2002 PG National Top Prospect Showcase

Jun 14, 2002 - Jun 16, 2002

Tropicana Field - 1 Tropicana Drive St. Petersburg, FL 33705 Map

2003 Top Prospects

Lastings Milledge  - OF - 2003 - Palmetto, FL - USA
Milledge is ranked the #1 prospect in his class. Compares to Andrew Jones or as unbelievable as it may sound, Willie Mays. 5 tools all plus and plays for keeps. Potential super-star!

Ryan Harvey  - OF - 2003 - Palm Harbor, FL - USA
Harvey showed us that he should be considered one of the top prospects for next years draft. He has all the tools and projects out of sight. Plus runner, plus plus arm, plus field, plus raw power. His swing does have a tendency to get long at times. Once he figures that out it's game over. He is in Lastings Milledge bat speed range and that's right up at the top of the class. Oh, he threw 92 from the mound, too! This kid is about as good as a prospect gets.

Jeff Allison  - RHP - 2003 - Peabody, MA - USA
Allison has surfaced as the top pitching prospect in high school baseball for 2003. He has no problem throwing live fastballs in the mid 90s. He isn't afraid to throw any of his pitches in any count. Good breaking ball and changeup. Command of all his pitches. Very athletic, plus runner, would be a top prospect as a position player.

Chris Lubanski  - OF - 2003 - Schwenksville, PA - USA
Lubanski is a kid who could become one of the very first picks next June. The only non plus part of his game is a near average MLB outfielders arm. One of the fastest runners in the country and it's all usable speed. A very good contact hitter who uses the whole field. We think he will hit for outstanding power in pro ball. His body and makeup make him super projectable. This kid is the Real Deal, make no mistake about it.

Eduard Rodriguez  - RHP - 2003 - Maizal, DOM - DOM
Rodriguez was arguably the top pitching prospect at Tropicana. The tall lanky 17 year old from the Dominican put on quiye a display. Low 90s fastball 80 mph breaking ball and excellent 84 mph changeup all with command. The fastball shows lots of sink and life, the curve is nasty. Long loose arm action with a little recoil. Scary thing is that his body has room for much more strength.

Andrew Miller  - LHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL - USA
Miller is very thin and very talented. He shows one of the best looking arm actions of any pitcher in the country. To say he projects is a big understatement. We think he will throw mid 90s with a plus slider when its all said and done. His arm works so well and he seems so natural that anything is possible. Could be an early pick!

Richie Lentz  - RHP - 2003 - Woodinville, WA - USA
Lentz is the real deal! Outstanding athlete with a magical arm. He would be a good draft pick as an outfielder, but we see him as a very early pick as a RHP. Topped out at 93 and it looked very easy. The fastball shows sinking action. Slider in low 80s is a good pitch, also looks like he throws a curveball, good one, around 76 mph. Lentz has great bloodlines and should be in big demand.

Philip Stringer  - SS - 2003 - Spring, TX - USA
Stringer is compared favorably to a young Jimmy Rollins. He has smooth actions in the infield with plenty of arm strength to make all the plays. He has outstanding hands and the range to play SS in the big leagues someday. His quick hands are used equally well at the plate. He hits good pitching hard with wood. Add the fact that he has become a plus runner and you have a potential high pick.

Ryan Sweeney  - OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Sweeney is good enough to be an early pick as both a player/hitter or as a left-handed pitcher. At tropicana he only topped at 88, but his slider was nasty and nobody got a good swing. We've had him in the low 90s before. He might have been the best hitter at Tropicana, hitting them out in BP and hitting ropes against the best pitchers in the country. At 6'5/185 he runs a 6.8 60, he's for real!

Chad Billingsley  - RHP - 2003 - Defiance, OH - USA
Billingsley is an excellent, very strong, athlete. He has one of the nation's most powerful arms. We've seen him up as high as 96 mph several times and that heater seems to explode. He throws several breaking balls, some might say too many, but they all work. We think his 83 mph slider will turn into a high 80s slider later on. His changeup is pretty good also.

Colin Curtis  - OF - 2003 - Sammamish, WA - USA
Big time player in all aspects of his game. Plus runner. Plus arm, true centerfielder who plays for keeps. Put on a defensive show at Tropicana. All this said his #1 tool is his bat. This kid has one of the prettiest swings in the country. He creates exceptional bat speed. knows what he's doing at the plate and smokes line drives. He handles the wood like a big leaguer, which is exactly what we expect him to be someday. Make no mistake, this is the whole entire package, including makeup!

Sean Rodriguez  - SS - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Rodriguez put on quite a show at Tropicana. An average runner at best, everything else is on the plus or even plus-plus side. He threw 3 in a row 95 mph from the outfield, we've seen him throw 92 across the infield and 90+ from the mound. He has outstanding infield actions. He's a very good hitter who has a tendency to be early a bit too often. He hit one of the longest balls we've ever seen in a high school kid. It was foul but the ball stuck in the catwalk at the very top of Tropicana Field. Best of all is Rodriguez is a real baseball player. He knows how to play and how to act.

Chris Perez  - RHP - 2003 - Holmes Beach, FL - USA
Perez has become one of our favorites. We honestly believe he will end up throwing in the upper 90s. He is very big, but his arm works effortlessly and moves quickly. He shows poise beyond his years. His breaking ball will end up a plus pitch and he flashes a nasty changeup. Keep a very close eye on this kid!

Jarrod Saltalamacchia  - C - 2003 - West Palm Beach, FL - USA
"Salty" is one of the top catching prospects in his class. Great body and big time arm. He's a good athlete who can run a bit and play other positions. A switch hitter with power makes him all the more intriguing. He does have some holes in his swing that need to be patched up. If he makes the repairs, he should be an early pick.

