in his live session consistently hammering pitches to all fields.

Zach Argo  RHP - 2018 - Firth, NE   Air Force

Argo is another high ceiling two-way prospect who is committed to Air Force. On the mound, the 6-foot-2 right-hander showed a high energy release producing a very heavy fastball that topped at 89 mph. Argo consistently induced weak contact due to his ability to located his fastball at the bottom of the zone with downhill angle. Argo also showed a simple, direct swing path while at the plate that created good bat speed with present strength at contact.

Miller Pleimann  RHP - 2018 - Fayetteville, AR   Wichita State

The Fayetteville, AR native flashed solid arm speed through finish with a fastball that ran up to 88 mph. The 6-foot-3 right-hander also flashed a sharp 12/6 curveball with late depth. Pleimann had great feel for both his fastball and curveball offering while consistently pounding the bottom of the strike zone.

Dylan Phillips  1B - 2018 - Omaha, NE   Kansas State

The 6-foot-0, 195-pound left handed pitcher worked through his delivery with a smooth, low three-quarters arm slot that produced solid life through the zone topping at 86 mph. The 2018 uncommitted grad also flashed good feel for a 1/7 curveball and fading changeup.

Sean O'Brien  RHP - 2018 - Pewaukee, WI   St. Louis

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound St. Louis commit used his lower half very well while working to the plate generating solid downward tilt with his fastball. O'Brien also showed good feel for an 11/5 breaking ball with late bite and a straight changeup.

Tyson McInnes  RHP - 2018 - Surrey, BC CAN   Uncommitted

The 6-foot-3, 180-pound right-handed pitcher commanded the bottom of the zone with a fastball that had hard, late running action in the mid 80's. McInnes worked quickly with repeatable mechanics and flashed good feel for an 11/5 breaking ball.

Tony Comellas  C - 2018 - Coralville, IA   Uncommitted

The 6-foot-2, 180-pound catcher swung the bat well producing consistent barrel contact with good bat speed. Comellas has a good swing that resulted in a lot of line drives against live pitching. He also showed good receiving and blocking skills behind the plate. He has good baseball skills overall that play at multiple positions.

Stevie Diderrich Jr.  C - 2018 - Sullivan, WI   Upper Iowa

The 2018 Sullivan, WI native showed sound, fundamental actions behind the plate with quick, clean exchanges while working through transition to release. At the plate, Dederrich Jr. used a repeatable, linear swing plane the produced consistent line drive contact to the middle of the field and has the present bat speed to split the gaps.

Jack Kramer  C - 2018 - Highland Park, IL   Uncommitted

Behind the plate Kramer has quick, explosive footwork paired with a compact arm action that produced very quick releases during defensive workouts. The 2018 grad has a balanced approach while at the plate and flashed the present bat speed to turn the barrel to contact and work to the pull side gap with authority.

2019 Top Prospects

Will Frisch  RHP - 2019 - Stillwater, MN   TCU

The Stillwater, MN native showed impressive arm speed with a repeatable arm action. Frisch consistently pound the zone with a fastball that sat in the upper 80's and topped at 90 mph. The 2019 grad also flashed a tight spinning slider with late, hard sweep to glove side. The 6-foot-1 right-hander will be a prospect to follow closely as he continues to mature.

Kyle Wisch  RHP - 2019 - Clarendon Hills, IL   Uncommitted

The 6-foot-4, 195-pound right handed pitcher has a long, lean build with plenty of room for additional strength. The Clarendon Hills, IL native released from a loose, three-quarters arm slot with a fastball that topped at 87 mph. Flashed big potential with a sharp 11/5 curveball with very good downer depth.

Caiden Bruns  RHP - 2019 - Rochester, MN   Uncommitted

Bruns is a primary right-handed pitcher, but really impressed while at the plate over the weekend. The 2019 grad worked to contact on a naturally lifted plane that created hard, loud line drives off the barrel. Bruns produces excellent barrel whip through the zone as well with very good raw power potential.

Jared Townsend  1B - 2019 - Wilton, IA   Iowa

The 6-foot, 215-pound left-hander from Wilton,IA showed a high energy delivery from a three-quarters arm slot with a fastball that flashed running action to arm side. Townsend was able to consistently produce weak contact with a 1/7 breaking ball that showed good spin and solid depth.

Mateo Martinez  C - 2019 - Wichita, KS   Wichita State

The Wichita State commit created good top half coil at load and launched to contact on a quick, direct path generating good leverage out front. The Kansas native consistently produced loud contact off the barrel resulting in consistent rising line drives throughout batting practice.

2020 Top Prospects

Andrue Henry  1B - 2020 - Dubuque, IA   Uncommitted

The 2020 Dubuque, IA native showed very good linear shift into contact with his lower half throughout batting practice. Henry shows the ability to turn the barrel to baseball and work to the pull side gap with solid jump and carry.

Sam Canales  C - 2020 - Corpus Christi, TX   Uncommitted

The 5-foot-10, 150-pound catcher showed a direct, compact swing path with an uphill plane through extension. Canales also flashed solid bat speed and strength for a 2020 with the ability to repeat barrel path well and consistently square up contact.

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