League 2018 National Indoor League Session I
Oct 28 - Dec 17, 2017 Perfect Game Indoor Facility - Cedar Rapids, IA  

Event Blogs

November 9th Highlights


14U Division (Perfect Game HQ - Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
PG Navy 14U - 1  PG Red 14U - 0
PG Red 14U - 0  PG Navy 14U - 6
PG Black 14U - 9  PG White 14U - 0
PG White 14U - 3  PG Black 14U - 16

Manning Weiss (2022 RHP, Marion, IA)  - Manning had a very impressive start to his season, hitting .643 over 2 games. He is currently sitting in the top 5 in multiple offensive catagories, including AVG (.643), RBI's (25), Max Exit Velo (80.4) and Average Exit Velo (70.7).

Andrew Freeman (2021 RHP, Cedar Rapids, IA)
- Despite his team's two losses, Andrew had one of the better showings of anyone in the league last night. Andrew went 10/14 (.714) while driving in 2 of his team's RBI's last night. He ranks 4th in the nation in Max Velo (82.6 MPH), 4th in AVG Velo (70.9 MPH), and 5th in average (.536).

Parker Smith (2022 2B, Amana, IA)
Parker had a nice night at the plate while also helping pick up 2 W's for his PG Navy 14U team. On the night, parker went 9/17 (.529 AVG) with 3 RBI's. Parker has a balanced line drive approach at the plate and drove the majority of the pitches right up the middle. On the year, Parker is 7th in the country in Max Velo (78.4) and 3rd in average velo at (72.1 MPH).


November 8th Highlights


16U Division (Dothan Dragons Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama)
Dothan Black 16U - 17  Dothan Orange 16U - 3
Dothan Red 16U - 1  Dothan Black 16U - 14
Dothan Orange 16U - 0  Dothan Red 16U - 7

Max Roland (2019 2B, Headland, AL) - Dothan Black 16U continues to seperate themselves as National Title contenders with many of their player's hitting for high averages. Max is one of the leaders of that team and he impressed again on Wednesday night. He went 11/17 (.647 AVG) with 9 RBI's in the two wins. Of his 11 hits, 5 of them went for extra bases. He also ranks in the top 10 in Max Velo (91.7 MPH) and AVG Velo (79.7).

Jake Killingsworth (2020 C, Headland, AL) - Jake has shown thus far why he is ranked #175 by Perfect Game in the class of 2020. He is the nation's leaders in Max Velo (97.7), AVG Velo (87.1), Farthest Hit Ball (376 FT), and hits (21). He continued to pad on his stats with a strong performance on Wednesday night. He went 11/17 (.647 AVG), 7 of those hits for extra bases while driving in 7 RBI's.

Andrew Tamburin (2020 SS, Dothan, AL) - Andrew and his Dothan Orange 16U are still looking for their first win on the season. Despite the team struggling, Andrew had success on Wednesday night finding gaps and picking up base hits. Andrew went 8-13 (.615) and had his hardest hit ball of the year, traveling in at 85.6 MPH.

Jaeden Jackson (2023 1B, Dothan, AL) - As a player playing up an age division, you would understand if Jaeden struggled a little bit getting acclimated to faster pitching. However, Jaeden has picked it up well and was a key reason why Dothan Red 16U was able to salvage a split on Wednesday night. In game 2, Jaeden went 4-8 (.500) with 3 RBI's and even recorded a ball hit at 90.1 Exit Velo. Jaeden is amongst the league's top 10 in many offensive catagories, which says a lot about a 13U player playing in the 16U division.

November 6th Highlights


12U Division (Perfect Game HQ - Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
PG Black 12U - 8 PG Red 12U - 9
PG White 12U - 8 PG Black 12U - 4
PG Red 12U - 6 PG Orange 12U - 0
PG Navy 12U - 5 PG White 12U - 19
PG Orange - 1 PG Navy 12U - 3

Owen Lamb (2024 SS, Marion, IA) - Owen was a major part of his team's success on Monday night. Owen went 11/23 (.478 AVG) with 6 extra base hits in the doubleheader for PG Red 12U. He also was able to knock in 8 RBI's, which moves him into second in the country as of Tuesday morning. Owen topped out at 75.4 MPH for his max exit velo.

