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FB Velocities
Stars Baseball - Carroll Jack O'Connor R95
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Caden Dulin R92
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Alex Kranzler R92
Scanzano/Combat Jeremy Cheeseman R91
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Christian Coppola R91
East Coast Ghost Charlie Jones R90
Full Count Prospects Jake Memoli R90
Stars Baseball - Carroll Drew Lanphere R89
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Enzo Descalzi R88
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Cole Frye R88
East Coast Ghost Anthony Gubitosi L88
East Coast Ghost Collin Kratzer R88
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Dennis Duke McCarron R88
Brooklawn Baseball Brady Roberts R88
East Coast Ghost Nick Coniglio R87
East Coast Ghost PJ Craig R87
Stars Baseball - Carroll Evan Fontaine R87
East Coast Ghost Tyler Mendez R87
Powerballers Ben Moyzan R87
Brooklawn Baseball Tanner Nolan L87
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Ryan Novakowski R87
Stars Baseball - Carroll Carson Mayfield R86
Stars Baseball - Carroll Robert McDonough R86
Stars Baseball - Carroll Owen Pierce R86
Brooklawn Baseball Jack Sambogna L86
Brooklawn Baseball Gavin Alloway R85
.9ers Baseball Club Nicolas Galvan R85
Scanzano/Combat Sam Juckett R85
Stars Baseball - Carroll Carter Newman R85
Stars Baseball - Carroll Jack Pokorak R85
The Grind Jake Bilheimer R84
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Aiden Denton R84
East Coast Ghost Aiden Denton R84
Full Count Prospects Connor Nartowicz R84
Scanzano/Combat Shane Sax L84
Scanzano/Combat Zachary Severino R84
Intensity Baseball 18u Aidan Denham R83
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Marcello Mastroianni L83
Powerballers Michael Myro R83
East Coast Ghost Antonio Sansone L83
Full Count Prospects Dennis Whitford L83
.9ers Baseball Club Ryan Cole R82
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Will Conrad R82
Brooklawn Baseball Holden McKinley R82
The Grind Brady Oswick R82
Powerballers Vincent Santostefano R82
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Nate Toomey R82
East Coast Ghost CJ (Christopher) Wisniewski R82
West Jersey Vikings Edward Appollina R81
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Jaden Fabian R81
Intensity Baseball 18u Lucas Henderson R81
Brooklawn Baseball Douglas King R81
Langan Baseball Brandon Kobryn R81
Intensity Baseball 18u Zac Lavigna L81
Scanzano/Combat Carter Sari R81
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Colin Ahr L80
East Coast Ghost Michael Amendola L80
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Michael Amendola L80
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Luke Czachor L80
Full Count Prospects Devin Rojas R80
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Diego Tavarez R80
.9ers Baseball Club Jake Layton L79
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Matt Mancini R79
Brooklawn Baseball Gabe Morgan L79
.9ers Baseball Club Ryan Rogers L79
Full Count Prospects Luke Somelofske R79
Scanzano/Combat Blake Weinstein L79
Scanzano/Combat Jake Atlas R78
Intensity Baseball 18u Tyler Bell L78
Powerballers Ethan Reccek L78
.9ers Baseball Club Derek Baksh R77
Baseball Performance Center 2022 Owen Davenport R77
Intensity Baseball 18u Mike Nasti R77
Full Count Prospects Johnny Oranchak L77
Keystone State Bombers 18u National Alex Ruiz R77
Scanzano/Combat Nick Skoufalos R77
Mid-Atlantic Ghost PJ Syvertsen R77
Mid-Atlantic Ghost Joseph Bender R76
Diamond Studs Baseball 17u Roman Pastrana R76
Diamond Studs Baseball 17u Jack Power R76
Full Count Prospects Eric Pydeski R75
Powerballers Jacob Scheirer R75
West Jersey Vikings Patrick Demelia R74
West Jersey Vikings Devin Innella R74
.9ers Baseball Club Gio Gagliano R73
Powerballers Jacob Kemper R73
Powerballers Jayden Newton R73
The Grind John Pacifico R73
Intensity Baseball 18u Alec Hirsch R72
.9ers Baseball Club Nate Watson R72
Diamond Studs Baseball 17u Andrew Wallace R71
Full Count Prospects Christian Mehalick R67
Diamond Studs Baseball 17u Ben Lam R66
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