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Summer Showdown: Scout Notes

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Photo: Andruw Jones (Perfect Game)
Bransen Powell (2023, Locust Grove, Ga.) is a 5-foot-11, 155-pound third baseman. The righthander has good size at the plate and has the skills to be an elite hitter already. He stands with the bat resting comfortably on his shoulder until the pitch comes, which he raises it a little bit with his load. He has a bit of a closed stance, which helps him cover more of the plate. He has a quick swing that comes with a lot of power to all sides of the field. This was shown with a deep shot that hit the right field wall. Along with his power comes with an ability to make contact. He rarely was fooled by pitches and made good contact with each ball he put into play.

Justin Best (2023, Cornelius, N.C.) is a 170-pound outfielder for Team Elite 14U National. Standing at 6-foot-2, Best has great size already and can add more power to his swing as he matures. The lefthanded batter stood in with a straight stance and a bit of a bend in both of his legs. The Cornelius native had quite a bit of arm movement with his stance that flowed smoothly into his load with a pitch. He had a quick burst out of the batter’s box. Best has good acceleration and speed and could be a problem for opposing pitchers on the bases.

Alex Urias (2023, Cumming, Ga.) is a 5-foot-10, 150-pound lefthanded pitcher and first baseman. With room to mature still, Urias definitely shows his skill set as a hitter. The righthander stands at the plate with a straight up stance but with a wide separation of his feet. As the pitch comes in, he raises his foot a little bit but places it down in the exact same spot. His hands drop a little bit and is even with his right pec as he starts his swing. He has a quick compact swing and makes solid contact with the ball with an intention to go with the ball instead of pulling it.

-Brian Treadway

Justice Haynes (2023, Alpharetta, Ga.), a primary outfielder, displayed his high ceiling on the mound. Haynes showcased a fastball that sat 80-81 mph while topping out at 83 mph. He showed plus command of his fastball locating it to all four quadrants of the zone. His plus feel and velocity of the pitch allow him to use it as a swing-and-miss pitch late in counts as he gets hitters to chase above the strike zone. He creates some deception while throwing cross body with his closed landing from his high three-quarters arm slot. There is a lot to like on the mound with his simple repeatable delivery and quick smooth arm action as he continues to fill out his 5-foot-9, 170-pound frame.

Dawson Campbell (2022, Marietta, Ga.) showed his high offensive upside with loud contact in all three of his at-bats in day three of pool play at the Perfect Game Summer Showdown. His comfortable balanced upright start allows him to transfer his weight onto his backside with his leg kick as he gets his hands loaded creating good separation. He does a great job of staying connected through his quick compact swing while transferring his weight through his lower half. His level bat path provided line to line pop through his line drive approach. He projects well to develop even more power as he continues to grow and fill out his lean athletic frame.

Reginald Austin (2022, Atlanta, Ga.) is a strong, quick-twitch, athletic middle infielder who showed great tools at the plate and in the field. At the plate he starts with an upright narrow stance with a high hand set. From there he uses a toe-tap high leg kick to create separation and get into a wide hitting base. His quick smooth swing path combined with his ability to drive his weight forward through his swing and high finish provide gap-to-gap power while creating backspin a carry on the ball. In the field he showed the ability to range in any direction with plenty of arm strength to make a throw from anywhere on the diamond. His ability to work through the ball paired with his quick transfer and release allow him to stay accurate and on time getting the ball to first base. Austin projects well to add more power to his athleticism as he continues to fill out his 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame.

-Colton Olinger

Brian Garmon II (2022, Cumming, Ga.) pitched a phenomenal game Thursday for the Georgia Bombers 15u. The right-hander pitched a complete game while allowing only one hit and two walks with 13 strikeouts. Garmon executed his pitches and showed great command. With a fastball in the 78-80 mph range and a 11-5 curveball that sat between 66-71 mph and a low-70s change up to lefties, the 6-foot, 165-pounder was dominant with all three pitches. He released from a lower three-quarters arm slot and gets downhill extremely well. His arm action is long and fluid. As he fills out his frame the velocity will come. Garmon is highly projectable with present pitchability and poise on the mound.

