Showcase South Underclass Showcase
Aug 8 - 10, 2014 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

2016 Top Prospects

Matt Willrodt  - RHP - 2016 - Humble, TX - USA
Not only did Willrodt hit the ball hard in batting practice, but did in game at-bats too, collecting a long home run in two of his three games. He also ran a 6.95 60-yard and threw 87 mph from the outfield with a quick arm and athletic actions.

Connor Queen  - RHP - 2016 - Boerne, TX - USA
With a strong, physical build, Queen showed impressive two-way potential at the next level this weekend. On the mound he topped out at 87 mph with his fastball and showed big jump off the barrel from the right-handed batters box.

Cole Tracey  - RHP - 2016 - Monroe, LA - USA
Tracey showed his athleticism all weekend, running a 6.78 60-yard dash and threw 87 mph from the outfield. A primary pitcher, Tracey topped out at 87 mph with his fastball and showed an advanced feel for his changeup and 12-6 curveball.

Christopher Adams  - C - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
With a strong, physical build, Adams showed that his strength plays offensively, powering the ball to his pull side with the natural lift he generates in his swing. He also had a strong showing behind the plate, sitting near the top of catcher's velocity (78) and tied for the top pop time (1.89).

Braxton Webb  - LHP - 2016 - McKinney, TX - USA
Webb filled up the strike zone during his time on the mound, topping out at 86 mph while working in the 83-85 mph zone from the left side. He flashed a quality changeup and showed that his strong arm plays in the outfield, touching 89 mph.

Mikey Hoehner  - C - 2016 - Houston, TX - USA
Hoehner turned in the top velocity for a catcher, throwing 82 mph down to second base with a quick arm and a smooth transfer, both of which helped him pop 1.91.

Hudson Fife  - OF - 2016 - Spicewood, TX - USA
Fife showed the biggest arm strength of the event, topping out at 92 mph with an easy arm action. He also ran a 6.94 60-yard dash and showed fluidity in his left-handed swing, making nice line drive contact.

Alex Griggs  - RHP - 2016 - Colleyville, TX - USA
A strong and physical 6-foot-4 frame, Griggs bumped his fastball up to 87 mph and maintained mid-80's throughout his time on the mound, showing an easy arm action and a feel for his secondary offerings.

Sean Rydell  - RHP - 2016 - Kingwood, TX - USA
Attacking hitters with a fastball that topped out at 87 mph, Rydell worked from an over the top arm slot, locating down in the zone to both sides of the plate. Also showed a feel for a fading changeup and 11-5 curveball.

Braydon Webb  - SS - 2016 - McKinney, TX - USA
A middle-infielder, Braydon Webb showed nice defensive actions with a strong (85 mph), accurate arm across the infield. He also showed a balanced swing from the right side, along with power and nice carry off of the barrel.

Connor Heffron  - OF - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Heffron showed off all his tools this weekend, running a 6.65 60-yard dash and a short arm action from the outfield which produced a top throw of 85 mph. He also get the barrel through the zone well, creating line drive contact to all parts of the field.

Brady Lindsly  - C - 2016 - Keller, TX - USA
Lindsly showed solid footwork behind the plate and with his strong arm (82 mph) and quick transfer, he was able to turn in the event's best pop time of 1.89. He also showed quick actions in the infield and again put his arm strength on display (86 mph across).

Alex Jackson  - SS - 2016 - Double Oak, TX - USA
Jackson impressed with his left-handed stroke, consistently getting the barrel to the ball with hard line drive contact to his pull side and projects for nice power.

Koby Hott  - OF - 2016 - Wichita Falls, TX - USA
Hott showed big arm strength from the outfield, topping out at 89 mph with his best throw, tying him for second best at the event. He also showed a simple, quick swing at the plate with strength to his pull side.

Barry Michael Williams  - OF - 2016 - Rowlett, TX - USA
A left-handed hitter, Williams showed a loose swing with fast hands in game action with fluidity to his stroke. He is also a sound runner and showed off a strong, accurate arm from the outfield in game action.

Samien Alaniz  - SS - 2016 - Corpus Christi, TX - USA
Although a primary shortstop, Alaniz showed interesting potential on the mound too. With a loose and quick arm action, Alaniz topped out at 85 mph and mixed in a sharp 11-5 curveball in the low 70s.

