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Tournaments  | Story  | 4/23/2024

Iowa Spring League Notebook No. 3

Perfect Game Staff      Tyler Kotila     
Isaac Scott (2024, Marion, Iowa) handled the bat well this weekend. The 6-foot-1, 153-pound athletic frame showed off fluid actions in the batters’ box. He was quick with his hands and able to get on the barrel often. He was short to it and long through it, being direct with his hands to get the job done for his team at the plate. Had 3 hits on the weekend in a 3-for-5 showing. He also turned in a good outing on the mound. In less than favorable conditions, the Central College commit toed the rubber, working the upper-70s up to 81 mph on the fastball with some life to it. He had an athletic and repeatable delivery down the slope and mixed in an upper-60s breaking ball with an 11-5 shape to it. Blended it at times with a more horizontal shape and attacked hitters. Scott went 4.0 innings, allowed 1 run on 3 hits, walked 0 and struck out 6 opposing hitters. 

Jake Miller (2025, Marion, Iowa) has been swinging a red-hot bat this spring. The switch-hitting middle infielder has plenty of traits to like as an uncommitted prospect. From both sides of the plate, he gets it done. Similar stance with high-set hands and a good weight shift working through it. There’s a ton of feel for the barrel being able to connect and do damage, especially working to the pull side (from both sides of the plate). It’s a quick stroke with good speed through the zone and the ability to impact it well. Added 5 more hits this weekend for a .625 average this spring in total.  

James Perkins (2025, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) has been able to string together some good performances at the plate this spring. Even if the results were not always favorable, he’s put good swings on the ball and shown off traits to like in the batters’ box. He’s a bigger 6-foot-3, 210-pound frame with a really clean left-handed stroke, using good strength to leverage the ball. Even base to start before lifting the leg and gathering over the backfoot before turning hard through it with a feel for the barrel to impact it with good strength. The uncommitted prospect had some real good swings on the weekend, getting to it out in front and working to the pull-side part of the field. Added 5 more hits this weekend, bringing his Spring League average up to .444 over the last few weekends.  

Michael Richards (2025, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) picked up a couple of hits at the plate on the weekend, swinging it well. He’s a right-handed hitter with a simple stroke. He has an even base with higher-set hands, and he works to the ball with some quickness, being able to get the barrel on it and impact it. Was 4-for-6 on the weekend with a couple of hits, a double, and a home run. Richards also worked up to 81 mph on the mound in a relief appearance. Currently, an uncommitted prospect.  

Lincoln Dalton (2026, Bettendorf, Iowa) continues to look the part on the mound for his Iowa Select Very squad. He toed the rubber on Saturday in less-than-ideal conditions and still competed pitch after pitch. Dalton worked in the low- to mid-80s on the fastball, relying on offspeed to get the job done. Blends his CB/SL together and was able to land it. The curveball is more 12-6 with hammer depth, and the slider is a high-tilt 10/4 shape, and he was able to mix them and command well. Also has a changeup in the mix for a four-pitch arsenal to attack hitters. Threw strikes and showed off the pitchability over 4.0 scoreless innings. He allowed just 2 hits, walking 0, and striking out 11 opposing hitters.  

James Very (2025, Bettendorf, Iowa) has been one of the uncommitted talents who has shined throughout the spring. He’s a bigger and physical frame who handles the bat well, being able to connect and do damage often, especially to the pull-side. Clear leverage in the swing with strength off the barrel. He shifts the weight hard and allows himself to work out in front and do damage. Added a couple more hits to his line this weekend, bringing him to 12-for-26 during PG Spring League with a couple doubles, a triple, a home run, and 9 RBI to his credit. 

Teeghen Rath (2024, Cedar Falls, Iowa) has looked every bit of the part at the plate this weekend. The DMACC commit had a wider base with hands around the letters, using a simple and minimal leg lift trigger before turning hard and working through the zone with explosive hands. Lightning quick bat with tons of speed to impact and leverage the ball with some seriously loud contact. Good separation in the swing, being able to extend through the swing and create good whip. Plenty of traits to like in the batters’ box from the right-handed hitting outfielder. Added 5 more hits to his credit this weekend, including 3 home runs. Drove in 9 runs – this weekend alone.  

