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2023 14U September Showdown in Huntington Beach (MAJOR)
7U (Major) (KP) 10U (Major) 12U (MAJOR) 13U (Major) (54/80) 14U (Major)
All payments need to be paid ASAP as the payment deadline is only the deadline if the tournament is not full. So if it fills before the deadline your team will be waitlisted IF NOT PAID. You are only fully in the tournament when payment is made. We cannot put any team on the schedule unless they are paid.
Game times

10/12u - 1 hour 40 minutes no new

13u - 1 hour 45 minutes no new'

14u - 2 hours no new

Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings
Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Total Baseball Vipers 2028 (20-7-0 in 2024) 14Major Chatsworth, CA Pc Shaw
Runner-Up Canes San Bernardino 2028 (6-3-0 in 2024) 14Major San Bernardino, CA Trini Flores
Third Place Mvp Hustle Prieto (20-6-1 in 2024) 14Major Azusa, CA Robert Prieto
  365 Shockers National (15-7-1 in 2024) 14Major Tarzana, CA Dave Waco
  BSBL BENGALS 2028 (4-10-1 in 2024) 14Major Manhattan Beach, CA Jake Alba
  Canes OC (2-11-1 in 2024) 14Major Irvine, CA Vinnie Lopez
  Gbg South Bay Navy (20-16-1 in 2024) 14Major Redondo Beach, CA Scott Gracey
  Mpc (18-14-4 in 2024) 14Major Monterey park , CA Bryan Ngo
  Nines Baseball Academy Red 14U (11-3-2 in 2024) 14Major Walnut Creek, CA Duke Zielinski
  RCB Elite (6-9-0 in 2024) 14AA Highland, CA Clint Toth
  SoCal Baseball Academy (5-4-0 in 2024) 14AAA Chatsworth, CA Steve Riggs
  Sports Academy-Cali National (41-9-0 in 2024) 14Major Irvine, CA Pac Gutierrez
  STORM (0-5-1 in 2024) 14AAA SANTA ANA , CA Gerry Tellez
  Trosky Baseball 2028 (8-6-0 in 2024) 14Major Phoenix, AZ Abe Ruiz
  Wow Factor West (2-2-0 in 2024) 14Major Whittier, CA George Robert

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend