2021 California Workout Camp Session 6
The California Workout Camp has been approved by both Orange County Great Park and local guidelines. Each field will have a maximum capacity that has been set in accordance with local regulations and Orange County Great Park. Masks will be required at all times by any spectator or athlete outside the field of play. Social distancing will be encouraged at all times throughout the complex.
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*College commitment information is submitted by players and college coaches

2021 Top Prospects

Joseph Barnhardt  C - 2021 - Stockton, CA
Westmont College

Barnhardt is a very physical catching prospect who has tremendous arm strength behind the dish clocked up to 78 mph to produce very good pop times. He also whips the barrel well at the dish with very good impact strength producing exit velos into the mid-90s.

Luis Fernandez  C - 2021 - Los Angeles, CA

Fernandez is athletic behind the dish with good present catch-and-throw skills popping down to a 1.95 and up to 77 mph out of crouch, while showing a nice loose and easy swing with good whip to the barrel and a consistent barrel.

Nathan Jackle  SS - 2021 - Fullerton, CA

Jackle moves around the infield with a good clock and rhythm to his actions while clocking up to 86 mph on throws across. He also generates really easy bat speed at the dish with a simple approach producing consistent line drive contact to the middle of the field.

Christopher Landaas  1B - 2021 - San Clemente, CA

Landaas is a long and strong athlete who holds his own at the first base position and has tremendous impact strength to go with a solid feel for the barrel and an ability to leverage at impact out front.

2022 Top Prospects

Ben Gneiser  OF - 2022 - Hermosa Beach, CA

Gneiser showed very intriguing two-way potential as he creates excellent leverage and bat speed to get the ball in the air with strength to the pull side and worked in the mid-80s from a very angled release with highly projectable components and feel for both a sharp curveball and solid changeup.

Robert Linares  3B - 2022 - Downey, CA

Linares took potentially the best batting practice round of the entire weekend as he leveraged his hands well and paired good bat speed and impact strength with a strong feel for the barrel to hit multiple homeruns to the pull side during his round.

Delshaun Lanier  OF - 2022 - Torrance, CA

Lanier is an excellent athlete with a big arm from the outfield having topped at 88 mph on his throws and uses a long but strong swing to backspin line drives to the middle of the field.

Pedro Hernandez  OF - 2022 - Tustin, CA

Hernandez is a solid athlete who moves around well in the athlete but showed best at the dish with explosiveness through impact that produced multiple shots off and over the wall to the pull side.

Gavin Browne  SS - 2022 - Riverside, CA

Browne is a good athlete who works under the ball well at the shortstop position with a clean release and shows athleticism to how he swings the bat with good bat to ball skills on a steady line drive path.

JT (John) Fenton  3B - 2022 - Upland, CA

Fenton shows softness to his hands on the infield with mid-80s arm strength that plays well from the left side and is very physical with the bat working short to the ball and using his hand quickness to generate hard contact.

Aiden Dillehay  SS - 2022 - San Diego, CA

Dillehay shows sound actions on the dirt with good range to both sides and has a projectable right-handed swing with quickness to his hands and looseness that allows him to get on plane well.

Cayden Tallman  OF - 2022 - Tustin, CA

Tallman has good strength to his build but is a solid athlete as well running a 7.16, throwing 81 from the outfield and showing a simple approach at the dish with good impact strength when squared to the pull side.

Scotty Pieper  OF - 2022 - Valencia, CA

Pieper works aggressively to the ball in the outfield with good athleticism and arm strength up to 83 mph while also showing quickness to his hands and the ability to work to all parts of the field with good impact.

Cristian Angulo  OF - 2022 - Thousand Palms, CA

Angulo is a lean athlete who works under control on the infield and showed he could get the barrel out at a consistent rate to generate strong line drive contact to the pull side.

Joey Cordola  C - 2022 - Saugus, CA

Cordola is a physical prospect who showed projectable catch-and-throw skills from behind the dish and uses his lower half well in his swing with good impact strength that produced good exit velocities.

2023 Top Prospects

Carter Speights  OF - 2023 - Tustin, CA

Speights has very good tools in the outfield with tremendous arm strength clocked up to 91 mph while also showing a simple and short swing with the ability to spray line drives around the field.

Edward Park  RHP - 2023 - Fullerton, CA

Park showed a ton of intrigue with his stuff and upside on the mound; he worked in the 84-87 mph range with good downhill action and command, while showing feel for a sharp downer curveball and a mid-70s changeup that he tunneled well.

Brady Francisco  C - 2023 - Simi Valley, CA

Francisco is a very athletic catching prospect with ease to his catch-and-throw and good arm strength while he's also impressive with the bat working short to the ball with good bat speed and a very strong handle of the barrel.

Andrew An  3B - 2023 - Irvine, CA

An showed a number of tools at the event, running a 7.22, throwing 86 across the diamond with game-like actions and taking a solid round offensively with quickness to the swing producing consistent line drive contact.

Troy Lewis  C - 2023 - Lancaster, CA

Lewis has projectable tools behind the dish and creates good separation with his hands to leverage contact and generate good carry to the middle and pull side.

Madden Ocko  SS - 2023 - Los Angeles, CA

Ocko showed a good overall set of tools at the event, throwing 86 from the outfield, low-80s from the infield and using his quickness and simplicity to the swing in order to spray the whole field with good contact.

Dylan Immel  SS - 2023 - El Segundo, CA

Immel impressed on the offensive end showing looseness to his hands with an easy ability to turn the barrel over while staying connected to his lower half and generating good impact.

2024 Top Prospects

Brody Connors  SS - 2024 - Newport Beach, CA

Connors had an exceptional showing at the event as an explosive athlete with arm strength up to 91 mph across the infield, a mid-80s fastball with feel for a pair of secondaries on the bump and tremendous bat speed as he is able to generate big impact strength with an advanced feel for driving the ball in the air.

Anthony Perritano  SS - 2024 - San Diego, CA

Perritano was solid on the dirt during defensive drills with arm strength clocked up to 85 mph across the diamond and he generates a good combination of bat speed and barrel whip with good rhythm to his swing.

Jack Zerkel  OF - 2024 - Tustin, CA

Zerkel has good tools to stick in the outfield with low-80s arm strength and has an innate feel for the barrel as he works consistently to both gaps with good extension through impact.

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