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2021 Top Prospects

Matthew Prevesk  OF - 2021 - Apopka, FL

Prevesk is a high-level draft talent as the Florida commit is a physical, lefthanded hitting outfielder with thump in his bat. He showed out well, running a 6.8 second 60-yard dash, throwing 86 mph from the outfield, and showing some big power with a smooth swing.

Irvin Murr III  SS - 2021 - Sanford, FL

There's a ton to like about Murr as he's huge, physical, and showed some of the best bat speed in the entire event. His strength and bat speed combination resulted in some extremely well-struck contact as the exit velocity and impact skills make for some immense power potential.

Kyle Tako  OF - 2021 - Hollywood, FL
Florida Gulf Coast

Tako has big bat speed at the dish and when he's able to get the bat head out the result is significant impact. He's a toolsy prospect too as he ran a 6.9 second 60 and unleashed a howitzer from the outfield with throws up to 90 mph.

Eladio Alonso  OF - 2021 - Miami, FL

Alonso showed off some big power in batting practice with a big leg kick, strong lower half drive, and a lot of backspun deep fly balls. He's got dead centerfield home run power along with being a sub-7.00 runner in the 60 and throwing 84 mph from the outfield.

Ian Anderson  LHP - 2021 - Lakeland, FL

Anderson showed an aggressive approach on the mound attacking hitters with his fastball early in counts. His fastball sat 80-84 mph and topped out at 86 mph with natural arm side run. He was also able to use his breaking ball in his later innings to get swings and misses with with late horizontal bite.

Richie Belcher  OF - 2021 - Fort Myers, FL

Belcher put up some of the louder metrics of the event when he was clocked up to 90 mph from the outfield, 88 mph across the infield, ran a sub.70 sixty time and also bumped 87 mph on the mound with an impressive breaking ball. In his round of batting practice, he showed bat speed and hit balls extremely hard to the middle of the field and pull side on a line drive plane.

Jake O'Connell  C - 2021 - Fort Myers, FL

O'Connell has immense physicality at present and it shows in a big way when he swings the stick. He's very strong and that directly correlates to power and exit velocity given the uphill swing path; his catch-and-throw skills are advanced with a 1.99 best pop.

Thomas Digiorgio  OF - 2021 - Lighthouse Point, FL

Digiorgio has a great frame with a ton of athleticism and excellent bat speed which makes for an exciting upside package. He ran a 6.7 second 60, showed off the raw bat speed in BP with some home run juice, and also has a quality arm from the outfield with throws recorded up to 86 mph.

Alfredo Carrion-Laureano  OF - 2021 - San Juan, PR

He asserted himself as a prospect to keep an eye on early on in the workouts. Carrion-Laureano posted one of the fastest ten yard splits with a 1.58 second time and the top overall 60 yard time with a 6.67 second time. That kind of straight line speed will play defensively for the primary outfielder who showed his arm strength topping out at 87 mph.

Gamalier Cartagena  OF - 2021 - Aguas Buenas, PR

Cartagena has a solid frame and skill set to build on moving forward. As a 6-foot-3 175-pound primary outfielder has plenty of projection left in his frame to go along with an arm that topped out at 86 mph from the outfield. At the plate his righthanded swing showed a smooth path and some hand quickness with an exit velocity of 88 mph that should only get better as he fills out his lean athletic frame.

Carlos Cordero  SS - 2021 - Orlando, FL

He showed plenty of arm strength across the diamond topping out at 90 mph. at the plate his right handed swing has a smooth bat path with some loft to it, couple that with an 88 mph exit velocity and you have a swing with the potential to split the gaps in the outfield.

Javier Crespo  2B - 2021 - Orlando, FL

Crespo is a quality athlete as he turned in a 6.8 second 60 and showed off a very quiet, simple stroke that allows his hittability to translate in game. He's able to drive the ball with intent all over the diamond and already shows pretty advanced barrel manipulation skills.