Karson Grout (2024 1B, Wellman, IA) - Grout was another player able to lead his team to 2 wins on Monday night. Karson was very impressive last night, going 21/27 (.777 AVG) while picking up 13 RBI's over the two games. After his performance, he now leads the Nation in total RBI's (21). Karson's hardest hit ball maxed out at 72.7 MPH.

Jackson Mishler (2024 SS, Cedar Rapids, IA) - Despite his team dropping both games, Jackson was able to find success. Jackson went 16 for 24 (.667 AVG) and collected 5 RBI's. Of Jackson's 16 hits, 5 of them went for extra bases. He showed consistent bat speed and now sits at an average exit velo of 57.5 MPH.

16U Division (Dothan Dragons Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama)
Dothan Grey 16U - 2 Dothan Blue 16U - 3
Dothan Blue 16U - 1 Dothan White 16U - 9
Dothan White 16U - 6 Dothan Grey 16U - 10

Carson Brannon (2020 C, Newton, AL) - Carson Brannon hit the second HR in the Nation in the 16U division last night, measuring in at 334 ft in a losing effort for Dothan Blue 16U. With that hit, his max exit velo is now at 87.2 MPH.

Lance Levine (2019 OF, Enterprise, AL) - Lance was another player who was absolutely in the zone on Monday night picking up 14 hits in only 18 AB's (.777 AVG). He was able to turn 3 of those at bats into extra base hits and collected 4 RBI's in the 2 games. Levine also ranks 2nd in the Country in Max Exit Velo (96.9 MPH) and 10th in Average Exit Velo (78.2 MPH).

Trevor Kirkland (2020 C, Headland, AL) - Trevor took a consistent approach in leading his Dothan Grey 16U team to a 1-1 record on Monday night. He picked up 7 hits in 15 AB's (.466 AVG) and led his team in RBI's in the double header at 6. He also ranks in top 20 in max exit velo, coming in at 88.7 MPH.

November 3-5 Weekend Highlights


12U Division:

Shou Veng (2024 RHP, Savage, MN) - Shou Veng had an impressive weekend for his Starters Red 12U team. Shou went 10 for 18 (.556 AVG), 8 extra base hits, and 13 RBI's. Shou ranks 16th in the Nation in max exit velo (67.7 MPH) after helping his team to 2 victories over the weekend.

Zeke Barbatsis (2024 1B, Minneapolis, MN) - Despite his team dropping both games, Zeke had himself a solid weekend. Zeke collected 10 hits at 18 at at bats (.625 AVG) and collected a pair of RBI's.

Grant Hallman (2023 RHP, Chaska, MN) - Grant picked up the hardest hit ball at the 12U level this weekend. Grant topped out at 68.6 MPH, which ranks 12th in the Country through the first two weeks. Grant also had a great day at the plate, going 10-17 (.588 AVG) with 6 EBH and 5 RBI's.

14U Division:

Kyle Hvidsten (2022 RHP, Jordan, MN) - Kyle has been as impressive as any thus far in the 14U division this year. Kyle leads the Nation in max velo (85.9 MPH), average velo (75.8 MPH) and farthest hit ball (287 ft) in the 14U division. This past weekend, Kyle went 23/30 (.767 AVG), with 16 RBI for his Starters Red 14U team in it's two victories.

Anthony Kurth (2022 SS, Victoria, MN) - Anthony also had a superb weekend at the dish, picking up 19 hits on 31 AB's and 9 RBI's in Starters Red 14U's two wins. He also ranks 6th in max velo at 75.4 MPH.

16U Division:

Ty Carlson (2021 1B, Muscatine, IA) - Ty is a wide frame 2021 grad that can really square up the baseball. He flashed that this weekend going 13/21 (.619 AVG) with 11 RBI in PG Red 16U's two wins this weekend. Ty is ranked 12th in the country in Average exit velo at 77.1 MPH.

Noah Greise (2020 C, Omaha, NE) - Noah really impressed in Southworth Hitting's PGNIL debut. His Southworth Hitting Maroon 16U team started out 2-0 and it was in large part due to Noah's effort. He went 12/24 (.500 AVG) for 7 RBI's and a Max Exit Velo of 87.3 MPH.

Nick Ripa (2020 2B, Lavista, NE) - Another big part of Southworth Maroon 16U's success was Nick's bat. Nick used a base hit approach while collecting a .440 average (11/25) over the 2 games. He had a consistent approach with an averge exit velo of 71 MPH.