Jonathan Fulton  - SS - 2003 - Danville, VA - USA
Fulton gets our vote as having the very best shortstop actions in the country. Smooth as silk with great hands and the ability to throw from any angle. His arm plays at any position and he's a plus runner. He looks much less than the reported 210, we would guess him more like 6'4/185. At any rate, he is a big time athlete with a great feel for the game. Fulton didn't hit real well at Tropicana, but the hitting skills are there. He creates good bat speed with a controlled swing. His timing was off, but he can hit. We think he will hit for power down the road. Could be a high pick next June.

Justin Brashear  - C - 2003 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
Brashear could end up being a high draft next year. He has an outstanding baseball physique and some interesting tools. He may develop into a pro catcher, but if he doesn't he is still a big prospect. His left-handed bat that screams line drives in all directions will get a lot of interest. He projects to hit with plus power. Solid makeup guy, who will do what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of baseball.

Scott Maine  - LHP - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - USA
Maine is one of the top lefties in the "03" class. Low 90s fastball with plus life at times. He has a very fast arm that allows him to throw a deceptive sharp breaking ball. We think he could easily add a few clicks to his already big time heater. If he does, he's sure first round material. He might be anyway! Good projectable body!

Pat Bresnehan  - RHP - 2003 - Sherborn, MA - USA
Bresnahan is another of the unbelievable "03" class from Massachusetts. A very good athletic pitcher with a 92-93 fastball and a plus breaking ball. He also cuts his fastball, in fact at times it looks like a plus slider. He works quick and seems to have great mound presence. Keep a close eye on him.

Cain Byrd  - RHP - 2003 - Shreveport, LA - USA
Byrd showed everyone why he is considered a top prospect. Fastballs up to 92, low 80s slider and a good changeup. The fastball explodes. He has an athletic type body and he can pitch. The skies the limit for Byrd, if he gets any better he should be a first rounder.

Andy D'Alessio  - 1B - 2003 - Naples, FL - USA
D'Alessio has a great body and is a good athlete. He can play the corners in the infield and maybe the outfield. His tools are MLB average except his bat. His hitting ability is right up there with anyone in the country. He creates plus bat speed in a controlled fashion. The ball sounds and looks much different coming off his wood bat. He's a line drive guy with outstanding power potential. Excellent makeup and his bat could get him a picked early next June.

Eddy Rodriguez  - C - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Rodriguez might be our pick as the best defensive catcher in high school baseball. Plus arm strength and accurate! Outstanding quickness and agility behind the plate. Looks every bit a major league catcher. He has a pretty nice swing, but we would like to see him be a little more aggressive and attack the ball. He has a very good strong body, quick hands and great balance. Those attributes need to be transfered into his swing. If he hits, he will be a first round catcher. If he don't hit, he will be a top three round catcher.

Shane Robinson  - OF - 2003 - Lutz, FL - USA
Make no mistake about this kid. He may not be very big, but there are no other negatives. This is a big time player/athlete who is going to tear up the next level. He has blazing speed, a plus major league arm from the outfield, a true center fielder who can hit. He creates surprising bat speed and it wouldn't surprise us if he ends up hitting with power as he gets bigger. Lots of line drives jump off his bat.

Adam Davis  - SS - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL - USA
Davis turned into one of the staffs favorite players at Tropicana. He has some serious plus tools that can't be overlooked. A switch hitter who shows plus bat both ways. Good instincts and actions in the infield with a plus MLB arm. He really does everything you want in a baseball prospect. On top of tha, he is a 110% no nonsense guy that has his head in the game at all times. This kid was a giant surprise, we knew he was good, but he is a very special player.

C.J. Bressoud  - C - 2003 - Kennesaw, GA - USA
Bressoud should be considered one of the nations top catching prospects. He has the arm strength and quick release of a MLB catcher. He looks very good behind the plate complete with body and athleticism. On top of that, he can hit and may end up hitting a lot of long balls in pro or the highest level of college baseball. He's one of those "the more you see him... the more you see" types. Don't overlook him!

Robert Valido  - SS - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Valido is one of the nations best infielders. Makes all the plays and has a hose. Makes the easy plays look easy rather than spectacular. Average shortstop speed, he should improve slightly in that area. The ball jumps off his bat, definite hitting ability. He swung the bat better at Tropicana than we've seen before. The more he hit the better he hit. This kid needs to be followed very closely.

Jordan Mayer  - 1B - 2003 - Alexandria, LA - USA
Mayer is a big, strong athletic baseball player. It's hard to tell if he will end up pitching or hitting in the future. He's very talented at both. Throws a heavy sinking fastball at 90 mph. He hits the long ball, plus bat speed and raw power. His swing is tension free and he uses the whole field with power. He even runs fairly good for a big man.

Robert Scott Leffler  - C - 2003 - St. Petersburg, FL - USA
Leffler is one of the best throwing catchers we have seen in high school baseball. His pop times and velocity readings are great. He does have a tendency to over rush his transfer at times. This causes some problems that he does not need with his arm strength. As a hitter he flashes power potential and some bat speed. He projects to get much stronger and his bat will be the major benefactor of that. A good tough catcher with an awful lot going for him.

Guillermo Martinez  - SS - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Some scouts over-looked Martinez at Tropicana, but not us. This kid has some of the best infield actions in the country. He has a very strong arm and acrobatic type fielding ability. He does have a tendency to over-throw, but he is fun to watch. The tools including running ability are all there. He projects to hit and shows surprising power at times. He's still a bit raw, but he's also a potential human high lite film.

