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Tournaments  | Rankings  | 12/11/2018

Travel team successes in 2018

Jeff Dahn     
Photo: Blake Money (Perfect Game)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Perfect Game released its Final 2018 National Travel Team Rankings in the 13u through 17u age groups last week (final 18u rankings were released in September).

The rankings shed light on which national organizations are the most prolific in terms of entering multiple teams into every prominent PG tournament in all six age-groups if, in fact, that participation proves to be beneficial to the young players within that program.

What follows is a look at several programs from across the country that finished the 2018 summer and fall seasons with multiple teams slotted into the rankings. Please note that this exercise was not done to diminish the accomplishments of the dozens of other highly regarded and respected programs that also fielded competitive teams this year.

Please click here to view the complete 2018 PG Final Travel Team Rankings.

5 Star Baseball (Ga./Fla.):

5 Star continued to be one of the most prominent programs in the Southeast during 2018 and finished with five of its squads ranked in the top-50, including the No. 30 and No. 35 teams in 17u. 5 Star National finished in the No. 1 slot in the 14u rankings thanks to a PG BCS National Championship and a runner-up finish at the PG WWBA Freshman World Championship; 2022 C/3B Nick Wrubluski was the MVP at the 14u BCS.

18u ranked teams:
No. 42 5 Star Baseball 18u

17u ranked teams:
No. 30 5 Star National Dobbs 17u
No. 35 5 Star National Weaver 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 56 5 Star Carolina Neyra 16u
No. 113 5 Star National Gilbert 16u
No. 125 5 Star National Burress

15u ranked teams:
No. 13 5 Star National Black
No. 144 5 Star National Boz 15u

14u ranked teams:
No. 1 5 Star National
No. 56 5 Star National Snyder 14u
No. 79 5 Star National Gold
No. 92 5 Star National PR Yellow
No. 154 5 Star National PR White

13u ranked teams:
No. 15 5 Star National
No. 24 5 Star National Florida
No. 60 5 Star Carolina-White
No. 62 5 Star-Fincher

643 DP (Ga.):

With five top-50 teams across the age-group spectrum, 643 DP proved once again that its teams can never be taken lightly. 6-4-3 DP Cougars-Sterling came in at No. 18 in the 16u rankings thanks to a championship at the PG 16u Summer Showdown Protected by G-Form (MVPlayer Ty Floyd, MVPitch David Sickles).

18u ranked teams:
No. 31 643 DP 18u Cougars

17u ranked teams:
No. 28 643 DP
No. 69 643 DP Tigers-Beasley
No.115 643 DP Jaguars-Hightower

16u ranked teams:
No. 18 643 DP Cougars-Sterling
No. 127 643 DP Baseball-Mang
No. 210 643 DP 17u-Coleman

15u ranked teams
No. 47 643 DP Cougars-Montgomery
No. 133 643 DP Tigers 15u

14u ranked teams:
No. 33 643 DP Cougars 14u-Hawkins
No. 97 643 DP-Coleman
No. 141 643 DP Tigers

13u ranked teams:
No. 51 643 DP Tigers 13u

Banditos (Texas/Fla.):

Teams playing under the Banditos Scout Team banner finished No. 1 in the 13u rankings, No. 8 in 14u and No. 16 in 15u to highlight the Banditos five top-50 finishes. The BST 13u claimed the championship at the 13u PG World Series with MVPitch Brennan Greer. PGAA Sanson Faltine III was with the Banditos most of the summer.

17u ranked teams:
No. 48 Banditos Scout Team
No. 217 Banditos Florida Black 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 42 Banditos Scout Team
No. 98 Banditos Florida 16u Prospects

15u ranked teams:
No. 16 Banditos Scout Team
No. 126 Banditos Florida 15u Black
No. 128 Austin Banditos Black 2021-Trevino

14u ranked teams:
No. 8 Banditos Scout Team 14u
No. 106 Banditos El Paso
No. 150 Banditos Black 14u

13u ranked teams:
No. 1 Banditos Scout Team

BPA (Calif.):

Baseball Performance Academy Founder/Director of Team Development Jared Sandler fields just one team per age-group and they’re always a title threat. The 17u No. 14-ranked BPA team that reached the round-of-16  and finished 4-1-0 in Jupiter featured top 2019 LHP Cooper Benson and Cutter Clawson and 2019 SS Brooks Lee.

