Showcase Sunshine West Showcase
Jun 11 - 12, 2011 Southwestern College - Chula Vista, CA  

- Southwestern College  
  900 Otay Lakes Road Chula Vista, CA 91910 Map   

- Eastlake HS  
  1120 Eastlake Pkwy Chula Vista, CA 91915 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
12-White9Justin Aden Premium Content
9-Steel16Scott Adkins Premium Content
2-Crimson21Vincent Albelo Premium Content
12-White6Martin Alcoverde Premium Content
4-Green16Dylan Alexander Premium Content
8-Red10Garrett Anctil Premium Content
3-Gold2Jordan Andrews Premium Content
12-White8Daniel Arellano Premium Content
2-Crimson2Zach Armstrong Premium Content
8-Red17Zachary Ashford Premium Content
4-Green9Joshua Bailey Premium Content
5-Purple10Billy Baldwin Premium Content
12-White10Raymond Bartolomucci Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue6Austin Bernard Premium Content
10-Teal19Jacob Bernardy Premium Content
7-Navy18Alexander Bernstein Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue2Dillon Bigcrane Jackson Premium Content
10-Teal18Geoffrey Billock Premium Content
5-Purple16Derek Black Premium Content
2-Crimson8Cody Boal Premium Content
8-Red11Sean Bouchard Premium Content
6-Maroon10Nathan Bouton Premium Content
9-Steel24Vahn Bozoian Premium Content
6-Maroon15Parker Bugg Premium Content
11-Tx Orange17CJ Burdick Premium Content
11-Tx Orange7David Carpenter Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue9Steve Carr Premium Content
12-White12Jackson Carter Premium Content
4-Green11Evan Cassolato Premium Content
7-Navy11Jose Castillo Premium Content
7-Navy24Jordan Cavazos Premium Content
12-White2Austin Cipres Premium Content
7-Navy9Ian Clarkin Premium Content
4-Green6Kevin Clausen Premium Content
8-Red12Tyler Clayton Premium Content
3-Gold11Jack Colick Premium Content
8-Red1P J Conlon Premium Content
9-Steel6Nicholas "Niko" Contreras Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue21Shayne Davern Premium Content
7-Navy7Jeremiah Davis Premium Content
9-Steel15Adrian De Horta Premium Content
9-Steel8Chase DeJong Premium Content
7-Navy17Mark Detrow Premium Content
12-White1Nico DiCerbo Premium Content
10-Teal16Dalton DiNatale Premium Content
9-Steel9Michael Dlugos Premium Content
10-Teal20Joseph Duffin Premium Content
12-White11Dillon Fahr Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue1Roman Federico Premium Content
4-Green2Anthony Fernandez Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue14Wesley Fishburn Premium Content
6-Maroon2Justin Flatt Premium Content
3-Gold10Christopher Flores Premium Content
10-Teal1Matthew Forssman Premium Content
2-Crimson3Jaiden France Premium Content
9-Steel5Ty France Premium Content
10-Teal6Garrett Frediani Premium Content
7-Navy2Jack Freedman Premium Content
8-Red24Tanner Gage Premium Content
5-Purple5John Gamble Premium Content
8-Red15Garrett Gandolfo Premium Content
6-Maroon19Nolan Gannon Premium Content
7-Navy6Kiko Garcia Premium Content
8-Red6AJ Gerick Premium Content
9-Steel4Jeremy Giles Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue24Lucas Giolito Premium Content
8-Red5Nate Glasser Premium Content
7-Navy19Graham Gomez Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue23Stephen Gonsalves Premium Content
11-Tx Orange8Max Gough Premium Content
8-Red13Taylor Grace Premium Content
5-Purple2Hayden Grant Premium Content
5-Purple8Matt Groe Premium Content
2-Crimson10Adam Groesbeck Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue3Jose Gudino Premium Content
3-Gold4Trent Hammond Premium Content
8-Red3Jake Harris Premium Content
6-Maroon20Ryan Healy Premium Content
11-Tx Orange9Christian Hellmers Premium Content
3-Gold3Donald Hernandez Premium Content
4-Green10Carlos Herrera Premium Content
6-Maroon6Robert Hill Premium Content
6-Maroon17Spencer Hogger Premium Content
6-Maroon24Dillon Houser Premium Content
8-Red8Hunter Hughes Premium Content
6-Maroon3Scotty James Premium Content
7-Navy15Myles Jefferson Premium Content
5-Purple19Spencer Jeffreys Premium Content
12-White17Carter Johnson Premium Content
5-Purple6Christopher Johnson Premium Content