James Harris  - OF - 2003 - San Antonio, TX - USA
We have always liked Harris. We've seen him much better than he showed at Tropicana. He did have some stitches put in his elbow while attending. Still he showed great bat speed and hitting ability and one of the strongest outfield arms at the event. He's just a natural hitter, very aggressive with great hitting ability. He ran a 6.92, but we've seen him run better. Definitely a top prospect!

Xavier Paul  - OF - 2003 - Slidell, LA - USA
Paul has been a highly ranked player for the past couple years. He is a plus runner with a cannon for an arm. In college he will both pitch and play the outfield. If he signs we think it will be as an outfielder. He is very strong and handles the bat accordingly. If he turns it on with the bat he could end up being a high pick. Most scouts feel he is hard to project due to his mature physical stature. There's no question he has the tools to play in the big leagues someday.

Derek Abriola  - RHP - 2003 - Orlando, FL - USA
Abriola is a well built RHP/1B with athletic ability. His future is on the mound where he throws MLB average already. He has a nice compact delivery with good balance and a fast arm action. His breaking ball shows a lot of bite and has the makings of a plus pitch. At Tropicana he looked much better out of the windup than he did out of the stretch.

JP Alvarez  - 2B - 2003 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - USA
JP is a good athlete who plays hard. He's tough as nails and shows leadership qualities. He runs close to average and plays a very nice 2B. His best tool is the bat. He has a nice swing and the ball jumps. He uses the whole field.

Omar Arif  - LHP - 2003 - Mesquite, TX - USA
Arif is a lefty that we are fairly high on. We've seen him a bit better than he was at Tropicana. On this day he threw mostly 86-87 with late life. His breaking ball was very good one with late bite. He has a nice compact delivery that makes him sound mechanically. Can hit a little too! Definite DI power school prospect.

Daniel Bajger  - RHP - 2003 - Boca Raton, FL - USA
We've seen Bajger throw in the 90s before. His fastball shows explosiveness at times. Very quick arm and good leverage make it all look fairly simple. He has a good breaking ball, but will probably need to speed it up just a little. The changeup looks outstanding at times, dropping and running away.

Andy Barb  - RHP - 2003 - Kirkland, WA - USA
Barb is extremely projectable. He does everything fairly well and he has a great baseball body. We like his future as a pitcher. He's a solid kid who loves the game and he brings a lot of raw ability to the table. Needs to be followed, could be a surprise.

Jason Baroff  - 1B - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Baroff is another premium power hitter. Big, strong and with a fast bat, he can hit with power to all fields. The best pitching didn't stop him from making solid contact. He's also a good defensive 1B who can play the game. His tools, other than the bat, won't cause scouts to get bug eyed, but he has rare hitting ability.

Joshua Blake  - LHP - 2003 - Overland Park, KS - USA
Blake projects nicely with a good arm and MLB pitchers body. At Tropicana he topped out in the upper 80s with a decent breaking ball and changeup. His fastball showed some nice run. He looked just a little stiff and maybe too mechanical in his delivery. Good athlete and someone to watch closely. Very good bloodlines!

Alexander Burrezeo  - RHP - 2003 - Orlando, FL - USA
Burrezeo is a very good athlete with some serious tools and potential. He runs better than MLB averag and has plus arm strength from the outfield. Looks like he can hit, creates bat speed. From the mound he is even more impressive. MLB average fastball, nice breaking ball and the change shows potential. Quick arm!

Josh Butler  - RHP - 2003 - Danville, CA - USA
Butler is extremely projectable with his size and arm action. He's fairly athletic and there's little doubt that he's going to get much better. He topped at 87 in Tropicana, but we've seen him much better. He gets good running life on his heater and flashes a potential plus breaking ball. He could easily end up being a high pick by next June.

David Cash  - SS - 2003 - Odessa, FL - USA
Cash is the son of former big league infielder Dave Cash. Young Cash has a chance to develop into a top prospect. He runs well, but looks bad doing it. He throws well and moves very much like a big leaguer. We really like his hitting potential the most. He is no where close to being physically mature yet. As he gets stronger he should develop more power and turn into one giant hitting prospect. Not sure which position, but that bat will get him places.

Brian Chambers  - RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Chambers is another good RHP prospect. Throws high 80s fairly easily with a quick arm. His slider is real dirty to right-hand hitters. He has a chance to be a star college pitcher with a pro future.

Steven Clark  - - 2003 - Brandon, FL - USA
Clark is not overpowering, but he can pitch. He throws all his pitches around the strike zone. His fastball topped in the mid 80 range at Tropicana, but we have seen him a little better. We like the way he competes and he should be a winner at the next level.

Ryan Colton  - LHP/OF - 2003 - Longwood, FL - USA
Colton is an athletic pitcher/outfielder who can run, hit and throw very well. We like him even better on the mound. He has a fast arm, pitchers body and close to mlb average velocity. Should be in big demand by top college programs and if he improves some by next spring, he could go good in the draft.

Lester Conterez  - - 2003 - NA, - USA
Contrerez shows mid infield skills and actions. He has great hands, but we are not sure he has the feet to play shortstop in pro ball. He probably projects better as a 2B. He does swing the bat with authority. Shows some opposite field power.

Craig Corrado  - SS - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Corrado is a good athlete who showed everyone at Tropicana he can play shortstop with the best of them. A nice loose, very strong arm and good infield actions. Plays for keeps! We liked him even better at the plate. His home to first times were better than his 6.9 60 time. A switch hitter, good both ways, he hit a lot of line shots off the top pitchers there. Can play at any level and has a pro future.

Case Dahlen  - LHP - 2003 - Palos Verdes, CA - USA
Dahlen is a very good athlete and when he's right he's one of the best LHP prospects in the country. We've seen him throw in the 90s before, so the mid 80s he topped out at in Tropicana needs to be over looked a bit. His breaking ball and pitching ability still made him near impossible to hit. Hopefully he is 100% healthy, if he is, he's one of the best and an easy 10.

