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2014 Top Prospects

Bryan Torres  2B - 2014 - Bronx, NY   Uncommitted

Torres showed athletic actions in the infield and threw 86 mph across the infield. A primary shortstop, Torres moves well on his feet and ran a 6.84 60-yard dash and creates line drive contact from the right side.

2015 Top Prospects

John Aiello  SS - 2015 - Lansdale, PA   Wake Forest

Aiello is able to generate elite level bat speed and what makes his swing even more special is that he can swing it from both sides of the plate. He creates nice lift in his swing, a bit more from the left side, and is able to drive the ball hard to all fields, repeating his swing mechanics well from both sides.

Brett Kinneman  OF - 2015 - York, PA   North Carolina State

Kinneman showed tools that project nicely on both sides of the ball. His tools play well in centerfield, showing quick feet and a strong arm up to 87 mph. He showed quick hands from the left side with a strong feel for the barrel and ability to hit the ball to all fields and hit a couple out during BP. He also ran a 6.80 60-yard dash.

Travis Blankenhorn  SS - 2015 - Pottsville, PA   Kentucky

A University of Kentucky commit, Blankenhorn showed smooth defensive actions with the glove and quick feet along with a strong arm across the infield. A left-handed hitter, Blankenhorn shows a simple approach at the plate with an easy swing and good bat speed along with projectable strength.

Stevie Mangrum  3B - 2015 - Charlottesville, VA   Virginia Tech

A primary third baseman, Mangrum moved well on his feet with sound glove work and an easy arm action on throws across the infield. The Virginia Tech commit showed some of the better power this weekend using a short path to the ball with nice strength and lift in his swing. He also ran a 6.89 60-yard.

Charlie Concannon  OF - 2015 - West Chester, PA   St. Joseph's

Concannon took one of the better rounds of batting practice, showing a fast bat with lift from the left side with quick hips and hard contact to all fields. His swing is easy and he is able to loft the ball to his pull side very well.

Matthew McKeown  3B - 2015 - Barrington, NJ   Delaware

Once he got comfortable in the box, McKeown began putting on a show with the bat, putting his strength and bat speed on display. He is able to drive the ball to all parts of the field, jumping off the barrel, and showed the ability to put it over the fence by putting two balls out.

Carlos Garrido  C - 2015 - Trumbull, CT   Longwood

Carrido is a quick twitch defender behind the plate who showed solid defensive actions and a strong arm down to second base from a short arm action. He popped a 1.82 down to second and showed a quick, strong arm from the outfield, topping at 90 mph.

Ryan Shinn  OF - 2015 - Jobstown, NJ   Kentucky/Harford CC

A Florida Gulf Coast commit, Shinn showed sound fundamentals in the outfield with a nice first step and easy, gliding steps to the ball. Shinn shows quick hands with easy strength to all fields, especially well he barrels the ball up.

Vito Friscia  C - 2015 - Valley Stream, NY   Hofstra

Friscia is a strong, well built 6-3, 218 pound with similar strength that plays in his swing. He shows an easy swing with hard contact coming off the barrel when squared. He also showed very well behind the plate, popping a showcase best 1.81 with the strongest arm behind the plate at 82 mph.

Drew Jarmuz  OF - 2015 - Kennett Square, PA   Uncommitted

Jarmuz ran one of the best 60-yards at 6.58 seconds and topped at 88 mph on his throws from the outfield. At the plate, Jarmuz shows a fast bat with jump off the barrel when he squares it up.

CJ Pruitt  RHP - 2015 - Aston, PA   La Salle

Pruitt showed the top pitching velocity of the event, topping out at 89 mph and projects for more as he continues to fill out his lean 6-2, 185 pound frame. He demonstrated an understanding on the mound and mixed in a 79 mph slider and a 77 mph knuckleball.

Ben Faso  OF - 2015 - Media, PA   La Salle

With a strong 6-foot-2, 200 pound frame, Faso shows his strength in all phases of the game. The ball leaves his hand cleanly from a short arm action in the outfield with accuracy on his throws which were up to 86 mph. Faso shows interesting power at the plate with very good bat speed, resulting in hard line drive contact.

Brent Rice  LHP - 2015 - Cochranville, PA   Uncommitted

Rice is a long, projectable left-handed pitcher who creates nice angle from the first base side and showed the ability to command both sides of the plate and pounded the zone with his fastball which topped at 82 mph. He works downhill and shows very good pitchability with a 1/7 curveball at 68 mph.

Ryan Coulon  1B - 2015 - Lindenhurst, NY   St. Thomas Aquinas

Coulon showed very good bat speed from the right side during batting practice, creating some serious jump to all fields. He then showed that the hit tool plays in game, driving a double to the opposite field gap.

Sam Little  OF - 2015 - Fayetteville, NY   Uncommitted

Little moves well in the outfield, getting on top of the ball well on his throws which came out of his hand easily. With a balanced swing, Little gets nice extension with a fluid stroke and hard line drive contact to all fields.

Webb Little  SS - 2015 - Fayetteville, NY   Uncommitted

A middle infielder, Little controls his long levers very well with nice athleticism and the ability to complete plays with throws from multiple arm slots. The ball jumps nicely off his barrel, generating some lift with the ability to put it over the right field fence.

Matthew Bates  SS - 2015 - Lynchburg, VA   Uncommitted

Bates showed the biggest arm strength across the diamond this weekend, topping at 88 mph on his accurate throws. He fields the ball nicely out front and moves well on his feet, as evidenced by his 6.81 60-yard dash.

Mitchell Blackstone  C - 2015 - Dunn Loring, VA   Cornell

Blackstone is an athletic catcher who popped a 1.90 while showing some arm strength down to second base and a quick transfer of the ball. He showed the ability to get the barrel of the bat to the ball consistently, resulting in line drive contact to his pull side and also ran a 6.80 60-yard.

Christian Colon  C - 2015 - Hamden, CT   Bates College

Colon had a very nice showcase, showing all of his tools over the 2-day span. After running a 6.97, Colon popped a 1.97 with good arm strength down to second base, up to 76 mph. He showed consistently in game with the bat, exhibiting a fast bats with solid contact skills.

Ryan DiMeo  1B - 2015 - Turnersville, NJ   Uncommitted

DiMeo has a very strong build which played into his swing and used his solid bat speed to creates very hard line drive contact to his pull side. He showed athletic actions at first base with soft hands, picking anything in the dirt thrown his way.

Joe Enea  1B - 2015 - Manhasset, NY   Towson

Enea has a projectable 6-foot-4, 190 pound frame but is able to generate nice lift and extension in his swing, resulting in loud contact off the barrel. He shows nice arm strength across the diamond with tools that play well at 3B.

Joe Fernando  SS - 2015 - Brooklyn, NY   Bethune-Cookman/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Fernando turned in one of the top 60 times of the event at 6.64 and showed that same fluid footwork in the infield. He moves well on his feet to both sides, rounding it well, with a strong and accurate arm across.

Chris Jones  SS - 2015 - Sewell, NJ   High Point

Jones showed nice athleticism in the infield with a quick release and easy arm action on throws across the infield. He also showed well with the bat in game action with a simple approach and a fast bat which allow him to hit to all fields.

James Kelly  RHP - 2015 - Oceanport, NJ   Monmouth

Although listed as a primary infielder, Kelly showed well on the mound, topping out at 86 mph with his fastball form a short arm action while showing both a changeup and curveball. He stays balanced well through his swing, barreling the ball up to the middle and left side of the field.

Justin Lebek  OF - 2015 - Wilton, CT   Davidson

Throwing from a high three-quarter arm slot, Lebek topped out at 87 mph with his fastball (sitting 82-85 mph) while generating nice arm side run on the pitch. He worked his curveball in the low-70s, showing nice depth on the pitch.

Khalid Legette  OF - 2015 - Teaneck, NJ   Uncommitted

After running a 6.76 60-yard dash, Legette showed interesting tools with the bat from the right side with a simple approach and line drive contact to all fields. He also generates lift in his swing and showed his power can play in game when he hit a two-run home run.

Jordan McCrum  SS - 2015 - Dallas, PA   Monmouth

A primary shortstop, McCrum is very athletic and showed smooth defensive actions with an easy arm across. McCrum also showed well off the mound, throwing from a high three-quarter arm slot, McCrum topped out at 87 mph with his fastball from a short arm action and showed a sharp biting slider at 78 mph.

Matt McGee  C - 2015 - Forest Hill, MD   Philadelphia

McGee was very fluid behind the plate, showing sound defensive actions with a quick release and accurate throws down to second base. He popped an 1.88, threw 75 mph down, and showed quick hands and good bat speed at the plate.

Owen McMenamy  OF - 2015 - Dix Hills, NY   Iona

McMenamy showed well all weekend, whether it was in the outfield where he topped out at 86 mph with good carry, on the mound where he was up to 85 mph, or in the right handed batter's box where he showed a smooth, quick swing with a nice feel for the barrel. He also ran a 7.00 60-yard dash.

Anthony Meduri  OF - 2015 - Columbus, NJ   Binghamton

Meduri made consistent contact all weekend in game action with his short quick swing and ability to hit to all fields. He topped at 85 mph on the mound and showed one of the best arms from the outfield with an 88 mph throw.

Storm Parish  RHP - 2015 - Mendham, NJ   Uncommitted

With a lean, projectable 6-foot-2 frame, Parish was able to attack hitters with his fastball up to 87 mph and comfortably sat in the mid-80s throughout his outing. He repeats his delivery well and shows a fluid arm stroke from which the ball comes out cleanly.

Rich Rountree  OF - 2015 - Jackson, NJ   Delaware State

Rountree is a quick twitch athlete who turned in one of the top 60-yard times at the event, turning in a 6.61. He also showed a short bat path to the ball with quick hands, consistently lining the ball into left field.

