Showcase Western Underclass Showcase
Sep 18 - 19, 2004 College Of the Desert - Palm Desert, CA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Columbia3Quinn Blake Premium Content
Purple4Michael Bonder Premium Content
Orange2Sean Bonesteele Premium Content
Purple14Sam Bridges Premium Content
Orange11Brandon Brooks Premium Content
Orange18Chris Casazza Premium Content
Purple19Yasser Clor Premium Content
Orange14Kevin Couture Premium Content
Columbia8Ryan Dent Premium Content
Purple8Mark Doble Premium Content
Columbia16Mike Ferraro Premium Content
Orange16Freddie Freeman Premium Content
Columbia14Cody (Colton) Gabrielson Premium Content
Purple9Grant Green Premium Content
Purple3Ben Gregg Premium Content
Columbia6Logan Grimes Premium Content
Maroon12Colin Hacker Premium Content
Columbia4Erik Hansen Premium Content
Orange3Jake Henderson Premium Content
Purple15Eric Hillenbrand Premium Content
Columbia12Bryan Horst Premium Content
Maroon51Patrick Huls Premium Content
Orange4Jake Johnson Premium Content
Purple17Chris Jones Premium Content
Columbia11Ryan Knox Premium Content
Maroon14Ryan Laing Premium Content
Purple16Kemick Larson Premium Content
Purple1Brendan Lawbaugh Premium Content
Maroon1David Legg Premium Content
Maroon2Derek Legg Premium Content
Orange9Mark Leslie Premium Content
Columbia10Jordan Lowe Premium Content
Maroon52Kevin MacDonald Premium Content
Orange10Matt McCormick Premium Content
Orange8Cameron McMullen Premium Content
Columbia9Courtney Morgan Premium Content
Maroon16Kyle Mosbrucker Premium Content
Purple2Garrett Nash Premium Content
Columbia5Mike O'Neill Premium Content
Maroon26Nick Ousman Premium Content
Columbia15Adam Pittman Premium Content
Purple5Michael Pugliese Premium Content
Purple7Dominick Robusto Premium Content
Maroon48Nicholas Russell Premium Content
Columbia1Eric Sanchez Premium Content
Maroon10David Sharp Premium Content
Columbia17Richard Smith Premium Content
Columbia7Derek Smith-Hernandez Premium Content
Purple13Mathew Stevens Premium Content
Maroon18Travis Tartamella Premium Content
Purple18Ian Thompson Premium Content
Orange13Stephen Triolo Premium Content
Orange7Vincent Valdez Premium Content
Purple10Alex Venegas Premium Content
Orange17Corey Ventura Premium Content
Orange5Andrew Williamson Premium Content
Maroon11TJ Witkowski Premium Content
Columbia2David Wright Premium Content
Purple6Eric Wright Premium Content
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