Showcase Sunshine Northeast Showcase
Jun 2 - 3, 2012 Mercer County Park - West Windsor, NJ  

- Mercer County Park  
  1638 Old Trenton Rd West Windsor, NJ 08550 Map   

- Gilder Field  
  Crosswicks and Rt. 130 Bordentown, NJ 08505 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
9-Royal1Jacob Aboodi Premium Content
8-Red18Louis Aikins Premium Content
3-Gold14Jason Applegate Premium Content
6-Navy1Adam Ashenfarb Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue1Nicholas Aurrichio Premium Content
3-Gold1Preston Baldwin Premium Content
6-Navy19Paul Balestrieri Premium Content
4-Green1Christopher Barcas Premium Content
1-Black1Matthew Bates Premium Content
11-Teal1Jon Baturgil Premium Content
4-Green18Joshua Belch Premium Content
10-Steel15Brendan Benecke Premium Content
9-Royal5Kenner Berry Premium Content
9-Royal2Kiernan Besse Premium Content
6-Navy2Kenny Beyrouty Premium Content
3-Gold2James Bleming Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue2Austin Borrero Premium Content
6-Navy3Anthony Brocato Premium Content
10-Steel2Kyle Cala Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue17Thomas Carey Premium Content
3-Gold3Devin Caybasi Premium Content
10-Steel17Jerome Cevetello Premium Content
1-Black3Jose Colon Premium Content
5-Maroon2Brady Cotler Premium Content
10-Steel3Brian Cottrell Premium Content
1-Black4Ross Crames Premium Content
7-Purple1Aaron Crichlow Premium Content
8-Red15Matthew Crohan Premium Content
9-Royal4Anthony Cruz Premium Content
8-Red1Tim Curtis Premium Content
4-Green2Cameron Cyr Premium Content
1-Black5Hunter Davis Premium Content
6-Navy4Drew DeAngelis Premium Content
6-Navy18Joey DeLaCruz Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue3Peter DeLuca Premium Content
9-Royal3Jonathan DeMarco Premium Content
11-Teal2Jim DeRogatis Premium Content
11-Teal17Phoenix Deschamps Premium Content
3-Gold4Matthew DiCerbo Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue4Nick Dispoto Premium Content
6-Navy5Kevin Donovan Premium Content
3-Gold5Thomas Duggleby Premium Content
8-Red2Stefan Edmiston Premium Content
1-Black6Manny Esposito Premium Content
4-Green15Caleb Evans Premium Content
12-White13Kyle Fagan Premium Content
7-Purple2Andres Fernandez Premium Content
9-Royal12Joe Flack Premium Content
12-White1Bryan Flewelling Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue5Joe Foote Premium Content
3-Gold6Zachary Formica Premium Content
4-Green4Aidan Freeburg Premium Content
10-Steel4AJ Gallagher Premium Content
4-Green5Fabien Gashi Premium Content
5-Maroon3Jack Gifford Premium Content
11-Teal3Christopher Giglio Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue6Simon Gravel Premium Content
7-Purple23Tyler Green Premium Content
6-Navy17Jake Greenberg Premium Content
12-White2Billy Gregory Premium Content
5-Maroon21Austin Griffie Premium Content
1-Black7Billy Griffin Premium Content
3-Gold15Kenneth Guichardo Premium Content
10-Steel5James Halasy Premium Content
8-Red16Nick Harper Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue16Liam Harsh Premium Content
7-Purple3Cory Hecht Premium Content
12-White3Kai Hess Premium Content
4-Green13Evan Hirschbaum Premium Content
7-Purple4Zachary Hutson Premium Content
10-Steel6Tyler Iannarone Premium Content
7-Purple5Chris Iocca Premium Content
10-Steel7Garrett Ivanecki Premium Content
9-Royal17Kyle Jacksic Premium Content
7-Purple22Thomas Jankins Premium Content
4-Green8Braedon Jewett Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue7Danny Kelley Premium Content
5-Maroon4James Kelly Premium Content
1-Black8Luke Kelly Premium Content
10-Steel18Vincent Kennedy Premium Content
5-Maroon5Tyler Kirkpatrick Premium Content
12-White14Andrew (AJ) Kloehn Premium Content
11-Teal16Matthew Kozuch Premium Content
8-Red17Marshall Kramsky Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue8Perry Kulaga Premium Content
7-Purple21Austin Kunz Premium Content
6-Navy16Austin Kurey Premium Content
10-Steel16Daniel LaMorte Premium Content