Giann Michael Dominguez  C - 2021 - Miami, FL

He showed good athleticism behind the plate with quick feet and a fast release. He did a nice job staying low and carrying his momentum into his throws on his way to the top pop time of the event with a 1.86. At the plate his swing showed contact oriented with a solid batting practice round of line drives. With an exit velocity of 90 mph and room to fill in the frame there is still power to project moving down the line.

Cade Drohan  RHP - 2021 - West Palm Beach, FL

Drohan has the prototypical build of a pitcher at the next level. The 6-foot-3 185-pound frame righthander sat 82-84 mph with his fastball and topped out at 85 mph with room still to fill in the frame. His arm works freely to a high three-quarters slot as he got a fair amount of swings and misses on his fastball working to both sides of the plate. He also showed a curveball with 12-6 shape in the low 70's.

Yesiel Gonzalez  SS - 2021 - Caguas, PR

He showed some two wat potential with some pop in his round of batting practice from his righthanded stroke with a quick compact stroke. As a primary shortstop he topped out at 87 mph with a solid glove an some bounce to his lateral movements. On the mound he sat 83-85 mph with his fastball that played nicely at the top of the zone. He also mixed in a 12-6 curveball with short depth to produce swings and misses.

Jose Alberto Molina  3B - 2021 - Barranquitas, PR

Molina took maybe the most impressive rounds of batting practice spraying balls over the wall to all parts of the park. His righthanded swing showed easy power with an exit velocity of 91 mph. As a primary third baseman he showed active feet and a solid glove with a strong arm throwing 88 mph across the diamond.

Tobin Moran  RHP - 2021 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Moran is an intriguing righthanded pitcher as there is significant athleticism and body control throughout the delivery and he topped out at 85 mph. He'll throw any pitch in any count for a strike, maintains velocity, and has a very quick arm action.

Jose Olmeda  SS - 2021 - Orlando, FL

Olmeda showed enough arm strength to play any of the three infield spots throwing 89 mph across the diamond. He paired his strong arm with smooth glove actions and solid range in any direction to put together an impressive round of ground balls on day one. Offensively he brings the ability to switch hit with swings that showed a contact oriented approach from both sides of the plate.

Gabriel Perez  OF - 2021 - Miami, FL

Perez showed off some of the best exit velocity and impact skills of the event as his top exit velocity recorded was 95 mph. He's a strong, physical hitter with a good arm too and his ability to drive the ball out in front stands out.

Jack Thompson  SS - 2021 - St. Petersburg, FL

He showed good feel for the barrel in his round of batting practice with a right handed stroke that produced hard hit line drives to all fields. His loose hands and good feel for using his lower half allow him to impact the ball consistently on the barrel. Defensively he showed polished mechanics and a solid glove making plays in each direction.

2022 Top Prospects

Tyson Greene  SS - 2022 - Live Oak, FL

Greene impressed in both the outfield and infield on day one of workouts. From the outfield he showcased a strong arm topping out at 91 mph with easy carry to all bases. In the infield, his primary position he showed fluidness through out the fielding process an once again showed off his strong arm topping out at 88 mph with the ability to throw from multiple arm angles.

Joseph Massa  SS - 2022 - Polk City, FL

Massa showed tremendous upside both in workouts and in what he showed at the dish, putting together one of the stronger infield rounds of the event with comfortability moving to and through the ball, a strong glove and good carry on throws clocked up to 86 mph across. Offensively, he has loose hands with whip through the zone, stays on plane well and shows the ability to lift the barrel with some carry when squared.

Gustavo Mendez  C - 2022 - Windermere, FL

Mendez looks the part with a big physical frame at 6-foot-3 230-pounds. He posted a 91 mph exit velocity with a swing that showed simple pre-pitch movements. This allows him to use his quick hands to impact the ball with more power to come with extension at the point of contact.

Jalen Smith  1B - 2022 - Tampa, FL

Smith more then looks the part of a power hitter. Standing 6-foot-3 215-pounds he showed great bat speed with one of the top exit velocity of showcase at 93 mph. In his round of batting practice he was able to use that bat speed to to put multiple balls out as he worked from gap to gap with good balance throughout the swing.

