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General  | Blog  | 1/18/2023

The Lead Off: Play Ball

Clint Hurdle     

Let’s start this blog off by hoping you all had a Healthy & Happy Holiday Season and great beginning to 2023 as we approach mid-January!

Our family had a blast during the Holidays. We spent time together with all my family members this year. We had celebrations, times of reflection being thankful and grateful for all our blessings, gift exchanges, a bowling party and we ate!

I learned much this year on the amateur level.  It truly was my first full year being a part of the amateur baseball scene with Perfect Game.

My involvement with PG has opened my eyes to the potential of our young players. Whether we were at the National Showcase, the PG All American Classic or in Jupiter for the World Wood Bat Tournament I witnessed some very impressive performances and results from our prospects.  Their ability to focus, use practice reps wisely, listen to instruction, compete within themselves, and have FUN energizes me!

I also watched these young men connect and lean into one another and actually pull for each other to perform to the best of their abilities. I watched “Team Play” in Jupiter and was impressed by the number of coaches who were there for the kids!  I saw bunts, rundowns, hit & runs, pitchers making pitches and hitters taking good aggressive controlled swings. I saw jubilation and I saw disappointment. However, through it all I saw kids connecting on a healthy level and involved in real FaceTime!

I witnessed parents watching and cheering! That’s right…so cool!
I watched parents supporting unconditionally and enjoying just watching their children compete! It’s healthy for families to be together and baseball has a way of doing just that.
I embraced  parents giving happy hugs and hugs of consolation.
I enjoyed seeing parents smiling and laughing with other parents as they shared the bond they have on this journey with their kids.

PG relishes the opportunity to make lifetime memories for you and your family as often as possible. So much sacrifice is made by the parents and we at PG are aware of that. We want you to believe in our platform for your players at all the various levels and stages. Their exposure to scouts at PG events is second to none and will give them valuable experience and feedback as they continue on their baseball journey collegiately or professionally.

I’m a believer in the PG programs, events, showcases and tournaments however I’m a bigger believer in the people they employ. I had no idea how many hands are involved in the many areas PG uses to run an event. The ownership group is firmly committed to putting the best program on the market in all areas for the parents and the players. The coaches that work with PG have years of experience and knowledge. They don’t take your children for granted. The PG Tech group has so many people involved to get you useful information and video and they take pride in their work.  In so many ways PG is leading the charge in all aspects of player evaluation and networking.

It never ceases to amaze me how many former MLB and MiLB players choose PG as their platform of choice to help their kids get quality competition and exposure as well as top shelf exposure and instruction.  That’s the best marketing platform anywhere!

I’m humbled to be a small part of the Perfect Game Family.

Alrighty then….. Let’s continue to roll into 2023 with eyes, ears, and hearts wide open and embrace what life has in front of us all and …….”PLAY BALL”!

Make a difference this year
Love Clint