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General | General | 1/3/2022

The Lead Off: January

Clint Hurdle     
Photo: Perfect Game
Ready or Not Here We Go!

Happy New Year to all our readers. I’d like to wish you all a Healthy and Happy 2022. Our family shared faith, fun, hugs, laughs and love.

In the last blog we talked about finishing 2021 strong 💪 personally and professionally. I hope you all were able to do that to some extent.

I can vouch for the Perfect Game Crew. We finished 2021 with a BANG! I’m sure it will be covered in our Organizational Newsletter “The Rundown”...the Hall of Fame Banquet and The Perfect Game Cares Golf Fundraiser were amazing. Professionally run and done with class!

Ten former PG players were inducted, along with our main man and mentor Jerry Ford. The Golf FUNdraiser was a blast! Strong participation for both events with caring hearts from everyone involved. Special high fives to Jennifer Ford, Ben Ford and Daron Sutton and all our sponsors as well as our volunteers. There are always many fingerprints on success and this event was no different.

I’m typing this blog in preparation of a new year filled with hope, opportunities, challenges, ups and downs, as well as the speed of life all on the horizon. I’m not one to come up with a list of New Year resolutions due to the fact my batting average with resolutions is below the Mendoza line (sub .200). If you're still confused google up Mario Mendoza.😜

However, what I do now makes perfect sense to me and I’ve used it with coaches, players and friends over the past 12 years.

One Word for 2022

“Everything starts with one step, or one brick, or one word or one day.”
- Jeremy Gilley

Those of you who have known me for a while will recognize this as my annual alternative to a New Year’s resolutions email.
It’s called “One Word.”
My friend Jon Gordon has written a book about it and it was through him that I was inspired to try it. I’ve found it to be far more effective than making a list of resolutions that fall by the wayside quickly.
Here’s how it works: Pick one word that best summarizes what it is you are looking to improve on in 2022. It can be any word, but it can only be one word and not multiple words or a phrase.
Some examples include: “Clarity,” “Passion,” “Purpose,” “Calm,” “Focus,” or “Joy.”
The idea is that the choices you make, or the way you live this year is guided by the word you have chosen. It is simple, but it is also powerful.
It’s a word that can relate to a number of different areas in your life. For example, if you were to choose "Focus," it could apply to the way you approach tasks at your job, listening to your spouse/partner/children, being present with what is going on around you, etc. Today, choose your word for 2022. Begin posting it around you -- maybe one taped to your mirror, one written at the top of your daily to-do list, one on a sticky note on your computer -- so that you have plenty of reminders.

My coaches and I used to print the word we’d chosen on a ball and then I’d give them the opportunity to share their word with the group. Then we would exchange the balls during the year. I have each ball from my Pirate years in a bowl in my office. Wonderful memories.

My word for this year is AWARENESS.
I need to be where my feet are every day and in every way with whomever I’m with.

The person I’m with needs to be the most important person in the room. I failed at this just the other day when I was home with my parents and my wife Karla loved me enough to point it out to me.

Will you choose a word with me?

What’s your word?



* Special thanks to my friends Steve Gilbert and Jon Gordon for this impactful exercise. It’s easy, free and fun.

Here is photo from the Hurdle Archives I think will make you smile.

See you on the ball field.

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