Showcase South Top Prospect Showcase
Aug 11 - 12, 2012 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
1-Black1EJ Alejandre Premium Content
8-White1Derek Alonzo Premium Content
1-Black2Chris Altimont Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Cole Angelle Premium Content
1-Black3Trent Armstrong Premium Content
1-Black4Avery Arnold Premium Content
6-Maroon1TJ Arredondo Premium Content
6-Maroon2Patrick "Taylor" Beene Premium Content
8-White15Joseph Berenji Premium Content
7-Navy12Seth Bickerstaff Premium Content
1-Black6Jonathan Boucher Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue16Ryan Boucher Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue1Cameron Brockhoff Premium Content
7-Navy1Ryan Bruning Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue17Brett Bushnell Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Tanner Buxton Premium Content
3-Dark Green16Kyle Carroll Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Patrick Christie Premium Content
7-Navy2Jordan Clayton Premium Content
8-White2Jacob Colombo Premium Content
3-Dark Green13Ross Coskrey Premium Content
8-White14Chase Cryer Premium Content
1-Black12Logan Daniels Premium Content
8-White13Devin Dickens Premium Content
3-Dark Green1Chad Donato Premium Content
4-Gold1Preston Dorsey Premium Content
5-Orange24Dewey Dovel Premium Content
5-Orange1Carson Dowdle Premium Content
8-White3Mead Elam-Wauqua Premium Content
6-Maroon3Sam Endicott Premium Content
4-Gold2Chris Falwell Premium Content
6-Maroon18Ben Fletcher Premium Content
5-Orange2Kane Fontenot Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue8Yancey Foster Premium Content
4-Gold3Justin Garcia Premium Content
3-Dark Green2Drake Gardner Premium Content
3-Dark Green3Tyler Garrison Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue18Mason Gentry Premium Content
7-Navy3Nikolaos Gifford Premium Content
8-White24Chris Glover Premium Content
4-Gold4Dalton Gould Premium Content
5-Orange3Brandon Grudzielanek Premium Content
3-Dark Green4Emilio Guerra Premium Content
3-Dark Green5Nathan Guerra Premium Content
7-Navy15Vance Hammonds Premium Content
4-Gold5Hunter Harris Premium Content
4-Gold6Brett Harryman Premium Content
3-Dark Green6Justin "Scotty" Harvill Premium Content
8-White4Andrew Heitkamp Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue20Logan Hiatt Premium Content
7-Navy4Luke Hill Premium Content
3-Dark Green15Matthew Holcombe Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Jonathan Horn Premium Content
4-Gold7Tyler Horn Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue5Brennen Isbell Premium Content
7-Navy16Jenner Jackson Premium Content
7-Navy5Lane Jackson Premium Content
8-White5Ryan Jackson Premium Content
6-Maroon5John Jakubik Premium Content
5-Orange4Garrett Johnston Premium Content
4-Gold15Thomas Kensi Premium Content
6-Maroon6Garrett Krbec Premium Content
8-White6Joseph Lansford Premium Content
6-Maroon7Landon Lewis Premium Content
5-Orange15Ryan Liggett Premium Content
6-Maroon8Thaddius Lowry Premium Content
7-Navy6Casey Maack Premium Content
8-White7David Martinelli Premium Content
7-Navy7Brady May Premium Content
1-Black7DJ McDaniel Premium Content
7-Navy8Connor McGuire Premium Content
4-Gold16James Mclemore Premium Content
6-Maroon9Andrew Mealey Premium Content
5-Orange5Colin Miner Premium Content
4-Gold 17Garrett Moon Premium Content
7-Navy9Jason Morrison Premium Content
8-White12Gregory Myers Premium Content
3-Dark Green7Victor Negron Premium Content
3-Dark Green8Kyle Nelson Premium Content
8-White8Gabriel Nevala Premium Content
4-Gold10Blake Northrop Premium Content
6-Maroon10Bennett Notestine Premium Content
3-Dark Green9Baylor Obert Premium Content
8-White9Thomas O'Brien Premium Content
5-Orange6Glenn Roy Pace Premium Content
1-Black13Sebastian Palacios Premium Content
4-Gold11Quintin Pile Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue21Colton Poindexter Premium Content
5-Orange8Tyler Quincy Premium Content
6-Maroon25Nicholas Ramos Premium Content
1-Black8Trenton Ray Premium Content
4-Gold12Austin Reece Premium Content
3-Dark Green10Dylan Rogers Premium Content
4-Gold13Justin Saenz Premium Content
5-Orange9Steven Sensley Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue6Devin Skapura Premium Content
1-Black9Riley Smith Premium Content
6-Maroon11Gabriel Sobarzo Premium Content
8-White10Benjamin Stapp Premium Content
3-Dark Green11Weston Talley Premium Content
6-Maroon12Luke Tebbetts Premium Content
6-Maroon4Caleb Thomas Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Jared Thompson Premium Content
1-Black15Parker Thompson Premium Content
7-Navy18Sean Thompson Premium Content
6-Maroon14Mason Tipton Premium Content
5-Orange11Jeff Walburn Premium Content
5-Orange12Hampton Walker Premium Content
4-Gold8Matthew Waller Premium Content
1-Black10Lucas Wearden Premium Content
1-Black14Adam Webb Premium Content
7-Navy10Colin Webb Premium Content
7-Navy11Johnny Whalen Premium Content
6-Maroon13Jordan White Premium Content
8-White11Austin Yeager Premium Content
5-Orange13Nicholas Yoning Premium Content
1-Black11Christian Zuniga Premium Content
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