Logan Ammons  - RHP - 2016 - Douglass, TX - USA
Ammons projects well with his lean, athletic build and showed arm strength that produced a fastball that topped out at 83 mph on the mound and 85 mph from the outfield.

Jake Baker  - OF - 2016 - Cedar Hill, TX - USA
Baker showed athletic actions in the outfield with a quick, accurate arm along with carry on his throws that topped out at 85 mph. He also showed a nice feel for the barrel from the left side, creating line drive contact with natural lift to his pull side.

Bryce Bartlett  - RHP - 2016 - Searcy, AR - USA
Has projectable build, has short arm action to a 3/4 slot. Throws downhill with fastball topping at 83 with more to come. Flashed good curveball depth and spin.

Logan Berlof  - MIF - 2016 - McKinney, TX - USA
Showed good bat speed during the games and ability to hit. Had impressive day at plate on Sunday during game action going 3 for 3 with a home run and 3 runs scored.

Anthony Bernardez  - RHP - 2016 - Prosper, TX - USA
Bernardez made his presence felt on both sides of the ball throughout the weekend with a strong arm both from shortstop (84 mph) and the mound (topped at 85 mph) and showed strength in his short, compact right-handed swing.

Bryce Bonner  - C - 2016 - Allen, TX - USA
Bonner showed nice tools behind the plate with a quick transfer and an accurate arm with a short arm action. He popped a 1.97 and threw 77 mph down to second base and swung the bat well from the right side, consistently getting the barrel to the ball.

Anthony Dominguez  - OF - 2016 - Fort Worth, TX - USA
Dominguez showed intriguing strength from the left side of the plate, creating hard line drive contact to his pull side while showing an aggressive approach.

Nathan Hawkins  - LHP - 2016 - Sunnyvale, TX - USA
Hawkins sat in the low 80's topping out at 82 with good arm side run on his fastball. He also mixed in a good 11/5 curveball with depth and a sinking change up with good run

Zach Johnson  - SS - 2016 - Nacogdoches, TX - USA
Not only did Johnson turn in the second best 60-yard time at 6.63 seconds, put that speed plays in game and allowed him to swipe bases when he got on base. His speed also helps him show range to either side defensively when playing up the middle.

Soren Krug  - SS - 2016 - Southlake, TX - USA
Krug showed strongly with the bat the entire weekend, where he hit a double and home run in game action, and showed a nice feel for the barrel with the intent to hit line drives to the opposite field.

Micah Lloyd  - SS - 2016 - Plano, TX - USA
A switch hitter, Lloyd shows a sound approach and fluidity in his swing from both sides of the plate. He profiles well up the middle on defense with athletic actions and sound glove work.

Bryce Martinez  - OF - 2016 - Victoria, TX - USA
Martinez displayed athletic actions in game at shortstop, showing that his backhand plays, as does his arm strength across the diamond. He showed a balanced swing from the right side with nice extension out front with ability to hit to all fields.

Evan Mata  - 2B - 2016 - Midland, TX - USA
Mata performed well in game action with the bat, producing line drive contact with a fluid path to the ball and showed strength and carry off the barrel. His arm strength and actions play well in the infield as well and topped at 84 mph on the mound.

Garrett Mendoza  - RHP - 2016 - Weatherford, TX - USA
Smooth arm action to a 3/4 slot, topping at 83 with his fastball that has life. Has good build and should add strength to frame and velocity projects.

Mason Minister  - SS - 2016 - New Braunfels, TX - USA
Minister put his athleticism on display, throwing 85 mph across the diamond and ran a 6.82 60-yard dash. On the mound he worked downhill, mixing in both his fastball and slider with an easy arm action.

Anthony Montoya  - OF - 2016 - Corpus Christi, TX - USA
With a long, lean, and projectable build, Montoya should continue to add velocity to his outfield throws, which topped at 88 mph, leaving his hand clean and easy. He also showed the ability and comfort to hit to all fields from the left side.

Blake Perdue  - OF - 2016 - Amarillo, TX - USA
Purdue showed nice tools all around that project, running a 6.72 60-yard dash, threw 83 mph from the outfield, and made consistent line drive contact to his pull side while showing strength in his swing.

Cameron Powell  - RHP - 2016 - McKinney, TX - USA
Powell topped out at 84 with hsi fastball with run on it. Mixed in a slider with good tilt at 72 and a solid change up at 71.

