Showcase National Academic Showcase
May 31 - Jun 1, 2014 5-Plex - Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
13-Royal44Zac Affleck Premium Content
12-Red15Jason Allbery Premium Content
13-Royal43Michael Arencibia Premium Content
9-Black15Jonathon Artigues Premium Content
9-Black26David Azria Premium Content
10-Kelly Green15Ravi Bakhai Premium Content
12-Red14Konnor Balch Premium Content
16-Texas Orange17Nicholas Baldor Premium Content
11-Navy44Ryan Becker Premium Content
12-Red13Bryce Benedict Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold15Nicholas Bermudez Premium Content
16-Texas Orange16Alec Bigness Premium Content
16-Texas Orange15Jerry Biller III Premium Content
10-Kelly Green14Dalys Binder Premium Content
13-Royal42Cole Brook Premium Content
10-Kelly Green13Christopher Brooks Premium Content
13-Royal41Brian Brown Premium Content
12-Red12Davis Brown Premium Content
11-Navy43Trent Bryan Premium Content
6-Navy14Jonathen Burkett Premium Content
10-Kelly Green84Julian Cabrera Premium Content
11-Navy42Tristan Capocci Premium Content
11-Navy41Alec Cargin Premium Content
14-Steel15Matthew Cerfolio Premium Content
15-Teal18Zack Chastain Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold14Michael Ciancio Premium Content
9-Black25Nate Collins Premium Content
12-Red25Griffin Conine Premium Content
13-Royal40Hunter Creech Premium Content
15-Teal17Gavin Crimmins Premium Content
3-Dark Green27Colin Cristello Premium Content
12-Red24Jesse Crosno Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold3Gus Cunningham Premium Content
12-Red23Eduardo Cutillas Premium Content
12-Red22Eliott Cutillas Premium Content
18-White31John D'Amelio Premium Content
18-White14George Denove Premium Content
14-Steel26Deangelo Descorbeth Premium Content
9-Black13Matthew DiNenna Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold28Tommy Dolan Premium Content
18-White13Hunter Draffen Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold13Conner Dunbar Premium Content
10-Kelly Green12A.J. Dunham Premium Content
18-White12Keith Dunkelberger Premium Content
16-Texas Orange14Tyler Dyson Premium Content
18-White84Bryan Eberle Premium Content
18-White10Michael Eberle Premium Content
10-Kelly Green11Jacob Eichacker Premium Content
16-Texas Orange13Michael (Mike) Falcon Premium Content
11-Navy40Nicholas Flood Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold54Jake Foster Premium Content
10-Kelly Green83Jake Fowler Premium Content
17-Vegas gold11Maverick Gagliano Premium Content
9-Black12Alex Gionis Premium Content
15-Teal15Midel Gomez Premium Content
11-Navy39Carlos A. Gonzalez Premium Content
11-Navy38Julian Gonzalez Premium Content
14-Steel14Sam Grabenstein Premium Content
13-Royal30Christopher Graffeo Premium Content
11-Navy37Ross Granger Premium Content
14-Steel12Turner Grass Premium Content
15-Teal14John David Grider Premium Content
15-Teal13Zachary Haines Premium Content
10-Kelly Green10Hayden Hamm Premium Content
9-Black11Conner Helbling Premium Content
13-Royal39Alexander Herbst Premium Content
10-Kelly Green9Rafael Hernandez Premium Content
11-Navy82Trent Herzog Premium Content
14-Steel10Blake Hodgens Premium Content
12-Red11Garrett Horton Premium Content
12-Red10Matthew Hosman Premium Content
14-Steel9Diego Irizarry Premium Content
13-Royal52Duncan Jakubowski Premium Content
13-Royal38Will Jauss Premium Content
9-Black24Andrew Jezewski Premium Content
10-Kelly Green8Juan Jimenez Premium Content
18-White9Sam Joyce Premium Content
10-Kelly Green7David Juechter Premium Content
16-Texas Orange26Andrew Kane Premium Content
13-Royal37Hyl Kimbrough Premium Content
13-Royal36Zachary Koroneos Premium Content
9-Black10Brandon Labunski Premium Content
14-Steel8Nathan Law Premium Content
16-Texas Orange6Dylan Leonard Premium Content
12-Red9Alec Lindfors Premium Content
9-Black9Noah Linhart Premium Content
15-Teal12Zak Lintz Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold10Steven Lockwood Premium Content
12-Red8Tyler Lopes Premium Content
16-Texas Orange25Dylan Macfarquhar Premium Content
14-Steel7Roberto Malinowski Premium Content
10-Kelly Green6Carlos Mancilla Premium Content
13-Royal35Alex Mardiney Premium Content
11-Navy56Chase Marini Premium Content
18-White8Michael Matter Premium Content
14-Steel6Ridge Maxson Premium Content
12-Red7Adrian Mayans Premium Content
14-Steel25Collin Maynard Premium Content
15-Teal11Chad McClanahan Premium Content
18-White7John McKenna Premium Content
18-White6Joshua Miaskowski Premium Content
15-Teal52Justin Millares Premium Content
14-Steel1Andrew Miller Premium Content
14-Steel5Quinn Mimnaugh Premium Content
15-Teal10Jacob Mocny Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold53Adam Moore Premium Content
12-Red5Justin Moore Premium Content
14-Steel24Matthew Moore Premium Content
16-Texas Orange2Thomas Moschner Premium Content
16-Texas Orange24Mason Moyer Premium Content
18-White83Jacob Munn Premium Content
9-Black8Matt Neer Premium Content
16-Texas Orange11Noah Nicaud Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold8Benjamin Nobs Premium Content
18-White5Frank Ortega Premium Content
11-Navy31Joshua Parker Premium Content
14-Steel4Rey Pascual Premium Content
9-Black7Hunter Perez Premium Content
11-Navy36Themi Pineda Premium Content
10-Kelly Green5Jordan Quijano Premium Content
11-Navy35Jordan Ramus Premium Content
13-Royal34Edison Rodriguez Premium Content
15-Teal9Freddy Sabido Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold6Chris Sagrera Premium Content
9-Black6Adam Saks Premium Content
15-Teal5Doug Sandberg Premium Content
14-Steel3David Santos Premium Content
16-Texas Orange10Roberto Serrano Premium Content
9-Black5Eric Sexton Premium Content
13-Royal33Jacob Shattuck Premium Content
18-White3Tyler Shuck Premium Content
15-Teal4Jack Silva Premium Content
12-Red21Kennet Sorenson Premium Content
16-Texas Orange9Ryan Stark Premium Content
16-Texas Orange8Eugene Brandon "Brad" Stewart II Premium Content
13-Royal28Drew Stofanik Premium Content
15-Teal3Jake Sullivan Premium Content
11-Navy33Joseph Tieman Premium Content
15-Teal2John Tipps Premium Content
13-Royal32Travis Torosian Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold5Michael Uhle Premium Content
18-White2Brandon Valls Premium Content
16-Texas Orange7Justin Velazquez Premium Content
12-Red20Brett Vosik Premium Content
9-Black4William Wallace Premium Content
9-Black3Adam Weekley Premium Content
17-Vegas Gold4Cole Welch Premium Content
14-Steel2James Wetter Premium Content
18-White1Matthew White Premium Content
13-Royal31Angelo Winings Premium Content
12-Red6Tyler Wise Premium Content
10-Kelly Green4Peyton Woble Premium Content
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