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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Collegiate Top Prospects

Allan Simpson        


Over the course of the next several days, PG Crosschecker will identify the top prospects that played in the nation’s leading summer college leagues in 2010. Through personal observation, contact with scouts and input from league managers, we’ll focus on those players who have the greatest chance to succeed at the next level—and beyond.

The depth of prospect information provided will vary according to the relative strength of each league, and to a lesser degree the number of teams in the league. In the Cape Cod League alone, we’ll rank the top 100 prospects. In all, we’ll identify more than 600 prospects.

We’ll provide information on each league in three stages. Initially, we’ll provide a raw list (and relevant biographical information) on the top prospects in each league (LIST on chart below). Then we’ll follow with mini scouting reports (M-SR) on each player. Our final, more comprehensive instalment will provide full scouting reports (F-SR) on all the prospects, along with a thorough overview of each league. We’ll add that more detailed information over the course of the next 2-6 weeks. All the information will be available to PG Crosschecker Insider-level subscribers. Please click here for subscriber information.

Concurrent with our comprehensive summer-league coverage, we’ll also be providing thorough follow lists of the top college, junior-college and high-school prospects in the Draft Classes of 2011, 2012 and 2013. We’ll break out all the top prospects in each class, and provide the most complete state-by-state follow lists available anywhere.

As an overview to our summer coverage, we’ll provide a link to each league’s top prospect lists and identify the No. 1 prospect in each league. Each item on the accompanying chart will be underscored/linked as it becomes available. The number of players we’ve ranked in each league is noted. We’ve also grouped each league into four tiers, based on the relative degree of professional-level talent in each league. You can also link to each league’s official website for more complete information on the 2010 season.

Cape Cod 100 LIST M-SR F-SR George Springer, of, Wareham (Connecticut)
Northwoods 50 LIST M-SR F-SR Kyle Gaedele, of, Madison (Valparaiso)
Alaska 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Steve Piscotty, of/1b, Oilers (Stanford)
California Collegiate 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Carson Smith, rhp, Santa Barbara (Texas State)
Cal Ripken Sr. 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Glynn Davis, of, Youse’s Orioles (SIGNED/Orioles)
Coastal Plain 40 LIST M-SR F-SR Will Lamb, of/lhp, Peninsula (Clemson)
Great Lakes 30 LIST M-SR F-SR Adam Walker, of, Licking County (Jacksonville)
New England Collegiate 30 LIST M-SR F-SR Mark Appel, rhp, Newport (Stanford)
Prospect 30 LIST M-SR F-SR Navery Moore, rhp, Nashville (Vanderbilt)
Texas Collegiate 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Miguel Pena, lhp, East Texas (San Jacinto JC)
Valley 30 LIST M-SR F-SR Taylor Sandefur, rhp, Waynesboro (W. Carolina)
West Coast 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Stefan Sabol, c/3b, Cowlitz (Oregon)
Atlantic Collegiate 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Chris Reed, lhp, Torrington (Stanford)
Florida Collegiate 20 LIST M-SR F-SR Brandon Thomas, of, Sanford (Georgia Tech)
Jayhawk 20 LIST M-SR F-SR Charlie Lowell, lhp, El Dorado (Wichita State)
MINK 20 LIST M-SR F-SR Johnny Coy, 1b, St. Joseph (Wichita State)
New York Collegiate 25 LIST M-SR F-SR Mel Rojas Jr., of, Amsterdam (SIGNED/Pirates)
Great South 10 LIST M-SR F-SR
Hawaii Collegiate 15 LIST M-SR F-SR Ka’iana Eldredge, c/ss, Oahu (Kansas)
Mountain Collegiate 10 LIST M-SR
Southern California 10 LIST M-SR
Southern Collegiate 10 LIST M-SR
Western Major 10 LIST M-SR
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