17u ranked teams:
No. 14 BPA

16u ranked teams:
No. 10 BPA

15u ranked teams:
No. 163 BPA Black

14u ranked teams:
No. 36 BPA Black

CBA (Calif.):

California Baseball Academy’s top 17u team – CBA Marucci National – earned the No. 1 ranking in that age-group thanks to a co-championship at the PG 17u WWBA National Championship, a title at the PG Upperclass Fall National Championship, reaching the quarterfinals in Jupiter and earning the No. 1 playoff seed at the 17u PG World Series; 2019 3B Cameron Repetti was the MVPlayer at both the 17u WWBA and the Upper Fall. The roster also featured highly ranked 2019s Carter Young and Joseph Naranjo. The No. 5-ranked CBA Bulldogs 15u finished as runner-up at the 15u PGWS behind 2021 LHP and MVPitch Nick Zellers.

17u ranked teams:
No. 1 CBA Marucci National
No. 55 CBA Cavs
No. 67 CBA Marucci American
No. 180 CBA Nevada 2019 (Nev.)

16u ranked teams
No. 57 CBA Marucci
No. 79 CBA Bulldogs

15u ranked teams
No. 5 CBA Bulldogs 15u
No. 103 DBA Matadors

14u ranked teams:
No. 38 CBA Matadors
No. 63 CBA Wave

13u ranked teams:
No. 12 CBA Bulldogs

Canes Baseball (Va./national):

The Canes organization under the direction of President & CEO (and 17u head coach) Jeff Petty continued to grow and prosper in 2018 and finished the campaign with eight of its teams ranked in the top-50 across five age-groups. 17u No. 5-ranked Canes National 17u with PGAA’s Matthew Allan, Cade Doughty, Anthony Volpe and Corbin Carroll finished at runner-up in Jupiter (MVPitch Tyler Nesbitt), won the championship at the Ways to Play powered by MLB and PG event, reached the quarters at the PG 17u WWBA went 4-1-1 at the 17u PGWS. The 14u No. 4-ranked Canes National 14u won the PG 14u WWBA National Championship behind 2022 MVPlayer Nathan Fink.

17u ranked teams:
No. 5 Canes National 17u
No. 73 Canes Central 17u
No. 163 Canes American
No. 179 Canes South 17u
No. 233 Canes Prospects

16u ranked teams:
No. 8 Canes National
No. 35 Canes American 16u
No. 99 Canes Gold 17
No. 106 Canes Midwest
No. 108 Canes Florida 2020 Prime
No. 181 Canes North 16u

15u ranked teams
No. 29 Canes National 15u
No. 38 Canes Florida 2021 Prime/Fla. Hurricanes
No. 54 Canes Midwest
No. 101 Canes North 15u
No. 102 EvoShield Canes North Atlantic 15u
No. 146 Canes South 15u

14u ranked teams:
No. 4 Canes National 14u
No. 52 Canes American 2022

13u ranked teams:
No. 2 Canes Florida Prime 2023
No. 23 Canes 13u NC-Haire
No. 61 Canes South 14u

Cangelosi Sparks (Ill.)

The Sparks program really made hay during PG’s fall season. The 17u Sparks won the WWBA Kernels Foundation Championship – a Jupiter qualifier – with 2019 C/1B MVPlayer Dylan Post. The 15u Sparks were the Midwest Underclass Qualifier champions  and the runner-up at the PG WWBA Sophomore World Championship; the 16u Sparks were the runner-up at the PG WWBA Midwest Under Qualifier and the 14u Sparks 2022 Black won the WWBA Midwest Freshman Championship. Cangelosi MVPlayers and MVPitchers at those events included CJ Byrdak, Jayden Comia, Tyler Pritchard, Bobby Atkinson and Alberto Lamas.

17u ranked teams:
No. 24 Cangelosi Sparks

16u ranked teams:
No. 96 Cangelosi Sparks 2020 Black

15u ranked teams:
No. 12 Cangelosi Sparks 2021 Black

14u ranked teams
No. 14 Cangelosi Sparks

Dirtbags (N.C.):

The Dirtbags program has won two PG WWBA World Championship titles since 2010 and remains a fixture among the country’s elite organizations. The Dirtbags ScrapPack finished in the No. 20 slot in the 17u rankings after claiming a co-championship at the 18u Memorial Day Classic/LakePoint, reaching the round-of-16 at the PG 17u WWBA National Championship and earning a playoff berth at the PG WWBA World. The 14u No. 12-ranked Dirtbags 2022 Camo reached the semifinals at the 14u PGWS and finished 6-0-1 at the PG 14u WWBA National Championship.