Jodany L Ofarril Ortiz  2B - 2022 - Caguas, PR

Ortiz took one of the smoothest infields off the event on day one. The primary middle infielder showed quick feet ranging in each direction with a clean glove and quick release. He showed his arm strength topping out at 85 mph from short with plenty of carry on the ball. In game action on day two his right handed swing showed a compact linear bat path with a line drive type of approach.

Sean Amarante  OF - 2022 - Spring, TX

He showed off a big arm in the workouts on day one throwing 89 mph from the outfield. At the plate his righthanded swing showed good rhythm with whip in the hands and the intent to impact the ball out front. With an exit velocity of 90 mph there is some projection moving forward for more power to come.

Jorge Gonzalez Febo  SS - 2022 - Orlando, FL

He posted on of the best 60 times of the event with a 6.76 second time. As a primary shortstop he showed off a strong arm during his workout topping out at 90 mph with accurate throws across the diamond. He will be a prospect to keep an eye on as he continues to fill out his 6-foot-1 179-pound frame.

Samuel Hernandez  C - 2022 - Lakeland, FL

Hernandez showed a strong offensive profile for a backstop in his round of batting practice, using a good rhythm and ability to stay on time with pitches to drive the ball well to the middle and pull side, including a homerun in batting practice. Behind the dish, he gains ground well into throws with fluidity to the actions, popping down to a 1.97 in workouts.

Carter Hewitt  1B - 2022 - Jupiter, FL

Hewitt fits the mold nicely of a power hitting first baseman given his smoothness around the bag and his ability already to go deep. The bat speed is impressive and he's got the ability to go yard now as the power ceiling is very high.

Todd Kniebbe  RHP - 2022 - Debary, FL

Kniebbe is a fairly interesting righthanded pitcher given his immense size at 6-foot-5 as well as running his fastball up to 84 mph. He got a lot of empty hacks at the top of the zone and the breaking ball is shaping up to be a true out pitch for him.

Keyber Lopez  SS - 2022 - Orlando, FL

Showed defensive skills in his workout that translated seamlessly to game play. In game action he played third, short, and second base. In the field he helped out his pitchers with smooth defensive plays in all directions. At the plate the switch hitter showcased a swing that looks to do damage early in counts while hunting fastballs.

Christopher Moss  OF - 2022 - Spring Hill, FL

Moss showed a strong combination of measurables as well as swings that project well at the top of the lineup. The speed absolutely plays as he recorded a 6.6 second 60 and the hands work very well into the swing to produce a lot of contact.

Jake Nolan  RHP - 2022 - Vero Beach, FL

He worked with a good pace through his four innings using a fastball curveball combo to that gave hitters fits. The fastball sat in the 80-83 mph range as he held that velocity throughout the outing. He also showed good feel for a frim curveball in the low 70's with 12-6 shape. His feel for the spin allowed him to throw the curveball in any count.

Evimael Quiles  3B - 2022 - Camuy, PR

A primary third baseman, he showed solid defensive skill in his work out with hand working cleanly through the ball out front. He showed some arm strength throwing 84 mph across the diamond with good carry on the ball. On the mound he also ran his fastball up to 84 mph and was able to get swings and misses in the zone.

Adrian Salas Rivera  C - 2022 - Aguadilla, PR

Showed well throughout the event. posting a sub-7.0 sixty time, impressing with good catch and throw skills from quick transfers and a strong arm behind the dish and then driving the ball well to the pull side in his round of batting practice.

Steven Sams  RHP - 2022 - Lecanto, FL

He sat 82-85 mph with his fastball throwing it effectively to both sides of the plate. With a 6-foot 150-pound frame and good feel for a simple delivery there is room to project more velocity to come. he also showed a slider in the low 70's with some depth as he was able to land it in the zone.

Maddux Smith  OF - 2022 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Smith has a nice collection of tools that should play near the top of the lineup that start with his precise barrel head. The swing is compact and easy with heaviness to the barrel while he's also low-80s from the outfield and can run well while underway.

Joseph Urban  SS - 2022 - Jupiter, FL

Urban does a little bit of everything well as he recorded a sub-7.00 second 60 and threw 86 mph across while the swing certainly impresses with quickness and fluidity as he controls the barrel well.

2023 Top Prospects

Andrew Merchant  OF - 2023 - Lake Mary, FL

There's a lot to like given Merchant's offensive profile as there's plenty of present bat speed and the mechanics posit big power upside given his lower half and ability to fire his hips. Merchant has the look of a standout prospect and the arm strength is also a weapon with 88 mph throws into the infield.

Joel Core  C - 2023 - Bayamon, PR

Core was a young standout at the event, using quick transfers and an accurate arm to pop down to a 1.96 from behind the plate while also showing good bat speed and the ability to barrel the baseball to all parts of the field with carry to the pull side at the dish.

Sean Collins  3B - 2023 - North Palm Beach, FL

Collins showed well at the hot corner in defensive workouts with a strong glove, clean transfers and low-80s arm strength across while impressing most with the bat using a simple swing with good rhythm to lift the ball well off the barrel.

John Martinez  SS - 2023 - Orlando, FL

Martinez is a quality, well-rounded prospect with a strong righthanded swing and quality footwork over on the left side of the infield. He's a pretty good athlete and his skills on both sides of the ball certainly project well moving forward.

Daniel Lazaro  OF - 2023 - Tampa, FL

Lazaro is a quality two-way prospect who really impressed during his time on the mound despite being a primary outfielder. Lazaro works fro a very tough low slot that generates big run and the slider and changeup are both quality secondary offerings.

Antonio Russo  OF - 2023 - Pompano Beach, FL

Russo is a well-rounded prospect with a good amount of peripheral tools that round out the profile well. He recorded a 7.00 second 60-yard dash time with upper-80s velocity from both the infield and outfield while the raw bat speed is impressive from an offensive perspective.

2024 Top Prospects

Jack Clark  2B - 2024 - Tampa, FL

Clark showed a lot of exciting tools for a young prospect with a 6.8 second 60-yard dash and very fast hands at the dish. Clark can turn the barrel over and work to the pull side with intent as the looseness, agility, and movements both defensively and in the batter's box standout.

Chase Nystrom  OF - 2024 - Trinity, FL

Nystrom is a quality two-way prospect as positionally he's got a strong arm from the outfield along with a consistent barrel from the right side with fluidity to the path. On the mound, he ran his fastball up to 83 mph to go along with a biting, downer curveball that's already advanced.

Anthony Medina  SS - 2024 - St. Cloud, FL

Medina has a very athletic swing with loose hands, some barrel whip, and easy barrel skills from the right side. The path is direct and generates a lot of contact as he won't swing and miss often, and the actions in the infield project well as he continues to add strength.

Jared Vega  SS - 2024 - Guanica, PR

Vega has loose and smooth actions over at the shortstop position with arm strength that's already in the low-80s across. The swing is very loose and easy with bat speed already and upside offensively that will be monitored closely as he adds strength.

Joshua Whritenour  RHP - 2024 - Hudson, FL

Whritenour ran his fastball up to 84 mph with a projectable operation on the whole given the ease of the arm action and delivery. He filled up the zone with the low-80s heater and the breaking ball shows potential as it tightens up with good shape and depth already.

Dimitri Sabino  SS - 2024 - Spring Hill, FL

Sabino is a young prospect who worked out at a number of positions with things to like from each, but showed a great deal to like in his time on the mound filling the zone with a fastball-changeup mix that projects with the length in the frame and athleticism in how he works. Sabino also had a solid round of batting practice working to either gap with confidence.

2025 Top Prospects

Jose Perdomo  SS - 2025 - Orlando, FL

Perdomo, a PG Select Festival participant this year, has an exciting tool set and was one of the most impressive hitters in game regardless of age. There's significant bat speed and power upside as he matures and there's already quality strength overall with power present and throws up to 86 mph across the diamond.

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