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2023 14U Belt Wars at Baseball USA (AAA)
7U (AA) (CP) 9U (AA) 9U (AAA) 10U (AA) 10U (AAA) 11U (AA) 11U (AAA) 12U (AA) 12U (AAA) 12U (Major) 13U (AAA) 13U (Major) (54/80) 14U (AAA)
Payment is due Tuesday before the event! Payment is the only way to secure your spot non-payment will result to being waitlisted! Payment deadlines are only a thing if we are not at max capacity. If we are at max capacity, the first teams to pay in full are the ones that get to play! PLEASE PAY AS IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THE EVENT...
Gate Fees:
These are at the discretion of each park and can change without notice

Baseball USA: $10/person CASH ONLY
- 18& under FREE
- Active Military & Veterans FREE with ID
- First Responders FREE with ID
- NO Senior Citizen Discounts

Premier Baseball of Texas: $10/person OR $20/Car MAX (CASH ONLY)
-$5 Veterans, First Responders, and Senior Citizens
- NO Coaches get in free. ALL coaches are required to pay the entry fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Schiel Road: $10/ Person CARD ONLY + tax
- 2 Coaches in Free (Required to check-in with Gate Employee)
- Military/First Responder $5 WITH ID
- Senior Citizen $5

Lone Star Sports Complex: $10/person CASH OR CARD

Catch 2 Dugout: $10/car - CASH ONLY

Big League Dreams: $8 CASH OR CARD

- 2 coaches free (Required to sign in)