17u ranked teams:
No. 20 Dirtbags ScrapPack
No. 125 Dirtbags All Blacks

16u ranked teams:
No. 29 Dirtbags
No. 73 Dirtbags Gold
No. 107 Dirtbags 15u Platinum VA

15u ranked teams:
No. 96 Dirtbags 15u Platinum VA
No. 99 Dirtbags Haynes

14u ranked teams:
No. 12 Dirtbags 2022 Camo
No. 78 Dirtbags Black

13u ranked teams:
No. 44 Dirtbags 13u Platinum

Dulins Dodgers (Tenn./Texas):

The Dodgers 15u and 14u teams finished Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, in the rankings as Tim Dulin’s program flexed its muscles in the younger age-groups. The Dulins Dodgers 15u Prime won the championship at the 15u PG World Series (MVPlayer David Jeon), reached the playoffs at the PG 15u WWBA National Championship and the semifinals at the 15u PG-East Cobb Invitational. The Dulins Dodgers-Wright were the 14u PGWS champions (MVPlayer Jonah Sutton) and was the runner-up at the PG 14u WWBA (MVPitcher Trent Hodgdon).

16u ranked teams:
No. 69 Dulins Dodgers

15u ranked teams:
No. 1 Dulins Dodgers Prime
No. 33 Dulins Dodgers (TX) Prime

14u ranked teams:
No. 2 Dulins Dodgers-Wright

East Coast Sox (Tenn./Miss.):

The 17u No. 6-ranked East Coast Sox Select’s accomplishments pushed the program to the forefront in 2018 by reaching the semi finals at the PG WWBA World Championship, the PG 17u WWBA National Championship and the Ways to Play Powered by MLB and PG. All-Americans Hayden Dunhurst, Rece Hinds, Maurice Hampton Jr. and Bobby Witt Jr. all graced the Sox Select’s roster at times during the 2018 campaign.

17u ranked teams:
No. 6 East Coast Sox Select
No. 182 East Coast Sox Elite

16u ranked teams:
No. 62 East Coast Sox Select
No. 154 East Coast Sox Elite

15u ranked teams:
No. 57 East Coast Sox Prime
No. 93 East Coast Sox Select
No. 154 East Coast Sox Elite

13u ranked teams:
No. 28 East Coast Sox

East Cobb Baseball (Ga.):

The East Cobb Astros brand remains one of the strongest in the travel ball universe and this year’s six Astros teams all finished ranked in the top-17 in their respective age divisions. In 18u, the No. 1 Astros won the 18u WWBA National (MVPs Nathan Hickey and Luke Barnicki). In 16u, the No. 1 Astros won championships at the 16u PGWS and the 16u Super25 National, were co-champs at the WWBA Underclass World and were a playoff team at the 16u WWBA and 16u BCS national championships. Nathan Hickey, Blake Money, Spencer Keefe and Will Sanders were MVPs for the 16u squad. The 14u No. 6 Astros won the 14u PG-EC Invite and were runner-up at the 14u BCS (MVPs Caleb Nix, Benjamin Hamacher, Dylan Lesko).

18u ranked teams:
No. 1 East Cobb Astros
No. 5 East Cobb Yankees

17u ranked teams:
No. 17 East Cobb Astros 17u
No. 126 East Cobb Yankees
No. 158 East Cobb Colt 45s
No. 167 East Cobb Yankees 17u
No. 218 East Cobb Twins 17u
No. 243 East Cobb Patriots 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 1 East Cobb Astros
No. 64 Astros Team East Cobb 16u-Zilleox
No. 184 East Cobb Angels 17u

15u ranked teams:
No. 7 East Cobb Astros
No. 59 East Cobb Colt 45s
No. 134 East Cobb Sun Devils
No. 179 East Cobb Giants

14u ranked teams:
No. 6 East Cobb Astros 14u
No. 129 East Cobb Colt 45s
No. 130 East Cobb Yankees 14u

13u ranked teams:
No. 6 East Cobb Astros 13u
No. 40 East Cobb Tigers 13u
No. 63 East Cobb Colt 45s Navy

Elite Squad (Fla.):

Richie Palmer’s Elite Squad teams posted six top-50 finishes in five age-groups led by the 15u No. 3 Elite Squad 15u National and the 17u No. 8 Elite Squad 17u American. The ES 15u National took home the title at the PG WWBA Sophomore World Championship with MVPlayer Marcus Franco, won the PG WWBA 16u East Memorial Day Classic (MVPs Justin Quintana, Irving Carter), were a semifinalist at the 15u WWBA and reached the playoffs at the 15u PGWS and 15u BCS. The ES 17 American won the 17u BCS National Championship (MVPitch Stephen Schissler) and 18u East Memorial Day Classic championship (MVPs Andrew Jenner, Kael Johnston-Royal).