Connor Prado  - RHP - 2016 - Roanoke, TX - USA
A right-handed pitcher, Prado bumped his fastball up to 85 mph with nice sinking life down in the zone and showed a strong feel for a tight spinning slider with nice break at 75 mph.

Turner Rejebian  - LHP - 2016 - Dallas, TX - USA
Even though he is listed as a primary left-handed pitcher, Rejebian made a positive impression with is left-handed swing, whipping the barrel through the zone for consistent, hard line drive contact to his pull side with solid bat speed.

Zach Seizinger  - C - 2016 - Tulsa, OK - USA
Seizinger showed off his strength in his right-handed swing throughout the weekend, getting good extension in his swing and drove the ball in game action with loud contact off the barrel.

Charles Shipp  - 3B - 2016 - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX - USA
Shipp showed present strength in his right-handed swing, picking up a deep double in game action and showed one of the stronger arms from the infield, topping out at 87 mph.

Kade Simons  - OF - 2016 - Edmond, OK - USA
Simons turned in the showcase's best 60-yard time at 6.60 seconds, speed which he uses very well to cover ground in the outfield and steal bases. He uses his lower half well in his swing, creating line drive contact with nice extension out front.

Quinn Waterbury  - 1B - 2016 - Prosper, TX - USA
Showing a strong 6-foot-4 frame, Waterbury stills projects for more strength and showed good extension in his right-handed swing, creating hard line drive contact with a nice feel for the barrel head.

2017 Top Prospects

Aaron Brooks  - RHP - 2017 - Blanchard, OK - USA
With a lean, projectable build, Brooks showed some of the top velocities on the mound this weekend, topping out at 87 mph while showing a quick and loose arm. He also spun an 11-5 curveball and showed a feel for it.

Daniel Cole  - SS - 2017 - Harker Heights, TX - USA
Cole showed some of the best velocities all over the field even as a rising sophomore, topping out at 85 mph on the mound with a sharp breaking ball and showed an impressive 88 mph from the outfield.

Richard Gilbert  - LHP - 2017 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Already showing nice pitchability and a feel for three pitches, Gilbert impressed, topping out at 84 mph with his fastball and showed a feel for a 1-7 curveball with shape and late depth.

Jake Taylor  - C - 2017 - Tecumseh, OK - USA
Taylor showed impressive strength with the bat throughout the entire weekend, hitting the ball hard and far both in game action and batting practice, creating leverage and staying through the ball nicely.

Mark Alden Blest  - LHP - 2017 - Atascocita, TX - USA
Not only did Alden Blest top out at 84 mph with his fastball on the mound, he also showed interesting tools in the outfield with a strong, accurate arm as well as a short, compact swing with which he consistently got the barrel to the ball.

Donovan Langston  - SS - 2017 - Frisco, TX - USA
Athletic build with a quick arm action, topped at 83 with his fastball and mixes in a change up at 74 with good sink. Curveball has tight spin with good depth.

Kameron Levis  - RHP - 2017 - New Caney, TX - USA
Levis fastball topped out at 82 with a loose arm action. Fastball has good arm side run. Mixed in a curveball with 11/5 shape.

Andrew Stratman  - RHP - 2017 - Bennington, KS - USA
Throwing from an extended three-quarter arm slot, Stratman topped out at 84 mph with his fastball, missing several bats over the course of his four innings of work and showed a nice feel for a curveball in the low 70's.

Kyle Sweeney  - RHP - 2017 - Southlake, TX - USA
Over the top arm slot with good down plane on his fastball that topped at 83. Velocity projects.

Jonathan Windham  - 3B - 2017 - Spring, TX - USA
Windham showed a balanced swing with projectable strength from the right side, showing lift with nice carry to the left-centerfield gap, especially when he gets his long levers extended in his swing. Also up to 82 mph on the mound.

Jacob Wyeth  - C - 2017 - Austin, TX - USA
Wyeth shows a strong 6-2 build and posted a 1.94 pop time while showing his arm strength down to second base with his top throw at 76 mph. He also uses his strength in his swing, creating hard line drive contact to the middle of the field.

2018 Top Prospects

Davis Ferguson  - OF - 2018 - Brandon, MS - USA
Although only entering his freshman year of high school, Ferguson showed a nice approach at the plate and the ability to hit to all fields. He was consistent with his arm strength as well, topping at 83 mph from the mound, infield, and the outfield.

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