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All American Game  | Story  | 8/1/2022

All Roads Lead to PGAAC for Aidan Miller

Blake Dowson     
Photo: Aidan Miller (Perfect Game)
Trinity, Florida’s Aidan Miller has been in the spotlight for a long time. He was already a well-known player when he was selected for the 14u Perfect Game Select Festival back in 2019, and his prospect status has done nothing but get brighter since then.

Now, he’s a Perfect Game All-American and the No. 4 overall player in the 2023 class.

“It’s something I’ve had since I was 12, 13 years old,” Miller said of the spotlight. “But I’m kind of used to it now. The first couple years were kind of crazy, there were some things I had to get used to like controlling my emotions on the field, because somebody’s always watching you. But it’s definitely a cool thing.”

Miller’s brother, Jackson, has been there along the way to help with things like that. Jackson himself was quite the prep player, ranked as the No. 49 overall prospect in the 2020 class before being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the second round that year.

Jackson is a 2016 14u Select Fest alum, and played at PG National as well, which Aidan mirrored. It’s easy to bounce things off a guy who’s been there, done that recently.

“He’s been great,” Aidan said of his brother. “I always say I owe all my success to him, because he’s pretty much shown me the way for everything, whether it’s the gym, how to act on the field, having the right mindset. Pretty much everything that comes with baseball, he’s helped me out with.”

During the season, that brotherly advice comes through the headset when the two are playing MLB The Show or Fortnite. During the offseason it’s in the weight room, when they’re both back at home in Florida.

Miller’s dad has been right there with him throughout the summers as well, as his travel ball coach for many of the PG events he has played in with Top Tier. Jason Miller was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 1994. Getting drafted is a rite of passage in the Miller family, it seems.

Jason has had the best seat in the house for Aidan’s success. When Aidan shows up at PG events, he’s walking away with a .300 average and an all-tournament team nod. This year’s 17u National Championship – .333 average, All-Tournament Team. 2022 17u National Elite – .556 average, All-Tournament Team. 2021 16u World Series – .308 average, All-Tournament Team.

You get the theme. Miller has been an all-tournament team selection in the last six PG tournaments he has played in dating back to the 2020 Underclass World Championship, with a Top Prospect List nod at last year’s Junior National Showcase thrown in there, too.

His journey leads to Phoenix at the end of August for the All-American Classic, but not before he touches just about every other corner of the country first. When you’re as good as Miller is at hitting a baseball, just about everybody wants to watch you do it.

“I was at Hoover, and then North Carolina, then Atlanta,” Miller said of his summer so far. “And then L.A., then back to Tampa for the National Showcase. I’ve been pretty much all over.”

Is that exhausting?

“Oh, yeah,” Miller said. “I’ve had five days at home [now], so that feels good. But man, those last couple days on the road, it gets tiring for sure.”

Miller says he’s charging up for the home run derby at the Classic. That’s what he’s looking forward to the most. His derby round got rained out back in 2019 at the 14u Select Fest, so he hasn’t been able to take home a crown at a PG event yet.

Out in Los Angeles during MLB All-Star festivities though, he won the high school home run derby over fellow Perfect Game All-American Braden Holcomb inside Dodger Stadium, and wants a piece of Holcomb again, this time at Chase Field in Phoenix.

“He took me for a ride out in L.A., so it’ll be tough,” Miller said. “Whoever has their game that day will win it.”

More important question, who wins a derby between Miller and his brother?

“Me, no doubt.”

Would Jackson have the same answer?

“Probably not.”