Doug Denson  - RHP - 2003 - Birmingham, AL - USA
Denson has a good future as a pitcher. He is a good hitter, but he has a chance to be a special pitcher. His arm works well and he has good arm speed. Topped at 88 in Tropicana, but we're sure he has or will throw 90 or better. Also flashes a quality slider and good changeup. He has a tendency to open up his hips a little early. Once he stays closed, watchout. Definite prospect!

Nicholas DeVito  - 1B - 2003 - Hingham, MA - USA
Devito looks like a big leaguer complete with pitchers athletic body. He does pitch, but we think his future might be with the bat. The ball jumps off his bat, he smoked a few in Tropicana. His swing might be a little long right now, but there's no denying his power potential.

Darin Downs  - LHP - 2003 - Boynton Beach, FL - USA
Downs is the guy you put on the mound when you need to win a big game. This kid can really pitch. We've seen his velocity better in the past, but with him velocity is an after thought. I'm sure he's been hit before, but we have yet to see a hitter have a good AB against him. He is thin and projects out of site with good arm action. He throws all his pitches around the zone. He is going to throw 90 or better.

Clinton Dykehouse  - RHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL - USA
Both Clint and Robert are outstanding athletic baseball players with good baseball bodies. Both run extremely well and Clint especially has a big arm. He has a chance to be a big time pitcher or position player. Both are legitimate high caliber prospects.

Robert Dykehouse  - C - 2003 - Gainesville, FL - USA
Both Clint and Robert are outstanding athletic baseball players with good baseball bodies. Both run extremely well and Robert is a catcher. He has a chance to be a good outfielder if catching doesn't workout. Both brothers are legitimate high caliber prospects.

Matthew Eckardt  - RHP - 2003 - Alpharetta, GA - USA
Eckardt is a big P/1B with a strong arm and good raw power. We like his hitting potential a lot, but his future could be on the hill. He showed upper 80s velocity on a heavy fastball. His breaking ball is very promosing and his changeup is excellent. His arm speed is very good, but he does throw with some tension. If he adds a couple clicks on the fastball, he could be a good draft pick.

Tyler Eddy  - RHP - 2003 - Hartselle, AL - USA
Eddy's fastball was mostly 86-88, but it has much more potential. He can pitch and he goes right after hitters. Looks like he throws both curve and slider. The slider is a potential plus pitch and very sharp. The curve ball has a big break in the low 70s. He is capable of pitching at the very top levels.

Jerod Estey  - OF - 2003 - Craig, CO - USA
Estey has a MLB body and a good arm. He did not show a lot of running ability at Tropicana. He did show good power potential and hitting ability. He could end up being a great hitter down the road. Does pitch a little, but we see his future as a 1B at the very highest levels of baseball.

David Filipiak  - RHP - 2003 - Laguna Hills, CA - USA
Filipiak is a RHP who you like more each time you see him. He has a MLB average fastball with plus life at times. He's aggressive and looks like one of those super competitors. Not afraid to throw inside. He does need to work a little to refine his breaking ball, but the potential is there. Keep an eye on him.

Chris Fournier  - 3B - 2003 - Fairfield, CT - USA
Fournier has improved his running speed a lot. He has a decent arm, but maybe not strong enough to stay on the left side at the highest levels. What he can do at any level is hit. He knows how to hit, schooled well, and the ball jumps off his bat. He's going to end up being a big power guy who hits for a high average down the road.

Patrick Freeman  - RHP - 2003 - Key West, FL - USA
Freeman is a strong athlete with a definite power arm. He throws in the low 90s fairly easily and gets some exposive life at times. He needs to develop his breaking ball, but he shows an outstanding changeup. Seems to have real good command. He also swings the bat very well, but his future with that arm is on the mound.

Dylan Gonzalez  - RHP - 2003 - Weston, FL - USA
Gonzalez has a slow, lean back, deliberate delivery. His arm works very loose, fast and easy. He shows a nice change and good command of all his pitches including a 90 mph heater with life. Good body, he projects to keep getting better. Could end up being a top draft or at the very least a top college prospect.

Stephen Griffith  - RHP - 2003 - Mukitteo, WA - USA
Griffith could best be described as a power player/pitcher. He's very strong and can really swing the bat. He's an aggressive hitter with a short, quick stroke that provides outstanding bat speed. We like him on the mound where were sure the 88 mph he threw in Tropicana was far from his best. Breaking ball showed promise and he threw a nice changeup. As a hitter or especially as a pitcher, he will end up being very good at the highest levels.

Andrew Gulla  - C - 2003 - Phoenix, AZ - USA
Gulla is a good receiver who shows quickness behind the plate. He will need to improve his arm strength a little to excell at the very highest levels. However, this kid has something that few other catchers can compare with. He can flat out hit good pitching. At Tropicana he hit hard line drive after line drive against the top pitching in the country. His bat can put him in most any college lineup and will draw some pro interest.

Victor Hamisevicz  - 1B - 2003 - Dunn Loring, VA - USA
Hamisevicz is another guy with that major league look and body. A big guy who can run and hit. In fact, we think he could easily become one of the nations top hitting prospects by next June. We like his swing that much! He also pitches and has a chance that way too. It's hard for us to overlook him as a everyday player.

Willy Hernandez  - OF - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Hernandez is a power type athlete who runs fairly well. He has one of the best outfield arms in high school baseball. He has a fast bat that produces the long ball. He has a stocky well built sturdy body with big legs. The power comes from those strong legs. He is one of those guys you need to watch closely or you might miss his outstanding talent.

