Showcase South Underclass Showcase
Aug 8 - 10, 2014 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
8-Black30Christopher Adams Premium Content
18-Texas Orange19Jose Alaniz Premium Content
9-Crimson1Samien Alaniz Premium Content
14-Purple1Christopher Alvarez Premium Content
9-Crimson2Logan Ammons Premium Content
12-Navy15Joseph Anderson Premium Content
8-Black31Jake Baker Premium Content
8-Black32Zachary Baker Premium Content
10-Dark Green1Patrick Bannister Premium Content
11-Maroon1Bryce Bartlett Premium Content
8-Black33Ryan Bauer Premium Content
8-Black34Devin Beard Premium Content
9-Crimson19Bailey Bennett Premium Content
15-Red45Griffin Benson Premium Content
13-Orange1Jarod Beres Premium Content
10-Dark Green2Logan Berlof Premium Content
10-Dark Green3Anthony Bernardez Premium Content
9-Crimson21Nicholas Bethea Premium Content
16-Royal30Mark Alden Blest Premium Content
12-Navy19Ethan Blinka Premium Content
8-Black35Jared Bond Premium Content
11-Maroon2Bryce Bonner Premium Content
8-Black36Jacorey Boudreaux Premium Content
13-Orange2Hayden Bowman Premium Content
18-Texas Orange1Brandon Breaux Premium Content
20-White30Keaton Bridwell Premium Content
13-Orange3Aaron Brooks Premium Content
10-Dark Green37Casden (CJ) Brooks Premium Content
14-Purple2Drew Cable Premium Content
9-Crimson3Javier Camacho Jr. Premium Content
9-Crimson4Logan Campbell Premium Content
17-Teal1Oliver Campbell Premium Content
9-Crimson5Phillip Childs Premium Content
17-Teal2Dylan Coats Premium Content
15-Red30Daniel Cole Premium Content
16-Royal31Tayler Conseen Premium Content
17-Teal19Troy Davern Premium Content
9-Crimson6Anthony Dominguez Premium Content
9-Crimson7Jackson Dugger Premium Content
8-Black37Mason Eddy Premium Content
17-Teal3Davis Ferguson Premium Content
20-White31Hudson Fife Premium Content
10-Dark Green19Jayden Ford Premium Content
9-Crimson9Hunter Gall Premium Content
18-Texas Orange20Matt Gaskins Premium Content
17-Teal4Avery George Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold1Richard Gilbert Premium Content
10-Dark Green26Grant Gilmore Premium Content
11-Maroon20Davis Green Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold21Alex Griggs Premium Content
10-Dark Green7Austin Gross Premium Content
12-Navy1Dane Grounds Premium Content
11-Maroon3Sam Haley Premium Content
8-Black38Wren Hampton Premium Content
14-Purple4Everrett Harris Premium Content
20-White32Nathan Hawkins Premium Content
13-orange4Garrett Healey Premium Content
11-Maroon4Connor Heffron Premium Content
12-Navy2Cooper Hering Premium Content
11-Maroon5Tristan Herrera Premium Content
20-White33Mikey Hoehner Premium Content
9-Crimson10Jackson Hollingsworth Premium Content
10-Dark Green8Koby Hott Premium Content
12-Navy20Devin House Premium Content
8-Black39Alex Jackson Premium Content
11-Maroon6Davis Jenks Premium Content
16-Royal32Alex Jensen Premium Content
20-White34Zach Johnson Premium Content
12-Navy3Austen Jones Premium Content
18-Texas Orange2John Joslin, III Premium Content
13-Orange6Christian Julius Premium Content
12-Navy4Jeffrey Kavulich Premium Content
14-Purple5William Kelley Premium Content
11-Maroon7Parker Kelly Premium Content
12-Navy6Noah Kennedy Premium Content
11-Maroon8Jackson Kennemore Premium Content
14-Purple6Riter Kerr Premium Content
10-Dark Green9Tom Kim Premium Content
13-Orange7Austin Kirkpatrick Premium Content
9-Crimson12Heston Kjerstad Premium Content
12-Navy7Adam Kloffenstein Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold2Soren Krug Premium Content
17-Teal20Jake Laberge Premium Content
8-Black40Chris Lacher Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold4Deven Langston Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold5Donovan Langston Premium Content
15-Red31Wyatt Lavergne Premium Content
15-Red46Blake Lazarine Premium Content
13-Orange8Kameron Levis Premium Content
14-Purple7Brady Lindsly Premium Content
14-Purple8Micah Lloyd Premium Content
12-Navy8Justin Luedecking Premium Content
11-Maroon9Chet Lytle Premium Content
15-Red32Ty Markee Premium Content
9-Crimson13Joseph Martin Premium Content
13-Orange9Bryce Martinez Premium Content
16-Royal34Evan Mata Premium Content