Joseph Harris (2020 1B, Marshalltown, IA) - Joseph owns the 5th hardest hit ball in the Country thus far (93.6 MPH) and is a big reason why PG Navy 16U has started out at 4-0. Jospeh has taken advantage of 6 EBH so far this year. This past weekend, he went 12/26 with 5 RBI's.

18U Division:

Konstantinos Papazoglou (2019 C, Fairfield, IA) - Reigning 16U MVP Konstantinos Papazoglou has shown thus far why he was MVP last season. This year, he's hit .596 (2nd in Country) and 11 RBI (Tied 1st). This weekend, he went 23/34 (.676 AVG) and used a large leg lift to hit the ball hard consistently. He currently holds an exit velo average of 80.9 MPH.

Frankie Volkers (2019 RHP, Maple Grove, MN) - Frankie played a key role in two close wins for his Starters Red 18U team. He knocked in 4 of his team's 10 runs while scoring another 4 himself. He hit for an average of .529 (9/17) this weekend. He currently ranks 3rd in the country in average exit velo (77.4). 

Alex Greene (2019 3B, Marion, IA)- Alex has looked impressive thus far this season. He has a lanky, athletic build and has shown flashes of power. He has the only home run in the league thus far and is hitting .439. This past weekend, he hit the hardest ball (93.3 MPH)  and was 8-16 in his team's two victories. PG Black 18U improved to 3-1.

Calvin Ybarra (2018 C, Minneapolis, MN) - Calvin Ybarra took a basehit approach to lead his team this weekend. Despite the 0-2 record, Calvin played well, going 10-16 (.625 AVG) and knocking in 3 RBI's while scoring 4 times.

November 15 Highlights


16U Division (Dothan Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama) 
Dothan White 16U 4  Dothan Grey 16U 3
Dothan Grey 16U 4  Dothan Black 16U 5
Dothan Black 16U 10  Dothan White 16U 6

Anthony Anderson (2021 C, Cottonwood, AL) - Anthony has been a statistical leader all season for his Dothan White 16U team, hitting for a .543 average, good for 5th in the Nation this year. He was able to extend this success and lead his team to a double header split on Wednesday night, going 6/13 with 2 runs and 2 RBI's. 

Brody Skeen (2020 RHP, Enterprise, AL) - Brody is Dothan White 16's leader in RBI's with 12. On Wednesday night, Skeen really impressed in game 2. Picking up 2 runs and 2 RBI's in his team's 10-6 shootout loss to Dothan Black 16U. On the night, Brody was 6/13 with 3 RBI's and 3 runs scored.

Trevor Kirkland (2020 C, Headland, AL) - Trevor doubled his season total in hits in just one night on Wednesday night, despite his team dropping both games. Entering the double header, Trevor had 9 hits on the season but increased the total to 18. On the night, Trevor was 9/16 with 5 RBI's and 2 runs scored.

Jake Killingsworth (2020 C, Headland, AL) - Another week passes and another monster performance comes from the country's #175 ranked player. Jake is the country's max velo, avg velo, max distance, slugging percentage and RBI leader. Over the weekend, he padded his stats going 9/16 with 7 RBI's. He ever hit a double at a speed of 97.3 MPH, his and country's 2nd hardest hit ball this season. 

Theron Hawkins (2020 MIF, Dothan, AL)
- Week in and week out, you can almost pick anyone from Dothan Black 16U and highlight their accomplishments. Wednesday night, Hawkins really stood out. He hit well in both games, going 8/17 over the double header sweep. He was also able to knock in 3 RBI's and score 3 runs. Theron is now hitting .463 on the year and has 12 RBI's. 

November 13th Highlights


12U Division (Perfect Game HQ - Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
PG Black 12U 3  PG Orange 12U 0
PG Orange 12U 0  PG White 12U 2
PG Navy 12U 13  PG Black 12U 14
PG White 12U 4  PG Red 12U 10
PG Red 12U 7  PG Navy 12U 0

Myles Davis (2024 C, Marion, IA) - Myles was able to continue his hot start of the season and help his PG Black 12U team pick up the sweep last night. Myles is currently sitting at 13th in the country in batting average (.515). Last night, Myles was 9/18 (.500) with 4 Runs and 2 RBI's in the two games. PG Black 12U now sits at 4-2.