Arthur Hill  - RHP - 2003 - Temecula, CA - USA
Hill is much better than he showed at Tropicana. He projects nicely with a great body that has room to get much stronger. He does need to speed up his arm some in order to reach the type of velocity that will trip the trigger of scouts. He can pitch and seems to know what he's doing. Look for him to be back up in the upper 80s in the future.

Trent Hill  - RHP - 2003 - Jasper, AL - USA
Hill is a strong well built athlete with a live arm. He will be a potential 2-way guy in college, but we like his pro future best as a pitcher. He gets good leverage and throws right around 90. He gets a good sharp break on his curve ball and might end up with a good power slider down the road. Also shows a pretty good changeup. He can fill the zone with any pitch. Good arm speed, lots of potential.

Casey Hudspeth  - RHP - 2003 - Sarasota, FL - USA
Hudspeth is not a big guy, but he possesses a powerful arm. His arm works freely and is extremely quick. He throws right around 90 and he has a good breaking ball around 75 mph. Definitely a big time college prospect at the very least.

Nate Huegel  - C - 2003 - Palm Harbor, FL - USA
Very good, muscular catcher. Excellent arm strength and some agility behind the plate. Good athlete, runs well for a catcher. He has excellent power potential and he shows a strong swing that produces hard line shots. Built like a major league catcher.

Thomas Incaviglia  - LHP - 2003 - Salinas, CA - USA
Incaviglia is a good athlete with a projectable body. He's a good defensive 1B who looks like a top level hitter. A switch hitter, we like him a bit better from the left side. He's very aggressive and has a beautiful swing. He will hit with lots of power as he gets bigger and stronger. Looks like a potential big league hitter.

Jeff Jamnik  - RHP - 2003 - Arlington, TX - USA
Jamnik is a big, country strong RHP who seems to know how to pitch. We've seen him throw much better than what he showed at Tropicana. With some mechanical adjustments we think he's a consistent 90s. He has a nice breaking ball that nobody seems to hit. He can swing the bat and with power. Definitely a highest caliber college pitcher with pro future.

Billy Johnson  - C - 2003 - Lakeland, FL - USA
Johnson's ticket is his bat. He is a big strong kid with below average tools. However his bat might carry him a long ways. Definietly an aggressive attacker at the plate. He didn't have great results in Tropicana, but he can hit. He's also a pretty good baseball player.

Chris Johnson  - SS - 2003 - Fort Myers, FL - USA
Johnson is a good looking player with a plus body and some serious tools. He has a nice smooth swing, but needs to shorten it up a little for the next level. He plays shortstop now, but he looks like he could do well at nearly any position on the field.

Hong Kim  - IF - 2003 - Elkton, MD - USA
Kim has a good strong body and some borderline MLB tools. He's a good infielder with plenty of arm. He has a pretty good swing though a bit long right now. Looks like he will hit at the next level. Kim also pitches, but his velocity was down in the lower 80s at Tropicana.

Andrew Knox  - RHP - 2003 - Ft. Myers, FL - USA
Keep an eye on Knox! He has the right body, arm and pitching ability to make himself a very good draft pick next June. He showed high 80 velocity at Tropicana, but he's going to throw harder than that. He has a good feel and command of three pitches. Perhaps the only knock would be he's a bit slow to the plate (easy to run on). Of course that will be improved in time.

Bill Konecny  - RHP - 2003 - Downingtown, PA - USA
Konecny is a good looking RHP complete with size and MLB fastball. He shows a long, loose arm and athleticism. His slider could end up being a plus pitch. Brings a lot to the table and could go pretty good next June. He does have a tendency to over-stride at times causing him to throw high.

Lee Land  - RHP - 2003 - Rougemont, NC - USA
Land is a strong RHP who we like as a 3B. Unfortunately he could only make a token appearance at Tropicana due to other commitments. He showed three MLB average type pitches. An upper 80s heater, a good sharp breaking curve ball and a nice changeup. We really like his bat and power potential.

Matt LaPorta  - C - 2003 - Port Charlotte, FL - USA
Laporta is a big strong catcher who showed a strong arm and quick transfer. Good receiver who could improve his lateral technique a bit. Looks like there's some serious power potential here. Could get a little looser at the plate. We would like to see him attack the ball a little more, using his strength.

Daniel Latham  - RHP - 2003 - Covington, LA - USA
Latham is a good looking RHP who projects very well.. He only topped out in the mid 80s at Tropicana, but we know he can throw better than that. He flashed some outstanding breaking balls. Keep a close eye on this kid, we think he will be coming around quickly.

Landon Leach  - C - 2003 - Russellville, AR - USA
Leach is a good athlete in a MLB body. He's a pitcher/catcher and his future is probably behind the plate. Good switch hitter with big power potential. We really like his swing from the left side. Creates bat speed and the ball jumps off his bat. Very strong arm, but could be a bit quicker with transfer. Bat, arm and body could take him to the top.

Wade LeBlanc  - LHP - 2003 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
LeBlanc has a great pitchers body and one of the smoothest, loosest, easy working arms you will see. He only topped at 86 in Tropicana, but he looked good enough to have scouts talking about him. Showed a good change and breaking ball. This kid has a chance to turn it up a few notches and be a solid draft pick. He's definitely a top level college prospect.

Kenneth Lewis  - OF - 2003 - Danville, VA - USA
Lewis is a little raw, but he has some serious ability. A speedster who can use his speed on the bases. He has a more than playable arm and flashes power potential. Quick bat, he's going to hit and his home to first times grade out a 7. Big time base stealing potential and very aggressive. Could be a big surprise next June.

Matt Linder  - RHP - 2003 - Thunder Bay, ON - CAN
Linder is an extremely projectable big right-hander. He is athletic and his arm works very well. He topped at 89 in Tropicana and we think he is no where near his potential. His slider looks very good and his change shows promise. This kid is a big time prospect in waiting. It's possible he could develop into a high pick by June. If not he can pitch at the highest levels of College and go pro later on.

