National Underclass Session 3
Jan 4 - 5, 2014 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- JetBlue Player Development Complex  
  Power Alley Fort Myers, FL 33913 Map   

- City of Palms Park  
  2201 Edison Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
20-Purple61Freddy Achecar Premium Content
20-Purple64Giovanni Aldecoa Premium Content
21-Red34Trent Allen Premium Content
15-Black47Jason Aponte Premium Content
22-Teal31Jeffrey Arbour Premium Content
21-Red35Bradley Baker Premium Content
15-Black46Brandon Bell Premium Content
18-Maroon48Daniel Bello Premium Content
15-Black45Liam Bendo Premium Content
22-Teal32Jeremy Bishop Premium Content
17-Kelly Green18Austin Blakeley Premium Content
17-Kelly Green17John Blue Premium Content
17-Kelly Green27Evans Bozeman Premium Content
16-Gold46Davis Brown Premium Content
15-Black44Trent Bryan Premium Content
16-Gold45James Buckley Premium Content
17-Kelly Green16John Callahan Premium Content
15-Black43Luis Camacho Premium Content
18-Maroon46Matt Carpenter Premium Content
23-White36Tim Carter Premium Content
16-Gold56John Castro Premium Content
17-Kelly Green4Rock Cates Premium Content
15-Black42Matthew Chipkin Premium Content
18-Maroon45Connor Chiulli Premium Content
18-Maroon44Ryan Choate Premium Content
22-Teal56Chase Colding Premium Content
20-Purple35Bailey Combs Premium Content
16-Gold55Griffin Conine Premium Content
18-Maroon43Devin Conn Premium Content
23-White37Elijah Connell Premium Content
19-Orange34John Cunningham Premium Content
16-Gold44Ryan Davis Premium Content
18-Maroon34Christian Dearman Premium Content
21-Red36Ty Denzer Premium Content
20-Purple36Rodrigo Duluc Premium Content
19-Orange35Ethan Dyer Premium Content
23-White59Phillip Felicien Premium Content
19-Orange36Slater Fleming Premium Content
19-Orange37Branden Fryman Premium Content
21-Red33Donovan Futrell Premium Content
17-Kelly Green13Jonathan Gates Premium Content
20-Purple37Alex Giglio Premium Content
18-Maroon58Ethan Gillis Premium Content
16-Gold43Michael Gonzalez Premium Content
21-Red37Landon Gray Premium Content
22-Teal33TJ Greco Premium Content
22-Teal34Thomas Halcomb Premium Content
18-Maroon42Aaron Hall Premium Content
20-Purple39Jordan Harmon Premium Content
20-Purple40Everrett Harris Premium Content
21-Red38Grant Hawks Premium Content
17-Kelly Green12PJ Hedman Premium Content
17-Kelly Green11Chase Henderson Premium Content
17-Kelly Green3Josue Hernandez Premium Content
17-Kelly Green10Ryan Hernandez Premium Content
22-Teal35Ryan Heth Premium Content
22-Teal37Gabriel Holt Premium Content
18-Maroon41Travis Holt Premium Content
21-Red39Koby Hott Premium Content
22-Teal53Brody Howe Premium Content
16-Gold41Drew Jarmuz Premium Content
21-Red40Bradford Jones Premium Content
23-White40Ben Kiefer Premium Content
23-White41Brandon Lam Premium Content
17-Kelly Green26Jensen Lapoint Premium Content
21-Red41Lael Lockhart, Jr. Premium Content
15-Black40Joshuan F Lopez Premium Content
23-White42Kobe Lopez Premium Content
16-Gold40Connor Maginnis Premium Content
20-Purple41Justin Marcano Premium Content
23-White58Onassis Matos Premium Content
23-White43Chris Matthias Premium Content
15-Black38Gary Mattis Jr Premium Content
21-Red42Jack Mattson Premium Content
23-White44Jagger McCoy Premium Content
16-Gold34Myles McKisic Premium Content
17-Kelly Green9Jonathan Meaney Premium Content
22-Teal39Casey Miles Premium Content
19-Orange39Cameron Milne Premium Content
15-Black37Justin Moore Premium Content
18-Maroon40Myles Moran Premium Content
20-Purple42Nic Motley Premium Content
20-Purple43Landen Myers Premium Content
16-Gold54Nick Nelsen Premium Content
18-Maroon39Kevin Norton Premium Content
16-Gold39Zach Odell Premium Content
19-Orange40Joseph Paolini Premium Content
19-Orange41Eric Petroski Premium Content
17-Kelly Green8Chad Pinnix Premium Content
23-White45Gabriel Pizarro Premium Content
22-Teal40Aaron Portee Premium Content
22-Teal67Walker Powell Premium Content
18-Maroon38Nick Price Premium Content
20-Purple45Erik Rivera Premium Content
19-Orange42Chase Robinson Premium Content
17-Kelly Green6Jacob Rodriguez Premium Content
19-Orange43Mike Rojas Premium Content
21-Red43Mauricio Rondon Premium Content
18-Maroon37Yamil Rosario Premium Content
21-Red44Hudson Sanchez Premium Content
16-Gold38Clark Sanderson Premium Content
19-Orange57Liam Scafariello Premium Content
19-Orange1Michael Schappell Premium Content
18-Maroon57Matthew Schmidt Premium Content
20-Purple46Michael Schwitalla Premium Content
22-Teal41Bo Seccombe Premium Content
19-Orange44Casey Selfe Premium Content
19-Orange45Tyler Sellers Premium Content
21-Red45Charlie Serino Premium Content
20-Purple47Forrest Smith Premium Content
22-Teal42Jake Smith Premium Content
21-Red46John Smith Premium Content
15-Black36Elmer Jose Sosa Mundo Premium Content
18-Maroon35Bryan Soth Premium Content
16-Gold37Joshua Soward Premium Content
23-White60Thomas Spinelli Premium Content
21-Red47Michael Spinozzi Premium Content
20-Purple34Scotty Stout Premium Content
15-Black35John Sturgis Premium Content
20-Purple48Aaron Therien Premium Content
22-Teal43Patrick Trevisani Premium Content
17-Kelly Green5Thomas Trullinger Premium Content
19-Orange46Chase Tucker Premium Content
15-Black34Justin Velazquez Premium Content
15-Black33William Wallace Premium Content
19-Orange47Nicholas Watts Premium Content
22-Teal44Andy Weber Premium Content
23-White61Bo Weiss Premium Content
23-White46Tanner White Premium Content
15-Black32James Whiteman Premium Content
16-Gold33Cameron Williams Premium Content
23-White49Drayden Williams Premium Content
16-Gold53Connor Wilson Premium Content
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