Jackson Mishler (2024 SS, Cedar Rapids, IA)
- Jackson is another player off to a good start for his PG Black 12U team. Despite his slow start in game 1, Jackson went 7-9 in game two with 6 runs and 5 RBI's to finish 8/19 in the double header sweep. Jackson is 3rd in the country in total hits (30) and 5th in RBI's (14).

Brennan Heesch (2024 C, Solon, IA) - Heesch and his PG Orange 12U team have yet to pick up a win this year, however Heesch has found some success. After getting his first hit of the year in game 1, Brennan was 5/7 in game 2 spraying line drive basehits all over the outfield.

Rocky Yasutake (2024 1B, Solon, IA)
- Rocky was another PG Orange 12U player that looked to be turning the corner in game 2. After shooting a double in the gap in his second AB, Rocky followed it off with a triple, hitting it off the right center field fence.

Ronan Thomas (2024 2B, Cedar Rapids, IA)
- Ronan is the nation's hits leader (37) and is currently 6th in batting average (.552). Last night, he built on the success and led his team to a doubleheader split. Ronan was 8/18 in two games with 2 runs scored and an RBI.

Lucas Booth (2024 C, Marion, IA) - Lucas was only able to play the first game last night, however he made the most of his chances and hit the first 2 HR's in PGNIL history at PG HQ at the 12U level. In the game, Booth was 7/13 with 2 HR's, 9 RBI's and 5 runs scored. It was definitely a game to remember for Lucas.

Owen Lamb (2024 SS, Marion, IA)
- Owen again was able to lead his team to 2 wins last night, raising PG Red 12U's record to 5-1 on the year. Owen is in the top 10 in the country in batting average (.527), hits (29), RBI's (21) and extra base hits (17). Last night alone, Owen was 14/22 with 7 runs scored and 7 RBI's.

Ian Anderson (2024 OF, Cedar Rapids, IA) - Ian is another player on PG Red 12U that has had a great first session. Ian went 10/21 last night with 4 runs scored and 5 RBI's. On the year, Ian is hitting .463 with 13 RBI's and 11 runs scored.

16U Division (Dothan Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama)
Dothan Blue 16U 7  Dothan Red 16U 2
Dothan Orange 16U 5  Dothan Blue 16U 2
Dothan Red 16U 1  Dothan Orange 16U 2

Chris Tamburin (2020 RHP, Dothan, AL)
- Chris's Dothan Orange team picked up a doubleheader split last night and Chris' efforts was one of the reason why. Chris went 6-8 in the team's 5-2 win over Dothan Blue 16U and was 3/5 in game two. On the year, Chris now has a .375 average.

Wyatt Woodell (2020 1B, New Brockton, AL)
- Wyatt was another Dothan Orange player who was able to find success in week #2 and help pick up a couple wins. Wyatt was 9-15 and had the hardest hit ball on the season for him at 81.3 mph. Wyatt was able to hit the ball with line drives right over the infield.

Mekhian Jackson (2021 OF, Dothan, AL) - Alabama commit, Mekhian Jackson really tore the cover off the ball in his two games last night for Dothan Red 16U despite his team's two losses. Mekhian was 13/16 with 2 runs scored an a run batted in over the two games. On the season, Mekhian is sitting at 3rd in the country in Max Velo (95.8).

Cole Alford (2020 3B, Newton, AL)
- Cole has had himself a nice indoor league session thus far, hitting an even .500 so far. Over the two game doubleheader last night, Cole was 7/18 (.388), leading his team to a doubleheader split. Dothan Blue 16U is now .500 on the season.

November 10-12 Weekend Highlights


12U Division (Starters Sports Training - Shakopee, Minnesota)
Starters Red 12U 0  Starters Black 12U 1
Starters Black 12U 0  Starters Red 12U 4

Caden Loy (2024 1B, Minnetonka, MN) - Starters Red 12U improved to 3-2-1 after salvaging a split this weekend with Starters Black 12U. Caden Loy played a key role in picking up the win in the double header. In the two games, Caden went 6-10 while driving in one of the 4 runs his team scored on the day. Caden doesn't hit the ball the hardest, however he has found a way to maintain an impressive average on the season at .538.