Ryne Malone  - SS - 2003 - Gainesville, FL - USA
Malone has to be considered one of the top college prospects out there. He can play the game at the highest level. A good runner with excellent infield actions and an outstanding line drive hitter. One of the best fundamental hitters in the nation. Malone is going to play pro baseball and he will be successful, but he may need to tear up the college game first.

Felix Martinez  - OF - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Martinez is a big strong outfielder who runs very well, throws well and can hit the long ball. He had no problem hitting the ball out of Tropicana in BP and looked good in the games. Perhaps his one drawback is that he does swing and miss a lot. With more consistent contact he would move way up the list.

Michael McCallister  - 1B - 2003 - Green Cove Springs, FL - USA
McCallister is a big, strong athlete with some serious raw power. He projects to hit a lot of home runs down the road. His swing has some loft with good extension. He runs pretty good for a power guy and has a decent arm. His bat could carry him a long ways.

Kyle McCulloch  - RHP - 2003 - Houston, TX - USA
McCulloch is a good athlete with plenty of projection. He does everything well, but his arm still stands out the most. Comparable to Clint Everts in ability and size. He's a good shortstop complete with actions, leather and arm. He flashes power potential and has a nice short stroke. He is especially interesting on the mound. Throws 90 or better out of a solid delivery and fast arm. Both the breaking ball and change have big time potential. Definitely a kid to keep a close eye on. He should end up throwing with even more velocity.

Mark Melancon  - RHP - 2003 - Arvada, CO - USA
Melancon is a well built RHP who can pitch. He goes right after hitters. His fastball is close to MLB average and his breaking ball could develop into a plus pitch. Also throws a hard changeup and fills the zone with all three pitches.

Paul Moat  - C - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Moat is very interesting. Big strong catcher with a hose. Athletic he even ran close to average. He creates good bat speed and looks like a good low ball hitter. He shows gap power that should turn into out-of-park power in the future.

Omar Moreno  - OF - 2003 - Dominican Republic, SD - DOM
Big time player with tools. Good switch hitter, plus arm , plus speed, etc. Needs to be playing pro ball right now.

Josh Morris  - OF - 2003 - Cartersville, GA - USA
Morris has a ton of ability and great strength. He's a power type athlete that runs close to MLB average and throws MLB above average. His future will be determined by just how far and how often he hits the long ball. He has a quiet approach, but creates great bat speed with a quick trigger. The wood makes a much different sound off his bat than the others who were in Tropicana. A sharp loud crack of the bat. The ball jumps!

William Muldowney  - 3B - 2003 - West Chester, PA - USA
Muldowney is an excellent player/hitter with outstanding power potential. To us he is an even better pitching prospect, that we've seen as high as 92 mph. He also features a potential plus sharp breaking ball. Definetly a 2-way guy at the highest levels of college ball. Could end up with a long pro career. Plays the game with respect and talent.

Ryan Muller  - RHP - 2003 - Morgan Hill, CA - USA
Muller is a good baseball player who has a chance to be a star college or pro pitcher. He throws 90 with outstanding life. He gets good sharp breaking action on his curve ball at times. His changeup is another potential MLB pitch. Projects!

Nolan Mulligan  - RHP - 2003 - Hollywood, FL - USA
Mulligan could easily end up being a high draft pick. He has the size and arm that will stir up a lot of interest. He topped out at 91 at Tropicana, but there's even more in him. The breaking ball looks very promising. He has a fast arm. Throws just a little across his body. That is the biggest concern.

Brendan Murphy  - 3B - 2003 - Chattanooga, TN - USA
Murphy's game revolves around his outstanding power potential. This kid can hit! Power to all fields, quick bat, plus bat speed. Murphy just seems to hit more balls on the sweet spot than other good hitters. He does not have the prototype pro body, but he is country strong. His other skills are very playable, but pale when compared to his hitting ability.

Kevin Nabors  - RHP - 2003 - Spanish Fort, Al - USA
Nabors is a big guy with a good arm. He can pitch and has three good pitches. Fastball shows life at MLB average velocity. He needs to tone up his body a little over the next year in order to get scouts more excited.

Ryan Norris  - LHP - 2003 - Gainesville, FL - USA
Norris is a lefty with an outstanding curve ball. At times it borders on unhittable. His arm works good and he will end up throwing mid 80s at least. Definitely a future winner in college baseball.

Juan Ojeda  - SS - 2003 - Winter Park, FL - USA
Ojeda is not a big guy, but he can play and he has the raw tools to play at the very highest levels. He has a strong arm and outstanding instincts in the infield. He runs extremely well and uses it on the bases. He can hit! He hit several line drives hard against top pitching at Tropicana. There is very little this kid can't do on a baseball field.

Derik Olvey  - RHP - 2003 - Hueytown, AL - USA
Olvey is a big guy with a power arm. He threw a lot of 90-91 in Tropicana and he's been up as high as 94 before. He shows a good big breaking bender. He should end up with a plus hard slider in time. For a power type thrower he shows great mound presence and poise. Definitely a guy who needs to be followed closely. He could move right up the list by next June.

Enrique Orta  - RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Orta has a good strong pitchers body with a close to average MLB fastball. His heater shows plus life at times. Breaking ball shows promise. Swings the bat fairly well, too.

Luis Pardo  - RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Very projectable, athletic type body. Good looking arm action. He gets himself a bit off balance at times, but still gets it up there easily in the high 80s. No question, that in time he will live in the 90+ range. The breaking ball shows promise. He seems to over throw the changeup at times, but there's a good one in there.