17u ranked teams:
No. 8 Elite Squad 17u American
No. 22 Elite Squad 17u National
No. 172 Elite Squad 17u Morales

16u ranked teams:
No. 33 Elite Squad 16u National
No. 58 Elite Squad Prospects
No. 90 Elite Squad 16u American
No. 140 Elite Squad 16u Palm Beach
No. 194 Elite Squad 16u-Sedell
No. 196 Elite Squad 16u-Rodriguez

15u ranked teams
No. 3 Elite Squad 15u National
No. 37 Elite Squad 16u Texas
No. 85 Elite Squad 15u American

14u ranked teams
No. 15 Elite Squad 2022
No. 123 Elite Squad 14u American
No. 135 Elite Squad Outlaws

13u ranked teams:
No. 10 Elite Squad Outlaws

eXposure Baseball (Tenn.):

The eXposure Baseball organization were a steady presence at PG tournaments in the six age divisions being discussed here and seven of its teams finish in the top-50 in five of the six, including four in the 18u age-group. 15u No. 26-ranked eXposure North Prime 15u reached the semifinals at the 15u BCS and finished 6-1-0 at the 15u WWBA.

18u ranked teams:
No. 16 eXposure West
No. 25 eXposure 18u Prime
No. 33 eXposure 18u Louisville Slugger
No. 37 eXposure Florida

17u ranked teams:
No. 49 eXposure 17u Prime

16u ranked teams:
No. 68 eXposure 16u Prime
No. 183 eXposure Underclass Black
No. 198 eXposure North Fall

15u ranked teams:
No. 26 eXposure North Prime 15u
No. 39 eXposure 15u Prime

14u ranked teams:
No. 65 eXposure 14u Prime

13u ranked teams:
No. 26 eXposure Fall White

Florida Burn (Fla.):

The Florida Burn program, under the direction of Mark Guthrie, saved the best for last in 2018, when its 2019 Platinum team won took home the title at the PG WWBA World Championship in Jupiter, Fla.; that championship, along with a runner-up finish at the 17u PG BCS National Championship and a 4-2-1 record at the 17u WWBA, earned the Burn 2019 Platinum a 17u No. 2 ranking. Joshua Rivera was named the co-MVPlayer in Jupiter, and Kevin Conway was the MVPlayer at the 17u BCS.

17u ranked teams:
No. 2 Florida Burn 2019 Platinum
No. 59 Florida Burn 2019 Premier

16u ranked teams:
No. 17 Florida Burn Platinum

15u ranked teams:
No. 62 Florida Burn Platinum
No. 135 Florida Burn 2021 Premier
No. 140 Florida Burn 2021 Pt

14u ranked teams:
No. 80 Florida Burn Platinum

FTB (Fla.):

Eight FTB teams finished in the top-50 across all six age divisions as the venerable organization continued to produce winners in 2018. 16u No. 6 FTB Tucci-Berryhill didn’t win a championship but was runner-up at the 16u PGWS (MVPitch Grayson Moore) and reached the round-of-16 at both the 16u PG WWBA and the PG WWBA Underclass World. 17u No. 12 FTB Tucci was a quarterfinalist in Jupiter (Giants Scout Team/FTB) and a playoff qualifier at the 17u PG WWBA, led by PGAAs Myles Austin, Riley Greene and Hylan Hall.

17u ranked teams:
No. 12 FTB Tucci
No. 101 FTB Tucci 55
No. 106 FTB Rockets 2019
No. 212 FTB Powerhouse
No. 215 FTB Tucci Mid-Atlantic 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 6 FTB Tucci-Berryhill
No. 28 FTB Rockets 2020
No. 43 FTB Tucci-Cleveland
No. 81 FTB Tucci Black 2020
No. 227 FTB Gulf Coast 16u

15u ranked teams:
No. 30 FTB Tucci Northeast
No. 108 FTB Tucci-Rodriguez

14u ranked teams:
No. 44 FTB Rockets 2022
No. 45 FTB Select 2022

13u ranked teams:
No. 13 FTB Resmondo

GBG (Calif./Ariz./Wash.):

Garciaparra Baseball Group’s 17u and 16u teams were impressive throughout the summer and fall of 2018 and finished in the No. 7 and No. 4 spots in their respective rankings. GBG Marucci reached the final-four in Jupiter and came up just short of playing in the championship game after falling to Canes National, 2-1, in the semifinals; 2020 Kevin Parada was a co-MVPlayer in Jupiter. GBG Marucci Navy also reached the playoffs at the 17u PGWS and the 17u GBG roster often included PGAAs Derek Diamond and Darius Perry. GBG Marucci 2020 won the PG Fall National Championship Protected by G-Form (MVPlayer Parada) and was a semifinalist at the PG 16u WWBA.