13-Orange10Mason Matherne Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold6Chandler Matthews Premium Content
14-Purple9Zachary May Premium Content
17-Teal5Philip Benjamin McCarty Premium Content
15-Red41Ben McCrillis Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold7Garrett Mendoza Premium Content
14-Purple10Mason Meredith Premium Content
14-Purple11Cyle Ray Metz Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold8Dylan Miller Premium Content
8-Black41Mason Minister Premium Content
20-White35Samuel Mitchell Premium Content
18-Texas Orange21Andrew Molina Premium Content
20-White36Jaxson Money Premium Content
20-White37Anthony Montoya Premium Content
18-Texas Orange3Donald"Trey" Moskal Premium Content
15-Red47Caylon Nichols Premium Content
18-Texas Orange4Jared Nizolek Premium Content
18-Texas Orange5Clay Ochoa Premium Content
14-Purple12Trevor Paradoski Premium Content
20-White38Blake Perdue Premium Content
15-Red34Kade Perry Premium Content
20-White45Jake Pfeiffer Premium Content
10-Dark Green10Brandon Pimentel Premium Content
15-Red35Cameron Powell Premium Content
15-Red38Connor Prado Premium Content
15-Red36Jacob Prater Premium Content
11-Maroon11Brady Probasco Premium Content
16-Royal50Connor Queen Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold22Daniel Quintanilla Premium Content
17-Teal6David Rainwater Premium Content
18-Texas Orange6Jonathan Randall Premium Content
13-Orange13Dylan Reeves Premium Content
12-Navy9Turner Rejebian Premium Content
15-Red48Ryan Rendon Premium Content
13-Orange14Zachary Rice Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold9Max Richardson Premium Content
15-Red49Manuel Rios Premium Content
20-White39Brett Rodriguez Premium Content
15-Red37Ryan Rodriguez Premium Content
13-Orange19Richard Ross Premium Content
16-Royal35Zach Ruther Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold10Sean Rydell Premium Content
8-Black42Evan Sack Premium Content
14-Purple19Jake Sandoval Premium Content
16-Royal36Austin Sankey Premium Content
14-Purple13Joey Savin Premium Content
16-Royal37Ty Sawka Premium Content
16-Royal38Daniel Scheid Premium Content
20-White46Burton Schnake Premium Content
8-Black45Derek Schumann Premium Content
18-Texas Orange7Philip Scott Premium Content
16-Royal39Zach Seizinger Premium Content
18-Texas Orange8Dominic Sere Premium Content
17-Teal8Trevor Sessions Premium Content
9-Crimson14Tye Shelton Premium Content
16-Royal40Charles Shipp Premium Content
18-Texas Orange9Kade Simons Premium Content
17-Teal9Alex Smith Premium Content
17-Teal10Ryan Smith Premium Content
18-Texas Orange10Brett Sorensen Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold11Dale St. John Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold12Austin Stevens Premium Content
11-Maroon12Chris Stevens Premium Content
12-Navy10Collin Storms Premium Content
20-White40Andrew Stratman Premium Content
20-White41Brandon Suarez Premium Content
15-Red51Kyle Sweeney Premium Content
8-Black20Jake Taylor Premium Content
13-Orange15Jonathan Tieu Premium Content
18-Texas Orange11Cole Tracey Premium Content
13-Orange17Hunter Trinidad Premium Content
10-Dark Green20Joshua Trotter Premium Content
14-Purple14Anthony (Dallas) Vega Premium Content
16-Royal41Cj Vogel Premium Content
20-White42Brady Wadkins Premium Content
10-Dark Green13Fritz Walker Premium Content
10-Dark Green14Dalton Wason Premium Content
20-White47Quinn Waterbury Premium Content
17-Teal11Dylan Watts Premium Content
12-Navy11Braxton Webb Premium Content
12-Navy12Braydon Webb Premium Content
17-Teal12Andrew White Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold13Davin White Premium Content
16-Royal42Sage White Premium Content
11-Maroon21Brian Wicker Premium Content
14-Purple15Avery Williams Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold46Barry Michael Williams Premium Content
19-Vegas Gold3Matt Willrodt Premium Content
10-Dark Green12Cooper Wilson Premium Content
11-Maroon13Jonathan Windham Premium Content
8-Black43James Wyche Premium Content
12-Navy13Jacob Wyeth Premium Content
18-Texas Orange12Tye Young Premium Content
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