7-Purple14Brian Lau Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue9Dimitri Lettas Premium Content
11-Teal4Matthew Lewis Premium Content
6-Navy6Austin Lindner Premium Content
6-Navy7Evan Lobato Premium Content
12-White4Gianni Magliaro Premium Content
12-White5Niles Malvasia, Jr. Premium Content
11-Teal7Stevie Mangrum Premium Content
10-Steel8Michael Martone Premium Content
6-Navy8Anthony Martorana Premium Content
12-White6Joe Maselli Premium Content
4-Green10Alexander Masotto Premium Content
11-Teal8Simon Mathews Premium Content
12-White8Jordan Matthews Premium Content
11-Teal9John Mazza Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue10Dean McCann Premium Content
12-White7Tristan McGinnis Premium Content
3-Gold7Patrick Meagher Premium Content
1-Black9Victor Mendoza Premium Content
3-Gold8Sam Mines Premium Content
9-Royal11Dionny Morales Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue44Joseph Morel Premium Content
4-Green11Jonathon Morrow Premium Content
5-Maroon20Connor Murphy Premium Content
5-Maroon7Robbie Nardelli Premium Content
7-Purple11Ryan Nazario Premium Content
12-White15Louis Negrelli Premium Content
5-Maroon11Collin Nordstrom Premium Content
6-Navy9Shane Ocasal Premium Content
12-White9Ryan O'Connor Premium Content
9-Royal15Erik Ostberg Premium Content
11-Teal10Dominick Paiotti Premium Content
10-Steel19Nicholas Palladino Premium Content
7-Purple12Joseph Palumbo Premium Content
11-Teal14Storm Parish Premium Content
6-Navy10Gregg Pascullo Premium Content
6-Navy11Nicholas Pedalino Premium Content
8-Red5TJ Perkowski Premium Content
12-White10Dominick Pisciotto Premium Content
7-Purple13Justin Polanco Premium Content
6-Navy12Austin Pollack Premium Content
8-Red28Harrison Preschel Premium Content
10-Steel9John Puleo Premium Content
10-Steel10Thomas Puza Premium Content
4-Green12Jared D Quintero Premium Content
12-White16Michael (Buddy) Reed Premium Content
3-Gold16Michael Reiher Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue13Jason Reyes Premium Content
9-Royal16Stephen Ridings Premium Content
4-Green14Ty Robinson Premium Content
8-Red27Ronnie Roganti Premium Content
1-Black19Connor Rooney Premium Content
10-Steel11Zack Rosenthal Premium Content
1-Black16Joe Rotelli Premium Content
3-Gold9Dalton Ruch Premium Content
5-Maroon19Evelino Ruibal Premium Content
11-Teal11Alejandro Ruiz Premium Content
1-Black10Brett Ryan Premium Content
5-Maroon8Matthew Rykaczewski Premium Content
5-Maroon18Joseph Sadler Premium Content
8-Red26TJ Santiago Premium Content
10-Steel12Anthony Santoro Premium Content
9-Royal6Elias Sayad Premium Content
12-White11Jake Schernecker Premium Content
4-Green16Tyler Schmitt Premium Content
3-Gold10Matthew Schneiderman Premium Content
12-White17Calvin Scott III Premium Content
3-Gold12Thayer Seely Premium Content
7-Purple19Adam Seibert Premium Content
8-Red25Frank Servidio Premium Content
5-Maroon9Kyle Simmons Premium Content
12-White12Vincenzo Sita Premium Content
10-Steel13Kyle Skoog Premium Content
8-Red14Cody Smith Premium Content
9-Royal18Justin Smith Premium Content
5-Maroon10Kwestin Smith Premium Content
9-Royal7Harrison Smoske Premium Content
8-Red13Elliot Snyder Premium Content
8-Red7Marc Sredojevic Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue11Chris Stark Premium Content
1-Black17Danny Stepler Premium Content
5-Maroon15Tyler Swiggart Premium Content
5-Maroon16Bryan Terzian Premium Content
10-Steel14Andrew Tobin Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue18Ryan Toomey Premium Content
3-Gold13Hunter Tracy Premium Content
10-Steel1John Vasiliu Premium Content
6-Navy15Mike Velasco Premium Content
9-Royal10Brandon Wagner Premium Content
1-Black18Donovan Waller Premium Content
7-Purple9Geoffrey Warrington Premium Content
11-Teal12Nick West Premium Content
5-Maroon17Brian Wikoff Premium Content
9-Royal9Matt Wildrick Premium Content
2-Columbia Blue12Michael Wood Premium Content
11-Teal15Andrew Yacyk Premium Content
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