FB Velocities
Southern California Bombers Underclass Carlos Lomeli R92
Southern California Bombers Underclass Jorge Arellano L91
GBG Marucci Underclass Blake Beers R91
GBG Marucci Underclass Alex Gallegos R91
Phenom Signature Underclass Nick O’Day R90
Southern California Bombers Underclass Zach Pettway R90
CBA Marucci Underclass Daniel Ritcheson R90
CBA Marucci Underclass Matthew Sauer R90
North Coast Reds Underclass Zachary Chalmers R89
CBA Marucci Underclass Chris Jimenez R89
CBA Marucci Underclass Sean Ross R89
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Ian Villers R89
NorCal Baseball Underclass Cody Bolton R88
Team California Warriors Underclass Isaac Esqueda L88
Phenom Signature Underclass Chris Joaquim R88
North Coast Reds Underclass Dominic Pipkin R88
GBG Marucci Underclass Carson Rudd R88
Southern California Bombers Underclass Daniel Cervantes R87
NorCal Baseball Underclass Chris Daniels L87
SGV Arsenal Underclass John Dearth R87
CBA Marucci Underclass Johnny Kuhn Jr R87
Phenom Signature Underclass Jake McLean R87
GBG Marucci Underclass Dane Morrow R87
Southern California Bombers Underclass Quinton Potter R87
CBA Marucci Underclass Andres Alvarez R86
BPA DeMarini Elite Underclass Cooper Benson L86
CCB Elite Underclass Blake Diggle R86
Lamorinda Titans Underclass Javier Felix R86
Saddleback Cowboys Joshua Goda R86
GBG Marucci Underclass Dante Mendoza R86
SGV Arsenal Underclass Karlos Morales L86
CCB Elite Underclass Wesley Noble R86
SGV Arsenal Underclass Ryan Rodriguez R86
CBA Marucci Underclass Kyle Marino R85
GBG Marucci Underclass Travis Martizia R85
Trombly Baseball Underclass Jacob Mora R85
SGV Arsenal Underclass Dylan Needham R85
CBA Marucci Underclass Dylan Orlando L85
SGV Arsenal Underclass Robert Ortiz R85
Phenom Signature Underclass Sean Osceola R85
SGV Arsenal Underclass Matthew A. Rodriguez R85
Southern California Bombers Underclass Brandon Ross L85
Southern California Bombers Underclass Nathan Schneider R85
Phenom Signature Underclass Patrick Wicklander L85
BPA DeMarini Elite Underclass Chad Burchit R84
Team California Warriors Underclass Rolondo Correa R84
CCB Elite Underclass Anthony Desantis R84
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Jackson Ertz R84
North Coast Reds Underclass Nick Falco R84
CBA Marucci Underclass Nicholas Morales R84
Saddleback Cowboys Ethan Sachs R84
Phenom Signature Underclass John "JP" Caldwell R83
North Coast Reds Underclass Santiago Cantu R83
BPA DeMarini Elite Underclass Hunter Cranton R83
CCB Elite Underclass Aidan Goicovich R83
CCB Elite Underclass Haydn King L83
Saddleback Cowboys Michael McGreevy R83
NorCal Baseball Underclass Scott Randall R83
So Cal Elite Jake Rogers R83
CCB Elite Underclass Hunter Schilperoort L83
SGV Arsenal Underclass Andrew Shepard R83
GBG Marucci Underclass Seth Stone R83
GBG Marucci Underclass Jack Aldrich L82
Trombly Baseball Underclass Eric Chavarria R82
Team California Warriors Underclass Robert Gonzalez L82
CBA Marucci Underclass Kyle Hall R82
Trombly Baseball Underclass Garrett Irvin L82
BPA DeMarini Elite Underclass Tony Jacob L82
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Brian Lopez R82
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Eric Romero R82
BPA DeMarini Elite Underclass Reece Weinberg L82
So Cal Elite Ronnie Butler R81
NorCal Baseball Underclass Shane Ellner L81
SGV Arsenal Underclass Jacob Garcia L81
CBA Marucci Underclass Vince Inman L81
Saddleback Cowboys Kyle Kelley R81
Saddleback Cowboys Julien Martin R81
North Coast Reds Underclass JJ Sanchez L81
Team California Warriors Underclass Frankie Sosa R81
Trombly Baseball Underclass Louis St. Pierre R81
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass John Topete R81
North Coast Reds Underclass Nick Caviglia L80
SGV Arsenal Underclass Javahn Devers R80
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Israel Garcia R80
North Coast Reds Underclass Evan Gibbons R80
NorCal Baseball Underclass Zachary Jedlowski L80
Lamorinda Titans Underclass Jack Kirvin R80
Saddleback Cowboys Brandon Stewart R80
CCB Elite Underclass Ryan Sutter R80
Trombly Baseball Underclass Liam Keefe L79
So Cal Elite Marcus Martin R79
Saddleback Cowboys Zachary Overturf R79
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Eddie Rios L79
Team California Warriors Underclass Andrew Gonzales R78
CCB Elite Underclass Kyle Johnson L78
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Nick Martinez R78
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Easten Scott R77
North Coast Reds Underclass Christian Blevins R76
Lamorinda Titans Underclass Brandon Chalk R76
Team California Warriors Underclass Alex Hernandez L76
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Jake Hernandez L76
Lamorinda Titans Underclass Alejandro Murillo R76
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Ben Clark R75
So Cal Elite Aaron Garcia R75
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Isaac Hansen R75
So Cal Elite Aaron Williams R75
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Andrew Castro R74
So Cal Elite Joel Haro R74
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Brian Hefner R73
So Cal Elite Zachary Ribera L73
Central Cal Baseball Academy Underclass Marcos Valenzuela L73
Trombly Baseball Underclass Spiro Stameson R72
Saddleback Cowboys Chase Luttrell L71
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Cole McKnight R71
EJ Sports Warriors Underclass Scott Burkland L69
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