Diamonds at Daily Park: $10/person OR $20/car MAX (CASH OR CARD)
Apr 15 - 16 |  Baseball USA | Houston, TX
Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings
FB Velocities
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Mason Bryant R80
2027 Houston Royals Wyatt Baskin R79
Backyard Ballers Black Tripp Riley R79
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Aiden Ojo R78
Houston Heat 14u Roberts Leighton Bechtold R76
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Cameron Gray R76
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Adrian Cadyn Estrada R75
2027 Houston Royals Benjamin Fuqua L75
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Samuel Galvez R75
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Vincent Lewis R75
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Maxim Milton R75
Osp Baseball 2027 Easton Sifuentes R75
Backyard Ballers Black Samuel White R75
Bvr 14u Ethan Aschenbeck R74
Prospect United Houston Red Caleb Cook R74
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Kellen Davidson R74
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Travis Ellis R74
Backyard Ballers Black Cole Reyes R74
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Parker Rogers L74
Team Houston Blue- Lucky Seth Bogan R73
Chargers White Jaden Bradley R73
Team Houston Blue- Lucky Nicolas Johnston R73
HQ55 BASEBALL Diego Mancilla R73
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Kyle Mercer L73
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Braden Pino R73
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Thomas Turrubiartes R73
2027 Houston Royals Caleb Caldwell R72
2027 Houston Royals Henry Groves L72
Backyard Ballers Red Niko Kansala R72
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Wick Lyons R72
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Wes Santana L72
Foresters Red Caden Stone R72
Backyard Ballers Red Jackson Wall R72
Osp Baseball 2027 Lincoln Wyatt R72
Chargers White Carter (C.J.) Baros R71
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl David Castillo R71
Chargers White Kyle Demny R71
Foresters Red Holston Dennard R71
Team Houston Blue- Lucky Brayden Diiorio R71
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Nolan Dunayczan R71
Twelve Black Cs 14u Mason Ely R71
Backyard Ballers Black Jacob Hinojosa R71
Arp Tigers Ruben Ibarra R71
houston buffalos Web Lewis L71
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Walker O'Pry R71
Texas Twelve Katy Grey 14u Walker O'Pry R71
Backyard Ballers Red Wyatt Porter R71
2027 Houston Royals Henry Van Os R71
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Press Wycough R71
HQ55 BASEBALL Justin Arredondo R70
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Braden Baker R70
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Sean Burgess L70
Twelve Black Cs 14u Josiya Drake R70
2027 Houston Royals Jack Maggi R70
Bvr 14u Dawson Moran R70
Prospect United Houston Red Timothy Yates L70
Prospect United Houston Red Trevor Allen R69
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Jacob Arredondo L69
Thunder Brady Brewer R69
Foresters Red Brady Brewer R69
Crew Baseball Teal Nicholas Castro L69
houston buffalos Nicholas Castro L69
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Eli Edmondson R69
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Patrick Ferguson R69
Chargers White Samuel Jaster R69
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Cayson Laredo L69
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Carson McCabe R69
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Mason Mead R69
Backyard Ballers Black Cj Meyer R69
HQ55 BASEBALL Yadier Ramirez R69
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Jackson Suminski R69
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Cole Weido R69
2027 Houston Royals Phillip Bandy R68
Prospect United Houston Red Connor Boone R68
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Lewis Brazelton R68
Bvr 14u Maddox Garcia R68
2027 Houston Royals Alex Granger R68
Premier Baseball Elliott Joshua Hernandez R68
Twelve Black Cs 14u Carson Morgan R68
Team Houston Blue- Lucky Kingston Novich R68
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Taven Oluwa R68
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Yancy Scott II R68
2027 Houston Royals Hogan Zach R68
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Mason Chen R67
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Peyton De La Cruz R67
houston buffalos Louis Garcia R67
Foresters Red Cooper Murff R67
HQ55 BASEBALL Riley Palacios R67
Foresters Red Harris Sobba R67
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Will Sprouse R67
Houston Heat 14u Roberts Aidan Vasek L67
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Colt Barron R66
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Ryan Borths R66
Prospect United Houston Red Jackson Burcaw R66
Prospect United Houston Red Cavan Crain L66
Premier Baseball Elliott Dominic Gutierrez R66
Premier Baseball Elliott Tate Lemaster R66
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Dylan Mitchell R66
Backyard Ballers Red Nicholas Rodano L66
Premier Baseball Elliott Julian Sanchez R66
HQ55 BASEBALL Terrence Spriggs R66
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Jett Durrett R65
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Patrick Fowler R65
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Cj Gillman R65
Texas Twelve Katy Gold 14u Camden Kurtz R65
Premier 14u Bohanon Carter Lighthall L65
houston buffalos Cameron McNulty R65
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Noah Schupp R65
houston buffalos Irvin Terrazas R65
Houston Heat 14u Roberts Collin Vann R65
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Mitchell Adams L64
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Braylon Archer R64
Premier 14u Bohanon Hayden Haire R64
Osp Baseball 2027 Carter Hedt R64
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Evan Horsley R64
Chargers White Reid Janak R64
Banditos 14u Krahenbuhl Luke Macicek R64
Chargers White Elijah Milligan L64
Foresters Red John Moscicki L64
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Braden Tollar R64
Tsunami 14u Easton Wimberley R64
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Tyler Barnard R63
Premier 14u Bohanon John Hasson R63
Premier Baseball Elliott Alexander Hernandez R63
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Jonathan Paniagua R63
HQ55 BASEBALL Ashton Rowe R63
Backyard Ballers Red Lucas Burleson R62
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Farr Jackson Giese L62
Team Houston Blue- Lucky Jace Johnston R62
Chargers White Cj Kleas R62
Premier 14u Bohanon Sawyer Sparks R62
HQ55 BASEBALL Quinn Stewart R62
Premier Baseball Elliott Brenner Wamhoff R62
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Jaiden Baker R61
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano Miles Comarda L61
Premier 14u Bohanon John David Fontenot R61
C2 Baseball 2027- Blue Austin Syfert R61
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Gunnar Taylor R61
14u Offseason Baseball - Lozano William White R61
Texas Twelve Katy Silver 14u Joey Baio R60
Tsunami 14u Cade Hebert R60
Arp Tigers Alexander Ponce R60
Houston Wildcatters – 13u – Ambres Dylan Watson R60
Foresters Red Westy Bennett R59
Backyard Ballers Red Lane Hendricks R59
North Austin Rush 14u Owen Kearsey R59
Marucci Elite Texas - Tarver Cordaro Anderson R58
Tsunami 14u Dillon Bourque R58
HQ55 BASEBALL Sebastian Hernandez R58
Osp Baseball 2027 Ryan Lowe R58
Premier Baseball Elliott Daniel Rosas L57
Foresters Red Owen Tharp R57
Premier Baseball Elliott Brett Monte R56
Houston Heat 14u Roberts Damon Robbins R45