Connor Soesbe (2026, Clinton, Iowa) was impressive once again this weekend, handling the bat well. Soesbe’s a 6-foot-3, 219-pound frame with room-to-fill and present strength that shows at the plate. He swings it from the right side with a spread and slightly open stance, higher set hands, and the weight favoring the backside. He lifts the leg and coils slightly with the load, uncoiling well through the swing with some strength off the barrel. Added 4 more hits to his credit this weekend, with a 4-for-9 line, bringing him to a .455 average throughout Spring League thus far.  

Stephen Combs (2024, Ocoee, Fla.) put together some good at-bats this spring, getting it done well for his Iowa Select McNeal squad. He added a trio of hits to his credit this weekend, with a couple of walks in there as well, making for a 4-for-6 line at the dish. The Oakton CC commit has an athletic and strong 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. He has a spread and even base in the setup, with higher hands in his left-handed hitting stance. He coils with the load and then turns hard through it with some whip to the swing as he uncoils through impact. Good feel for the barrel to get on time and on plane to do damage.  

Gavin Barber (2026, Bettendorf, Iowa) is a more compact frame with a medium build. There’s some twitch and athleticism to the swing that has allowed him to get the job done at the plate. He’s handled the bat well with good swings and a fluid right-handed stroke. Spread base with even feet and the hands deeper, loading up with a leg lift trigger before swinging hard through contact. Had some quickness in his hands that allowed him to impact it well with some bat speed. Added 4 hits on the weekend with a 4-for-9 line, including a double.  

Carlo Bocanegra (2026, West Des Moines, Iowa) has looked the part throughout PG Spring League, with some really good swings from the left side of the plate. He has a bigger, 5-foot-11, 200-pound frame with strength present in the swing. He sets up with a pretty even base, slightly open, working inward to it with good whip and strength to impact. Short and direct with the hands with an accurate barrel that has produced some really good swings this weekend. Added a couple more hits to his credit, including a double this past weekend.  

Owen Hicks (2025, Iowa City, Iowa) looked great on the mound this weekend. Usual suspect to produce at the plate, but this weekend he took the mound for another great outing as he’s been great for the City High Hicks team this spring on both sides of the ball. Hicks, an uncommitted SS/RHP, stands 6-foot-3, 185-pounds with an athletic and lengthy frame. He toed the rubber, working the low-80s on his fastball with tons of arm-side life and sink to the pitch. He could spot it up well, especially on the inner third to right-handed hitters. Showed some feel for a low- to mid-70s breaking ball with a slurvy shape. Heavy fastball barrage that allowed him to attack and go right after hitters. Threw 4 and ⅔ innings of scoreless ball, allowing 1 hit, walking 1, and striking out 5 opposing hitters. 

Adam Bowman (2026, Iowa City, Iowa) took over in relief after Hicks departed. The 5-foot-111, 185-pound build has some more physicality to the frame with strength. He worked 80-83 mph on the fastball in his outing from a higher three-quarters arm slot with good whip downhill through release. Bowman also showed a bigger curveball with 12-6 depth that was occasionally 11/5. Good depth on the pitch, regardless, being able to land it for a strike. He attacked hitters in his relief outing for 2 and ⅓ scoreless with 1 hit, no walks, and a punchout to his credit. Also added a base knock to his credit on the weekend. 
Gage Van Ausdall (2027, Donnellson, Iowa) looked the part on Saturday for Iowa Select Gamers ‘26-’27. Van Ausdall has an uber-projectable 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame, with plenty of room to fill with length throughout the frame. He’s a right-handed pitcher with a simple delivery that he can repeat often. He worked the upper-70s on the fastball from a higher slot, creating some angle that was tough on hitters. He also uses an upper-60s curveball with 11/5 depth, landing it for strikes. He threw 2.0 innings, allowing 1 hit, with no walks and 5 strikeouts to his credit. Showed off a loose right-handed stroke at the plate with an uphill path, driving the ball in the air for a base knock, as well as his good outing on the mound.  