18u ranked teams:
No. 21 GBG NW Marucci

17u ranked teams:
No. 7 GBG Marucci Navy

16u ranked teams:
No. 4 GBG Marucci 2020
No. 30 GBG NW Marucci

15u ranked teams:
No. 32 GBG Marucci 2021 Navy
No. 124 GBG Arizona

14u ranked teams:
No. 20 GBG Marucci Navy

Georgia Bombers (Ga.)

The Bombers can always be counted on to field competitive teams and 2018 was no exception. Top-50 showings were few and far between but the 14u No. 7 Georgia Bombers-Hill broke into the top-10 after winning the 14u PG Super25 National Championship and the 14u PG Super25 Georgia Super Qualifier and reaching the semis at the PG 14u WWBA.

17u ranked teams:

No. 93 Georgia Bombers 17u
No. 128 Georgia Bombers 17u Gaines

16u ranked teams:
No. 49 Georgia Bombers
No. 135 Georgia Bombers-Carter 16u

15u ranked teams:
No. 88 Georgia Bombers 15u White

14u ranked teams:
No. 7 Georgia Bombers-Hill

13u ranked teams:
No. 39 Georgia Bombers

Knights Baseball (Tenn.)

Nashville-based Knights Baseball was another program that made reaching the playoffs at PG WWBA more of a habit than an exception. Its 17u No. 32-ranked 17u Platinum squad was impressive on two of the biggest stages, reaching round-of-16 at the PG WWBA World and the round-of-32 at the PG 17u WWBA National. 13u No. 11 Knights Baseball 13u Platinum was the runner-up at the 13u PG Invite and the 13u Georgia Super Qualifier and reached the playoffs at the 13u PGWS.

17u ranked teams:
No. 32 Knights Baseball 17u Platinum
No. 104 Knights Baseball 17u Premier
No. 214 Knights Baseball 17u North

16u ranked teams:
No. 174 Knights Baseball 16u Platinum

15u ranked teams:
No. 69 Knights Baseball 15u Platinum

14u ranked teams:
No. 126 Knights Baseball 14u Prospects

13u ranked teams:
No. 11 Knights Baseball 13u Platinum

Louisiana Knights:

The Louisiana Knights, based in Mandeville, finished 2018 with a total of nine squads ranked in the six age divisions, including a 15u No. 2 ranking for the Louisiana Knights Black and 16u No. 15 ranking for a team playing under the same name. The 15u Knights Black are slotted at No. 2 after winning the PG 15u WWBA National Championship (MVPitch Hunter Elliott) and reaching the quarterfinals at the PG WWBA Sophomore World Championship. The 16u LA Knights Black was a quarterfinalist at the PG 16u WWBA.

17u ranked teams:
No. 57 Louisiana Knights Black

16u ranked teams:
No. 15 Louisiana Knights Black
No. 63 Louisiana Knights 16u White
No. 80 Louisiana Knights Green

15u ranked teams:
No. 2 Louisiana Knights Black
No. 55 Louisiana Knights Green
No. 171 Louisiana Knights White

14u ranked teams:
No. 42 Louisiana Knights Black

13u ranked teams:
No. 8 Louisiana Knights

San Diego Show

The Show’s Brian Cain is meticulous about the manner in which he constructs his teams and goes into each season with the belief that bigger isn’t necessarily better. He fielded teams in the PG tournaments in the 14u through 17u age divisions in 2018, and the four teams landed between No. 9 and No. 16 in the final rankings. The 15u No. 9 Show advanced to the final-four at the 15u World Series and 17u No. 11 Show reached the round-of-16 at the PG 17u WWBA and the playoffs at both the PG WWBA World and 17u PGWS. PGAA outfielder Garrett Frechette was with the 17u Show most of the summer.