Michael Patterson  - RHP - 2003 - Largo, FL - USA
Patterson is a RHP who creates some serious whipping action. His fastball is already MLB average. He throws a good curve ball, but needs to add a little speed to it. He's not a big guy, but he still projects.

Kyle Pearson  - RHP - 2003 - Panama City, FL - USA
Pearson is an athletic P/OF with an outstanding arm. He shows some of the fastest, smoothest arm action we saw at Tropicana. His slider/slurve looks like a big pitch. He works fast and has a ton of talent. Don't be surprised if he becomes a nice pick.

Daniel Perales  - OF - 2003 - Orange, CA - USA
Perales shows good tools across the board. He has a strong accurate throwing arm. #1 tool is his bat, this kid has a nice approach and a great swing. Line drives jump off the wood and he flashes very surprising power. He has room to get bigger and stronger. Pro type hitter with a bright future in college or pro ball.

Sergio Perez  - RHP - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Perez is a good looking athlete with a live arm. That arm works loose and fast even though it's a little on the short side. He will throw 90 or better and his best pitch is a nice looking high 70s slider.

Joseph Persichina  - SS - 2003 - Rolling Hills Estate, CA - USA
Persichina has a strong arm and plays the game in a professional manner. He has good instincts and runs close to average He has good body control and seems to be able to make all the plays with apparent ease. As a hitter he is even better. This kid can hit. He has a good approach and has a beautiful swing. Stays inside the ball and finishes high. Quick hands, fast bat, hits hard line drives off good pitching. Real baseball player!

Steven Porter  - LHP - 2003 - Ocoee, FL - USA
Porter is another guy with an excellent body. He's very athletic, can run, throw and hit. As a lefty his future should be on the mound in pro ball. He's a low effort efficient type thrower who should end up high 80s to low 90s. The slider is a good pitch now, but could become a great pitch later on.

Sean Radke  - RHP - 2003 - Frankfort, IL - USA
We have seen Radke much better than what he showed at Tropicana. His velocity was down, but of more concern was that his arm action didn't show the same whip as we had seen before. He still has that major league pitchers body and we've seen him good. If he puts it all together, the sky is the limit.

Todd Redmond  - RHP - 2003 - St. Petersburg, FL - USA
Redmond throws a sinking high 80s fastball. He has a fairly fast arm that works nicely. His body makes him very projectable. We think he will be throwing 90s by next spring. He has the makings of a plus breaking ball, but it still needs to develop a bit more. Should start throwing the slider. Definite prospect.

Tyler Rhoden  - RHP - 2003 - Macclenny, FL - USA
Rhoden is listed at 6'3 but doesn't look quite that tall. He does have a very good arm and he can pitch. He should end up throwing 90 or better with three good pitches. A very interesting pitching prospect worth following closely.

Michael Richard  - SS - 2003 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
Richard is an athletic infielder with lots of tools. He probably projects as a 2B in pro ball. He has outstanding instincts and body control. He has a quick bat, but there are a few things he will need to work on to reach his hitting potential. A spectacular, at times, fielder with good solid tools and a quick bat. That makes him very interesting to scouts.

Jorge Rodriguez  - OF - 2003 - Pembroke Pines, FL - USA
Rodriguez is a good athlete who can hit with outstanding power. He is going to hit and hit the long ball where ever he ends up. He is a good 1B who knows how to play the game. He hit one out to left center in the game at Tropicana. He's a big strong guy who loves to play the game.

Benji Rojas  - C - 2003 - Dominican Republic, SD - DOM
Rojas has one of the best arms out there. A good defensive catcher who would already be playing pro ball if he hit better. He does flash power potential and a fast bat. All he needs to do is make more contact and it's all there.

Michael Sarka  - RHP - 2003 - Jacksonville, FL - USA
Big RHP with a high 80s fastball that shows some life. Breaking ball looks promising. Pretty good athlete who shows some power at the plate.

Joshua Satin  - MIF - 2003 - Hidden Hills, CA - USA
Satin is an excellent all-round baseball player. His tools don't jump out at you, but his over-all game does. An excellent infielder with enough arm and good actions, he seems to make all the plays. Good hitter, who knows what he's doing at the plate. Shows surprising power and hits lots of line drives. This is a solid baseball player, the kind that end up surprising all the experts.

Steve Singleton  - SS - 2003 - Oakland, CA - USA
Singleton has outstanding middle infield actions. Good hands and feet, quick reactions and excellent body control. Close to an average runner with enough arm he's one of the better fielders in his class. A switch hitter, he uses his hands equally well at the plate. He flashes some power and as he gets stronger, watchout! A definite highest level DI prospect with a pro future.

Nate Spears  - SS - 2003 - Port Charlotte, FL - USA
Spears is a guy to keep a close eye on. He's a plus runner with a strong infield arm. He covers the ground at SS/2B with good hands and body control. He generates good bat speed with his quick hands and flashes power potential. Real nice swing! Definite high level DI prospect at least.

Jason Stephens  - RHP - 2003 - Tallmadge, OH - USA
Stephens is yet another top RHP prospect that showed a great body and a strong arm. Shows pretty good mechanics and arm speed. His fastball will end up in the 90s. Flashes a potential good slider. He could easily become an early pick by next June.

Timothy Stewart  - 1B - 2003 - Santa Ana, CA - USA
Stewart is a strong good looking player who will probably end up at 1B at the highest levels. He can hit and has excellent power potential. He smoked a few line drives in Tropicana that opened some eyes. Looks mostly pull right now, but the ball jumps off his bat and the wood makes a loud crack!

Josh Stinson  - C - 2003 - Port Neches, TX - USA
Stinson put his name on the map in both Ft Myers and Tropicana. He has a strong arm and shows quickness behind the plate. His left-handed bat is very interesting. More of a line drive type who should develop into a power hitter at the next level. Great baseball body with room to get even stronger. Keep a close eye on this kid.

