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Super25  | General  | 4/8/2014

Organization of the Year Update

Drake Browne     
The PG Super25 Organization of the Year Award will go to the club that performs at the highest level for all ages 9u-17u.  After an impressive showing at the South Texas Regionals this past weekend, the Banditos Baseball Club has made a strong statement as the early frontrunners to be named the top travel baseball organization in the country.

The Banditos 10u, 13u, and 14u teams all proved themselves as the best in South Texas and earned the right to represent the region at the PG Super25 National Championships.  This past November, the Banditos 16u team won the Texas State Regional which gives them a total of four teams already qualified for the National Championships.  With at least one team in ever age group of the South Super Regionals, and two teams per age group in the 15u-17u South Texas Regionals, the Banditos could quite possibly have a team in all nine of the National Championships.

However, the Organization of the Year Award will not come easy as there are many other clubs across the country with their eye on the prize.  The SBO Organization out of Puerto Rico has qualified two teams for the National Championships, while many others are just starting their Super25 journey.

Organizations to Watch

San Diego Show

This coming weekend, the Show will be competing in all age groups of the 9u-13u Four Corners Regionals.  One of the historical SoCal powers has been dominant at the youth ages in recent years.  Many of their teams are nationally ranked and have proven to be among the most talented teams in the country.  The Show is also expected to compete in the California State Regionals.  

Tri-State Arsenal
With 35 teams from 9u-17u, the Arsenal is signed up to participate in an estimated 141 Super25 events.  Between the Mid-Atlantic Regionals and Northeast Super Regionals, the club will be competing for multiple berths to the PG Super25 National Championships.  Since its inception in 2002 the club has produced approximately 3,600 college scholarship players; 900 Alumni have gone on to the minor leagues, with 136 advancing to the MLB.

Orlando Scorpions
In the 19th year of the organization, the Scorpions have expanded across the state of Florida and also into the youth ages.  With the launch of the Orlando Stingers, they will have teams competing in all ages in both North and South Florida.  The Scorpions '15 Prime team finished 2013 as the No. 1 ranked 16u travel team, and this is just one of the many talented clubs that will be wearing the purple and black this summer.

Dallas Tigers
The 10u Dallas Tigers came up just short in the South Texas Regionals, showing a lot of heart and toughness but eventually falling short to the Banditos.  This however was just one of their many attempts to earn a National Championship berth, as they are expected to play in the North Texas Regionals as well as the South Super Regionals.  The Tigers youth program has seen a lot of success to go along with their talented high school teams.

Midland Redskins
The Midland organization out of Cincinnati, OH was one of the first amateur baseball programs, dating back to its inception in 1966.  Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin, Mark Mulder, and Matt Harvey are just a few of the former Midland players that have gone on to be MLB All-Stars.  The 18u Redskins have historically been their best team, but the 16u Tomahawks are loaded with talent as well.  Having recently invested in their youth teams, they will be a club to watch from 9u-17u.

The finalists for the Organization of the Year Award will be named after the final National Championship is played on August 3rd.  A vote from Perfect Game Super25 Regional Directors and other PG staff will determine the Organization of the Year.