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Leagues | Story | 12/19/2018

Session I Indoor Champs, MVPs

BJ Fish        
18U National Champions and MVP

National Champions: #1 DBC Dragons Navy (Dothan Dragons Baseball Club: Dothan, Alabama)

Roster (Left to Right)
1. Don Williams - Uncommitted
2. Jake Smith - Uncommitted
3. Jake Killingsworth - Uncommitted
4. Chase Allsup - Auburn Commit
Also Pictured: Facility Director Jake Kirkland

Path To The Championship:
Round 1: BYE
Quarterfinals: 31-16 Win over #9 DBC Dragons Grey
Semi-Finals: 23-22 Win over #4 Southworth Black
Finals (Best of 3): 49-16 Win over DSA Pink, 24-14 Win over DSA Pink


Jake Killingsworth (2020, C) - With a season to remember, Jake Killingsworth wowed his way to PGNIL MVP at the 18U Level. Killingsworth, an uncommitted Catcher out of Headland High School in Headland, Alabama crushed the league record for batting average and RBI, hitting at a regular season clip of .783 to beat the record by over 100 points and driving in 117 RBI. His 35 HR's would have also set records if not for his teammate Chase Allsup hitting 41. I don't expect Jake to be uncommitted for very long. Congrats Jake!

Other Players Considered: Aidan Brown (DSA Silver), Alec Nigut (DSA Silver), Beck Anshutz (DSA Silver), Carter Baumler (DSA Maroon), Casey Young (DSA Yellow), Jack Fuchs (DSA Red), Josh Neyens (DSA Red), Kip Cullinan (DSA Pink), Nathan Steenblock (DSA Maroon),  Grant Hubka (Southworth Blue), Noah Greise (Southworth Black), Noah Olson (Southworth Green), Ryan Mendez (Southworth Red), Trey Frahm (Southworth Black),Wyatt Anderson (Southworth Green), Christian Collier (DBC Dragons Columbia), Don Williams (DBC Dragons Navy), Jake Smith (DBC Dragons Navy), Dylan Schultz (PG Black), Konstantinos Papazoglou (PG Black), Andrue Henry (PG Red)

16U National Champions and MVP

National Champions: #11 DBC Dragons Royal (Dothan Dragons Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama)

Roster (Left to Right)
1. Kade Haywood
2. Zachary Chandler
3. Anthony Anderson

Path To The Championship:
Round 1: 1-0 Win over #6 DSA Clones
Quarterfinals: 10-1 Win over #14 DSA Yellow
Semi-Finals: 11-10 Win over #15 PG Gold
Finals (Best of 3): 17-14 Win over #12 DSA Warriors, 9-10 Loss to #12 DSA Warriors, 13-12 Win over #12 DSA Warriors



Chase Allsup (2021, RHP/1B) - Playing the regular season in 2 division but playing up in 18U for the playoffs, Chase, like Jake Killingsworth had a first session to remember at the 16U Level. Chase came in second all time in nearly every offensive category for 16U including average (.667), RBI (107), HR (36) and Max Exit Velo (102.7). Chase is an early commit to Auburn and his numbers in this first session show why. Congratulations Chase!

Other Players Considered: Aiden McGee (DSA Warriors), Cameron Gallt (DSA Black), Camden Troncin (DSA Navy), Eliot Jurgensen (DSA Black), Ethan Drown (DSA Green), Gehrig Christensen (DSA Green), Jacob Shaw (DSA Purple), Tucker Langenberg (DSA Navy), Carter Fanning (DBC Dragons Navy), Jaeden Jackson (DBC Dragons Navy), Kade Haywood (DBC Dragons Royal), Matthew Omohundro (DBC Dragons Grey), Nathan Aplin (DBC Dragons Columbia), Theron Hawkins (DBC Dragons Royal), Jonny Gilligan (NJ Axemen Elite 2022), Nazier Mule (NJ Axemen Elite 2022), Ethan Hergert (Southworth Red), Tommy Hook (Southworth Blue), Cooper Panneton (Southworth Black),  Jaxon Brooks (PG Black), Parker Smith (PG Black)

14U National Champions and MVP

National Champions: #4 DBC Dragons Grey (Dothan Dragons Baseball Club - Dothan, Alabama)

Roster (Left to Right)
1. Jacob Sanchez
2. Harrison Hicks
3. Bryson Howard

Path To The Championship:
Round 1 (Best of 3): 8-0 Win over #5 PG Red
Semi-Finals: 13-3 Win over #1 NJ Axemen Blue
Finals (Best of 3): 13-5 Win over #3 DSA Moonshots, 13-11 Win over #3 DSA Moonshots


Bryson Howard (2023, Chipley, Florida) - Bryson Howard brings home this year's MVP honors at the 14U level for Session I. Bryson led his facility and the entire country in regular season batting average (.583) and RBI (38). His team also brought home a National Title. Bryson is the first player from the State of Florida to bring home the MVP in any age group.

Other Players Considered: Payton Hodges (PG Red 14U), Myles Davis (PG Black 14U), Kaden Frommelt (PG Red 14U), Trey Franck (PG Black 14U), Jackson Mishler (PG Black 14U), Bryce Higgins (DSA Moonshots), Brady Eklund (DSA Moonshots), Peyton Rottinghouse (DSA Red 14U), Preston Glatt (DSA Moonshots), Michael Vanderhayden (DBC Dragons Navy), Adam Boyd (DBC Dragons Navy), Aiden Wright (DBC Dragons Navy)

12U National Champions and MVP

National Champions: NJ Axemen 2025 (Player's Edge Training Facility - Wayne, New Jersey)

Roster (Left to Right)
1. Ryan Lora
2. Chris Gantaifis
3. Heydon Hernandez
4. Andrew Pami
5. Liam Riley

Path To The Championship:

Round 1: BYE
Semi-Finals: 5-1 Win over PG Red
Finals (Best of 3): 5-3 Loss to PG Black, 5-4 Win over PG Black, 7-6 Win over PG Black


Liam Riley (2025, C) - After delivering the game winning walk off single to win the National Title on Saturday Morning, Liam brings home the Session I 12U MVP award. Liam also put together an impressive regular season, posting a .543 regular season average and driving in 6 RBI. Liam is the 3rd player from Player's Edge to bring home a MVP award.

Other Players Considered: Giancarlo Scirocco (NJ Axemen 2026), Chris Gantaifis (NJ Axemen 2025), Marcelo Harsch (Players Edge Blue F18), Tait Tierney (PG Black 12U), Logan Miller (PG Red 12U), Max Leno (PG Red 12U), James Perkins (PG Red 12U)

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