Andruw Jones (2022, Suwanee, Ga.) played an all-around great game Wednesday. At the plate Jones went 2-for-3 with a triple and an RBI. He also performed well on the mound, throwing one inning while striking out two and allowing one hit and one walk. On the mound, Jones showcased superior arm strength for his age. He ran his fastball up to 86 mph and it sat in the 82-84 mph range with arm side run. The fastball was paired with a tight-spinning slider at 72-74 mph. A whippy, compact arm action is fluid throughout. Jones’ stride is short off the mound and the ball explodes out of his hand. The 6-foot-2, 170-pound athlete projects extremely well physically and shows tremendous upside both as a hitter and pitcher.

Bryce Archie (2022, Powder Springs, Ga.) came in to close the game for the Georgia Jackets 15U American on Wednesday. He threw with an empty line going one inning with no hits, no walks, no runs, and no strikeouts. The right hander came in throwing a fastball that sat in the 81-85 mph range, but it was up to 87. Archie’s go-to secondary was an extremely impressive 78-80 mph cutter that broke extremely late with vicious bite. Mechanically, he releases from a three-quarters to lower three-quarters arm slot with a long fluid arm action. He utilizes a high leg lift and pitches downhill while getting into his lower half. The velocity seems to come easy for the 6-foot-1, 170-pounder; his movements are smooth, controlled, and projectable.

Reginald Austin (2022, Atlanta, Ga.) put together an impressive start for the 643 DP Cougars 15U Montgomery on Wednesday. The righthander went 2 2/3 innings, allowing three hits, no runs, and one walk while posting three strikeouts. At 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, Austin’s lean athletic frame and strong lower half project well. He’s a pure athlete with broad shoulders and plenty of room to grow. On the mound, a high leg lift and quick delivery are paired with a long fluid arm action and high three-quarters arm slot. He gets into his lower half extremely well and throws with very little effort. His 83-86 mph fastball with arm side run is commanded extremely well and was even up to 88 mph. The 15-year-old also showed feel for a sweeping 11-5 curveball that he landed for strikes throughout the outing.

Nathan Halperin (2021, Acworth, Ga.) put together a strong game Wednesday for the 643 DP Jaguars 15U Ludlow. Halperin went 1-3 on the day with a hard line drive double to the left center gap and a run scored. At the plate, he stands in the box with a very wide base and slightly open stance with his knees slightly bent. His hands start at chin height slight behind his ear. From there he pulls the barrel through the zone and does a good job of keeping his head still and on the ball. At third base, the 5-foot-10, 170-pounder flashed a strong arm and quick hands with sound defense. He has a projectable athletic frame with broad shoulders.

-Jacob Jordan

Tripp Williams (2022, Demorest, Ga.) showcased a projectable 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame with an athletic and strong build. The righthanded hitter uses a toe-tap leg trigger as a timing mechanism. He takes a wide step with his stride leg that shows good use of his lower half strength. The swing is short and compact on a level plane generating lots of line drives. His lower half strength combined with quick hands frequently creates loud contact. The right fielder did not receive a lot of action defensively but he showed athleticism and arm strength on the plays he did get. His athleticism should correlate with advanced range and good jumps. He was smooth and fluid in receiving and transferring balls hit on the ground. His arm is certainly above-average and plays well.

Alex Urias (2023, Cumming, Ga.) is an athletic and young first baseman with a natural ability to hit. Showing a medium 5-foot-10, 150-pound frame, he has room and time to fill out. The lefthanded throwing first baseman is a quick-twitch player possessing advanced footwork, soft hands, a strong arm, and above-average athleticism. His defensive skill set could certainly pass and possibly thrive in center field. The righthanded hitter starts with a wide base and high hands at the plate. He employs a small leg lift trigger during his load. The swing is smooth and fluid on a level plane. Using an all fields and line drive approach, he frequently makes contact on the barrel. In his second game of action, he went 2-for-3 with a walk, double, triple, and three runs scored. His projectable ability to hit should improve even further once he fills out more and adds additional power.

JC French (2022, Roswell, Ga.) showcased mature defensive mechanics behind the plate. The catcher has a projectable 6-foot, 180-pound frame with room to fill even further. Behind the plate, he has an advanced arm in terms of strength and accuracy. The combination of athletic footwork and live arm action resulted in consistent pop times around two seconds or below. He easily caught two runners stealing during game action. Mature defensive mechanics are also displayed receiving pitches. He does a really good job of framing pitches on the corners of the strike zone along with blocking pitches in the dirt. The righthanded hitter stands nearly straight up with an open stance and high hands. He takes a long stride forward and transitions into quick hands on a level plane. Batted balls are usually loud line drives to the pull side. He went 2-for-3 with a well hit double to left center during his third game of action.

-Jake Martin
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