Zeke Barbatsis (2024 1B, Minneapolis, MN) - After a strong week #2 effort, Zeke was able to follow it up with another impressive performance to help his team pick up the split. In game 1, Zeke went 6-8 and drove in his team's only run to pick up the 1-0 victory. He now sits at a .581 average, ranking 7th in the country.

14U Division (Starters Sports Training - Shakopee, Minnesota)
Starters Green 14U 1  Starters Black 14U 2
Starters Black 14U 4  Starters Green 14U 8
Starters Red 14U 10  Starters Blue 14U 4
Starters Blue 14U 0  Starters Red 14U 11

Grant Brening (2023 3B, Shakopee, MN) - Starters Black 14U was able to pick up a double header split with Starters Green 14U, winning the first game 2-1. Grant Brening was able to stay in the top 10 in batting average (.525) this weekend, going 13/20 (.650) over the two games. Grant also picked up 4 of his team's 6 RBI's over the weekend.

Anthony Kurth (2022 SS, Victoria, MN) -  Anthony was able to continue his torrid start to the year, going 17 of 24 (.708) over the double header sweep for Starters Red 14U over Starters Blue 14U. Anthony and his teammate, Kyle Hvidsten, are now 1-2 in the Nation for batting average, making them a serious contender for the 14U national title.

Camden Mellema (2022 3B, Shakopee, MN) - Camden took a steady, straight up the middle approach to lead his Starters Green 14U team to a split this weekend. Camden was 13/29 (.448) with 4 runs scored and 2 RBI's on Sunday. He also is now sitting in 6th in the Country in Max Exit Velo at 80.0 MPH.

Sam McCutcheon (2022 RHP, Chanhassen, MN) - Despite his team dropping a pair, Sam had a nice afternoon at the plate on Sunday for Starters Blue 14U. He was 5/16 (.313) and knocked in 2 of his team's 4 runs, scoring another one for himself in Game #1. The majority of Sam's hits were line drive singles, falling in front of the centerfielder.

16U Division (Perfect Game Headquarters - Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
PG Gold 16U 2  PG Black 16U 0
PG Black 16U 0  PG Navy 16U 1
PG White 16U 2  PG Gold 16U 0
PG Navy 16U 3  PG Red 16U 4
PG Red 16U 6  PG White 16U 4

Dalton Delay (2021 C, Cedar Rapids, IA) - Dalton's PG Black 16U team came up just short twice this weekend, losing 2 games by 3 combined runs. However, Dalton found some success in the first game, going 4-8 (.500), and raising his average to .316 on the season.

Traejan Ellenz (2020 RHP, Toddville, IA)
- After a slow start to the season, Traejan seemed to find his groove on Saturday, going a combined 7/17 (.412) over 2 games with the majority of his hits being level line drives to the right center gap. His PG Gold 16U team was also able to pick up their first win on the year, beating PG Black 16U in game #1 of the day 2-0.

Andrue Henry (2020 3B, Dubuque, IA) - Andrue is a large framed kid that can really explode through pitches at contact. His pull approach enabled him to go 6/11 for his team this weekend, picking up the double header split. Andrue's max exit velo now sits at 91.4, which is 11th in the Country and his average exit velo is at 80 mph, which is good for 6th.

Zac Stallman (2020 3B, Cedar Rapids, IA)
- Zac has spent a lot of time practicing at PG HQ on the HitTrax machine and it has paid dividends for him so far this season. Zac is hitting .508 on the year and has 31 base hits on the year, which is currently the highest total in the Nation so far. On Saturday, he added to that total by going 11/21 (.524) and knocking in 5 RBI's over his team's doubleheader split.

Owen Puk (2021 RHP, Cedar Rapids, IA) - Many people see Owen following in his brother AJ's footsteps and becoming a pitcher at the next level, however, Owen has been able to show some promise with the bat as well. Over the weekend, Owen was 5/11 (.455) with 5 RBI's. OWen is tall and slender for his age and has plenty of room to grow. 

Coy Sarsfield (2021 OF, Cedar Rapids, IA)
- Coy is the reigning 14U MVP and with his fellow PG Red 16U teammates, a 4 time defending National Champion in the PGNIL. Coy has smoked the ball at all levels leading into this year and he is starting to find his grove again here this season. On Saturday, Coy was 5/12 (.417) and scored 2 runs, while driving in another 2 RBI's.