Mason Sherman (2024, Waukesha, Wisc.) is a 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame with some physicality to his build and strength in the lower half. The uncommitted 2024 grad was really impressive in his outing on Sunday for Iowa Select Scout Miller. He worked 88-89 mph on the fastball early on, holding that velocity through the first inning. He settled in working more of the mid-80s on the pitch but would run it back up to 88 mph as well. The heater had some angle and life to it. He worked from a higher three-quarters arm slot with trunk tilt through release. He has a longer arm action through the back with plenty of whip working downhill through release. Sherman mixed in a mid-70s changeup as well with good diving action to it, tumbling arm-side. He also showed a slurvy breaking ball that blended in the 67-71 mph range. It had a high-tilt shape with some depth. He was able to navigate the opposition well with 3.0 no-hit innings, walking out 4, and striking out all 9 outs he recorded. Pretty impressive stuff from the uncommitted ‘24 grad. 

Milo Hines (2026, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) had himself quite the weekend. He swung a hot bat for the CR Jefferson ‘24-’25 squad. The lean-built outfielder has a really clean right-handed stroke with a lot to like at the dish. He stands upright with a higher set hands. He makes an aggressive move forward into contact with a good path through the zone and bat speed to impact well. He gets out over the front side and is able to be really accurate with the barrel to get the job done. He added 5 hits this weekend to bring his average to .438 during PG Spring League. 

Konner Lake (2024, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is a compact frame with a medium build who just churns out quality at-bats. He handles the stick well and finds ways on base time and time again. This spring he’s been able to get on base often and do a job for his team. Lake’s short and direct with the hands, generating some whip through the zone and being able to drive the ball when he’s on the barrel. He added 6 more hits to his credit this weekend and is hitting .576 this spring. Lake’s an uncommitted 2024 prospect who constantly finds ways to get it done. He has just 2 punchouts this entire spring. 

Jaydon Leonard (2027, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is a more compact frame with a lean and athletic build — with room to continue filling out. He handles the barrel well and put together a quality weekend for the CR Jefferson squad. He starts open, with a more upright stance from the left side, lifting the leg and working inward to contact to drive the ball and do damage. He’s got a fluid stroke with clean turns through contact to drive the ball. Picked up 6 hits on the weekend, bringing his Spring League average up to .393. There are traits to like here with the ‘27 grad year, with plenty of time to continue adding to his skill set. 

Dash Shortway (2025, Cedar Falls, Iowa) had a good weekend, looking the part on both sides of the ball for Iowa Select CF ‘24-’25 Coonradt. Shortway toed the rubber, where he worked into the low-80s on the fastball from a shorter and quick release. He turned over a low-70s changeup and showed a mid- to upper-60s curveball in the arsenal as well. The breaker showed 11/5 depth to it. Shortway threw 3.0 innings on the mound, allowing 3 hits, walking 3, and striking out 2, while holding the opposition scoreless. He also picked up a couple of hits at the plate.  

Kamren Francois (2025, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) had himself quite the day on Sunday, helping the Iowa Select 2025 Schulte team move to 10-0 in the spring. Francois was 3-for-4, with a double and a home run. He’s hitting .563 during Spring League with a .741 on-base percentage. Francois has drawn 7 walks but struck out just 1 time the entire spring. He’s a compact build and lean frame but has athleticism that shows. He uses a slightly spread base with even feet and the weight shifting back as he loads. The hands stay short and direct to contact with good turns and some bat speed to impact and drive the ball. He pieced together some good swings on Sunday, especially working to the pull-side part of the field — attacking out in front.  

