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Softball  | Softball Showcase  | 11/17/2022

PG Softball Loretta Smith Showcase Notes

Photo: Perfect Game
Seventeen teams brought the heat during a cold weekend in Loveland, Colo. at the Loretta Smith Showcase. Players, coaches, and fans braved the cold to create an exciting atmosphere for young female athletes to display their talent. Over the course of the weekend, a versatile cast of players showcased their skills, from speed to power, to compete for a championship ring.

Jaklynn Harteker (2025, Windsor, Colo.) is a dependable pitcher for the Impact Gold Hikida. Seeing most of her playing time in the circle, Jaklynn deceives hitters with a late-breaking curveball and a changeup that drops out of the zone. Offensively, Jaklynn drives the ball for power with a strong lower half and ability to extend through the ball.

One of the youngest members of the New Mexico Suncats 16u Gold team, Zoë Mangrum (2026, Albuquerque, N.M.) shows maturity at the plate with a calm, yet competitive demeanor. With a tall and strong frame, Zoe utilizes her lower body to drive the ball deep into the gaps. With a quick path to contact and the ability to stay through the ball, she will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with as she continues to develop her approach at the plate. Defensively, Zoe showcased her athleticism at various positions over the weekend, seeing time in left field, at shortstop, and at second base.

It was hard to catch Genesis Jaramillo (2025, Albuquerque, N.M.) this weekend as she sped around the bases. With a keen understanding of her speed and great field awareness, Genesis is always looking to take extra bases. She had multiple stolen bases on the weekend, reading pitches in the dirt and off-speed pitches to advance 60 feet. She is a consistent gap-to-gap hitter, and turns singles into doubles as she accelerates around the bases. Genesis went 3-for-3 in the championship game for the New Mexico Suncats 16u Gold, with a single and two doubles.

Addisen Byers (2024, Albuquerque, N.M.), a catcher and center fielder for the New Mexico Suncats 16u Gold, showcases her agility behind the plate and in center field. In both positions she is a wall, utilizing her quickness to knock down any ball that comes her way. A versatile hitter, Addisen is a top of the lineup hitter who can drop bunts for hits and shoot line drives into the gaps.

Tess Miller (2025, Lakewood, Colo.) is a lanky pitcher for the Colorado Bombers 16u Gold. She uses her height to her advantage with a long stride length that increases her pitch velocity. She keeps hitters guessing with a tight-spinning curve that stays low in the zone and a deceptive rise ball garnering many swings and misses over the course of the tournament.

Nina Vargas (2026, Lakewood, Colo.), a powerhouse hitter for the Colorado Bombers 16u Gold, had four home runs on the weekend. Nina demonstrated a well-developed level of composure, hitting towering shots when her team needed it most late in tight scoring games. She lets her energy shine as she rounds the bases and looks to her teammates at home plate. Her swing path gets the barrel to the ball quick and lifts the ball out of the park even quicker. She adds to her game as a fundamentally solid third baseman, utilizing her strong arm to beat the fastest slappers.

Macie Selfors (2024, Gillette, Wy.) with Wicked 307 is an elite shortstop with a high velocity overhand throw and quick feet that allow her to eat up balls up the middle and in the five-six hole. A middle-of-the-order hitter, Macie’s swing is built to lift the ball at contact. Macie continues to develop her approach at the plate, building on an aggressive and fearless style. Macie’s aggressive and fearless style is also seen as she runs the bases. She had multiple stolen bases on the weekend putting herself in scoring position for her team.

The NoCo Batbusters boast a competitive group led by Sydney Goetzel (2026, Greeley, Colo.), a pitcher and utility player who has power at the plate. In the circle, Sydney hurls a curveball that paints the outer half. She has natural up-spin to all pitches in her repertoire and is developing her ability to change speeds. At the plate, Sydney comes in clutch for her team, hitting for power with runners in scoring position. With a strong lower body, Sydney’s swing has torque that produces impressive power.

From the Colorado Venom, Tegan Medina (2024, Brighton, Colo.) has a sturdy frame and boasts a strong arm whether she’s throwing runners out from behind the plate or right field. Tegan not only has brawn, but brains as well. With exceptional knowledge of the game, Tegan took advantage of catchers attempting to pick her off by taking the next base. As a catcher, she controls the game from behind the plate and is able to manage pitchers with poise. As a middle-of-the-order hitter, Tegan demonstrates discipline and a well-developed knowledge of the strike-zone. Any pitch in Tegan’s wheelhouse will be met with a powerful, self-assured swing.

-Annie Fleming

Jasmine Collins (2023, Arvada, Colo.) is a utility player that pitches. She has very good command of her screwball, curveball and changeup. Hit the outside with the curveball and inside corner with a screwball, and painted both sides of the plate consistently. Swings the bat well with gap-to-gap pop in her bat. Very athletic young lady. Smart on the basepaths. Very energetic young lady.

Emilia Eaton (2023, Wheat Ridge, Colo.) is a pitcher/outfielder who throws 56-58 mph with a very good screw and curve that has late movement on batters. Jammed several batters on the hands for strikeouts and weak ground balls. Also throws a drop ball that moves well. Powerful lower half that she uses for pitching and hitting.

Avery Hixson (2024, Colorado Springs, Colo.) is a solidly-built catcher that pours her heart and soul into the game. Hustle and determination is this young ladies game. Frames and blocks well. Truly takes charge of the game behind the plate. Very silent catcher; hitters don’t know where she’s setting up at. Gap-to-gap hitter. Keeps hands inside the ball well.

Makayla Ingram (2024, Colorado Springs, Colo.), a 6-foot right-handed pitcher, threw a drop ball that was dropping off the table and getting lots of ground balls, and with a very good defense behind her, did very well. Has a huge upside.

Mollie Hardy (2023, Littleton, Colo.) hit a ball that looked like it was shot out of a cannon and may still be going. She is a solid catcher with a good arm, blocks the ball very well. A great teammate and attitude. Average of 1.8 pop time.

Elizabeth Phillips (2024, Littleton, Colo.) has great movement on her pitches and pounds the strike zone with great command. Keeps hitters off balance. Swings a good bat and sprays the ball around the field. Averaged 61-63 mph on pitches.

Avery Rios (2024, Parker, Colo.) is a speedy outfielder who covers a lot of ground in the outfield and is not afraid to get her uniform dirty diving for balls. At the plate she’s a triple threat as a slapper. Off to an awesome start here, as she went 2-for-3 with two stolen bases and continued her hot streak in bracket and elimination play.

Jada Montoya (2023, Pueblo, Colo.), although only 5-foot-2 in stature, is a very strong young lady with lots of pop in her bat and is a very consistent hitter. Keeps her hands inside the ball and has a solid lower half. Solid on defense, and she makes the plays, strong arm.

Stella Romeo (2025, Castle Rock, Colo.) plays summer ball for MMW Colorado ACREE 18A, and is an uncommitted, slick-fielding middle infielder who has quick feet, a smooth glove, and a strong, accurate arm that allows her to make great plays forehand or backhand. Can hit gap-to-gap and lay down a drag bunt for a base hit. Once on base, you can be assured she’s stealing. Fun to watch.

-Dervin Taylor