3-Gold8Will Jones Premium Content
7-Navy4Gosuke Katoh Premium Content
3-Gold21Jacob Kendra Premium Content
6-Maroon1Tyler Kollmann Premium Content
6-Maroon12Devin Kopas Premium Content
5-Purple24J. Kyle Kornegay Premium Content
10-Teal15Brock Larson Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue7Michael Ledeboer Premium Content
4-Green8Lars Leweck Premium Content
2-Crimson11Daniel DJ Lewis Premium Content
6-Maroon18Austin Lonestar Premium Content
2-Crimson14Drew Lutzke Premium Content
8-Red7Thanasi Lycou Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue8Tyler Majofis Premium Content
9-Steel21Omar Maldonado Premium Content
10-Teal17Michael Martin Premium Content
3-Gold9Carlos Martinez Premium Content
4-Green15Jared Mattera Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue13Kyle McBride Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue11Dylan McDonald Premium Content
10-Teal2Ryan McFadden Premium Content
12-White7Steven McLean Premium Content
9-Steel3Andrew Medina Premium Content
8-Red9Nick Medrano Premium Content
2-Crimson22Jake Meloche Premium Content
11-Tx Orange16Kevin Menker Premium Content
11-Tx Orange4Nathan Michalski Premium Content
8-Red2Charles Moorman Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue5Vincent Mori Premium Content
10-Teal5Adonis Morrison Premium Content
10-Teal3Billy Mullins Premium Content
3-Gold6Joe Munoz Premium Content
2-Crimson9Bryce Olson Premium Content
6-Maroon9David Oppenheim Premium Content
8-Red18Corey Oswalt Premium Content
12-White24Josh Palet Premium Content
9-Steel7Ryan Peterson Premium Content
9-Steel7Ryan Peterson Premium Content
2-Crimson1Grayson Pratt Premium Content
11-Tx Orange1Mitchell Provencher Premium Content
11-Tx Orange15Logan Przybylak Premium Content
4-Green5Roland Pussich Premium Content
12-White18Luke Ramirez Premium Content
2-Crimson20Zack Rangel Premium Content
9-Steel19Daniel Rasmussen Premium Content
2-Crimson12Brett Rasso Premium Content
7-Navy1Garret Reese Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue4Joey Rice Premium Content
4-Green3Eli Rivera Premium Content
3-Gold7Daniel Robertson Premium Content
11-Tx Orange3Alejandro Robles Premium Content
5-Purple18James Roman Premium Content
7-Navy16Ramsey Romano Premium Content
2-Crimson5Tyler Rowe Premium Content
3-Gold12Jack Rupe Premium Content
9-Steel20Baggio Saldivar Premium Content
3-Gold1David Sanchez Premium Content
4-Green7David Sanchez Premium Content
7-Navy8Jeremy Sanchez Premium Content
12-White3Anthony Sardo Premium Content
9-Steel2Cameron (CJ) Saylor Premium Content
3-Gold16Eddy Scheuber Premium Content
8-Red4Anders Schraer Premium Content
10-Teal10Cody Schuster Premium Content
2-Crimson23Preston Scott Premium Content
4-Green19Brett Seeburger Premium Content
12-White4Daryl Semien Jr Premium Content
2-Crimson4Jordon Shepherd Premium Content
3-Gold5Jake Smith Premium Content
4-Green1Andrew Solomon Premium Content
5-Purple3Reggie Southall Premium Content
4-Green17Elliott Stepanof Premium Content
5-Purple1Andrew Stephens Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue12Spencer Sundahl Premium Content
5-Purple17Brandon Sylvia Premium Content
11-Tx Orange6Dallas Thomas Premium Content
4-Green12Chad Thurston Premium Content
5-Purple7Steven Tickemyer Premium Content
7-Navy3Alex Tran Premium Content
4-Green18Eric Tu Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue10Draye Turner Premium Content
2-Crimson47Marc Vela Premium Content
12-White5Brett Volger Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue20Tyler West Premium Content
5-Purple15Brent Wheatley Premium Content
11-Tx Orange10Caleb Whitley Premium Content
9-Steel1Jordan Wilcox Premium Content
3-Gold20Travis Wilkie Premium Content
8-Red16Tim Willittes Premium Content
1-Columbia Blue22Colin Winters Premium Content
12-White15Nicholas Yang Premium Content
5-Purple9Mark Young Premium Content
6-Maroon16Bobby Zarubin Premium Content
6-Maroon7Jackson Zarubin Premium Content
6-Maroon8Troy Zarubin Premium Content
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