Jeff Shanfeldt  C - 2015 - Garnet Valley, PA   Lehigh

A right-handed hitter, Shanfeldt showed quick hands and leverage in his swing with nice strength when barreled. He also showed some of the better tools behind the plate this weekend, popping a 1.89 with a quick and strong 80 mph arm down to second base. He showed sound defensive mechanics and actions.

Benjamin Wanger  1B - 2015 - Newton, MA   Yale

Wanger showed nice arm strength all over the field, throwing 82 mph from first base and 85 mph from the outfield. He shows quick hands at the plate and uses his long levers to generate lift in his swing nicely. He also topped out at 87 mph on the mound from a low three-quarter arm slot.

Danny Wondrack  C - 2015 - Wall, NJ   College of Charleston

Wondrack showed a balanced approach in the box with very good strength and lift in his swing and demonstrated it well in game, hitting a home run to left field in game action. Behind the plate he throws from a short arm action with a quick release, helping him pop a 1.88 down to second with his top throw clocking at 78 mph.

Joe Zirolli  1B - 2015 - Kennett Square, PA   Cecil CC

Zirolli is an interesting two-way player who showed well both with the bat and on the mound. A primary outfield, the 6-foot-3 Zirolli showed an accurate arm up to 84 mph from the outfield and a powerful bat with big raw strength from the right side. On the mound, he topped at 87 mph with nice arm side run from a loose, mid three-quarter slot.

2016 Top Prospects

Zach Attianese  LHP - 2016 - Old Bridge, NJ   Florida State/State College of Florida

A recent commit to the University of North Carolina, the left-hander worked in the mid-80s (topping 86) with his fastball with elite pitchability and command to go along with his big curveball that shows very nice depth to it.

Zachary Hess  RHP - 2016 - Forest, VA   Louisiana State

The 6-foot-5 Hess is very projectable with his long, lean frame and was able to run his fastball up to 87 mph while sitting in the mid-80s with a nice feel for a low-70s curveball with 11-5 break which he used to strike out 6 batters.

Aj (Anthony) Labella  SS - 2016 - Jenkintown, PA   George Washington

After taking a nice round of batting practice, LaBella showed that his hit tool really plays up in game action, collecting multiple hits which included a home run. He showed athletic actions up the middle and ran a 6.76 60-yard dash.

Josh Simon  C - 2016 - Laurel, MD   VCU

Simon showed some of the loudest tools throughout the event, throwing an event best 90 mph from the outfield then settled in nicely behind the plate, popping a 1.83 with a strong, 80 mph arm down to second base. Although a primary catcher, Simon ran very well, posting a 7.12 60-yard dash.

Joshua Arnold  RHP - 2016 - Petersburg, NJ   Fairfield

Arnold showed big arm strength both in the outfield and on the mound. He topped out at 90 mph from the outfield, tied for the best at the event. He repeats his delivery well on the mound, running his fastball up to 85 mph with nice, late life to it.

Dominick Claxton  OF - 2016 - Carrollton, VA   Uncommitted

Claxton is a quick-twitch, athletic outfielder who can move very well on his feet. The Virginia native showed a nice feel for the barrel from the right side and ran a blazing 6.77 60-yard dash.

Matt Kelly  SS - 2016 - Kennett Square, PA   Harford CC

A middle infielder, Kelly showed smooth, athletic actions with sound glove work and a strong arm across the infield with a quick release and good carry. He also ran a 7.04 60-yard dash.

Myles Mensah  SS - 2016 - Washington, DC   Hofstra

Everything that Mensah did this weekend, he did it well. After running a 7.09, Mensah athletic actions in the infield with solid glove work and then showed a short path to the ball with a quick bat.

Mike Pascoe  RHP - 2016 - Poughkeepsie, NY   San Jacinto CC

A primary right-handed pitcher, Pascoe showed some of the top velocity from the mound this weekend, topping out at 88 mph while working in the 84-87 mph range. A 2-way player, Pascoe showed a solid hit tool with the ball jumping nicely off his barrel.

2017 Top Prospects

Brock Nowell  C - 2017 - Wilmington, DE   Florida Atlantic

Nowell showed very well on both sides of the ball, especially given his 2017 grad year. A left-handed hitter, Nowell projects for more strength in his smooth and fluid swing. He moves well behind the plate and shows a strong arm, throwing out multiple would be base stealers during the game action.

Justin Willis  RHP - 2017 - West New York, NJ   Vanderbilt

The 5-foot-10 Willis threw well on the mound, showing a quick and fluid arm action while attacking hitters with a three pitch mix. He worked his fastball in the 82-84 mph range with a nice feel for his curveball which topped at 68 mph.

Zachary Daniels  OF - 2017 - Stockbridge, GA   Tennessee

Following up his 6.94 60-yard dash, Daniels shows a quick bat from the right-side with some lift in his swing and put his power on display after hitting a home run over the left field fence.

Liam Moreno  C - 2017 - Brookline, MA   Uncommitted

Moreno had a strong showing behind the plate during the drills, popping a 1.94 while throwing 76 mph down to second base. A right-handed batter, Moreno showed a nice, short swing which results in consistent line drive contact.

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