Ty Taborelli  - OF - 2003 - Tampa, FL - USA
Taborelli is a lean built outstanding athlete with MLB tools. He's a plus runner who looks real good 1st to 3rd. He flashes excellent power potential and should end up hitting a lot of long balls. He could make some adjustments in his swing that would take him to the top of his class. He doesn't seem to get a good weight transfer and use his bottom half as much as he could. His arm is at least MLB average and his whole game will get better yet, once he gains more strength.

Justin Tellam  - C - 2003 - San Clemente, CA - USA
Tellam is yet another excellent catching prospect with a great body. He has a strong arm, but could use some work on his technique. He shows hitting ability, ball jumps off his bat. Should hit for power. A good athlete who needs to be followed closely.

Edwin Totesault  - SS - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA
Totesault gets better every time we see him. Outstanding MLB infield actions and a very strong arm. He's a plus runner with the instincts to be a big base stealer. He flashes line drive hitting ability and puts the ball in play against top pitching. An aggressive fielder/runner who will hit. As he gets bigger and stronger watchout!

Johnny Venters  - LHP - 2003 - Longwood, FL - USA
Venters is a good athlete with a live projectable body. As a LHP he shows a lot of ability, but we like him as a player even more. A plus runner, good arm and a nice swing. He handles the wood pretty well and he's going to get much stronger. Someone to keep close tabs on.

Ahmir Watkins  - OF - 2003 - Murfreesboro, TN - USA
Watkins is a speedster with an average MLB arm. He's very much your prototype leadoff type hitter. He uses the whole field, especially with two strikes. He stays inside the ball, with a quick short stroke and runs like hell. He does flash some power potential, also.

Sean Watson  - RHP - 2003 - Miami, FL - USA

Matt Wilson  - SS - 2003 - Winter Haven, FL - USA
Wilson was slightly injured while appearing at Tropicana. It limited his hitting performance. He still showed plus running ability, soft hands and a good arm. He has a great baseball body! Surely he would grade out higher when healthy.

Steven Wright  - RHP - 2003 - Moreno Valley, CA - USA
Wright is a fairly polished pitcher who we have seen throw harder than he showed at Tropicana. He has a good pitchers physique and he shows some athletic ability. He will need to put a couple clicks on that fastball to go high in the draft and he probably will. He has a nice fluid, easy arm action and knows how to pitch. Also showed a pretty impressive bat.

DeQuam Wright  - LHP - 2003 - Goshen, AL - USA
Wright is a not so big, LHP with MLB stuff and good control of that stuff. He's an excellent athlete who could easily be an outfielder at the next level. He throws his fastball in the 90+ range with life. He shows a devastating at times breaking ball and a decent changeup. Should be a big contributer at a high level DI school.

Brandon Yarbrough  - C - 2003 - Ellerbe, NC - USA
Yarbrough is an athletic catcher who can run and throw. His receiving skills continue to improve. He plays the game the right way and at 100%. His #1 tool is still his bat. He's an outstanding line drive hitter who projects to hit with plus power. He can handle the wood, beautiful smooth swing, gets good extension and good bat speed.

James Zink  - RHP - 2003 - University Place, WA - USA
Zink is a player and a very good athlete. He does everything well and he has championship type makeup. He was hit in the spine with a 90+ fastball, but refused to take a break. In fact with the middle of his back bruised badly, he went in to pitch. This kid can compete at any level and has the tools to be a top prospect.

2004 Top Prospects

Corey Brown  - OF - 2004 - Tampa, FL - USA
Excellent athlete complete with outstanding speed, good arm and quick bat. A fast twitch guy with some power. He's an "04" and still a bit raw, but his ability can not be overlooked by both major league scouts and top college programs.

Alex Garabedian  - C - 2004 - Miami, FL - USA
Garabedian is a big strong young catcher with a good future. The sky is the limit for this "04" catching prospect. He is going to hit with plus power, he has a hose, and he's a good receiver. One thing he should concentrate on now is getting more flexability. He's plenty strong enough already.

Eric Hurley  - RHP - 2004 - Jacksonville, FL - USA
Hurley is a young "04" pitching prospect who is also a capable infielder. His size and arm should make him a pitcher at the next level. He does have athletic ability. He is a bit off and on the times we see him, but he throws from a lower angle with good stuff. He tops out around 88-90 with sink and run. He could make some mechanical (balance) adjustments, that would make him even tougher.

Jared Kubin  - OF - 2004 - Oakton, VA - USA
Kubin is a young, very strong athlete with unusual raw power for his age. He's also a plus runner with a good arm. We would rate him the top hitting prospect in his class at this time. This kid will be followed closely for the next couple years.

Warren McFadden  - OF - 2004 - Plantation, FL - USA
McFadden is a top "04" prospect and compares somewhat to Lastings Milledge in size, speed and arm. Like Milledge he shows big power potential, but not quite the same bat speed. This kid is a top athlete and needs to be followed closely for the next couple years.

Jeremy Thorne  - RHP/1B - 2004 - Chuluota, FL - USA
Thorne is a big, strong RHP with a MLB average fastball. He needs to speed up his breaking ball a little and it should be a good one. Has a tendency to give away his change, but that can be corrected. Lots of potential in this kid, keep an eye on him!

Joseph Williamson  - RHP - 2004 - Lantana, FL - USA
Williamson is an "04" with a good body and a strong arm. He swings the bat pretty good, but we like his future on the mound the best. He has nice smooth arm action and a quick arm. He throws in the high 80s and we seen him touch 90. We would like to see him a little more poised and professional in his approach to the game. If he puts it all together, he will be very special.

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