16U Division (Southworth Hitting - Omaha, Nebraska)
Southworth Hitting Red 16U 8  Southworth Hitting Navy 16U 13
Southworth Hitting Navy 16U 3  Southworth Hitting Red 16U 6
Southworth Hitting Maroon 16U 7  Southworth Hitting Purple 16U 9
Southworth Hitting Purple 16U 11 Southworth Hitting Maroon 16U 2

Tyler Palmer (2020 OF, Columbus, NE) - Tyler has been steadily putting together a great PGNIL season. He was able to continue to build onto success from past weeks going 10/17 (.588) and knocking in 7 RBI's. Tyler has been a key part in Southworth Navy 16U's season, hitting .543 on the season, which is good for 9th in the Nation. His Southworth Navy team split with Southworth Red this weekend.

Tristan Gomes (2020 3B, Omaha, NE) - Tristan was able to help Southworth Red 16U salvage a split with Southworth Navy this weekend, going 7-17 (.412) in the double header. He also collected 3 RBI's and hit a 85.2 MPH rocket. On the year, Tristan is tied for 25th in the Nation in Max Exit Velo at 88.9 MPH and is 26th in Average Exit Velo at 73.8 MPH.

Tyler VanDerwerken (2021 C, Bellevue, NE) - Tyler put in work this weekend, spraying balls to all fields and leading his Southworth Purple 16U team to a 2-0 sweep over Southworth Maroon 16U. In the doubleheader, Tyler was 12/20 (.600) and knocked in 4 RBI.Tyler currently ranks 7th in the Nation in batting average, sitting at .571 on the year.

Nick Ripa (2020 2B, Lavista, NE) - Nick just keeps picking up hits and getting on base for his Southworth Maroon 16U team. In game 1, Ripa scored both of his team's runs in the first game in a losing effort while also going 3-7. In game 2, Nick picked up another 6 hits in 8 AB's and scored another 2 runs. Nick is hitting for an even .500 AVG on the season, ranking him 17th in the Country.

18U Division (Starters Sports Training - Shakopee, Minnesota)
Starters Black 18U 1  Starters Red 18U 0
Starters Red 18U 12  Starters Black 18U 0

Samuel Szymanski (2019 SS, Woodbury, MN)
- Samuel had his best week of the year, picking up 7 hits in 12 AB's. His team was also able to salvage a split, picking up the win in game one of the doubleheader against Starters Red 12U 1-0. Szymanski is now hitting .370 on the year. 

Thomas Gross (2020 SS, Minnetonka, MN) - Thomas Gross picked up another great weekend for his Starters Red 18U team in a doubleheader split. On Saturday, Gross was 9/16 (.563) for 7 RBI's. Thomas has shown the ability to hit it to all fields, spraying base hits all over the field.

18U Division (Perfect Game Headquarters - Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
PG Navy 18U 15  PG Gold 18U 10
PG Gold 18U 4  PG Navy 18U 6
PG Black 18U 12  PG Red 18U 3
PG Red 18U 11  PG Black 18U 12

Colten Bell (2018 SS, Walford, IA) - Colten has continued to impress after a solid week #1. This week, Colten went 23/38 (.605), scoring 10 times and knocking in 9 RBI's in the double header sweep. Colten now ranks in the top 10 in the country in Max Velo (88.3 MPH) and AVG Velo (75.7 MPH).

Nick Saathoff (2018 RHP, Cedar Rapids, IA) - There are few if any PGNIL players that went through more this offseason than Nick. The defending 18U Average Champion  (.610 in 2017) had open heart surgery and is back playing at a high level for his PG Gold 18U team. Thi past weekend, Nick went 15/25 (.600) while scoring 4 times and hitting in 3 RBI's.

Dylan Schultz (2020 3B, Marion, IA) - Playing up a division, Dylan has continued to hit at all levels. Dylan peppered the RF fence on Saturday, going 15/27 with 12 of those hits being for extra bases. In game #1, all of Dylan's 9 hits were doubles. Dylan currently ranks in the top 10 in many offensive catagories, including AVG Velo, Max Velo and Average.

Tyler Oberbroeckling (2019 C, Marion, IA) - Tyler had a great weekend at the plate, going 14/28 (.500) and knocking in 10 RBI's. Despite his team's 2 losses, They were able to stay in game two, losing by just a run.

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