- Tyler R. Kotila 

Caden Knebel (2025, Bettendorf, Iowa) continues to dominate in his outings so far this Spring. This weekend, Knebel pitched four innings, giving up just one hit and two walks while collecting six strikeouts and zero earned runs. Fastball sat 79-83. He features a curveball with a major 12-6 break and shows great command with it as well. Knebel stands at a wiry 6-foot-3, 170 pounds, and delivers from the right side. Knebel has an over-the-top delivery and naturally hides the ball well in his motion. Curveball plays well off of the fastball because of the high release point. Primarily worked north and south with his fastball and showed great command deep into his outing. Knebel is a very projectable arm as he continues to fill out and polish mechanics. This spring, Knebel has pitched 10.1 innings and racked up 20 strikeouts with a 3.40 earned run average.  

Anthony Harrington (2026, Lost Nation, Iowa) started his weekend off hot, going three-for-three with two huge home runs and four runs batted in. Not a lot of wasted movement in his swing from the ground up. He carries an athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 190 pounds. Harrington has shown great pull side potential all spring. Harrington bats in the three-hole for Iowa Select Renegades and looks extremely comfortable in the box with a balanced stance and high hands. Hands are short and quick to the ball. Harrington also took to the mound in the next game for the Renegades, going four innings only allowing two hits and one earned run. Harrington throws with a lot of energy and competitiveness on the mound. He has a simple and slow wind-up and gets downhill well upon delivery. Fastball sits 82-84 topping at 85 mph. Showcases a three-pitch mix with a curveball and change-up. Throws a curveball at the bottom of the zone with good command. Developing feel for change-up that could be useful late in at-bats as well. Harrington has stepped into a leadership role on the Iowa Select Renegade squad and is performing week in and week out for them.  

Ryan Finn (2024, Atkins, Iowa), the 6-foot-1, 220-pound southpaw for Iowa Select Frese, has been solid in every outing this Spring. This weekend, he faced a tough lineup in Iowa Select Scout and held his own with three innings pitched, five strikeouts, three walks, no hits, and no runs allowed. Finn delivers with a high leg kick and a low three-quarters arm slot that makes him extremely hard to hit. Finn throws a healthy dose of fastballs that sit 79-82 and sprinkles in a nice curveball for a good change of speed, dipping down into the 68-70 range. Has good success working the whole zone with his fastball. Finn worked his way out of a couple of jams later into his outing, throwing both of his pitches with confidence and winning long at-bats. It was great stuff from Finn this weekend; fun to watch when he’s on. Mechanics will polish up as we move into Summer, and will be exciting to watch. Southeastern Community College commit.  

Trey Franck (2024, Newhall, Iowa) was nearly perfect at the plate this weekend with a finishing line of five-for-seven with a double and two home runs. Franck has an athletic, lean frame at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds. He starts his stance balanced with low hands and does a good job of getting his hands straight to the ball. Fast-twitch motions in the box and compact swing. Primarily used pull side of the field for most of his hits. Projectable athlete who’s shown off intriguing traits in the batters’ box this spring. 

Colton Duerling (2025, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) was seeing the ball extremely well this weekend. Duerling debuted in the middle of the lineup for Iowa Select 2026 Scout and finished his weekend six-of-eight with a double to his credit as well. Duerling has a smooth left-handed stroke that is short and compact with not a lot of moving parts. He looked consistent and comfortable every time he came to the plate. Duerling is a 5-foot-10, 170-pound utility player that truly fits at any position. Duerling has some traits that project and room to keep filling out in the frame. 

Tait Tierney (2026, Fairfax, Iowa) showed good two-way upside this weekend, starting with five innings pitched. Tierney collected ten strikeouts, surrendering just three hits and two earned runs. Tierney is a crafty right-handed pitcher who threw a three-pitch mix featuring a curveball that he threw with confidence. Tierney threw a good dose of curveballs, often starting hitters backward. Curveball carries a good 11/5 shape that dips down into the 64-65 range. Off of that, Tierney's fastball sat 75-76 as a good change of speed. Tierney flashed a change-up in the middle of at bats that he is developing feel for. Tierney went deep into his outing today and had good command throughout. At the plate Tierney finished with two hits. He has an athletic swing with good pop. Used the whole field with his hits this weekend. Tierney is progressing as a two-way player and has been showing gains on both sides of the ball this Spring.  

- Aiden Moeller