17u ranked teams:
No. 11 San Diego Show

16u ranked teams:
No. 13 San Diego Show

15u ranked teams:
No. 9 San Diego Show

14u ranked teams:
No. 16 San Diego Show

Scorpions Baseball (Fla.):

The Scorpions 2019, 2020 and 2021 Founders Club teams paced the organization in the 17u, 16u and 15u divisions, with the 16u No. 5-rannked 2020 FC holding down the highest spot. The 2020s were co-champs at the PG WWBA Underclass World with MVPlayer Zac Veen, reached the semis at the 16u PGWS and was playoff qualifier at the 16u WWBA. The 17u No. 9 Scorps 2019 FC was a semifinalists at both the 17u WWBA and the WWBA Florida Qualifier; PGAAs Joseph Charles, Judson Fabian, Connor Walsh and Kendall Williams were all Scorpions in 2018.

17u ranked teams:
No. 9 Scorpions 2019 Founders Club
No. 213 West Florida Scorpions Legacy 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 5 Scorpions 2020 Founders Club
No. 32 Scorpions 2020 Select

15u ranked teams:
No. 19 Scorpions 2021 Founders Club
No. 51 West Florida Scorpions Select
No. 83 Scorpions 2021 Select Orlando

14u ranked teams:
No. 100 Scorpions North Select

13u ranked teams:
No. 14 Scorpions North 13u-Nugent

Team Elite (Ga.):

Eight teams ranked in the top-50 – including five in the top-20 – the Team Elite organization with its flagship Prime teams obviously enjoyed a lot of success in 2018. 16u No. 2-ranked TE Prime at one time boasted a roster that included 10 class of 2020 prospects that were ranked in the top-50 nationally and it won the championship at the 16u WWBA (MVPlayer Trejyn Fletcher). PGAAs Mack Anglin, Nasim Nunez and Landon Sims were rostered with the 17u No. 19 TE 17u Prime team at times during the year. 17u Prime was the runner-up at the 18u WWBA and won the 17u PG-EC Invite (MVPlayer Zack Smith). No. 14 TE 15u Prime won the 15u PG-EC Invite (MVPitcher Ryan Spikes) and 14u No. 13 TE Prime went deep into the playoffs at eight tournaments, including a runner=up finish at the 14u PGWS (MVPitch Javi Marrero).

18u ranked teams:
No. 6 Team Elite Prime

17u ranked teams:
No. 19 Team Elite 17u Prime
No. 98 Team Elite 17u Nation
No. 138 Team Elite 17u Premier

16u ranked teams:
No. 2 Team Elite Prime
No. 70 Team Elite Premier 16u
No. 84 Team Elite Nation 16u
No. 192 Team Elite 16u American

15u ranked teams
No. 14 Team Elite Prime
No. 31 Team Elite 15u American
No. 44 Team Elite Nation
No. 132 Team Elite 15u Premier

14u ranked teams
No. 13 Team Elite Prime
No. 101 Team Elite Nation
No. 145 Team Elite 14u Futures

13u ranked teams:
No. 20 Team Elite 13u Prospects

Team Georgia (Ga.):

17u No. 4-ranked Team GA/MBA 17u Gold (Team GA National) was a must-see outfit in 2018 while finishing as co-champs at the 17u WWBA National Championship (MVPitch Lane Watkins), winning the championship at the WWBA Southeast Qualifier #2, co-champs at the WWBA National Qualifier (MVPitcher Sam Stratton) and reaching the playoffs in Jupiter. PGAAs Jerrion Ealy and Logan Tanner were with Team Georgia this year.

17u ranked teams:
No. 4 Team GA/MBA 17u Gold
No. 193 Team GA Prime 17u

16u ranked teams:
No. 20 Team GA Baseball Gold 16u

15u ranked teams:
No. 110 Team GA 15u Gold

US Elite Baseball (Pa./NY):

US Elite teams were regular playoff visitors in five age-groups in 2018 and its 14u team finished at No. 9 in the final rankings; it was a semifinalist at the PG WWBA Freshman World and a quarterfinalist at the PG 14u WWBA. No. 15 US Elite 15u advanced to the final-four at the 15u PGWs and No. 16 US Elite 13u reached the semis at the 13u PG Invitational and the playoffs at the 13u PGWS.

17u ranked teams:
No. 26 US Elite National 2019s

16u ranked teams:
No. 23 US Elite 2020s
No. 182 US Elite 2020 South

15u ranked teams:
No. 15 US Elite 15u
No. 35 US Elite 2021 Florida
No. 66 US Elite 15u/Mid-Atlantic

14u ranked teams:
No. 9 US Elite

13u ranked teams:
No. 16 US Elite 13u