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PG and Korked Unite

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Korked Signs Exclusive Apparel Deal with Perfect Game

Milwaukee, Wis. – Korked Baseball, the lifestyle brand that made a national splash with t-shirts celebrating the Chicago Cubs and certain sage phrases from their coach, Joe Maddon, has secured an exclusive agreement with Perfect Game, considered to be the elite amateur baseball scouting organization in existence, putting on well over 100 tournaments and showcases each year in all corners of the country.

“We’re thrilled to be associated with an organization that has done so much to get exposure for amateur players,” said Korked Managing Partner, Jacob Chandler. “We are a 100 percent baseball brand, and this is exactly the audience we know will appreciate our focus.”

Korked’s deal makes them the exclusive maker of Perfect Game branded Lifestyle apparel, and the “Official Lifestyle Brand of Perfect Game.”

“We plan to curate a line that speaks to the Perfect Game community of players and families,” said Mike Zimmerman, President of ROC Ventures, which spawned Korked. “Perfect Game has a culture all its own, and we’re excited to be invited to articulate that culture through lifestyle apparel, just like we connected with the Chicago Cubs and their fandom.”

“Korked has great design sense and embraces what we all love about the game of baseball,” said Perfect Game President and National Director Jerry Ford. “We know their shirts and hats will be very popular with the players we work with.”

It was their slate of "Maddonisms" and Chicago Cub Fanatic shirts that launched Korked into national prominence, featuring Joe Maddon's “Try Not Suck” slogan and trademark glasses. Maddon is a Korked owner, and a portion of the proceeds from sales of “Maddonisms” goes to his charitable foundation, Respect 90.

Some other Korked classics include “Sticks Out for Harambe” (an ode to the tragic demise of Harambe the gorilla), and a “Pickle in a Pickle.”

“We certainly have a reverence for baseball, but we also know that we all got into this sport because it’s fun,” said Jacob Chandler. “We look forward to bringing some of that spirit to Perfect Game.”

Available now is Korked Baseball’s first Perfect Game shirt, “I’m Next,” sure to be popular among Perfect Game’s hundreds of prospects - - all of whom look to the big leagues with that exact notion in mind!

Korked Baseball: korkedbaseball.com
Perfect Game: perfectgame.org

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